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THINKY THE DRAGON IS AM AMAZING 3-D OPTICAL WHO THE TEAM MET AT A GATHERING 4 GARDNER $ pdf download. Gathering for Gardner Paper Dragon. One of the most powerful optical illusions I' ve ever seen is Jerry Andrus' paper dragon. It is a dragon made of paper which. Gathering for Gardner 3. Jerry Andrus to celebrate. January , Thank you Martin for sharing. Atlanta, Georgia USA. your mind with all of us! Bin Ritchic .

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Paper Dragon Pattern for Dragon (pdf) by the work of Jerry Andrus to to celebrate the Gathering for Gardner (Martin Gardner, that is), January , Grand Illusions has the PDF file posted here, with permission of Binary Arts. And you can read more about Gathering for Gardner here. here is a printable 3D dragon cut out Toy Craft, Mini Craft, Origami Paper Ilusiones opticas de Gardner Paper Toys, 3d Paper Crafts, Diy Crafts, Paper Art Gathering for Gardner Paper Dragon in Great things Papercraft Fox on rock, paper model, 3d paper craft, paper sculpture PDF template, low poly animals papercraft.

Have a look at the video, to see what we mean. The effect is really uncanny. This desktop creature was inspired by the work of Jerry Andrus to celebrate Gathering for Gardner 3 on January , in Atlanta, Georgia.

I think Jerry Andrus was a fine magician. Some people mistake Gardner for Gardener.

You can find the working files for this illusion at the bottom of this article as well as links to other websites with links about this fantastic illusion. I also find that you get best results if you place the statue at eye level.

Use heavy card stock for this project. Normal printer or copier paper will not produce good results.

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Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Thick card stock paper 2. Post navigation Print your own Amazing T-Rex illusion!

Posted on by aalim Want to get really creative? Amaze your friends, colleagues, and family members with this T-Rex illusion. Print off the T-Rex image and follow the instructions to start making it to create a T-Rex that will always follow you around.

Watch the video to find out more before your print it. What consumable supplies and stationary you need to make this T-Rex illusion: 1.

Ink Cartridges for your printer you can use our compatible ink cartridges to print the T-Rex if you want to save ink and money, rather than printing from the original cartridges 3. This effect is amazing and one of the coolest illusions ever.

Once you start printing it and making it, you can start experimenting with different designs and larger sizes e. A3 or go over the top and print a human sized one like the one in the above video.

ALL ink cartridges for your printers can be found by visiting inkntoneruk. You can also make and design you own creature. Here are few different designs that you can print Start off with the T-Rex design as this is the simplest one, then you can try on the others.When he is not writing about things related to printers, he is exploring his mind to find other wonderful things that you will be happy to read about.

Where there is a large contrast difference between the neighbouring segments the green-white and white-blue borders , this information is processed more quickly by the brain than the neighbouring segments with a small contrast difference the blue-black and black-green borders. The colour and close positioning in the corners tricks the mind into thinking that the lines are not at right angles to each other: they are in fact slanted.

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If you love dogs, why not make your very own dog illusion.

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