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in this “Setup Guide for the Getting Things Done Methodology”, referred to as “ Setup Guide”. GTD® and Outlook® All rights reserved. . For those of you on Outlook , we just released a new Setup Guide to The GTD AND OUTLOOK SETUP GUIDE is a PDF download. Getting Things Done®, GTD®, Natural Planning Model®, GTD Weekly Review®, and Horizons of Focus® are GTD & OUTLOOK / l SETUP GUIDE.

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This guide represents our advice on how to get the most out of Outlook Are using Outlook with a Microsoft Exchange Server account. best practices is to set up a system to optimize how you use Outlook It's Getting Things Done (GTD) System, available from David Allen & Company. Covers the setup and customization of Outlook for GTD post: GTD with Outlook and OneNote into a printable handy PDF. Getting Things Done in Outlook Easier 2. How I Get How Microsoft Adapts Getting Things Done for Outlook 5. How to Use What is the best add-in for Outlook /? check out the official guide here: myavr.infoo. com/store.

This page has a hyperlink called Link to OneNote item. Click this hyperlink to open the Outlook item you originally sent to OneNote. All you have to do is click the Send to OneNote button and the web page will be sent to a new OneNote page in your Inbox.

Now, you may be wondering…where the heck is this button anyway? Access it by clicking on the fly out arrow to the right. Feel like this is too hard to get to?

You have a couple of options.

You can either unlock the toolbars and drag out the toolbar to include these icons, which will give less room to your tabs…. Right click on the toolbars, choose Lock the Toolbars which deselects the option and really unlocks them. Then grab the handle for the Toolbar and drag it to the left until the OneNote icons appear.

Add link to

Then right click and choose Lock the Toolbars. You also have the option of customizing the toolbar and moving the OneNote buttons up in the order, so they appear first.

Click Close to finish. Copy and Paste — Old and Faithful! Yep, we can still copy and paste text, pictures and hyperlinks from IE. This will automatically get sent to a new page in your Inbox section.

Try it out. You can print all the pages or just a range of pages and these will be sent directly to your Inbox section in OneNote.

Scan to OneNote Yes, you can scan too! Click the Insert tab on the ribbon and select the Scanner Printout button. If you have a scanner connected, your scanning software will launch and allow you to scan directly into OneNote.

Record Audio Too lazy to type or want to record some audio? Head over to the Insert tab on the ribbon and click Record Audio which will begin recording right away in the page you have selected, or right click your OneNote icon and choose Start Recording Audio. This will pop up a side note and place the audio on a new page within your OneNote Inbox section.

You can pause or stop your recordings, and play them back when they are finished. Best of all, you can take notes on them!

Attach Files and File Printouts You can attach files and file printouts which we briefly covered in the Outlook section earlier in this post. Go to the Insert tab on the ribbon and choose Attach File. Browse and select the file you want to attach and select Insert. Or better yet, simply drag and drop the file into OneNote from Windows Explorer! You can also attach a file printout from within OneNote.

On the Insert tab, choose File Printout. Browse and select the file you want to insert as a printout and it will be inserted into OneNote. It looks sort of like one long image, but the cool thing about it is that the text within the printout is fully searchable within OneNote.

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Super sweet! Insert Pictures Of course you can insert pictures! Collecting your thoughts In closing, I hope this post shows you some of the many ways we can capture information and bring it into OneNote. The idea is that we spend less time worrying about how to capture the information, less time about what exactly we do with that information, and more time on simply capturing and collecting all the stuff that is important or of interest to us.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to post your comments or thoughts. The more the system can be kept up to date as you go along, the more alive and supportive it will be to allow your mind to focus on the work at hand. The world will probably come at you faster than you can keep it totally processed and organized, but you can t let it slip too long before you catch up.

The reminders of projects and actionable items must be cleaned up and refreshed at least every seven days, in a process we call the GTD Weekly Review.

These can be flat lists not tied or related to other things, nor sorted by priority or urgency just lists. You need a list of projects, a list of all the calls you need to make, a list of all the things you are waiting for to come back from other people, etc.

You may also want lists of your key objectives for the year, books you might want to read, and all the things you might want to pack whenever you take a trip.

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The Outlook Tasks section can be a terrific list manager for your actionable items and the Outlook Notes area can serve as a very functional catalog of checklists and reference material. Clean up old Tasks. Get rid of any outdated entries currently in Tasks. You can do this by either deleting or marking items complete.

This will ensure that you have a fresh start to Tasks. Additional tips for cleaning up old tasks: A.

Outlook Setup Guide for GTD (All Versions) (PDF Only)

Print out your current tasks view in hard copy and toss it into your hard copy Inbox to reprocess later into your new system. Leave the entries you have in there, but keep them uncategorized no Category assigned to them. You can do this by collapsing the list down to only categories, then select all the categories, right-click on the selected list, select Categorize, and Clear All Categories.

In the View tab, change to Categories under Arrangement. Make sure you are still in Simple List under Home tab. Change the Columns for your Tasks view. While your IT group can see anything on your company PC, the Private feature typically blocks colleagues from seeing details about your entries if you click the Private button in a Calendar or Task item.

We recommend checking your privacy settings carefully, before entrusting that key information will be hidden by this feature. We recommend using due dates judiciously. A quick way to erode trust in your system is to create a pattern of false due dates, where you are constantly questioning what s a real versus made up due date, as well as spending your valuable time changing dates on overdue Tasks you thought you would get to. Click the Categorize button and select a category or in GTD terms, a list to assign the entry.

Check off Tasks: Similar to the one-time setup instructions you went through in Tasks pages , there are a few simple view onetime changes to make in the To-Do Bar as well.

Right-click on the words Arrange By again and select View Settings. Click on Columns button. Under the Columns window: y Add: Complete field from the left column to the right by selecting it and clicking Add to move it to the right. Double clicking on the field name also works. A copy of the is attached and does not affect the original. By moving the entire over to Tasks as a file attachment, when you decide to work on it you can simply launch the from within the created task without having to find the again in a folder.

The advantage of moving s to Tasks is that it puts all your next action reminders in one coordinated set of lists instead of spread into two different functional places in Outlook. The disadvantage is the small extra step it takes to get them over there.How are attachments handled within projects?

Michael, these blog posts are simply amazing! As examples, neither you nor your employer nor any other party may: a reproduce, in any form or by any means, the Program Materials; b prepare derivative works of the Program Materials; c distribute copies of the Program Materials for sale or to persons who have not completed the David Allen Company program supported by the Program Materials; d perform or display the Program Materials publicly; or e authorize others to do any of the foregoing.

Leslie Ayre-Jaschke Says:. Although Outlook by default only allow you to search the mails, there are ways to search tasks and contacts using VBA programming. Name required. Email Address required. My employer will not allow plugins so I am looking for a validated approach using a clean Outlook installation.

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