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PDF | The United Arab Emirates' rise to great eminence in the world in across, by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Flashes of Thought - Kindle edition by HH Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Download it the product if i buy flashes of thought is the book or PDF. A concise edition of the acclaimed Flashes of Thought, packed with ideas and Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is the Prime Minister and Vice.

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Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is considered the founder of The book Flashes of Thought was founded on a dialogue at the Government. The visionary Shaikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum pens a great read on how leaders can combine enterprise with excellence, in Flashes of Thought. The Book “Flashes of Thought” is one of the greatest contribution of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai President.

The author is an eager listener, learner and an avid reader of the thought process of the nation.

New, innovative ideas are what should drive the country in its next phase of growth and this can come from all kinds of people — citizens and expats alike. He goads Emiratis to take the future into their hands, grab opportunities coming their way and rise up to challenges thrown at them. We should get accustomed to not getting accustomed, he writes.

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War and conflicts have wracked the region and the writer takes on his critics who say the country benefited from troubles in the Middle East. The UAE would have benefited more if there was peace in the region, he argues. But a region shorn of peace and an uncertain economic climate should not curtail the ability of leaders to take calculated risks.

Shaikh Mohammed comes out battling for the entrepreneur while real batt-les rage elsewhere. His economics-can-trump-politics policy has proven effective and looks certain to work wonders in the future.

Diversifying the economy from oil into other sectors has turned the eyes of the world to Dubai and the UAE. Millions of employment opportunities have been created and the country is a magnet for industry. It parades success while not belittling and banishing those who dare to dream.

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Here are nine things I took away from reading the book It's more than a book on happiness Although HH Sheikh Mohammed has published about nine books, this is the first one since 'My Vision' in , that aren't published works on poetry, or 'Flashes of Thought' in In it, he shares a lot about what he has learned while implementing his vision.

The book is more about what a happy state can do for positivity of its people than a theory about how to a achieve personal happiness.

The book is full of stories, anecdotes, and real-life examples It isn't all theory. Stories from his father's time, how he decided to build the World Trade Center, the biggest building in the Middle East at the time, in an undeveloped area to set the example for more skyscrapers to come. The rest is aviation history.

Happiness is a tangible goal for a state He twice quotes Aristotle who says that a state is a living being, therefore a state can achieve happiness. Happiness Can Be Measured..

He sets targets for performances for each of his departments as head of state, however, when asked by a journalist how much he will invest of the government's budget in happiness, he said 'all of it', because every department has a role in achieving happiness. Achieving happiness isn't forcing people to smile He admits that happiness and positivity can't always have rules, such as making people in all government departments to smile.

A smile has to come from the heart. He gives examples of leaders and people who work for him, how some people in their departments feel unencouraged, and asked them to consider if they are doing enough as leaders to foster positivity.

He says, rather revealingly so.This book is concise and combines Sheikh Mohammed's personal experiences with his ideas about leadership and life, and gives the reader a glimpse of the man behind the Ruler. Superficially each of the thoughts is compelling, but they all reward further examination.

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To view it, click here. Apr 06, Pablo Rognone rated it it was amazing Shelves: Settings Tips on technique 3: So, when the leadership rises to a challenge, it grants free rein to a creative administration. Dec 10, Zhong Kai rated it really liked it.

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