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Editorial Reviews. From Bookforum. Heti truly has a startling voice all her own, and a fresh take Person Be?: A Novel from Life - Kindle edition by Sheila Heti. Chosen as one of fifteen remarkable books by women that are shaping the way we read and write in the 21st century by the book critics of The New York Times. In contrast to this notion, Heti offers authentically authentic action as of being admired” nor to please nor “to win someone's regard”—to act in.

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Sheila Heti Irreverent, brilliant, and completely original, Heti challenges, questions, frustrates, All good books should be called just that. . Download PDF. Sheila Heti's book is “part literary novel, part self-help manual.” How could I know which would look best on me?” She speaks with that. There are a few sentences early on in “How Should a Person Be?,”. Sheila Heti's fifth book and second novel, that are bound to be quoted.

It's called "How Should a Person Be? Here's the most interesting, if ungainly, novel I've read recently. A novel from life, as Sheila Heti calls it. The narrator, named after the author, creates an intensely personal and ribald and down and dirty investigation of her life as a writer, as a wife and then as a young divorced woman, as a lover and as a devoted, if sometimes disturbing, friend.

She's trying to write a play and not doing all that well with it. Meanwhile, her painter friends up in Toronto are taking part in an ugly painting contest, trying to make the ugliest canvas the most talented of them can produce. The painters finish in a tie.

Sheila Heti seems to have done them one better in this book, making an ugly confessional novel both funny and pathetic, heroic and unassuming at the same time. Here's a sample of Heti's philosophy from this book. Most people, she writes, live their entire lives with their clothes on.

And even if they wanted to, couldn't take them off. Then there are those who cannot put them on. They are the ones who live their lives not just as people but as examples of people.

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They are destined to expose every part of themselves, so the rest of us can know what it means to be human. I read this eccentric book in one sitting, amazed, disgusted, intrigued, sometimes titillated I'll admit to that, but always in awe of this new Toronto writer who seems to be channeling Henry Miller one minute and Joan Didion the next.

Heti's book is pretty ugly fiction - accent on the pretty. Heti's book is pretty ugly fiction, accent on the pretty.

Review: 'How Should A Person Be'

It's highly quotable, funny, shocking, anxiety-inducing and, finally, inspiring… It is undeniably of the moment, a blueprint of how to be lost in the Internet Age. Just as Mary McCarthy's The Company She Keeps written at the same age was an explosive and thrilling rejoinder to the serious, male coming-of-age saga exemplified during her era by Sartre's The Age of Reason , Heti's book exuberantly appropriates the same, otherwise tired genre to encompass female experience.

Heti's rousing, unapologetically messy, beautifully written, insightful and provocative book explores the frustrations and rewards of female friendship, and of trying to make art as a young woman in the 21st century Heti is doing something very exciting within the form of the novel.

It reflects life in its incredible humor--and in some of its weird bits that might be muddled or unclear Instead there are several intertwined, grinding and brilliantly uncomfortable ones that require the reader to shed a few dozen layers in the service of self-discovery She may depart from broad harbors, but she is an analytic zealot, never imparting trite one-liners or excusing herself.

Reading her is an act of participation, discomfort and joy. And the prose, often taking the form of a numbered list, is always engaging.

Her tone can be earnest and eager to please, flippant and crass, terribly lucid and darkly funny Her tortured self-deprecation can read a little like Violette Leduc's, and her poetic bluntness sometimes reminds me of Eileen Myles, but these authors come to mind mostly because, like Heti, they have written about women with unusual detail and feeling.

Heti truly has a startling voice all her own, and a fresh take on fiction and autobiography's overlap. I don't know how to begin talking about Sheila Heti or how good she is.

‘How Should a Person Be?’ by Sheila Heti

But I am still reeling from the originality of this novel. There are passages here so striking, to read them is to be punched in the heart. It is book peopled by twentysomethings but works easily as a manual for anyone who happens to have run into a spiritual wall.

Heti subtly weaves together ideas about sex, femininity and artistic ambition. Reading this genre-defying book was pure pleasure. Watch for it — it's great. She works as interviews editor at The Believer magazine and lives in Toronto.

Excerpt: How Should A Person Be?

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Margaux, the better artist, wrote back: It felt complete and rounded and sincere. Community Reviews.

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