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Me And Rumi: The Autobiography Of Shams i Tabriziby Shams Tabreztrans: W. Chittick. PDF WITH TEXT download · download 1 file. Book Details Author: Shams-i Tabrizi Pages: Publisher: Fons Vitae Brand: English ISBN: Publication Date: Release Date: Description The astounding autobiography of the man who transformed Rumi from a learned religious teacher into the world's greatest poet of. Download Best Book Me and Rumi: The Autobiography of Shams-I Tabrizi, PDF FILE Download Me and Rumi: The Autobiography of Shams-I Tabrizi Free.

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Me & Rumi - The Autobiography of Shams-i Tabrizi - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. Autobiography of Shams - i- Tabrizi. Get this from a library! Me & Rumi: the autobiography of Shams-i Tabrizi. [Shams -i Tabrīzī; William C Chittick] -- Rumi has become one of the best-selling poets. Me and Rumi book. Read 18 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The astounding autobiography of the man who transformed Rumi from a .

He lost himself completely and was filled with God. Muhammad's capacity was unlimited and could never be filled. His desire was endless, and he was always thirsty. With every moment he came closer to God, and then regretted his former distant state. He cried out, fell to the ground, and lost consciousness for one hour.

Shams, upon hearing these answers, realized that he was face to face with the object of his longing, the one he had prayed God to send him. When Rumi awoke, he took Shams's hand, and the two of them returned to Rumi's school together on foot.

After several years with Rumi in Konya , Shams left and settled in Khoy. As the years passed, Rumi attributed more and more of his own poetry to Shams as a sign of love for his departed friend and master.

In Rumi's poetry Shams becomes a guide of Allah's Creator love for mankind; Shams was a sun "Shams" means "Sun" in Arabic shining the Light of Sun as guide for the right path dispelling darkness in Rumi's heart, mind, and body on earth. The source of Shams' teachings was the knowledge of Ali ibn Abu Talib , who is also called the father of sufism.

Sultan Walad , Rumi 's son, in his Walad-Nama mathnawi just mentions that Shams mysteriously disappeared from Konya with no more specific details.

Overall, it bears a mystical interpretation of Islam and contains spiritual advice. Some excerpts from the Maqalat provide insight into the thoughts of Shams: Blessing is excess, so to speak, an excess of everything. Don't be content with being a faqih religious scholar , say I want more — more than being a Sufi a mystic , more than being a mystic — more than each thing that comes before you. A good man complains of no-one; he does not look to faults.

Joy is like pure clear water; wherever it flows, wondrous blossoms grow…Sorrow is like a black flood; wherever it flows it wilts the blossoms.

Me And Rumi The Autobiography Of Shams i Tabrizi

And the Persian language, how did it happen? With so much elegance and goodness such that the meanings and elegance that is found in the Persian language is not found in Arabic. However later scholars have pointed out that it may instead be a question of whether the name Shams-i Tabriz has been used for more than one person. Van den Berg suggests that this identification is the pen name of Rumi.

May 27, Najlla Habibyar rated it it was amazing. It took me awhile to read this perhaps I never wanted this to end so I was drowning into it once a while.

Aug 10, Ervina Bajrami rated it it was amazing Shelves: Shams'i Tabrizi would laugh at me on my decision to mark it as a 'read' book.

This can be whatever but not a book that can be 'read'.

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Is this even a book? View all 6 comments. View 1 comment. Dec 06, Arishimteyaz rated it it was amazing. I am excited to read this book. And I recommend to my friends. Dec 12, Ayushi Pandya rated it it was amazing. This is not an easy read for me. A mere sight of this book makes me feel calm. Jun 22, Firdous rated it it was amazing.

Oh this book is such a gem that you would not want it to end anytime. I usually have this habit of reading a lot of it at once but not with this book because the information is too much to process all at once.

Me & Rumi - The Autobiography of Shams-i Tabrizi

Its more like poetry which you would want to read to feel yourself at places. Feb 18, Genek rated it it was amazing.

Absolutely amazing. Feb 01, Shaizeen Shan rated it it was amazing.

Me & Rumi - The Autobiography of Shams-i Tabrizi

Guys how to read this book. Feb 04, Nsns2hotmail. Misleading book, this kind of books is what I hate most.

Wrong iterpretation of Quran verses. Alot of the sayings of prophet Mohammad in this books are lies. He never said that. Some very important conceptions of islam like knowledge, fate, living in this world are explained wrongfully.

May 14, Saleem Safdar rated it really liked it. This autobiography is one of the world's great cultural and spiritual treasures. It provides insight into the spiritual path of a sufi master about whom very little is known, Shams-i Tabrizi.

In the framework of an autobiography, Mawlana Shams-i Tabrizi addresses the reader as a student and confidant, discussing his spiritual journey, his interactions with contemporary intellectuals, and his spiritual bond with Mawlana Rumi.

Jan 20, Suhayb rated it liked it. Found it hard going but most likely due to my own weakness. Must read it again sometime. Syafiq Shafii rated it it was amazing Dec 19, Tahir rated it it was amazing Apr 01, Quantasia rated it really liked it Feb 25, Razzi Syed rated it it was amazing May 06, Mahnoor Tahsin rated it it was amazing Apr 13, Fatima Arif rated it really liked it Jul 12, Mazhar Fareed rated it it was amazing Mar 09, Riyaz rated it did not like it Mar 02, Adris Wahabi rated it really liked it Jul 15, Sheikh tanzeel rated it it was amazing Oct 22, Ayesha Raheem rated it it was amazing Nov 24, Zainab Ahmed Chughtai rated it really liked it Jan 07, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

Readers Also Enjoyed. About Shams-i Tabrizi. Shams-i Tabrizi. Tradition holds that Shams taught Rumi in seclusion in Konya for a period of forty days, before fleeing for Damascus. Books by Shams-i Tabrizi.

Trivia About Me and Rumi: No trivia or quizzes yet.In , Rumi met Shams—a wandering dervish with unconventional ways and heretical proclamations. In many ways the twenty-first century is not that different from the thirteenth century. Besides, she had never abandoned her passion for books and still considered herself a voracious reader.

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Neither did he abide by the formal prayers that Moses had taught him.

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