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PDF | A widespread view among contemporary philosophers and scientists is that the soul is a mystification. For Marilynne Robinson, American essayist and. MARILYNNE ROBINSONÊS GILEAD: THE FIRST DECADE OF SCHOLARSHIP BY JUSTIN KEENA As of , Marilynne RobinsonÊs Pulitzer-Prize-winning. Gilead. byMarilynne Robinson. Publication date Topics Conflict of generations Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files.

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Editorial Reviews. Review. In , Marilynne Robinson wrote Housekeeping, which won the PEN/Hemingway Award and became a modern. Nearly 25 years after Housekeeping, Marilynne Robinson returns with an . Listen to this audiobook excerpt from Marilynne Robinson's novel Gilead, winner of the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Critics Circle Award. Download PDF . Marilynne Robinson was awarded a National. Humanities Medal by President Barack Obama, one of her biggest fans. Her novel Gilead (Farrar, Straus.

Schmidt , Stout , Scott , and Rachel Griffis After Leise, who is usually not given credit for this idea, it becomes a critical commonplace that Gilead is at some level, and perhaps at its very core, an apology for Calvinism.

Schmidt , who also does not credit Leise, is not primarily focused on theological matters: Nevertheless, he takes the Gilead-as-Calvinist-apology view for granted by setting himself the initial question: Beyond the range of theological readings and its sub-categories, other admittedly less well- populated groups of works exist, on a healthy variety of subjects.

Park , who was in turn aware of both Tanner and Leise, likewise adds her own refinement to the issue. She sees Dietrich Bonhoeffer as a precedent for this compelling, albeit paradoxical attitude. Other subjects that have received more modest attention viz. Finally, there are subjects that have only received sustained treatment by two scholars. Once again, these include a wide range of topics, from baseball Hobbs [], Petit [] to American spiritual autobiography Leise [], Evans [] to recent studies devoted solely to Jack Jonathan Lear [], Petit [] to, even more recently, ecocriticism George Handley [], Chad Wriglesworth [].

Of course, topics that have received only one treatment to date expand the range of Gilead scholarship even further. But that may be, of course, at least partially due to the fact that Gilead scholarship itself is still developing. It is, as I have already said, in its infancy, and as such there is room for growth. Robinson may or may not be done with the story of Gilead, Iowa and the characters who inhabit it; but scholars will certainly continue to study them and their town in the decades to come.

Each individual piece within a journal or book is counted separately, when they have to do with Gilead. Figure 2: Graph of Academic Publications on Gilead 10 9 8 Number of Publications 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0 Year Figure 3: Jason W.

Brill, Bailey, Lisa M. Barber, Leonie.

Gilead by Marilynne Robinson: CAE Book Groups, Calloway, Catherine. The s to the s. Douglas, Christopher. A Forum on Fiction Evans, Justin. Gonzalez, Jeffrey. Studies in Contemporary Fiction Griffis, Rachel B. Handley, George. Gifts of Gilead. Chalice Press, Hobbs, June Hadden. Holberg, Jennifer L.

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Toward an Understanding of Glory. Hungerford, Amy. Postmodern Belief: American Literature and Religion since Princeton University Press, Createspace, Klinkowitz, Jerome. The s to the Present. Ladani, Safoura Tork and Sanaz Bayat.

Marilynne Robinson Shares Lecture Text

LaMascus, R. Latz, Andrew Brower. Leah, Gordon. Lear, Jonathan. Leise, Christopher.

Mensch, Betty. Moy, Janella. Therapeutic Journaling as Balm in Gilead. Painter, Rebecca M. Pak, Yumi. Park, Haein. Political Theology 7. Petit, Susan. Pinsker, Sanford. Jeffrey W. Gale, Literature Resource Center. Robinson, Marilynne. The Death of Adam. New York: Houghton Mifflin, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Schiff, James. Houses, Domesticity, and the Numinous Quotidian.

Schmidt, D. Schwarzbaum, Lisa. Entertainment Weekly November 19, Scott, Mark S.

Soteriological Symbolism in Home and Gilead. Shy, Todd. This Life, This World: Stout, Andrew C. Farmington Hills: Tanner, Laura E. Vander Weele, Michael. Wriglesworth, Chad.

With the debatable exception of the first item, this bibliography only includes works within academia specifically, peer-reviewed journals or books from academic presses that focus on Gilead as the main concern, or at least treat it in a distinct section.

Hence the many reviews published in non- academic sources are omitted, as well as merely incidental references in academic books like the entry on Robinson in The Encyclopedia of Twentieth-Century Fiction Wiley-Blackwell, or R.

In terms of arrangement, pieces that are dated with a specific month are given precedence over those in the same year, and articles within the same journal issue or book are given in order of appearance; otherwise, the arrangement is alphabetical. However, Gifts of Gilead shares, at least in part, the same goal as academic scholarship and attempts many of the same tasks: The six chapters focus on major themes and ideas in the novel, including storytelling ch.

Readable, simple, and insightful, this book deserves attention from scholars. A Life, by George Marsden. Instead of reviewing one, then the other, anecdotes and themes from one book are brought into dialogue with the other.

As a result, this piece functions more like a typical article than a review.

Mensch admits that the connection between Edwards and Gilead is somewhat tenuous: The rest of the parallels seem circumstantial and unconvincing; they do not illuminate the novel in any significant way.

As Mensch herself writes: Peters, Lanny. Pinsker is very positive on the novel, appreciating the sincerity of Ames and the beauty of the writing, which he places in a grand tradition: Hence her thesis is as follows: His expectation that he will die soon, in short, intensifies his experience of the time he has left.

Tanner expresses this rather simple idea in characteristically over-complicated language as follows: Perspectives from neuroscience, geriatrics, and phenomenology in the person of Maurice Merleau-Ponty are brought to bear on Gilead, though the amount of digression into these other fields seems disproportionate to the results of their application to the novel. Shy goes on to explicate various passages from the novel in the light of this idea, with some success.

This brief article functions as an extended plot summary with little to no criticism and no awareness of any other scholarship.

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Studies in the Novel This is easily the most important work on Gilead to date. Like Shy, Leise is aware that what Robinson depicts in Ames as Calvinism seems to clash with the typical modern idea of Calvinism and the Puritan tradition: After outlining the typical characteristics of a Puritan spiritual autobiography e. Ames points his son to the earthly as the site of God made manifest. This pattern is typical: Gilead also reverses the tradition with respect to moments of self-deprecation , appreciating worldly beauty , the jeremiad-sermon , and the theological interpretation of physical events Petit raises some interesting points on how Jack parallels both Jacob and Esau.

The article is rather shapeless, and gives the impression that its paragraphs could be rearranged without apparent aesthetic or argumentative effect; there is no clear logic uniting the various, occasionally insightful comments.

Gilead [is] a quiet, deep celebration of life that you must not miss. As John Ames might point out, it's a remarkable thing to consider. She teaches at the University of Iowa Writers' Workshop. A Paris Review interview with Robinson. Reading Group Guide.

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In the words of Kirkus, it is a novel "as big as a nation, as quiet as thought, and moving as prayer. Meg Wolitzer. She lives in an unpretentious house where, the days I visited, she was making do with a minifridge the refrigerator had died some weeks earlier.

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