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download pdf rich dad poor dad bahasa indonesia. GMT Indonesia: a country study | Library of Congress. - Rich Dad Poor Dad. ( bahasa indonesia) - Robert. Kiyosaki (Ebook) Ketika teman saya. Rich Dad Poor Dad. Robert T. Kiyosaki. INTRODUCTION. There is a Need. Does school prepare children for the real world? “Study hard and get good grades.

Ebook Rich Dad Poor Dad Indonesia

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Rich Dad Poor Dad Pdf Bahasa Indonesia click here to access This Book: Free Download. EBook: Rich Dad Poor Dad Pdf Bahasa Indonesia. PDF: Rich Dad. Are you fearful of your financial future because of bad debt? If so, this FREE eBook, Freedom from Bad Debt, was written for you. The Passive Voice The third present tense form uses a conjugation of to do ( do, does) with the verb.. Vera was su Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

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Rich Dad Poor Dad

Robert T. So why work hard for money? Learn to have money and people work hard for you, and you can be free to do the things that are important.

The whole point of his books is to turn on our heads what most folks feel is wealth. Expensive cars, large residences, expensive trips etc are what most folks feel they need to acquire to demonstrate wealth or feel represent wealth. The lesson stands regardless of his personal bad luck. It is still a hallmark book that I think should be mandatory reading.

It is so easy to criticize someone in their absence. Why not do the honourable thing and challenge Robert Kiyosaki to an open debate in public and have him give his side of the story too. One day you will learn, hopefully, although I am not too sure of that, that by criticizing others you only hurt yourself.

But I do believe that you are a long, very long way from that level of thought. May you grow to realize that criticizing others, especially in their absence, is not the thing to do.

And of course, there will always be those who, like you, cannot think objectively and chorus your comments. It is sad. It is also ironical that you do not respond to most of the positive comments that support Robert, but mainly those that agree with you. When you put your criticism of the man to him in an open forum and the outcome of that is published, then we will most probably see this whole situation in a brand new light.

Robert Kiyosaki has been and is a powerful inspiration to millions of people worldwide, and that cannot be denied, tarnished or changed. I do hope you publish this comment although I doubt that you will, and even if you do issue a reply to this view, I will not respond to it.

This world needs more compliments not more criticism. But I wonder if you get that. If you do, it means you are growing and personal growth inside, is what you need … urgently. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. What I find hypocrisy in is clearly called out: An update: I could not agree with this author more. Today I attended day 1 of 3. It was a complete waste of time and money.

Came home, started to research. Guess what? Needless to say, I will not be attending days 2 — 3 of the training and that money is lost. Lesson re-learned…. Thank you. I have been to his free workshop and been interested in going to his 3 day training.

You made everything clear for me. I saw massive holes in the salespitch like, what about vacancies with these massive mortgages we are supposed to be taking out on these properties? Finally, my favorite part, the last thing of the meeting they told us to give 10grand. I am not kidding. Gotta say, it was the most satisfying coffee I ever had.

Look, when I first read his book, I thought that it was really great advice. But then, I started looking into his past and how his book really went viral.

He has been circulating his book through Amway, the same multi-level marketing company that has tricked millions of people into buying into their be an Independent Business Owner crap. He is a hypocrite that disguises bad financial advice with good ones and makes millions.

I found this out a few years ago too. When I did, I put his book down and started reading real financial experts. Who care if the man went through bankruptcy or not.

All it really matter is his teaching make sense or not? Should we follow or not? Should we pay the asking price of or not? His teaching in the book poor dad rich dad is the best advice I ever had and he is a hero to me.

And the reason why he became bankrupted , you got to think… business is war. The investor that invest with him will suck him dry. They are not no little cute baby. Banrutcpy is his problem. Learning his teaching is our decision.

Trump filed bankruptcy 4 times out of companies. The reason for having a corporation is to protect your personal assets, which is what Robert did. Robert K was a huge inspiration for me.

Money is freedom. Money buys freedom. Without money, you still need it, but you only get it from someone willing to give it to you usually in exchange for effort at a job. The book built my skeptics armor. Robert and his type sell dreams much like ted talks. They sell emotional highs. Musk , and luck. Save more than you spend eventually most of what you make and find a way to grow that saved money.

For most of us, the hard way is the only way. So fat people stay fat, poor people stay poor, and debt never gets paid off.

But I noticed he never really offered real advice on the actual mechanism of money making something poor dad did right thank you very much , nor the limits of money making most of us normal people encounter. So, I know I should do more than make a paycheck. NOW what!?

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You need money for that. Save till you can buy a rental or capitalize on a hot sellers market. Its not easy, its not fun usually , and it often requires boring education into something you may not be interested in. In fact, it sucks alot of the time and it usually takes many, many years. You are putting away all that money. But the end usually justifies the effort: That was not in his book.

But that is the reality; for most of us. Hey Robert. Why did you offer a FREE course to get out of college debt at the end of your article? Are you also using the same model if business to which you are condemning in your article?

Negative — our free email course is truly free and there is no further courses beyond that. You can see how we make money here: Gee, what a sham. Heard him speak at a conference — he was very unprofessional dropping F bombs with Devera younger children in the room. Very unimpressed. First of all. If anyone starts reading a book series like this or attending seminars thinking they just found the answer to their prayers.

Then they are just setting themselves up for disappointment. His first priority is to make money. That will always be his first priority. That is the priority of every salesman.

As for bankruptcy. Companies go bankrupt every day. He went bankrupt and declared it. So what! Protecting your assets is why you start companies in the first place….

However, if he declared bankruptcy just to avoid something unlikely seeing creditors and whoever else will probably investigate then he is a false image rich or not. As for his books… I am on book number 4. And I am both interested and cautious. As any sane person should be. He does say many things that make perfect sense. I agree with a lot of it. You just have to find it. Your house has value, but it is not an asset.

There is a difference. Know everything that you can about money. Know how taxes work. It just made me unsubscribe for the Rich Dad Comunity. A guy that is so financially stable doesn't need this hardcore promotion. Most of the book is about Dr.

Richard Buckminster Fuller. If I wanted to read his stuff I would read it directly. Then in the middle of the book he introduces a few more authors and starts explaining their ideias instead of his.

A lot of the stuff he writings rings fake to me, but that's just my intuition. It doesn't look legit. And he brags all the time. If you look at Kiyosaki's work you will see that he wrote a lot.

And this book was made increase his book count. Because it looks like he didn't even proofread it. Think for a moment. Why does he have his own publishing company? Because others wouldn't even think of publishing this. I know Robert is capable of much more. In this book you can see he is getting lazy, and a bit disconnected from the real world, specially from it's readers.

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I kept reading due to the respect I had for this man, but I regretted it each session. Here we can clearly see that he's looking for the money and keep his publishing schedule on fleek. If you loved Rich Dad Poor Dad please dont read this.

It's a waste of time that you could be using to re-read RDPD, or actually working on your job. You'll learn nothing new in here.

Mar 28, Ashleyd rated it did not like it. Like the two sided coin Kiyosaki keeps talking about this book on one side is very depressing, yet on the other side everyone can be rich. Then he spends the next pages telling us that we can if we only try we can win over the system and make money to become a rich person if we only change ourselves. Maybe Like the two sided coin Kiyosaki keeps talking about this book on one side is very depressing, yet on the other side everyone can be rich.

Maybe I am too much from Abnegation see Divergent but I like living a simple life. Do I wish that I could get paid more for what I do, yes so sue me.

I'm no longer going to complain about being an public employee, I love serving the kids I get to see every week. I love my job sharing books and literature with them.

I love seeing all the wonderful potential bursting from them. So what if I can't drive a fancy car or live in a fancy house. What this man might not understand is that not everyone needs a million dollars to feel like the richest person in the world! One more thing if you are a teacher you will hate this book, because he rants on and on about the quality of education. Maybe he should focus on the fact that Teachers don't get to decide what or how they teach in today's society.

But that is another soap box. Financial literacy is important, but This is the second and last book I will read by Kiyosaki. I agree with him very much that most people are illiterate about personal finance and they don't understand the difference between assets and liabilities. Up until about five years ago I was financially illiterate.

So in that regard, a reading one of his books is worth it. But I'm sick of rich people and successful entrepreneurs looking down on people who work for a paycheck and don't spend their tim Financial literacy is important, but But I'm sick of rich people and successful entrepreneurs looking down on people who work for a paycheck and don't spend their time figuring out how to amass wealth off the labor and consumption of other people.

Kiyosaki aquires rental properties and rents out to people who actually work for a living. But at the same time, his books put down the kind of working people he rents his properties to. He like so many other rich people is obsessed with wealth accumulation. If he's so rich why does he constantly need to get richer? Why does he think everyone has to find ways to make money off other people? This will be my last book I read by him because his advice is preachy and arrogant.

We don't need a world based on greed and wealth accumulation. We need a world where people can work and have their basic needs met. Personal wealth should not depend on exploiting the labor and consumption of other people.

Entre lineas y buscando mucho en las obras del autor se pueden encontrar asuntos y vivencias interesantes, desgraciadamente es tan redundante y superficial que termina por ahogar los buenos argumentos que se comenzaban a construir. I read this book at a recommendation from a young man I had an interesting conversation about economic equality with.

I found the book to be a rambling, repetitive mess. It would have benefited greatly from an editor. Much of the talk about the economy was either wrong or misleading. It couldn't decide whether it was a self-help book, a pop heterodox economics tract, an autobiography, or something else entirely. It worked heavily on the assumption of the reader being familiar with the author's p I read this book at a recommendation from a young man I had an interesting conversation about economic equality with.

It worked heavily on the assumption of the reader being familiar with the author's previous works. That said, it was a very quick and easy read inhaled mostly over one otherwise nice weekend , partially because it contained no challenging ideas, but also because despite the rambling unstructured way, the author manages to keep the text readable.

It also contained many good references, in particular to the works of R. Buckminster Fuller, which are a nice basis for conversation, even when wildly acontextual. Mar 18, Tiwat Chutipat rated it it was amazing.

This book contains every major economic crisis that happened around the world. Not only did he exploited the world of derivatives, but he also explains the each factors that involved in the Hamburger Crisis in ! I never knew that the Great Depression in took an effect for the next 25 years! The unemployment rate included only the ones who are still looking for work, so the real numbers might be larger for 2x or even 3x!

The concept of "Hot Money" which flows from Japan , Asian Tig This book contains every major economic crisis that happened around the world. Today money does not make the world go round, but debt is. It has everything all linked together from mentally, emotionally, physically, and most important Spiritually! Dec 13, Hedi Alaya rated it it was amazing.

Eye opening, clear and informative. This book is written in a friendly language while treading dirty waters. If you want to understand things money related this book should be in your basket.

It's easy to read and explains things in a simple language.

If you weren't trained to look for money opportunities and don't understand how financial instutions work, some concepts will appear false to you at first. Stick with it and you'll understand things better. The book exposes a financial reality that Eye opening, clear and informative.

The book exposes a financial reality that is hidden and that's why it is a your gateway to the other side. Dec 01, Bianca McCormick-Johnson rated it it was amazing. This was a very good book. It's shameful and painful how much vital information is left out in traditional education.

This book provides so much insight on how our government and banks work together to keep us right where we are. That's why so few people are rich. We haven't been taught the tricks and trades of the game.

That's all the economy is. A big monopoly game. Even if we never become rich, we need to learn h This was a very good book. Even if we never become rich, we need to learn how to think like them in order to gain a second chance in life. Mar 03, Ami Ice rated it liked it. Feb 24, Web Jones rated it really liked it. This is a great motivational book. The best concepts I took away were analyzing the future.

Kiyosaki's concepts of buying assets, not liabilities aren't new to me but the analysis of the currency exchange crashes and need for risk identification and mitigation were good. The book did not teach you how to do it but rather pointed out the need for it. Step one is identifying the need. Step 2 left up to the reader is to figure out how to do it.

Jul 26, Rad rated it it was amazing. A very good book and very informative for me, I added great knowledge to mine, that will lead to a plan for what I have to do, to realize my goals.Welcome back. Jul 30, Ivan Petrovic rated it it was ok Shelves: Differences between an "S" and "B" business "B" can leave their business for a year or more, and the business will be more profitable when they return.

Learn more. Readers also enjoyed. Hope this finds you well. See 1 question about Second Chance….

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