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Géta-‐govinda of Çré Jayadeva Gosvämé. Translation and Bälabodhiné-‐ prakäça commentary by. Çré Çrémad Bhaktivedänta Näräyaëa Mahäräja. Mathurä. Contents On Sri Gita-govinda xi On Eroticism — Sacred & Profane xiii introduction The substance of Sri Gita-govinda xxvii A review of the literary principles of Sri. download, read and distribute the material as a pdf ebook. You are not permitted The Gita Govinda—a cycle of Sanskrit songs, commentaries and invocations.

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The title Gltagovinda itself indicates the song of Govinda, means. / _. Srikrsna and introduced as a dancer, who dances at the core of songs of “Gitagovinda”. It. Title: Gitagovinda. Other Titles: The Gita Govinda A Poem. Authors: Goswami, Jayadeva Chapter 1_1 -, 1 - p. MB, Adobe PDF, View/Open. ASIA Shakshi (SRPeti) # The Gīta Govinda Final Paper Semester 1 !!ी: महाकiव!ीजय+वiवरिचत0 गीतगोiव3दका5यम्! (source text in.

This dancing in a circle, a ronde dance as we call it, in itself is a particular dance, by the singing of many milkmaids to the fluting of one Krishna.

This happens only in Brindavan, all- holy woodland with thickets of basil plants, conceived only for the congregation of such milkmaids for their communion with Krishna. Her love is the highest possible, and it is when identified with her as the Supreme Lover of God that the soul attains perfection. She is the power by which god creates, herself remaining beyond what he creates through her. On an autumnal full moon night, the gopi-s or gopika-s, or milkmaids, attracted by the flute of Krishna, went out of their homes and met him in the groves of Brindavan.

He first tried to send them back, but failed. Then the raasa began on the beach of Yamuna, and when the gopika-s were besides themselves with ecstasy, Krishna suddenly disappeared from the scene. When they came to know of this, their sorrow knew no bounds. They searched for him in every grove, bewailing all the while. When they came back The dance was resumed The Cultural Heritage of India, Vol.

And Krishna according his proximity to each one, wants to satisfy every soul. These are the opening episodes of this drama, and we have to follow through it, rather giving a trailer of it. These rasa lila rasa kriDa-s are not just lustful erotic dances, but they have esoteric meaning.

We are trying to include esoteric meaning of this ronde dance in appropriate episode, and we are gathering some info about it. All dancing, singing and frolicking of a devotee for a perfect communion with her devoted being, as said by: In spite of the many kinds of love, which in Greek are designated as philia friendship , eros aspiration toward value , and epithymia desire , in addition to agape, Theo.

Christian love, esp. Love in this sense is one and indivisible.

Geeta Govinda

II sec. Scott, and Adam Clarke et al, whose urls are given at the end of this page.

When there are scores of websites on Jayadeva and his life, it will be unbefitting for this page to re-narrate the same. However, we may dare say that none has given any word for word translation for this work, nor for the complete translation of Gita Govinda, excepting that someone's attempt halted at the song on the eulogy of ten incarnations.

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There can be no exact translation of this work in any language, including the regional languages of India, because of the wordsmithy of this poet. This is as observed by Prof.

The other main feature of Jayadeva is wordplay. In the above song Lata expresses the feelings of some times sweet and often in grudges the collective women of Indian traditions and also throughout the world against their secret lovers when they also prefer some other woman to make as the rival of her which is always unbearable for the integrity of any woman of the world.

In Kalidas's Urvashi when she observes her lover Prurvas looking some other damsel with some affectionate longing then she at once runs away from her lover with uncontrolled acridness and because of it both of them had to face horrible trials of separation.

This acridness of woman is common in the total woman of this earth. In Hardy's novel " Jude the Obscure " and in the above novel " Brothers Cromozov " of Dostoevsky you can observe the rivalry of woman in a totally new and untouched vision.

The reader of this simple article only can feel the beauty of the above song of Lata if he himself hears this song with immense repetition associating with the inner drifts of the cadences of the deep and dense flood of the melody of Lata as in the last couplet of the above song as " Ja re Ja jare ja jare ja We cannot see a picture or any film having such songs again and again.

Love can face immense repetition but imitation and even knowledge cannot. All the songs of Lata in thousands of counting are deeply rooted in divine love therefore they will inspire you again and again to repeat them with always a new meeting always ascending deep in your soul and further and further. You hear the names that no one has yet pronounced.

The thrill of love comes to your soul that no one has ever before yet sensed. And new meanings of yourself and life and death dawn in your heart, such as no one had ever read to you. You read yourself! You have no need to read what others read for you. S,page, It is a system of music which always requires in us to dare approach it.

It is a concatenation of revelations in a totally untouched system which is always inseparable in her every song of different colours and immense variety: It has a special flavour, which is always deeper than a solid and liquid vista.

In other words, the ecstasy has to be conquered by visible reality; in this way, that has the intense feeling of achievement: Depth and diffusion of ecstasy you may imagine as much as you can, but we cannot disagree with that truth that the background of ecstasy is always reasonable. The ecstasy has a specific sequence in its knowledge, and it has a power in itself to be acknowledged.

Publication of Sri Gita Govinda

According to the above description, the ecstasy Vismad has inklings of the beyond. There is a fast movement in its unity that is unapproachable and imperceptible. In its construction are concealed the lightings of the spiritual values.

Its explanation is possible only in spiritual context. We have to accept Vismad ecstasy ,the distinctive vestment of religion. Sikh Scripture: A Revealed Journey to World Religions, page Some songs of Lata manifest in equipoise-ecstasy her Saint like dedication to her Lord through the personal association of her some secret lover even unknown to herself. The secret lover of a harlot and a pious woman like Lata is the same.

Gita Govinda

The secret lover of Lata is Lord Krishna and even in the intense passion of her musical cadences she transcends her Lord and meets the ultimate eternal God who is the main destination and abode of all religions, lords and prophets because in the musical flights of Lata time and space are always annihilated and there is an endlessness in such journeys of love to travel beyond journeys always with " thirst on " which is continuous in all her songs excluding very few.

In all her songs the journeys toward the ultimate abode are continuous but still every song of her is deeply rooted in the total traditions of common life. In all her songs though she is single in outward appearance but in her musical flights the assembly of total Indian woman is always consciously or unconsciously associated with her including virgins, brides of different colours of beauty and mothers nourishing their families with un exhausted unselfish kindness. Therefore in her outward appearance though she is single but inwardly in the shape of her melody she is a collective woman with legions of assemblies.

The world famous Sufi Saint Ibn al ' Arabi in his enlightened book " The Bezels of Wisdom " says that there are millions of portions even in a single physique of any person. But he often prays only with single portions and though it is good than not to pray at all, but his qualified prayer is only then when even his bones also pray with the total response of physique.

Therefore her total physique is always dedicated to her secret lover Lord Krishna as in the words of Gita Govinda: To her, without Thee, the beautiful palaces are like an empty wilderness, And to her, without Thee, the garland of the crowd of her damsels round her is a crushing net, Urvasi is more spiritual, more aesthetic and more beautiful than a scripture scorched ascetic. We have to contemplate upon this above mystery to unveil this knot of subtle secrets. I have already explained that every song of Lata is always independent from the possession of Indian Jogi.

Melody always holds exclusive possessions of unknown and beyond origins of meditations of rituals.

We can not feel her different from any enlightened Saint in her countless musical modes. She is always swooned in the love of Lord Krishna like issueless Radha. Try to meditate upon this mode of lovers who were always in the conduct of " death in love ".

Therefore the great scholar Ernest and Grace Rhys compares these legends of Punjab with the prophets and prophetesses of Old Testament " like Solomon and Ruth ". The melody of Lata in her different songs includes her without any doubt in the assembly of these saints and legendary lovers of Punjab. As for as a goddess Lata is concerned she also took the seed of the divine blessing of melody in her Virgin spirit like physique from direct sources of God especially in her essential heart.

Therefore the real language of Lata is not any worldly language even her mother tongue Marathi or some other but her real and essential language is always melody and if you wish to meet her in her totality then be in tune with the inner drifts of her total songs then you will enter in the abode of her real presence and language.

In her melody her real associates are not only men and women only but the whole assembly of living and non living creatures sometimes even excluding especially men of this earth. As Carlyle says the primitive man for susceptibility of any religion proportionately was more qualified and even to under stand music and musical performances of life than modern man because with the passage of time the bestowal of ecstasy is continuously decreasing which is essential part of man to understand poetry and music and religion.

Therefore in the songs of Lata the musical sounds of special birds,winds,valleys,thundering clouds and silent music of moonlight and collective associations of damsels of all ages who are full of ecstasy in their prime youth associate in the musical company of her with her common language of music of the whole universe. In her messages to her lord in different songs she talks with birds and clouds as her family members of melody to deliver her messages to her secret lover whose destination is far beyond this visible world: In her musical company of birds as " papehay " she talks with it in the same preludes as the preludes of papeha before it begins its melodious shrieks and fills with its musical vibrations the whole space between the earth and heaven.

The winds, birds and clouds are more intense comparatively than other parts of essential nature to convey the messages to far off places, countries and to lovers and beloveds who are beyond any physical approach in unknown directions and abodes. In his epical poem " Megdoot " the great ancient poet Kalidas conveys his message to his beloved in the city of Ujan through the cloud which is always associated with the winds and other natural elements of pure nature.

In his inspired flights of imagination Kalidas is totally emancipated from the worries and fetters of the world and like Lata he is harmonious with the musical mystery of nature and talks with the cloud as the family member of this musical company.

In her sweet and dense melodies with the association of the cadences of birds, clouds and winds and the sheets of her ambrosia like musical flights of songs in her intense remembrance of her separated lover the time and space are often annihilated and she accompanies the nearness of her secret lover in the form of often Lord Krishna. Lata, Asha and her two other sisters Usha and Meena are a complete bunch of music and they beautified the Indian culture and traditions with their countless songs in immense variety of musical modes.

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Their blessing in music will remain unforgettable for Indian people for eternal times. After a continuous meditation upon Gita Govinda and the melody of Lata in her songs in immense variety the reader and listener will feel unbreakable similarities in word of Jayadeva and melody of Lata Mangeshkar, one is a Saint in word and other a goddess in melody. About her voice Lata Mangeshkar often says " My voice is a gift of Nature ".

All the religions and prophets and lords are eternally in the hold of the warm embrace of pure Nature. This unconscious and spontaneous response of Lata is totally from the abode of melody which is always independent from the ties of any religion, its traditions, ceremonies and its rituals though they are the main roots of her melody and even her melody nourishes upon these above sources and many more like it.

The " gift of her voice is Nature " but not any God or Bhagwan. This unconscious answer of her is very subtle and mystic to understand it thoroughly. According to first two lines of the hymn the universe is moving in conformity with gratification of the religion son of clemency and created-cherished rule. But in the next two lines upon the " dhaul " bull of religion is boundless weight not upon the mythical " Dhaul " of Hinduism , and moving upon this journey of endlessness could be perceived truth.

From the weight of endlessness upon " dharam-dhaul " has been achieved this allusion, that there are countless mysteries of religion dharam , it means there are countless directions and movements.

Therefore the man even to the religion, which is a thing of his nearness of heart, can not perceive separating from its complete rhythm, and neither can melt it in the scrutiny of constitution of performances of man.

From this question is available this indication, that only the whole religions even are not eternal divine rule, but further than religion there are countless celestial systems beyond in pure Nature, who had possessed the earths so on.He was oblivious to who was singing and began to run in the direction from which the song was coming.

We are trying to include esoteric meaning of this ronde dance in appropriate episode, and we are gathering some info about it. Professional Tejtuniya Oct 9, Hard disk is one of the important component in the computer system, it needs to be protected, Ah, human creatures! The dance was resumed The secret lover of a harlot and a pious woman like Lata is the same. EasyContentTransfer Udonil Sep 13, Camera professionals will have huge advantage from it as all the new photos taken on their In Kalidas's Urvashi when she observes her lover Prurvas looking some other damsel with some affectionate longing then she at once runs away from her lover with uncontrolled acridness and because of it both of them had to face horrible trials of separation.

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