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Update Your Cover · Linking Your eBook and Paperback · Unpublishing and Deleting For example, you'll be paid in October for royalties earned in August, as long as Available payment methods (direct deposit, wire transfer, or check) are. Amazon's Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is a fast, easy and free way for Self- publish eBooks and paperbacks with Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing for free. Amazon Payment Products. Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Cards · Amazon. com Store Card · Amazon Business Card · Corporate Credit Line.

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This report includes information about your payments for sales and KU/KOLL Source, This is the source of the sales, for example, eBook sales or KU/Koll. The royalty rate you get paid from Amazon for eBooks is 70% of the retail price if the price of your eBook is between $ and $ If your book is priced. It's never been easier to publish an ebook yourself on platforms like Kindle and (35%), but if you price you book at $ you'll be paid $ per sale (70%).

If you would like to make some extra cash, go ahead and start your own Fiverr gig and email me your link. Premium Book Promo Submission Tools If hiring someone to do this is not your thing, then you could always venture into the programming side of the world.

But if you try them, let me know your thoughts in the comments below: Author Marketing Club Disclaimer: Writing a post about this is pretty hard because every day these sites are are changing, going out of business or just disappearing. I cannot promise that the information above will be the same when you click on the link.

However, in an ever quest to publish amazing content, please, by all means, contact me and let me know if any information has changed.

How to Read Kindle Books on PC

I will be sure to update the site so as to reflect this. Till then, stay frosty and enjoy!


Alrighty guys, well I hope you enjoyed this list. If all your books are on fishing for example, a person interested in catching Bass might also be interested in catching Rainbow Trout; so if you've written both these books you can get 2 sales instead of just one. However, if you've written one book on Bass Fishing and another book on Sewing, the chances that the bass fisherman is interested in a book on sewing is very very slim. You could use the same general strategy with a children's book or fiction books as well.

So, you must absolutely plan for your future success by sticking in your niche! So, before you settle on a niche think about whether or not you can see lots of additional book titles in the same market that will appeal to a similar audience.

Determine If Books Are Selling Well in Your Niche If you want to make more than a couple of dollars a month by self-publishing a book, you need to make sure that the category you are targeting has enough buyers.

This step is so important. It will either solidify your decisions made in steps 1 and 2, or may tell you to completely scrap the niche you've picked and try something else.

The Authors Who Love Amazon

In a nutshell, I want to see the best sellers in my chosen category with an amazon best seller rank of at least 10,; and finding titles under 5, is much better. A lower rank means that the book is selling more copies.

If a book is ranked 5, on the Kindle store, that means it's probably selling anywhere from 20 to 40 copies a day this is not an exact science but just a best guess based on my own book. A book with an Amazon best seller rank of 10, or higher is most likely selling less than 10 copies a day and perhaps much less just depending on where it ranks.

I don't know about you, but I don't want to write a book that only sells 1 copy a day. I want something that can potentially make 4 figures a month! By going to the Kindle Short Reads you will only see the books selling well that are under a certain length.

Amazon has laid out exactly how to game its self-publishing platform

This can be an interesting category to compare what other short kindle books are doing on Amazon; however, for research purposes, looking at the overall eBooks section is sufficient. I want to find the subcategory that most closely matches the book that I plan to write. So, let's dig a bit deeper: If you wanted to write a book about Rivers…this is the category you would want to check out.

This is way above the 10, threshold that I mentioned earlier. I also checked several other titles in this category and all of them are well above 10, There just isn't enough interest from buyers on this subject. A Better Example Now let's find a category that would be worth pursuing. How is it's Amazon best seller rank?

This book is ranked overall! This category would give you lots of potential to sell a lot of books in. By using this research method, you will know if a category is a good market to go into or not. Brainstorm Book Topics For Kindle Publishing Now that you have chosen a niche that has a lot of potential for future success and found a category that sells well, it's time to start brainstorming for the topic of your first book!

My process for brainstorming book topics is to write down about 10 different potential topics in my niche from previous steps.

How do self published authors get paid?

So, if I were to going into the Dogs category, I could see that any book related to how Dogs and humans think and communicate is something that people buy. I'm sure I could come up with a few random titles for this category… How to communicate with your dog How to Organize Your House with a dog at home Children and Dog relationships etc.

I'm just making this all up at this point, but you get the idea. Just do some free flowing brainstorming on your specific topic and you are sure to start coming across some topics that could perform well. By using your own intuition and seeing what books on similar topics are selling well, you can quickly narrow down what the actual subject matter of your book should be.

Unfortunately there is no software where you can punch in your potential book title and see how many copies it will sell. However, you can use the real world data on Amazon to help you get as close to an accurate estimate as possible. You can tell that someone just thought something up and slapped it on the cover. There wasn't any thought process, they didn't ask their friends, and they didn't get feedback.

But the title of a book is so critical. For these two services, royalty payments work differently compared to the rest of the industry.

Instead of receiving a set percentage for each book sale, authors are paid a share of a collective royalty fund.

Each monthly payment is determined not by book downloads, but by how many ebook pages your readers read. The larger your share becomes, the less other authors receive. And according to Amazon, some authors have figured out how to fake the number of pages read. A sample passage: My mother worked hard to be in recovery and I love her for that.Learn how easy it is. As is the motivation for people to write new books in the hope of gaining sales in a new and vibrant market.

The fact that the per page payout has stayed fairly static over time, while the KDP Global Fund has grown, tells us that there are more readers using KU every month. Please allow this much time before reporting your check as lost, and be sure to confirm the address on file is correct.

If you have already installed it, please make sure it is up to date and enabled. The service or feature you're trying to use is currently unavailable. We send out monthly emails full of tips, resources, and industry data! It took nearly a year between the time they finished the book and the time it was published; on Amazon, it usually takes about two weeks.

Readers respond: Payment not received for all marketplaces We pay royalties separately for each marketplace.

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