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Gunmetal Magic - A Novel in the World of Kate Daniels. Home · Gunmetal Magic - A Novel in the World of Kate Daniels Author: Andrews Ilona. 34 downloads. Popular Detective, September By STEWART STERLING GUNMETAL FINISH CHAPTER I JUNK BOAT L IEUTENANT Steve Koski l. Get Free Read & Download Files Gunmetal Magic Kate Daniels Book 1 PDF. GUNMETAL MAGIC KATE DANIELS BOOK 1. Download: Gunmetal Magic Kate .

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why customers keep coming you need a gunmetal magic a novel in the world of kate daniels, you can download them in pdf format from our website. PDF - Gunmetal Magic. The New York Times bestselling Kate Daniels novels have been hailed as "top-notch urban fantasy" (Monsters and Critics). Now, Ilona . To read Gunmetal Magic World of Kate Daniels Novels PDF, you should access the button beneath and download the ebook or have accessibility to other.

Gunmetal Magic

I was so dreadfully bored. The flare had driven him insane. I tried to pull away, but he held me tight. There was strength in those arms that I had never expected to be there. In a moment, my hair framed my face. He grinned wider. It sings in my bones.

Gunmetal Magic

It pulsed through me like a wild wine ever since this magic wave had hit. The snow refused to fall but chased us, following our movement like a light shroud. It was a wild dance, primitive and fast, and all I could do was follow his lead. Saiman had insulted Curran, but more importantly, he put Kate in danger by his actions.

Curran was deeply offended and so he hits Saiman where it hurt, in the secret warehouse full of luxury cars Saiman smuggled into the country and intended to sell. The Beast Lord surveyed the cars. His face was calm and cold, as if carved from a glacier. The amount of money tied up in those cars had to be enormous. The warehouse would have to have been well protected from the outside.

I wondered how many guards he had chased off. His eyes burst into gold. Curran grabbed the Porsche on his left, ripping the car door off as if it were tissue paper. He grasped the car from the bottom.

Monstrous muscles bulged on his arms. The Porsche went airborne. It flew up, flipped over twice, and crashed atop the red Lamborghini. Glass snapped, steel groaned, and a car alarm went off in a sharp—pitched wail.

Holy shit. Curran lunged at a silver Bentley. The hood went flying.

He thrust his hand into the car. Metal screamed, and Curran jerked a twisted clump out of the hood and smashed it into the nearest car like a club. The first melodic notes of an old song came from the computer. I glanced at Saiman. He shrugged.

He raged through the warehouse like a tornado, smashing, crushing, tearing into the metal and plastic, so primal in his fury that he was frightening and hypnotic at the same time. Poor Jim had this plan where the team of Pack gladiators, consisting of Curran, Kate and Dali would go into the ring of Midnight Games and try to conceal their true strength by pretending to be weaker than they are.

Jim waited for us at the Golden Gates. His teeth were bared.

The Beast Lord shrugged. This one worked apparently. It was an accident. The clipboard snapped in his hands. He turned around and very deliberately walked away. Curran looked at me. He is so used to telling people what to do and being obeyed and here is this child.

Violence or fear is out of the question — it would go against his code of ethics, so he must sit there and calmly reason with Julie, while seething inside. Kate said you broke into her house and stole things. The last thing I wanted to do is to explain the mating rituals to a human girl. Why would you do that? As pissed off as I was, there were lines I would not cross. I would not harm a child. I had to take a deep breath and step away from the ledge. Persuade her. Be reasonable.

I could do reasonable. I could break out of here, but you would not like that, I promise you. That would be scary and loud, and nobody wants that sort of thing. This is the last time I am going to ask you. Please free me before I do get angry and do something we will both regret. Never have and never will. I give you my word.

Boudas might be my favorite shapeshifter tribe and their mating rituals are too funny. Of course, Raphael had to try to outdo his dad. Wait until you read about Andrea and Raphael in Gunmetal Magic.

Oh God.

But she had this wire—cage cat carrier, and he glued that to the ceiling and stuffed the cat into it. Raphael was grinning. Enough said. I unlocked the door, stepped inside and shut it behind me. I kicked my shoes off, wincing at the hint of ache in my stomach.

It would take a long time before it healed completely. At least I no longer bled. Tension fled from me. My place, my smells, my familiar rug under my feet, my kitchen, my Curran in the kitchen chair… Wait a damn minute. So much for the damn lock.

He calmly finished writing something on a piece of paper, got up, and came toward me. My heart shot into overdrive. Little golden sparks laughed in his grey eyes. He handed me the piece of paper and smiled. He inhaled my scent, opened the door, and left. I looked at the paper. Baked potatoes with honey butter.

Corn on the cob. I really liked it. I want it with ice cream. The blue ones with the bow will do. I strained, trying to break free.

He might have been made of stone for all the good it did me. Except he was made of flesh and he was stark naked. I strained every muscle I had. Outmuscling him was beyond me.

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A single enormous paw moved into the moonlight, disturbing the dust on the filthy floor. A low, warning growl froze me in mid—move. Successfully reported this slideshow. In this world lives Kate Daniels. In this world lives Kate Daniels.

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