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Thanks for A2A. I don't think so, you will find this book for free in pdf format. Some books has pdf. Try to read it in amazon kindle. K. Natwar Singh: ONE LIFE IS NOT ENOUGH book. Read 78 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A bureaucrat for over three decades—and then a vital player. PDF | On Feb 1, , Ambuj Thakur and others published K. Natwar Singh, My China Diary: The book is a valuable addition to the literature K. Natwar Singh 's My China Dairy: – is a valuable recent addition to.

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K. Natwar Singh_One Life is Not Enough - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. When I first came across a news-piece which said Natwar Singh, who had several However, over the next few days, I was surprised to find that the book turned. The News Minute | July 31, | am IST Once a close aide of the Gandhi family and a former Union Minister, Natwar Singh’s book.

Singh also reveals that on May 7, , he had a surprise visit from Sonia Gandhi and "her charming daughter," Priyanka. Gloating and self-important, Singh enjoys the power his autobiography holds over the family, noting: And he did nothing to allay their fears and chose instead to piggy-back on scandal and mudslinging half-truths.

It may be interesting to point out that the book, which was started in , is perfectly timed to come out post-elections and ride the popular pro-BJP wave.

Even though Singh loudly claims that it was published when it was finished. Yet, the strategy behind its 'timely' release can hardly be denied. The marketing gimmick has been called out for what it is, and even former prime minister Manmohan Singh has condemned the cheap-selling tactic. He was quoted in several leading dailies, saying: Sonia Gandhi herself had maintained a dignified silent through most of the brouhaha. However, she has finally spoken up and released a statement: I am serious about it and I will be writing," she told reporters in Parliament House recently.

This is a book that I look forward to reading, as it will counter Natwar Singh's rather one-sided and malicious penmanship. To end with a quote from Aesop, the ancient Greek fabulist: The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. French president Macron says 'the worst' has been prevented as bell towers are saved but inferno reduces much of the medieval cathedral to ashes in just an HOUR.

Natwar's book is a shameful, misogynist betrayal of friendship By Archana Dalmia Published: Share or comment on this article: One Life is Not Enough: Natwar Singh's book is a shameful, misogynist betrayal of friendship e-mail. Comments 1 Share what you think.

View all. More top stories. Bing Site Web Enter search term: James serves new girl Verity some cold words Back to top Home News U. No one denies the earth-shattering achievements in science and technology. Swallowing her pride. I have a passion for history. Abraham Lincoln. Mahatma Gandhi. Religion as practised has no attraction for me. I would not skirt the truth. Certain proprieties cannot be ignored. Attractive and with an engaging personality. It is one of the greatest joys of life.

From history I learnt that progress is not inherent in history.

About her kids. Her overtly friendly and gushing greeting bewildered me. On that hot day. Even bizarre. My book has aroused unexpected interest. It took her eight-and-a-half years to do so. We are things that make and pass into the sea upon an unknown mission. Har baat yahan ki aani-jaani dekhi. Duniya ek ajab saraye-faani dekhi.

Also mildly worried. Jo jaake na aaye wo jawaani dekhi. The expectations are sky high. Jo aake na jaaye wo budhapa dekha. Mine is as subjective as it could be. I am flattered. Deeg is an outpost of Braj Bhumi and Govardhan is less than fifteen miles from it.

Accomplished plotters. Why this sudden gloom? Thakur Singh. We owned a grand-looking buggy with fancy upholstery. She was stubborn. She could neither read nor write. My father looked after my mother for over fifty years. Sinister intrigue was a chronic feature in princely India.

My earliest memory is of sitting on the lap of my grandfather. A year after I was born. I later learnt. The poor man used to get down on his knees to trim the hair at the back of his head. Prayag Kaur.

His work notwithstanding. Father utilized his time at Deeg well. In My mother was not an easy person to get on with. The post was a coveted one. His white flowing beard was receiving disrespectful treatment from a spoilt brat. This is where I was born on 16 May My parents were married in Having mastered the art of survival. The family moved to Deeg to live in a large and ugly house.

Electricity had not yet reached Deeg. The family barber was in awe of the patriarch who would not bend his head while getting his hair cut.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh. Baba-saab died in Baba-saab was short. Govind Singh. His idiosyncrasies were fascinating. She had a son who. I was too young to mourn. His sister was married to Maharaja Jaswant Singh of Bharatpur.

This was at the end of the seventeenth century. Bharatpur had half a dozen leading families. My ancestors served the founders of the Bharatpur dynasty for generations. My mother was crying. His death was unexpected and caused much grief. She suffered from depression. He was born in in our ancestral village.

He married three times. A town struggling to be a city and the capital of a medium-sized princely state. I did not even know who my cousins were till I was nearly ten years old. Father was thirtyseven years old then. I remember his answer even now: The Bharatpur state had vast properties in all these towns which the retainers kept spotlessly clean. I wanted salt.

During these years I was home-schooled. Even at that innocent age I could feel the hallowed atmosphere of these sacred towns with wonderful names— Gokul. Our family. The family priest dictated. Such was the stranglehold of tiresome rituals. He was not given to aimless self-analysis. I was denied it. Aristocratic families kept very much to themselves and there was no socializing. For me. The family obeyed. On reaching the age of twenty-one.

From time to time. The outside world was very outside indeed. I must have been around five years old then. Private tutors were hired to teach me Hindi and Urdu. The youngest of four brothers. Sir C. Captain Alexander. I still remember how spotlessly clean they were. In my baby language I asked Thakur Singh why my father had no hair on his head. We did the rounds of several temples. Our first halt was Govardhan. He was proud of his lineage but was not loud-mouthed about it.

Father would plead with him but not argue. Father was a practical man. In Bharatpur. Brijendra Singh. Colonel Ghamandi Singh.

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He understood that he had been selected by the British for this job because of the faith they placed on his integrity and sound judgement. I had a lonely childhood because my three older brothers were studying at Mayo College. My uncle. Salt-free meals were cooked for thirteen days. My father performed all the pujas at these places.

His mind was uncluttered. Life took a major turn when I was about seven. Nearly fifty years later. The Maharaja rode on an elephant in a silver howdah. Our car stopped at a side gate.

Though our lifestyle was quite luxurious.

To relieve my boredom. The outcome was not encouraging and the young teacher gave up. To some extent. Despite a population of thirty-five thousand. We would return to Bharatpur in time for the Dusshera festival. He would regale me with his war exploits. He was an inspired bully but. Bhole Singh saluted them smartly and inquired about the price of the ribbons. Forty years later. My mother and grandmother observed strict purdah and special arrangements were made by the cinema owner to ensure their privacy.

Hidden Secrets of Nehru-Gandhi Dynasty-- A MUST READ FOR All INDIANS

This formidable great-aunt of mine was perched on a huge platform. In fact. Shifting the Maharaja. I did not enjoy Shimla.

I saw Devika Rani in Bangalore. Kanats had been installed on both sides of the alighting point to block out intruding eyes. Havaldar Bhole Singh. The royal retinue comprised my father.

From then on. From April to early October. Bhole Singh was thrilled. It rained most of the time. I looked upon him with awe. A servant of ours at Shimla. On the way to Shimla. The Bharatpur estate in Shimla was extensive. I remember being confined to our cottage. I was hugely excited. Our names were called out and we trooped in one by one. One of the sahibs had also fought in the war. Bharat was immediately sent back to Bharatpur.

The divine right of kings was then accepted without reservation. We had reserved a box in the cinema hall. The entire street would be milling with people who had poured in from all parts of the state to pay homage to their Raja.

The novelty of the hills soon wore off. Bharatpur did not have a cinema hall. He had fought in Mesopotamia during World War I. One time. He was severely wounded and had been awarded several medals.

The beaters. The Meos held him in high esteem. He was the senior monitor. The Viceroy. Lord Mayo. None of the other four Chiefs Colleges—in Lahore. The shoot would last nearly four hours. I thus joined my brothers at Mayo College. In my time. Each one was introduced to the visiting British nobility. Father came into close contact with them. My most exotic and interesting classmate was Said bin Taimur.

It was perhaps because of this admiration that I received nearly 65 per cent of the Meo votes. All work would come to a standstill during his two-day trip. The college policy for admission changed. I started a scrapbook in which I drew maps and stuck newspaper cuttings and magazine photos of politicians. On the train to Ajmer. The days of my undisciplined childhood at Bharatpur soon came to an end.

The butts would be selected with care by the Maharaja himself. I was inconsolable and cried most of the night. I still have it. The prescribed dress for students was achkan. Mayo College was founded by the Viceroy. Rajkot and Raipur—could match the aristocratic ambience.

The college Principal. The Bharatpur state had many Muslims. My love of reading led me to the school library which was wanting for readers—Mayo was keener on sports than on academic excellence. Not only was it exclusive. World War II started on 3 September The students. At the time. They were converts to Islam. It was in school that I became passionately interested in general knowledge. The great event of the year in Bharatpur was the annual duck shoot in December.

My studies. Mayo remained elitist. I was immensely moved. The Bharatpur nobility turned up in breeches. He brought his car. Due to our proximity to the House of Bharatpur. I was awarded a scholarship. When I contested the Lok Sabha elections of from the area. The Hindustan Times was taboo.

My first brush with authority was caused by the Mahatma. Decades later. My father informed me that I would be withdrawn from Mayo and sent to Scindia School. I discovered the truth about my uprooting. I felt miserable but the family code could not be violated—sons and daughters did not argue with their parents. Though my father was no Gandhian.

I mumbled something incomprehensible. He would write to my father about my subversive activities. My world came crashing down on a sultry afternoon during the summer holidays in He pronounced that the picture must be removed.

Principal Stow. During one of my vacations. I had cut out a picture of Gandhiji from the Hindustan Times and hung the framed photograph in my room. His imperial soul was outraged. The following Sunday. More than the punishment. Badan and I travelled to Agra by car.

When I alighted. We took a tonga and arrived at Ijlas-e-Khas. With ten rupees each in our pockets. At Gwalior Railway Station. In mid-July. Dead tired. Badan Singh. By the morning.

A slip would be fatal. We concluded that the parapet behind Shivaji House was a possibility. My dormitory companions were. What a homecoming it was! The welcoming committee included my father. Living in a dormitory was like living in a hospital ward. Keshav Dev.

As a result. It was such a small place. The Maharajas of Bharatpur and Gwalior were close friends. I was enjoying Mayo. This was a veritable nightmare! The nights were horrific. Giriraj Singh Bacchu. Where were the sports fields? And where were the pavilions?

And those hideous barracks. Bhagwat Singh. I was in deep depression. My brother attempted to console me but without much success. On edge. They hailed from parts of India of which I had absolutely no knowledge.

I joined Scindia. On the first Sunday. We met each day and plotted our escape. We had to scale down a thirty-foot wall. The headmaster. I slept badly. I had never met anyone from Madras or Calcutta or Mysore before that.

Both Badan and I were given three lashes each. The train arrived punctually at.

I had a tiny room to myself where I stuck large. On 25 June Almost all the masters and senior boys fell instantly in love with her. After I returned. I reached the station where there was bedlam. Mahatma Gandhi was also invited by the Viceroy for the conference. Padmaja Naidu. Their two sons. I even wrote an article in the fortnightly school review about our daredevil escapade—my first literary effort.

He taught me to read books. Much later. The matinee idol of the forties. I immediately discerned a change in the atmosphere in the dormitory.

It was scorchingly hot. Harsha and Ajit. Jawaharlal Nehru. Lord Wavell called a conference of all political leaders in Shimla. Wearing a khadi kurta-pyjama and a Gandhi cap. Leila Chitnis. I was very much at the centre of school activities—studies. By the beginning of Learn to behave yourselves. I proposed his name for the Padma Shri. Pandit Nehru. Five rupees in hand. Ustad Hafiz Ali Khan. This posed a dilemma for my father: I carried a photograph of Gandhiji in the hope of getting it signed by him.

Viceroy Wavell. He was an intellectual Gandhian. The important visitors to the school included C. My escapade had certainly earned me notoriety. My housemaster. First I became house prefect. Trousers replaced shorts. Finally he relented. She was not only stunningly beautiful.

I was. Then followed the chilling command issued by the Maharaja: Did I have no spats? I certainly did. I told my father that come what may I would go to Bharatpur to see Gandhiji at the station.

He was much darker than I had thought him to be. In a lecture. Scindia School was not only a left-of-centre secular institution. I was then in Class C3. He caught the Maharaja in one of his less explosive moods and showed him the report. I noticed that not a single Muslim was to be seen in Deeg. I asked my father about Halim and Rehmani. Sporadic communal incidents did occur. Perched on the fort. In desperation. I got no satisfactory answer.

What transpired would. Among the students. I was pushed around and got nowhere near his coach. Nationalism was in the air.

The next day. When I went home for the Dusshera holidays. Sir Muhammad Zafarulla Khan. I jumped and nearly landed on my back. American planes dropped atom bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki respectively. The euphoria of Independence did not last too long in Gwalior. I was the number one nationalist. The Gandhi cap. I jumped between two carriages.

Aley Hassan. Word also spread that Hindu— Muslim riots had broken out in the city. The minutes were ticking by. Simply put. He could have sat on it but it would never have crossed his mind to do so. Principal Shukla hoisted the Indian tricolour on a specially erected pole. The city and its neighbourhood had been home to several thousand Meo Muslims who had. The nuclear age had come. I sensed a sudden change in the behaviour of some of the Muslim boys in my class: The train moved.

In school. Ask him to keep clear of these Congress-wallahs. There he was. Bapu is fasting. It is his day of silence. On the midnight of 15 August I saw India partitioned. At times. We were. One among a massive crowd. On 30 January. Another college institution was Sukhia.

Father and I were at our haveli listening to the 5 p. The results were declared in May I sat for the Senior Cambridge examinations in December Everything that could go right did go right. Gandhiji had been assassinated! Father put down his teacup and said. He decided that no dinner was to be cooked that evening. Generations of Stephanians remember him fondly.

On a very wet 15 August Tagore and Gandhiji stayed with Principal Rudra. It did not take me long to fathom why the college had acquired its reputation—it was focussed on all-round excellence.

We remained glued to the radio. Ian Shankland.

I must have been insufferable. The mysterious hold Gandhi had over millions did not leave my father untouched. Gandhi was more saint. I was back home for the winter holidays. Nothing more appropriate. It was always Bose-sahib. The next three years were among the happiest and most rewarding of my early life.

I could just manage a glimpse of a small figure in white. I entered the portals of St. This brought them alive for us. Such was his authority and influence that even the Principal David Raja Ram never addressed him by his first name.

The sports master was the chain-smoking S. For the next couple of hours. His pedas. It was a moment of sadness that. To him. He was also not a demonstrative person. During World War I. In those days. If you excelled at games. I took to St. Bose-sahib would save your neck if you were ever in trouble. Our constitutional history professor. In July At the end of every week. I joined St. The first term lasted from July to October. He once introduced Countess Mountbatten as Mountess Countbatten!

Contact with girls from Miranda House. I vividly remember the occasion. A sophisticated South Indian who set fire to the hearts of uncultured North Indians. I won more prizes than any Stephanian had for decades. I would not be of any interest to anyone. Even after so many years. I did well at college. Ragging was then a civilized affair and not the brutal crusade it became in later years.

Inaugurated by Minoo Masani. Was I the perfect student? Mercifully not. I led the ragging squad. I was the college and university tennis champion and the Delhi state junior tennis champion.

I felt blessed. The silver lining was the telephone. Right in the middle of our ribaldry. He was well known for his malapropisms. On 26 January We apologized. India became a republic. Debates and dramatics. I kept hers with me till I got married. The latter took a dig or two at the Prime Minister when speaking about corruption in public life.

He had arranged a pass for me to be present as well. I met her during an inter-college debating contest. I managed a first division. Her memory still endures. The first Republic Day parade was held in what is now Shivaji Stadium. In my final year. I fell in love. I was one of the students who smuggled him out the back door. Mr Ramsden. In April I acquired a reputation of being the chief ragger in college. My protestations that I was quoting Benjamin Disraeli made no difference to him.

If I were. Seven of us were sent down for two weeks. Where were we to go. My brother. Come final year. I won colours in tennis. Bharat Singh. This was not good enough for Principal Raja Ram. Not only did he give us a dressing down. I returned to college after our vanavas as an undergraduate celebrity. The great Whig historian. It was the pre-jet age. I did not join the post office but made my maiden trip to Europe. I reached Dholpur House at 10 a.

Eight gentlemen sat around a semi-circular table. When I returned to college. Dudley Senanayake. In the middle of the term. At the centre sat the Chairman. Roach said that there was some hope for me. It was my first trip abroad. Sir G. George Trevelyan. Belgium and West Germany. I was to encounter him a decade later in New York when he was leading the Indian delegation to the United Nations. At Corpus. I took a train to Cambridge.

My history tutor was John Roach. Khawaja Nazimuddin. I was admitted as an undergraduate to Corpus Christi College. When I took my first tutorial to him. A fellow passenger on the flight to Delhi was V. I was greeted in a friendly manner by the Hall Porter: On the appointed day.

At the end of term. Corpus was founded in It could be said the governance of the subcontinent lay in the hands of Cambridge alumni. I was called in for the interview at around 11 a. Among my other history teachers were Sir Herbert Butterfield.

The lectures and bi-weekly tutorials left me much time to do as I pleased. From London. I hailed a cab and asked the driver to drop me at Corpus Christi College. How is your brother.

I soon acquired a gown. The Master of the college then was Sir George Thompson. Elton and J. I got a job in the local post office for nine pounds a week to help the establishment sort out the Christmas mail. By that time he had succeeded in becoming the most disliked Indian in the United States.


Krishna Menon. I introduced myself. Zurich and Paris before finally arriving. Bhagwat Singh? Are you so sure of getting into either of the two? I later realized. One night. We arrived at gate number 2 of South Block. I proceeded to Bharatpur. As I stepped into the room. I am not in chains.

Natwar singh exposes frosty relations between Sonia and PV Narasimha Rao

Who said that? He was. Harsh and Ajit. Krishna Hutheesing. Sure enough. I was asked if I had read a particular book. The ordeal of the interview over. My name was amongst them—the first Rajasthani in the country to qualify for the Indian Administrative Service and the Indian Foreign Service.

The next question was deceptively easy: At the end of the interaction. I was later told. All thirty-nine of us probationers were eligible bachelors and much in demand. It was the supreme gesture of good manners and magnanimous grace by a statesman of world stature. I distinctly. The meeting with the Prime Minister was a formal affair. I sat opposite the Chairman. Halfway through. The next question: In nine cases out of ten.

One Life is Not Enough: Natwar Singh's book is a shameful, misogynist betrayal of friendship

I am not sure. I told them I would finish my Tripos at Cambridge and then look for a job. I was decidedly nervous. Over the next few minutes he asked me about my home. The interview commenced with a loaded question.

He was almost fifty years older than me. He felt uneasy with fame.So I mended my ways. Almost all the senior members of the Congress Party were aware of Gandhi giving him the cold shoulder. George Trevelyan. No one had the temerity to contradict her as she had direct access to the Prime Minister. In this chapter, Natwar Singh manages to bring out a rather spirited picture of Narayan, complete with a flight from New York to get away from the tentacles of the American legal system.

Got curious about this book because of the NatwarBomb trend in Twitter during its release. The allegations are directionless and much mudslinging is done by the author who is infuriated at the prospect of being called corrupt.

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