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When Mr. and Mrs. Dursley woke up on the dull, gray Tuesday our story starts, there was nothing .. but they're saying that when he couldn't kill Harry Potter, Voldemort's in the future -- there will be books written about Harry -- every child . Great friendship and loyalty story, great quest story, with fabulous suspense and humor and with How do I get a free PDF file of the Harry Potter book series?. Entertainment Inc., or anyone associated with the Harry Potter books or movies . crafting of the story by author JK Rowling and by the makers of the films produced by .. english/news/ Woulfe, J.

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This is the story that comes to life in the marvelous Harry Potter series by J.K. . In the seventh and final book in the epic tale of Harry Potter, Harry and Lord. Harry Potter novels is a series of Harry Potter adventure written by Joanne Rowling / J.K. Rowling. The books have been made into movies by. Harry Potter was a wizard — a wizard fresh from his first year at Hogwarts School meaning to, believing the Dursleys' story that he had got his scar in the car crash stacked three deep on the mantelpiece, books with titles like Charm Your.

The book was published internationally on 4 December The main purpose of the website was to allow the user to journey though the story with access to content not revealed by JK Rowling previously, with over 18, words of additional content. The site has been redesigned and it mainly focuses on the information already available, rather than exploration.

The novels fall within the genre of fantasy literature , and qualify as a type of fantasy called " urban fantasy ", "contemporary fantasy", or " low fantasy ".

They are mainly dramas, and maintain a fairly serious and dark tone throughout, though they do contain some notable instances of tragicomedy and black humour. In many respects, they are also examples of the bildungsroman , or coming of age novel, [37] and contain elements of mystery , adventure, horror , thriller , and romance. The books are also, in the words of Stephen King , "shrewd mystery tales", [38] and each book is constructed in the manner of a Sherlock Holmes -style mystery adventure.

The stories are told from a third person limited point of view with very few exceptions such as the opening chapters of Philosopher's Stone , Goblet of Fire and Deathly Hallows and the first two chapters of Half-Blood Prince.

Harry Potter – Complete PDF Collection

Clare's and the Naughtiest Girl series, and Frank Richards's Billy Bunter novels: the Harry Potter books are predominantly set in Hogwarts , a fictional British boarding school for wizards, where the curriculum includes the use of magic. Hogwarts resembles a medieval university-cum-castle with several professors who belonging to an Order of Merlin; Old Professor Binns still lectures about the International Warlock Convention of ; and a real historical person, a 14th century scribe Sir Nicolas Flamel , is described as a holder of the Philosopher's Stone.

Harry struggles with the problems he encounters, and dealing with them often involves the need to violate some school rules.

If students are caught breaking rules, they are often disciplined by Hogwarts professors. The stories reach their climax in the summer term , near or just after final exams , when events escalate far beyond in-school squabbles and struggles, and Harry must confront either Voldemort or one of his followers, the Death Eaters , with the stakes a matter of life and death — a point underlined, as the series progresses, by characters being killed in each of the final four books.

They open with the death of Harry's parents. There is Voldemort's obsession with conquering death and his quest for immortality at any price, the goal of anyone with magic.

I so understand why Voldemort wants to conquer death. We're all frightened of it. Living after death", which Rowling states is "one of the central foundations of resurrection theology " and that these bible verses "epitomize the whole series".

In the seventh novel, Harry speaks with and questions the deceased Dumbledore much like a person of faith would talk to and question God. Themes such as normality , oppression, survival, and overcoming imposing odds have all been considered as prevalent throughout the series.

Rowling has also been praised for her nuanced depiction of the ways in which death and violence affects youth, and humanity as a whole. The key for her was the choice between what is right and what is easy, "because that Rowling gives an account of the experience on her website saying: [55] I had been writing almost continuously since the age of six but I had never been so excited about an idea before.

I simply sat and thought, for four delayed train hours, and all the details bubbled up in my brain, and this scrawny, black-haired, bespectacled boy who did not know he was a wizard became more and more real to me.

Rowling completed Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in and the manuscript was sent off to several prospective agents. Publishing history The novelist, J. She elected to use J. Rowling Joanne Kathleen Rowling , using her grandmother's name as her second name because she has no middle name.

Harry Potter Series

The first volume has been translated into Latin and even Ancient Greek , [74] making it the longest published work in Ancient Greek since the novels of Heliodorus of Emesa in the 3rd century AD.

The Turkish translation of books two to seven was undertaken by Sevin Okyay , a popular literary critic and cultural commentator. This led to more and more copies of the English editions being sold to impatient fans in non-English speaking countries; for example, such was the clamour to read the fifth book that its English language edition became the first English-language book ever to top the best-seller list in France. The book itself was finished on 11 January in the Balmoral Hotel , Edinburgh, where she scrawled a message on the back of a bust of Hermes.

It read: "J. On 28 March , the cover art for the Bloomsbury Adult and Child versions and the Scholastic version were released. These covers were created by first Cliff Wright and then Jason Cockroft. These initially used black-and-white photographic art for the covers showing objects from the books including a very American Hogwarts Express without depicting people, but later shifted to partial colourisation with a picture of Slytherin's locket on the cover of the final book.

The events, commonly featuring mock sorting, games, face painting, and other live entertainment have achieved popularity with Potter fans and have been highly successful in attracting fans and selling books with nearly nine million of the The word Muggle has spread beyond its Harry Potter origins, becoming one of few pop culture words to land in the Oxford English Dictionary.

Both MuggleCast and PotterCast [98] have reached the top spot of iTunes podcast rankings and have been polled one of the top 50 favourite podcasts.

Surveys of over 1, college students in the United States show that those who read the books were significantly different from those who had not. Readers of the series were found to be more tolerant, more opposed to violence and torture, less authoritarian, and less cynical.

Although it is not known if this is a cause-and-effect relationship, there is a clear correlation, and it seems that Harry Potter's cultural impact may be stronger than just a fandom bond. However it is also the darkest book of the series so far. This book retains the wild and fun fantasy that makes the world of Harry Potter so fun and original. However this is and remains the darkest book of the series because it is the first of the series to have death as an underlying theme.

In this book Harry Potter is about fourteen years old. He is beginning to come into his own as an adolescent.

He has his first crush; he starts to rebel against his abusive aunt and uncle and he wants to spend time with his friends. When his friends invite him to the Quidditch World Cup Harry happily accepts, not knowing that this event is going to be the start of how his world will change forever. The characters show their maturity, and each of them is showing the development of their own individual personalities.

They are also showing attractions to the opposite sex in this book as well. The violence in this book is intense for a children's book but it is not gratuititous as it could have been. There are 3 deaths, self-mutilation, and animal attacks but somehow, Rowling avoids having things overly bloody.

It is sure to surprise and delight many Potter fans for generations to come. The rating that I give this book is 5 stars.

Original Series

John Granger has done it again! He leaves no doubt in the reader's mind that J. Rowling is a self-consciously Christian author writing in the same genre as "Inklings" literature C. Lewis, J. Tolkien, etc. He very compellingly offers his opinion that the HP series is among the best Christian fiction ever written. This is an excellent revision of a one-of-a-kind book. It should be considered a must-read for anyone interested in the Harry Potter series or good Christian literature.

The Harry Potter books have to be the best books I have ever read. They are captivating and leave me counting down the months until the next book is released. You definitly won't be disapointed! I read this book over and over again.

Harry Potter (book series)

Its so mysterous and exciting. In the seventh and final book in the epic tale of Harry Potter, Harry and Lord Voldemort each prepare for their ultimate encounter. Voldemort takes control of the Ministry of Magic, installs Severus Snape as headmaster at Hogwarts, and sends his Death Eaters across the country to wreak havoc and find Harry.

Based on an original new story by J. While Harry grapples with a past that refuses to stay where it belongs, his youngest son Albus must struggle with the weight of a family legacy he never wanted.

As past and present fuse ominously, both father and son learn the uncomfortable truth: This paperback boxed set is beautifully designed with new cover artwork by illustrator Kazu Kibuishi, and the books create a gorgeous, magical vista when the spines are lined up together. Kazu Kibuishi is the creator of the New York Times bestselling Amulet series and Copper , a collection of his popular webcomic.

He is also the founder and editor of the acclaimed Flight anthologies.

Fantastic Beasts. Rowling Get the Book.

Get the Book Available in the Scholastic Store! Get the Book.Fantastic Beasts. My tastes usually aren't picked up by the mainstream, but this is one best-selling series I'm happy to have discovered.

Harry finds out that when she died, Lily Potter transferred to her son an ancient magical protection from Voldemort's lethal spells.

The books have discovered gigantic notoriety, basic approval, and business achievement around the world. They have pulled in a wide grown-up group of onlookers and in addition more youthful perusers.

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