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Runaway Jury. Home · Runaway Jury Author: John Grisham. 95 downloads Views John Grisham - Runaway Jury · Read more · Grisham-The Runaway. John Grisham was born on February 8, , in Grisham's novel, The Firm, was one of the biggest Two main themes run through The Runaway Jury. The. Editorial Reviews. Review. Millions of dollars are at stake in a huge The Runaway Jury: A Novel - Kindle edition by John Grisham. Download it.

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Every jury has a leader, and the verdict belongs to him. In Biloxi, Mississippi, a landmark tobacco trial with hundreds of millions. Vandemeer said, instinctively glancing at his watch. 20 JOHNGRISHAM. “I don't care. You can leave now, or you can wait until the jury is picked. You all have. The first edition of the novel The Runaway Jury is in Hardback, The novel has pages Runaway Jury by John Grisham has reviews. There are many.

The Fund holds millions of dollars to be spent defending these lawsuits. A man named Rankin Fitch controls The Fund and stops at nothing to get the result that he wants. In contrast to the other cases, the lawyer for the plaintiff, Wendall Rohr, is also well funded and assisted by seven other lawyers.

The jury is selected, and the trial begins in Judge Harkin's court. One day in court, a woman named Marlee hands one of the deputies a note to pass on to Fitch. The note contains information about what the eleventh juror, Nicholas Easter, will be wearing the next day. After following Easter the next day, Fitch discovers that she is right.

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After a couple of days, Marlee contacts Fitch, again correctly predicting the jury's movements, which begin to get stranger and stranger. Maybe he planned to enroll somewhere. Maybe he'd dropped out but still liked the notion of referring to himself as a part-time student.

Maybe it made him feel better, gave him a sense of purpose, sounded good. But he was not, at this moment nor at any time in the recent past, a student of any sort.

Runaway Jury

So, could he be trusted? This had been thrashed about the room twice already, each time they came to Easter's name on the master list and his face hit the screen.

It was a harmless lie, they'd almost decided. He didn't smoke. The store had a strict nonsmoking rule, but he'd been seen not photographed eating a taco in the Food Garden with a co-worker who smoked two cigarettes with her lemonade.

Easter didn't seem to mind the smoke. At least he wasn't an antismoking zealot. The face in the photo was lean and tanned and smiling slightly with lips closed. Divorced with two children.

Voted for plaintiff. Angel Weese: Fellow black female juror.

Boyfriend is Derrick Maples, who was bribed by Rohr to try to convince Angel to vote for plaintiff. Although this attempt was unsuccessful, she nevertheless voted for plaintiff.

Grisham John. The Runaway Jury

Lonnie Shaver: Black male juror. Manager of supermarket, later convinced by new employer to vote for defense. Employer was friend of one of the tobacco companies. Stella Hulic: Obnoxious white female social climber.

Later got removed due to being followed by tobacco company. However, it was actually Marlee who phoned Stella and stated that the tobacco companies followed her. Frank Herrera: Retired white male colonel. Later removed for having unauthorized materials.

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Those materials were actually planted by Nicholas secretly to have Herrera, a pro-defense juror and very antagonistic to Nicholas, removed.

Herman Grimes: The previous white blind male foreman. Very neutral, follows judge's orders very devotedly.

Removed due to a sudden illness on the final morning of the trial. This illness was secretly created by Nicholas through drugging Herman.We're hungry, and we're upset. Give the kid a break, the photographer thought, but he kept it to himself. He wrote a note and asked for it to be handed to the Judge. There was one other important piece of information: There was no sign of the girl.

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