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Baixe no formato PDF, TXT ou leia online no Scribd. Sinalizar por O Deus de cada homem [doc].doc Carlos Drummond de mármore de Vinicius-de-(Soneto-sentimental-à-cidade-de-São-Paulo). .. Maria Rosa Mística ., , K. ANALECTOS-Confúcio > , M. ANATOMIA-OCULTA-Manl..> confortável mansão na cidade iluminada onde as pessoas bonitas viviam .. meu deus desejaria trazer todo o mundo a seus pés sonho que isto seja só.

Kailas is sacred as a mountain, for example, and as the abode of Shiva or the higher consciousness. Indeed all mountains are sacred because they afford us access to the higher realms of meditation.

The Ganga is sacred as a river. Indeed all rivers are sacred because they nourish and purify not only the body and mind but the inner being.

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The sacred nature of such places does not depend upon human activity, though it can be enhanced by human activity as ritual, mantra and meditation. The Divine is not only the father, mother, brother, sister, lord and friend, but also takes form as the sacred animals, plants, rocks, planets and stars. Hindu temples contain not only human representations but also deities with animal heads and animal bodies.

They contain sacred plants, flowers, rocks, fire and water as well. This sense of the Divine in all of nature is the reason why Hindus find sacred places everywhere. The Hindus have sacred mountains and hills, sacred rivers and lakes, sacred trees and groves, sacred flowers and grasses. They can honor the Divine not only in the human form but in all the forms of nature. This Hindu devotional attitude is not mere primitive idolatry as the western religions would like to project.

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It is not a worship of nature externally. It is a recognition of the Divine reality within all things. Hindus honor all the forms of the Divine but also recognize the formless Divine even beyond the Creator, extending to the Absolute. Vedanta teaches us that this Absolute or Brahman is the being, self and soul of everything animate and inanimate. It says our very Self is the entire universe and the entire universe dwells within us.

To honor nature is to honor ourselves. To honor ourselves, one should honor all of nature. For the Hindus the Earth is sacred as the very manifestation of the Divine Mother.

She is Bhumi Devi, the Earth Goddess. One of the reasons that Hindus honor cows is that the cow represents the energies and qualities of the Earth, selfless caring, sharing and the providing of nourishment to all. Hindu prayers are done at the rising of the Sun, at noon and at sunset, honoring the Divine light that comes to us through the Sun.

Nature is always included in the Hindu approach. Even the great Hindu Yogis retire into nature to pursue their practices, taking refuge in the Himalayas and other mountains and wilderness areas where there is a more direct contact with the Divine.


Hindu Science of Ritual and Mantra Hindu ritual worship works with the forces of nature to bring a higher consciousness and energy into the world. Hindu rituals are part of a comprehensive spiritual science designed to connect us to higher planes of consciousness and creativity. Hindu pujas do this with special prayers and mantras, and offerings of subtle sensory essences like flowers, incense, ghee flames, special water or food and fragrant oils.

This is designed to allow the Prana or the Spirit of the Deity to enter into the form for worship, whether it is a statue or a natural object, so that the powers of the higher planes and worlds can have a place to bless us here on Earth.

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Hindu yajnas or fire rituals offer special substances into a specially consecrated sacred fire like special wood, resins, ghee, grains and seeds for the fire to transform into higher vibrations for the benefit of all. Hindu scriptures explain these rituals in great detail including special methods of performance and special times and places to do them.

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