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Editorial Reviews. Review. "A wonderful, captivating, and heartbreaking story that pulled me in Book 1 of 2 in My Favorite Mistake (2 Book Series). My Favorite Mistake book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Two secrets. One bet. Who will break first?Taylor Caldwell. Read "My Favorite Mistake" by Chelsea M. Cameron available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first purchase. Two secrets. One bet.

My Favourite Mistake Chelsea Cameron Pdf

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Read My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea M. Cameron for free with a 30 day free trial . Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and. My Favorite Mistake Chelsea M Cameron PDF | DropPDF. My favorite mistake ( Descárgalo en PDF) "-Te odio.-Buen intento.-¿Te amo?- merecÃa la pena. Taylor Caldwell can't decide if she wants to kiss her new college roommate or punch the one hand, Hunter Zaccadelli is a handsome, blue-eyed bundle .

Paperback , pages. More Details Original Title. My Favorite Mistake 1. Other Editions Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about My Favorite Mistake , please sign up. Who's POV is the book written in? Does anyone know a link to read online? Sammie Not online in a browser but you can download it from this link and read on your e-reader, tablet or even desktop if you have the e-reader app.

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My Favorite Mistake

Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. This book is just not for me at all!! I can't take it anymore!!

I feel like this book is wasting my time. I can't seem get into it because I can't stand the main character Taylor. I couldn't connect with her at all. She is such a rude bitch for no reason.

How can you be mean and hate someone you just met?!? Just Psycho!!! I don't understand how she has any friends with her attitude and snarky comments. I couldn't do it!!! Hunter was hot but very cheesy. Everything he said that was sexual, DNF!!!!

Everything he said that was sexual, I just kept rolling my eyes at. I'm not going to waste anymore of my time reading this book. On to the next book. View all 38 comments. They made a deal. Hate him, Love him, or have sex with him. Either of the three, which she needs to prove or do with him will make him leave.

I wanted him. I wanted him to kiss me and touch my face and put his fingers in my hair. I wa for my love of Hunter I wanted him to pick me up and hold me and be with me. I was losing it. Absolutely losing it. He is now one of my book boyfriend. A chessy, asshat book boyfriend. He crack me up a lot of times. I love the endearment "missy" starts it all.

Maybe the only holdback with this book is it take a lot of time before they became together. But you'll not get bored with this book. Just when you taught its gonna happen and things finally heated up, then suddenly they will pull back. Tease are really meant to be together. I recommend this book coz i love it, and Hunter is my favorite mistake! Either yes or no. I hate how my bed felt empty when you left.

As a member. It just took me a while to admit it. Why deny it now? View all 21 comments. I can't handle another 'strong woman' who is actually a bitch and abusive. I don't accept this behavior in men, I won't accept it in women. The book starts by saying that the MC Taylor hits Hunter the first time she meets him The first time I met Hunter Zaccadelli, I punched him in the face.

Granted, he completely and totally deserved it. He also asked for it, in so many ways. I decided right then and there that when I saw what precipitated the punch in the face would be the thing that determined if I kept reading.

Taylor and 2 friends are moving into their dorm - which is coed. They're waiting on their fourth roommate, who is being assigned by housing. Hunter shows up. A guy. Taylor, in her strong, bitchy ways, immediately goes on the defensive; telling Hunter he can't live there. She immediately categorized him as a 'douche' - all because he's good looking, has a tattoo, flirts, and is cocky. I get she's uncomfortable, but she doesn't have to take it all out on him. Throwing her phone when she can't get ahold of housing.

Throwing a fit in general. Hunter, despite Taylor's insane 'welcome', seems determined to continue to be nice, try to start conversations, and flirty - shamelessly. He offers to buy them lunch even. Obviously he's attracted to bratty women. Now, for the punch to the face. He invades her space. Purposefully, flirting, crowding her. She, in response, immediately punches him in the face and knees him in the groin.

I'm guessing there's some sort of assault in her past, and I get the instinct, but you can't go around hitting people just because they get in your space. Telling him to back off would be a good first option. She then storms out of the apartment. They knew to leave me alone and give me my space. It hadn't been the first time they'd seen me like that. You regularly freak out and hit people and no one thinks this is a problem?

Just let her walk it off. This all just screams abusive personality to me. If it's not her way, then she's liable to freak out - and you should just get out of her path. She calls her sister to talk it through, tells her that she punched Hunter. That would have been the logical thing to do.

No thank you. I'm done. My friend Sarah managed to finish this book - so here are some quotes that she shared from further in I'm so glad I quit this because these quotes put me straight into rage-territory. There have been many. Imagine if we read about a girl offering this deal to a guy? Why is this in anyway acceptable?? He was going to look quite pretty tomorrow.

View all 41 comments. Wow, I just could not get into this book. But I kept trucking along. There were many reasons for my dislike. In fact, I actively disliked her. There is supposedly some big, tragic secret to her past that makes her have panic attacks and gives her a suspicious, angry outlook on life. I guess it also gives her the right to objectify all men and treat them like shit for absolutely no reason.

And yet somehow, she has all of these girlfriends that support her and love her, not only allowing her to be a horrible person, but backing her up when she is.

As it was, I formed my opinion of her too solidly for the big revelation to have much effect at changing my mind.

This girl, within the first few pages, punches her new roommate in the face and kicks him in the junk for playfully coming on to her.

She continually makes mountains out of molehills, and I kept getting the feeling that the author was trying desperately to paint Hunter in a bad light without making the reader actually dislike him.

Every action of his was construed by Taylor to be invasive or threatening, when in reality he's being playful or sexy. But for me, I was almost always on his side. Hunter's actually a really nice guy! I just kept wondering what the hell he was doing fixating on the bitchy girl.

The juvenile attitudes and actions just kept snowballing until I started rolling my eyes at most of the antics that were probably meant to be quirky and sweet. Slight scene spoiler here: Golly gee whiz! Another eye roll. What an overused, airheaded seductress move. I think the author has a very young voice, and it showed through in how she portrayed relationships and conversations.

Very immature most of the time. Almost like she's a completely different character. It's a little confusing. As it was, I was so completely floored by her bratty, self absorbed, over dramatized behavior for the first three quarters of the book, all I could manage to do was feel bad for Hunter. What guy in his right mind would not only want that kind of girl, but chase her? She beats the crap out of him twice! If the roles had been reversed and Hunter had just had a little panic attack and hit on Taylor during his freak out time, this would be the perfect book to get the reading world in an uproar.

But I never have, nor ever will, think that things that happen to you should dictate the way you treat others to the extent that it is portrayed in this book.

Abuse is abuse is abuse. After all, it is just a book. View all 30 comments. You better get your sex ponchos ready because this book oozes, drips, and sprays sexual tension all over the place! And we all know how I feel about sexual tension Sends my moist-o-meter into overdrive!!

I think this book broke my moist-o-meter! First let me say that this book is not a Beautiful Disaster love child. Yes, Hunter' 3. Yes, Hunter's physical description is rather Travisy, there's a heated bet on the table and a V-card to be played, but these are just similar concepts. The plot is totally unique! The things that I loved about this book just might be the very things that you hate! These characters had issues. Their issues violated each other and had baby issues! You couldn't turn around without bumping into an issue!!

The characters were nuts and I loved it!!! The issues gave birth to drama and it was everywhere. Drama, drama, drama. Crazy, crazy, crazy! Taylor will drive you insane!! Sexual tension plus drama equals my favorite cocktail, but I know it's not for everybody.

There were also some great one-liners in this book, funny The dialogue was edible! Go see your Gyno. That's all you have to do. I'm just looking out got your vaginal welfare.

All I have to do is push the button. Despite my book lovin, I wasn't quite sure how to rate it! The ending totally fell flat. It was a nice little HEA, but with so much drama, angst and build up, the ending needed to be huge!!! The fuse was lit from page one, but it never exploded! I wanted a BOOM! The book gave me so much, but I still can't help but be a little disappointed with how it ended.

Okay, so this book wasn't perfect, but it was a tension filled drama with characters that will piss you off, but at the same time cause you to feel, to want, to need! It will hook you until the very, very end! View all 16 comments. I really liked My Favourite Mistake! She doesn't want to get burned, so she needs hi 3. Boys like Hunter burned everything they touched. Boys like that were dangerous. I knew that without a doubt. Sometimes the truth is worse than a lie.

And i adored their texting. It was so cute! HE is so cute and adorable, and frustrating, and unbelievable and just so 'ahh'. I wanna have my own Hunter! I was sleeping until a moment ago. You were poking me with that piece of wire that's sitting on the floor. Very sly, Missy, but i'm not a maron. It's hilarious since she was the main reason some of the readers didn't like the book.

They said, and i quote 'she was rude, bitchy, selfish and horrible'. Yada, Yada, Yada. Errrmm, excuse me people but i think you got something wrong. She ain't 'bitchy', 'selfish' and 'rude' OK, maybe she is but all these things add up to a kickass protagonist.

Especially when she uses those personalities against guys LOL.

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Poor Hunter, haha. Anyways, what the heck did you expect from a 19 year old girl with anger issues, huh? If you want a protagonist that's all honey and flowers, lets people walk on her, and hangs on a guy's arm then run away from this book. You will most likely end up hating it. If breaking things and punching people every now and then helps you, i'll be your punching bag and we can get you some stuff to throw off the roof.

My Favourite Mistake is kinda boring. So before that nothing really happens except them fighting their attraction for one another and each other. I was like As well as, i expected something exciting to happen at the of the book. Something action packed maybe. But to my surprise and disappointment it was just dull. In fact, i think it was one of the most dullest parts of the whole book.

My Favourite Mistake was still a nice, funny, and sexy read. I suggest you read it if you want something cute and swoon worthy. View all 36 comments. I hated how he got under my skin.

I hated how, for a second, I thought about pushing him up against the library and making out with him. The blurb for this book included the following description for our Hero: With those seven words, I was immediately sold. Shocker, I know lol. So as soon as this book came out, I was all over it.

Above is the fir 4. Above is the first line of the book. As soon as Taylor met Hunter, you knew sparks were just going to fly between the two and did they ever. God, the tension build up was, at times, excruciating.

I was ready to burst if nothing happened between the two. I blamed Taylor, but part of me feels guilty for doing so. One event in the past has changed Taylor. She was never the same. This one traumatic event has prevented her from forming relationships, especially with men.

She was known as an ice queen in high school.

This is one tough woman and doesn't take shit from anyone, especially from someone like Hunter Zaccadelli. I mean come on!! Before he could move closer, I pulled back and slammed my fist into his jaw and my knee into his groin.

He doubled over, clutching his face and his balls. She pushes his buttons and calls him on all his shit. There was no way in hell he was going to leave, not until he finds out more about her. However, he does strike a deal with her. You have three options. Hate me, love me, do me. Otherwise, he's not going to leave.

Hunter is here to stay. I love their chemistry. Most of all, I love Hunter. Let me count the ways: I love the fact that he sleeps naked. I love all his five tattoos. I love how he rubs a certain tattoo three times when he gets nervous. I love all his neurotic OCD tendencies Trust me. I know exactly how that feels.

I love that that he plays guitar, sings and even writes silly songs. I love the fact that he can cook a gourmet meal. I love the fact that he believes in luck and how superstitious he can get. I love that he never gives up on her and was there for her when she needed him. I really liked this story. I never caught that reason. What matters is that Hunter sleeps naked. Whoops, did I just say that again? I guess I did. My mistake.

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View all 33 comments. My Review This book was not what I expected.

The premise of My Favorite Mistake promises a refreshing New Adult contemporary romance, a read that I found myself anticipating. Sadly, I couldn't even make myself finish reading the whole thing. There are a number of emotions associated with this read for me: I got nothing out of reading this, and while I could very well rage about the poor characterization, lack of plot, and en My Review This book was not what I expected.

In fact, it is most definitely not my favorite mistake. I'll give you the dirty, but my anger is spent. Kind of. Me neither, buddy. The Bad.

If so then you might know how I feel, and maybe where I'm coming from, when I say that Taylor - the female protagonist - completely ruined this book for me. She is just such an unlikable character! For starters, she spends the majority of the book's first quarter sulking around, whining that she ended up with Hunter as a roommate even though the living space at their college IS coed.

She and two other rommates, Darah and Renee needed a fourth person and put up a vacancy. Hunter applied, got the spot through the officiates at housing, and one painfully long story short, Taylor flips the shiz out.

She can't handle that the guy flirts with her, even though he flirted with both Darah and Renee two filler characters and neither of them took it nearly as badly as she did. To my dismay, the first couple chapters were spent watching Taylor fight tooth and nail to reverse the aforementioned living arrangement. She lets the world know of her displeasure, and it is during one particularly contrived phone conversation with her mother that I realized things would get a lot worse before they got better.

It is my experience that in life, there are many people who never hear the truth, no cold hard facts plain and simple, from anyone, and Taylor struck me as being of this variety. Mainly because she has a problem, she lashes out when things don't go her way, and instead of people telling her to get her act together, they make stupid freaking allowances.

Sorry, Mary, it seems like everybody is ill here. You get to know pretty quickly that she hates a lot of things: Due to an incident in the past, Taylor is played off as this damaged girl with "issues" and her less than stellar past is supposed to justify this girl's constant griping.

Because she's damaged, right? Who hates on damaged characters? Who wouldn't hate!? She complains about everything.

Upon their first meeting, she manages to punch Hunter in the face, a true display of totally volatile and over-the-top behaviour. Yet, we are to accept this as part of her nature: In reality, we are to believe that it is all Hunter's fault that she felt threatened. Taylor was protecting herself. The only problem in this brilliant theory? Even a donkey missing half its brain could put together that there wasn't any real danger to be had from Hunter.

If he was going to try something, it would have been during their first night or week living together. I mean why wait, right? He is incredibly built and I am expected to believe that if indeed he was a rapist he would not have jumped at the chance to pounce on Taylor, because?

There's logic missing in that, Cameron. Yes, Hunter is an ass at times, making sexual references and flirting immediately with near-strangers does rank up on the douche scale of existence, but he isn't a bad guy. While his actions weren't exactly shining examples of gentlemanly conduct, Taylor had absolutely no right hitting him. He takes it well, laughs the incident off, but it did made me sick how double standard it all was. The girl wouldn't have even blinked before calling the cops, but somehow it is justifiable that she takes out her aggression on him, and he's supposed to be okay with it?

She throws tantrums and explodes like an irresponsible child, but everyone just tip-toes around her, giving her space because otherwise that bitch will find you , and then it'll all go to hell. You should know now that I most definitely did not finish this book my heart couldn't take it even though I spent money on it Darn it! By the time I finally gave up, I just couldn't force myself to read any more. I should have needed to read the story, wanted to engage with characters because good books are supposed to draw you in.

Well, My Favorite Mistake did the exact opposite and pushed me far away. I can see where Cameron was going with the storyline: They fix each other? Aw, true wuv! The end. Someone please kill me now. Final Thoughts No. Just no. My Favorite Mistake lacks in several areas, the want most apparent in its poor characterization and weak story structure. Furthermore, I get that this is a college based story, New Adult means a higher level of sensuality and cussing of some sort, but would it kill these characters to actually speak intelligently?

For once, without the meaningless cursing? The way they go about spouting profanities every second word really made me cringe. I respect an individual's right to speech, heck cursing is fun sometimes, but there is a problem when all the characters talk like they might have been recently displaced from the great Seven Seas.

I especially hated God's name and "Jesus" being flung around. I've read New Adult, and loved it before, but never was the language so deplorable. So there you have it. This book has me talking like my grandmother, "deplorable," really?

The angry girl meets "perfect boy" set-up didn't work out for me. Taylor is too obnoxious and full of it, and Hunter never felt real. He's too perfect, a great singer, cook, and accomplished guitarist, along with other things.

I imagine that if My Favorite Mistake had even an ounce of his supposed brilliance, it would be a better book, and this, a very different review. View all 14 comments. Why do I freaking love this book? Its all because of Hunter Zaccadelli. Now I'm really in love at first read. Where have you been all my life? Taylor Caldwell. What a lucky girl! Having a HOT roommate all by herself! I shoved my face under the covers.

I did not just see that. I peeked out again. Hunter Jr. I faced the wall, unable to loo Why do I freaking love this book? Three times.

Feel free to dream about me naked and scream all you want. I'll sleep right through it. I would be more than willing to dream of him! But Seriously. I enjoyed reading My favorite Mistake. I loved their banters. I felt giddy every now and then. Even though Hunter and Taylor have their own personal issues they really are perfect with each other.

Who wouldn't love Hunter? A guy who can almost do everything perfectly. Knows how to cook, plays guitar to his special someone, writing silly songs about her, a guy that won't give up on her no matter what happens and most specially his hot body, tattoos all over the place. This book is somewhat similar to Beautiful disaster and I would definitely recommend this to anyone who loved that book.

View all 8 comments. Jun 21, Rose rated it did not like it Shelves: Initial reaction: I saw the work as a typical "paint by numbers" New Adult story with no original backing or appeal. The characters in this narrative were equally insufferable, and I felt that even when I learned about their respective histories, the reflection on their personas and pains seemed oddly one-dimensional.

Th Initial reaction: It wasn't organic, it wasn't anything more than the basis of lust, and both of their personalities were so abrasive at times that I wanted to throw the book down and walk away from it. Suffice to say, I'm really disappointed with the work here. Full review: I told myself that I would attempt to write a poetic review of this work to summarize its events and problems. I do this for humor as much as critique, so hopefully this turns out just as well as the last poetic review I wrote on Cara Cormack's "Losing It".

That review worked probably more considering they were theater students and the nature of the story. My excuse here? Well, Hunter, the leading love interest, is a guitar player, so there are some musical elements here - mostly for silliness and just to showcase talents, but it's enough to try to attempt making a song out of it.

If I have any additional thoughts, I'll just put them below the prose. I hope you enjoy this as much as I did penning it, though as far as the work goes, I didn't care for it, and hopefully this review is an illustration of why. I'm not with joy, Problem Boy. Is his head a block of brick? I hit his face and I knee his You cornered me! That's what you get, Problem Boy! She dances well, grind and twirl, Missy Girl.

She knows she loves me, it's in her head, Lighten up instead, Missy Girl. I will never, ever sleep with you. Only a matter of time, just wait it through. What's wrong with you?! To all the cheerleaders out there who are tired of being cast as the villains.

This one is for you. Prologue Freya To be fair to me, I was a little drunk and pissed off. I try to focus on the counts my coach is calling out, but all I can think about is the hand on my butt and the guy attached to it.

She stands out like a lightning bolt in a dark sky. Enough on top and on the bottom with a sweet curve in the middle. Fucking perfect. Normally I would have walked right up to her, bought her a drink, and worked my magic. I take a sip of beer and want to roll my eyes. The shitty lighting of the bar somehow works in her favor and makes her look. I like words. Especially long ones. Especially ones I can use for beautiful girls. She throws her head back and laughs at something the tall brunette dancing next to her says.

Fuck me. Good question. I have no idea. I start to get up but then plant my ass back on the barstool. This is definitely not my normal modus operandi when it comes to women. I ignore his staring and see my moment appear when she peels off from her group and comes toward the bar. Let her come to me. The position pushes her chest up, and I stop myself from trying to check out the view.

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Shorter girls are usually the spunkiest, and I have the feeling this one is no exception. The bartender gets her drink, and as she picks it up she turns around but stops when she sees me, her lips wrapped around the straw. Well, fuck me again. She coughs a few times and lowers the glass. It sounds like a question. Her eyebrows lift and then draw together. Her voice is deeper than I would have thought, given her stature. Instead of smacking me, which I thought she might, she laughs just a little.

Jem gives me a thumbs-up, and I shoot him a dirty look. I make a disgusted face. You really think my name is Chad? One in particular beat my ass more than once in elementary school. She chuckles again and drinks from her water. I cross my arms and narrow my eyes. How about. Or some variation of that? I shake my head. She bites her bottom lip as she considers me, assessing me from head to toe.

She racks up another point in the sexy category. Bookish girls are the best. She stirs her water with the straw. She shakes her head. I hope. I turn back to find her looking like she wants to toss her water in my face. Or pour it down the drain in the bathroom.They were probably saying it to one of the other dozens of students who streamed around me. Small Great Things: There is supposedly some big, tragic secret to her past that makes her have panic attacks and gives her a suspicious, angry outlook on life.

Cheryl McIntyre. Why is this in anyway acceptable?? Without limiting the rights under copyright reserved above, no part of this publication may be reproduced, resold as a "used" e-book , stored or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted, in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise , without prior written permission of both the copyright owner and the above publisher of this book.

For once, without the meaningless cursing? My life is like a bubble. I would be more than willing to dream of him! Aber egal, damit brauche ich mich gar nicht aufzuhalten, denn das tun Taylor und Hunter auch nicht.

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