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Exclude erotica. Include mainstream erotica. Include all erotica. About · Publish · Join · Sign In · Home · Classic Interface · Site Updates · Blog · Upload an eBook. Dixon Penn's family wasn't terribly shocked when he announced he was gay. But they were devastated to find out he's the only one without the gift of Spellcraft. Home › Links › Publisher/Bookseller Sites Amazon Gay Romance discussion about books reviewed here, we will be giving away the eBook of your choice.

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All formats available for PC, Mac, eBook Readers and other mobile devices. One of America's preeminent writers of gay fiction validates his reputation with his . Gay genre: new releases and popular books, including The Red Scrolls of Magic by Cassandra Clare, The Devouring Gray by Christine Lynn Herman, Hot Dog. Lists about: Best YA Fiction with GLBTQQI themes / characters, Favorite Gay Couples, Best Gay Fiction, Best Fantasy Books with Gay Main Characters, Best.

BookBub is arguably the best-known service on the market, dominating the ebook discovery landscape with its huge subscriber base. BookBub owes some of this success to a substantial infusion of capital: BookBub promotions have limited space and high demand: In addition to its genre-based mailings, the site offers distribution to a regional subset of its list, for either US distribution or international distribution UK, Canada, India, and Australia.

Discounts other than permanently free must be limited-time offers, and must be the best price available in the last 90 days. Short stories and novellas are not accepted.

Books will not be featured more than once every 6 months. Massive subscriber base. High demand and stringent quality standards mean low acceptance rates for applicants. Unique Categories: Novellas and collections of short stories are unlikely to be accepted as paid books. Generally good reports of high downloads and sales. BookSends may ask applicants to reschedule rather than rejecting them for scheduling reasons. Authors can use affiliate links on free book promotions.

Fussy Librarian launched in with the promise of recommendations tailored to the individual reader. Subscribers can choose from 11 nonfiction and 29 fiction categories; specify their preferred language English, Spanish, Hindi, Portuguese, German, French, Japanese, Russian, or Italian ; and can filter books by their level of profanity, violence, and sexual content.

Fussy Librarian has approximately , subscribers.


Authors can promote their book to a second genre list at half price. Only Amazon reviews are accepted. Content filters allow more precise targeting. Most approved books are notified within 24 hours. Price comparisons are based on these figures. No minimum length requirement, but full-length books are given priority over shorter works. Professional presentation.

No minimum number of reviews required. Comparatively poor CPM on smaller genre lists. Less attractive mailers. EReaderIQ is an ebook tracking service which allows users to monitor authors, titles, or an Amazon wish list, and to receive notifications when the prices of their items change. Identical to BookSends.

Subscribers receive ebook listings tailored to their preferences. Discounted prices are not a requirement. Books with less than a 4-star rating or fewer than 5 reviews on Amazon are likely to be rejected.

Book ads may only run once in a day period. Extensive subcategories allow superior targeting of readers.

Publisher/Bookseller Sites

Some genres offer poor CPM at higher price brackets. Each tab lists the services from best to worst value, determined by the cost to reach 1, subscribers CPM. The higher on the list an option is, the better its value. Although most services assign a genre to your book, they may honor requests for a specific genre. Only genres which have comparable categories among two or more services are shown.

Prices, categories, and subscriber counts were gathered on May 24, For free books, BookBub remains the gold standard for ebook discovery services. Its gargantuan membership places it in a weight class of its own, and it is arguably the most popular of the services in our roster.

That popularity also makes it one of the most difficult service to enter; high demand and increasing interest from traditional publishers leads to heavy competition for relatively few slots. But if the steep price tag is within your means and you can secure a spot in their schedule, BookBub offers a solid return on your investment.

Fussy Librarian has a much smaller membership, but its correspondingly lower fees do not vary with the price of the book. With superior CPM for higher-priced books and the best CPM across nearly every fiction category, Fussy Librarian presents an outstanding value for a surprisingly low price. Bargain Booksy ranks moderately well in fiction genres, particularly in the higher price brackets. However, Bargain Booksy really shines in nonfiction categories, where it sits at the top of most rankings.

Freebooksy does not fare quite as well as its sister site, generally resting in the lower half of its genres.

The popular categories of Mystery, Cozy Mystery, and Thrillers are a notable exception. Book Gorilla performs erratically overall, offering moderate value in most categories, and bafflingly uncompetitive pricing in others.

Book Gorilla is a good investment in categories like Mystery and Thriller, but compare pricing and consider alternative subgenres to obtain the best value. Without exception, there are more cost-effective options for promoting your books. Which of these companies have you used to promote your books? What other ebook discovery services have you had success with? Let us know in the comments below. Useful guide, but inevitably hugely out of date now. Not really a criticism as we could hardly expect it to be exactly the same two years on Nevertheless, I will be making use of some of the information given.

Robin Reads ,? Are the numbers above including facebook likes and twitter followers? Thanks so much for putting it together! John, thank you for putting in the work to help authors learn more about the promotions sites we use.

I find this information valuable and will be taking it into consideration when I schedule my next promotion. Again, thank you. Thank you sir, this is a well-prepared and helpful article, especially for struggling writers of independent press. I will share it my brother who is who is working on his first book, and give the link to others. Wow, John.

Thank you so much! Learned a lot from this and also from replies. Only thing I need is a definition of CPM. Cost per thousand CPM is a marketing term used to denote the price of 1, advertisement impressions on one webpage. HI John, Thank you so much for sharing all of this valuable information. It will be very helpful for so many authors, myself included. It's not a price he's willing to pay.

Not until he meets Demarcus Sawyer. Gorgeous and easy going, Demarcus draws Hollis in like no one has before. Take My Hand. Darius is a young black gay man who finds himself working as a physio for a college football team where he meets new love, Orion, the star quarterback Michael's Mate Pack Mates. Michael and Justin have come to an understanding.

As their mating date looms ever closer, Justin worries the man he loves might just run away. But when it comes down to it, Declan knows exactly what they need Simon Bunnily, a sweet and cuddly bunny shifter, is every Alpha's dream Omega.

Free Erotic Ebooks

Unfortunately, Lucian Vort, a cruel weasel shifter, has threatened to foreclose on the Bunnily's farm. Without their farm, the poor Bunnily family will surely starve. Vort is willing to forgive their debt on only one condition- that he marry one of the Bunnily males. Unfortunately for Simon, Vort has set his sights on him. Royal Prince Gerard has always been an Alpha wolf-shifter on the prowl, but his parents keep urging him to think of the future of the Kingdom.

They would love to see him settle down with a nice Omega. Dreading his upcoming wedding, Simon seeks refuge in the nearby forest, only to find himself face to face with a devastatingly handsome wolf shifter, who turns out to be as caring and as generous Cupid's Time The Keepers Book 1. Fighting his own desires, he is ready to give up all emotions just to avoid the pain of not having the respect of the one that holds his heart, let alone craving his love.

The Keepers can find their soul mates among each other, but Cupid is young compared to the one who is meant for him. However, when violence strikes close to home for the Keepers, Cupid is needed to help in the healing process, but only if the soul mates acknowledge their love will the healing begin.


Is Cupid in time or will time finally run out? Leaving the one who brings couples together, alone and emotionless for all of eternity Enemies of the State: The Executive Office 1 - Special Edition. A Gay Stepbrother Romance. Kellen and Rhett grew up together.


The two young men could not be more different. Kellen is a rising star in the National Football League. His only job? The stepbrothers have not spoken in years.

Now they're living together. Kellen keeps acting like a macho jerk, but Rhett clings to the memory of a fleeting moment the young men shared long ago. Kellen remembers more than he lets on. But his true feelings are buried so deeply, only Rhett can show him how to love again Unable to believe he is the last human standing, he goes in search of other survivors, but what he finds is not quite what he expected.

The stranger looks like a being from old stories, stories he has not believed since he was a young child.

Wanting to know more about this man, he takes him under his wing and tries to protect him from the suspicion and fear of his kin. With more than a language barrier standing in their way, can Tyler avoid the suspicions of the survivors? Straight to Gay Spring Break: A College Romance.

Troy Henson is a highly motivated college student with big plans for his future. But when Troy's mom asks him to drop out of school and get a job to pay for his little sister's medical treatments, he immediately says yes. Troy would do anything for his kid sister Natalie.

When Troy awakens from a night of passionate firsts, his bed is empty. Gavin is nowhere to be found. Now it's Troy's last day in college, and he can't believe Gavin has turned his back on their friendship forever. But G The Secrets of Control - Complete Series. The heat of desire between them is undeniable, irresistible, right from the start. But when his crew, a gang of criminals, decides to run a con job with Colin taking point, it threatens everything.

The Birth of Delilah: A Transgender Mystery. A gender swap fantasy of a man who happens to be trapped in a female body.

Fireborn Publishing. Harmony Ink Press. Interlude Press. JMS Books. JPC Books. Labyrinth Bound Publishing. Lethe Press Books. Love Lane Books. Love Light Press.

Man Love Romance Press. Muse it Up Hot. Nine Star Press. Pride Publishing. Resplendence Publishing. Riverdale Ave Books. Rocky Ridge Books. Siren Publishing. Twisted E-Publishing.

Share this:I could not ask for a better comparison. Unfortunately for Simon, Vort has set his sights on him. These generally border on the dark side and cover many unusual genres. Love plays a major role in the lives of two Arab princes, a cowboy and an Indian defying social convention to be with one another. High demand and stringent quality standards mean low acceptance rates for applicants.

The taste level on this site works well for me.

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