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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. Faust Parts I & II. Page 2 .. (In a high-vaulted Gothic chamber, Faust, in a chair at his desk, restless.) Ah! Now I've done. One of the great classics of European literature, Faust is Goethe's most complex and profound work. To tell the dramatic and tragic story of one man's. Faust: parts 1 and 2. Translated by Albert G. Latham. byGoethe, Johann Wolfgang von, ; Latham, Albert George, Publication date [] .

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(Faust 1 & 2, Egmont, Natural Daughter, Sorrows of. Young Werther) []. The Online Library Of Liberty. This E-Book (PDF format) is published by Liberty Fund . FAUST. Яrageop. BY. JOHANN WOLFGANG VON GOETHE. TRANSLATED, IN THE ORIGINAL METRES, BY. BAYARD TAYLOR. Two VOLUMES IN Page 2. The story of Faust, an audacious man boldly wagering with the devil. I run this site alone and my own editions can take from 2 to 10 hours to create. Please.

They are the first to enjoy the eternal light That later, for us, will work its way below. Now, to the sloping Alpine meadows bright, It gives a fresh clarity, a newer glow, And step by step it reaches us down here: So it is, when to the thing we yearn for The highest wish so intimately rehearsed, We find fulfilment opening wide the door: And then, from eternal space, there breaks A flood of flame, we stand amazed before: We wished to set the torch of life ablaze, A sea of fire consumes us, and such fire!

Love, is it, then? Or hate? Let the sun shine on, behind me, then! There the efforts of mankind they mirror. We live our life amongst refracted colour. Enter court attendants of all kinds, splendidly dressed.

The Emperor approaches the throne: No man knows that. Guards closed the door in his face, Their halberds held crosswise too — Yet here he comes, the daring fool! What is cursed, and yet is welcomed? What do you not dare appeal to? What will all, happily, hear named?

What stands on the step before you?

Goethe - Faust - Parts I & II: Download

Come to my side, here, and take his place. He begins his own translation of the work, but the barking dog interrupts him. Soon, the dog transforms, and Mephistopheles appears where the dog once was. Faust and Mephistopheles begin a conversation about Faust's work and despair at his current situation in life. To show Faust a taste of his power, Mephistopheles summons a group of spirits that take Faust on a hallucinatory journey while Faust falls asleep. Mephistopheles leaves the study with a promise to return and show Faust more.

When Faust awakens, Mephistopheles returns, this time with a wager. Faust continues discussing his inability to find a satisfying higher power, and Mephistopheles makes him an offer. The Devil promises to serve Faust and to give Faust a moment of transcendence, a moment in which he hopes to stay forever. If Mephistopheles succeeds, Faust must then be his servant for the rest of eternity in hell. Faust takes the wager, believing that the Devil can never give him such a moment.

The Devil and the Student talk of the student's future learning endeavors, and Mephistopheles tempts him into a more libertine lifestyle. The Student leaves, preparing to abandon his study to pursue women. Mephistopheles takes Faust first to Auerbach's Cellar, a drinking tavern.

He tries to convince Faust that the men there have found their true pleasure; they are men who enjoy their lives in the tavern. Faust is unconvinced, however, by their crude cares and simple lives. Mephistopheles plays tricks on the men. He drills holes in the side of one of the tables and pours wine out of the holes. As soon as one of the men spills his wine, however, flames jump out from the spilled liquid.

As they try to come after Mephistopheles and kill him, the Devil transports them into an alternate reality while he and Faust make their escape.

Faust and the Devil then travel to a witch's cave where they encounter two apes brewing a potion in a cauldron. The beasts begin to have fun with Mephistopheles and pretend that he is a king while they are his servants. When the witch returns, she initially does not recognize the Devil but soon sees that he is her master. Mephistopheles makes the witch give a small bit of her potion to Faust, who drinks it. Outside on a street, Faust meets a young girl with whom he immediately falls in love.

Faust: parts 1 and 2. Translated by Albert G. Latham

Margaret, or Gretchen for short, avoids his advances but cannot help and think about the older, noble stranger she met on the road that day. In her room, Faust realizes that the feelings he has for the girl go beyond simple sexual desire.

His feelings are complex, and he longs to be near her. At seeing her bed, he reveres nature for creating such a beautiful creature. When Gretchen returns, they quickly exit, but Mephistopheles leaves behind a box of jewels. When Gretchen finds the jewels, she cannot believe that they are for her, yet she also cannot help but put them on and admire them.

Faust orders Mephistopheles to have the two of them meet. Gretchen visits her neighbor, Martha , to fret over her mother's actions. The business flourished until the Austrian emissions lost its value because of political turmoil after the French Revolution. After the French Revolutionary and following Napoleonic wars, the potential government debt grew with the involvement of private investors as broad customer base for bonds.

The necessary trading techniques - an early version of investment banking — were invented at Goethe's time and blossomed — after the aforementioned initial setbacks - most in his city Frankfurt in Germany Under French Revolutionary government in West Germany, the assignats of the French Revolution and their demise had also been tangible fact for Goethe.

Assignats 19,20, 21, 22, 23 Assignats came to French via Latin assignare "to allocate" were originally paper money of the French Revolution.

The French Revolution assignats were put into circulation initially worth million livres, covered by the expropriated estates in by a decision of the Constituent National Assembly.

Initially they were meant to be government bonds to cover the budget deficit. The first emission took place in April Already in September , a second emission worth million livres was launched. Therefore, in April , a law was passed that anyone who demanded different prices in coins and assignats, had to expect punishment up to six years in prison. A year later the mere question of a merchant whether a customer would want to pay with coins or with assignats, would result in the death penalty.

In mid the assignats issued reached the 12 billion livres mark and since they were covered with real estate, the price for land automatically increased. Finally, in there were assignats worth 46 billion livres and so these were abolished on 19 February after the value of the assignats had fallen in the 6 years of their existence to less than one percent.

The territorial mandates lost value at the same pace as the assignats did previously. Finally, all assignats were declared invalid on Shortly before rescinding all assignats and mandates on 21 May the French attempted to change the almost worthless French paper money into German silver money in the then occupied Rhenish areas around Cologne and Mayence.

As Mayence is very close to Frankfurt one can imagine that not a little number of citizens were ruined there, too. Weimar: In order to enter the state administration in Weimar and rise through the ranks his law studies also turned out useful although he only had pursued them as to satisfy his father only. This resulted therefore in activities which were a lot more hands-on such as mining, agriculture plus the just upstarting industrialization.

During his life time he witnessed the genesis of the modern monetary economic system. In his later role of a "court poet" Goethe arranged numerous court festivities and masquerades of this kind in Weimar.

He stated in a letter to Johann C. Lavater on This experience might well have given the inspiration and contributed greatly to the decisive scenes of Faust II where decision making is glossed over and substituted with festivities.

This, of course, has been provided by Mephistopheles as part of his pact with Dr. Heinrich Faust who tries to endear himself to Gretchen through this expensive gift. We see that here in his work Faust I high value is depicted by Goethe by commodities like gold, precious stones and pearls. In Faust II Mephistopheles goes further.

Faust Von Goethe PDF

Now, paper slips with the signature of the emperor suffice, which are supposed to be ominously backed by treasures that are assumed to be buried below the surface of the imperial lands Lines 26 ibid.

It is noteworthy that the name Mephistopheles seems to sound Greek but probably derives from Hebrew, namely a combination of the two participles mephir, also written mefir destroyer, spoiler und tophel liar Mephistopheles, scoffing in Line 28 The power center of the Empire is the throne room. But the reports on the situation, which are stated by the members of the State Council, give the image of a decaying state in Lines - While the ruling class is situated in lavish circumstances at court Lines , the bankruptcy of the country advances rapidly Lines , Line The Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces has his troops no longer under control and have rendered the country ungovernable Lines Line The impatient mercenaries Impetuously demand their pay, Line The Treasurer: But our coffers still are empty.

Line 30 10 Goethe and the Creation of Money, Prof. George Reiff, PhD The Carnival Scene of Faust II and a hidden Plan Mephistopheles only goes more into detail regarding his plans in the Carnival scene 31 that takes place in the spacious banquet hall where a kind of court festival with masked participants takes place.

He succeeds in making the emperor casually sign a certificate. This he duplicates overnight and subsequently spreads the new certificates as paper money. The scene ends in a fire disaster, sparked by a glowing gold cauldron, which Dr.

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford.

And as it turns out in the next scene, the emperor did not notice what he certified with his signature. He is confronted with the fact that paper money — here obviously the invention of the devil - is already in circulation. The involved parties are so delighted about the assumed benefaction that they do not suspect the development to later go out of control ending in a civil war. Since every element Knows your Majesty, amongst all men.Goethes Gretchen story is not simply an episode in the career of a magician, a supernatural amorous encounter like the traditional chapbook episode made famous by Marlowe, in which Helen of Troy is procured as Fausts succubus; and it goes far beyond the passing mention, in the chapbook, of a very pretty but poor servant-girl whom the doctor loves but because of his satanic contract cannot marry.

The Faustus legend had from the first been born out of Christian assumptions, and though the young Goethe personally, after and no doubt as a result of his Pietistic phase, was out of sympathy with Christianity, the artistic pull of its tradition was too strong.

Relationship between the parts[ edit ] Throughout Part One, Faust remains unsatisfied; the ultimate conclusion of the tragedy and the outcome of the wagers are only revealed in Faust Part Two.

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What we do know, however, is that in a new factor had entered into his interest in the theme, when he immersed himself in the works of various occultistic and alchemistic writers of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, including Paracelsus who became in some ways his model for Faust and Giordano Bruno, as well as the eighteenth-century Swedish theosophist Swedenborg.

His feelings are complex, and he longs to be near her. Mephistopheles brings horses, and they ride towards the village, although the Devil warns Faust that both the authorities and avenging spirits are in the town, ready to take their vengeance on Faust for murdering Valentine. Introduction by W.

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