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Dragon Magazine # - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online. Dragon Magazine # Dragon Magazine - pdf, , MB. Dragon Magazine - pdf, , MB. Dragon Magazine - pdf. Dragon magazine Basic Information Publisher Wizards of the Coast Editor Dragon issue was released in PDF format only in September of

Dragon Magazine 379 Pdf

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Dungeons & Dragons, D&D, Forgotten realms, Eberron, Dungeon, Dragon, d20, d20 System, rodney thompson, rob Watkins, James Wyatt. Dragon. September and numerous articles in Dragon® and Dungeon® magazines. Dragon Magazine was the house organ for TSR and later Wizards of the Coast It was replaced with HTML articles starting with #, a full PDF magazine. RPG Issue Rank: N/A Publication Date. Issue Index. Periodical. Dragon. Authors. Tavis Allison . Electronic (PDF, DOC, eBook, HTML, etc.).

Encounter Power Peter Schaefer: Skill powers are power-neutral options. Immediate Reaction Personal Trigger: An enemy ends its turn adjacent to you You can gain and use only the skill powers associated When you take one, you arent gaining a particular Effect: You shift 1 square. Whenever you reach a level advantage, so they dont need to cost a feat.

The Peter Schaefer: There arent any level 22 skill powers skill power you choose must be of the same level as or because they never felt right. To build a power good lower than the class power you would have gained. It felt more natural to reserve those amazing feats for the classes than to tie it to a simple skill.

If the check across a number of different classes. That concept rests at or a close attack that includes you as a target succeeds and a creature was grabbing you, the creature the heart of the systems concept. Effect: You and each ally included as a target of the triggering grants combat advantage to you until the end of your turn.

Elemental Arcana Utility 16 Long hours of studying magic and its related fields As magical energy streaks toward you, you use your knowledge have prepared you well for a life of adventure.

Igno- of that magic to counter some of it. Arcana powers allow Trigger: You take acid, cold, fire, lightning, or thunder damage Effect: You make an Arcana check. The damage is reduced by you to exploit critical lore about your enemies so that the check result divided by 2. You must be trained in Arcana to gain and use Athletics Arcana powers.

Your physical strength helps you overcome many obstacles, whether by swimming across a roaring Arcane Mutterings Arcana Utility 2 river, scrambling up a cliff, or smashing through a You launch into a recitation of obscure lore on a subject to door.

Athletics powers exploit your physical prowess impress, cow, or trick your audience. Bounding Leap Athletics Utility 2 As you spring through the air, you tuck in your legs and arms, spinning to eke out a little extra distance. You are considered to have a running start, and the distance you jump can exceed your speed.

If the check succeeds, one ally adjacent to you gains combat advantage against the target for that Mighty Sprint Athletics Utility 6 allys next attack against it before the end of your next turn.

Your throw yourself forward at a breakneck pace, bounding over obstacles. Confusing Blather Bluff Utility 6 Encounter You spew a stream of nonsense, leaving your enemies puzzled.

Schwalb: Bluff is all about deception, but until the end of your next turn.

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Lies have many shades, and your palette holds them deception can be many things, from assuming a disguise, all. As an accomplished liar, you make the implau- lying, trickery, feinting, and so on. All this proved fertile Improvisational Arcana Bluff Utility 10 sible seem true and the impossible possible.

Bluff ground for spinning out fun and effective powers for the As you perform a ritual, you intersperse made-up words and skill. You can fill in gaps in conversation with Free Action Personal whatever words roll off your tongue, deceive enemies Trigger: You are performing a ritual of one-half your level or to give your side an edge in battle, and talk your way lower out of sticky situations with a few quick words and an Requirement: You must be trained in Bluff.

Effect: You expend only half of the rituals gold piece compo- honest expression. You can also make a Bluff check in place of any skill check the ritual requires. Those who meet you are Mike Mearls: Skill powers make it easy to create powers ing dungeon depths, you possess exceptional skill aimed at skill challenges. In a lot of ways, the skill system inclined to befriend you, doing as you wish or help- is to skill challenges as powers are to combat encounters.

With Dun- ing you and your cause. Diplomacy powers broaden If your skill choices are a big part of your characters iden- geoneering powers, you can react to underground your options.

You force enemies to think twice about tity, its important that we have some skill power options dangers at a glance, retain your faculties when bereft to back that up. Diplomacy powers. The concept Otherworldly Dungeoneering Utility 2 behind this power is simple: Someone who has spent a lot Soothing Words Diplomacy Utility 2 of time underground learns to use senses other than sight Lore The battle done, your allies turn to you for words of encourage- to make her way though a passage.

Its a nice little boost Something about the aberrant horrors movements strikes a ment and support.

Modifying Classes: The Assassin

Target: One aberrant creature you can see in burst Target: Each ally in burst Effect: You make a Dungeoneering monster knowledge check Effect: When each target spends one or more healing surges to determine the targets resistances and vulnerabilities. If at the end of the short rest, he or she regains additional hit the check succeeds, you or one ally who can hear you gains points equal to your Charisma modifier.

Haggle Diplomacy Utility 6 You are a practiced negotiator, sometimes able to turn a slip of Eyes of the Dungeoneering Utility 6 the tongue to your advantage. Deep Delver Encounter Long hours of working in dimness allow you to focus your Free Action Personal senses for a moment to see in utter darkness. Trigger: You make a Diplomacy check and dislike the result Encounter Effect: You reroll the Diplomacy check and use either result.

Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition

Minor Action Personal Effect: You gain blindsight 10 until the end of your next turn. Cry for Mercy Diplomacy Utility 10 With pleading words and gestures, you discourage your en- Trap Sense Dungeoneering Utility 10 emies from striking down the wounded.

As the trap springs, your experience in dealing with such haz- Encounter ards lets you step aside and leave a foe at the traps mercy. If the attack misses you, the trap repeats the attack as a free action against an enemy adjacent to you.

Sword take up such a life are made of sterner stuff than the Mike Mearls: Its critical that skill powers dont over- cuts, arrow punctures, burns from flaming breath, shadow territory we normally reserve for a role or a average mortal, yet you put even those bold souls to and countless other afflictions arise over the course specific class.

The Heal skill powers are the best dem- shame. Full of vigor, you do not succumb to the inju- onstration of this concept. Theyre useful, but a cleric or of a typical adventure.

Your companions can usually ries that might hinder another. Endurance powers a shaman is a better healer than a character with these take care of themselves, but in a crisis, your training build on your natural hardiness, allowing you to powers. We wanted these powers to offer a great fallback provides a much-needed boost. Heal powers give option or to help a group that doesnt have a leader, but shrug off injuries, ignore damage, and keep yourself we didnt want them to overshadow an entire role.

Endurance powers. You must be trained in Heal to gain and use Heal powers. Endure Pain Endurance Utility 2 You grin and bear it, shrugging off the pain of a new wound.

Effect: The target can spend a healing surge. Invigorating Presence Endurance Utility 2 Swift Recovery Heal Utility 6 Inspired by your resilience, your allies find the will to overcome You address a companions most critical wounds to get him or challenges.

At 7th, 13th, 17th, 23rd, and 27th level, you can replace one of your augmentable ardent atwill attack powers with another one of your level or lower. The power you replace must be augmentable. Power Points: You start with 2 power points.

You gain 2 additional power points at 3rd and 7th level, 1 additional power point at 13th level, and 2 additional D e c e m b e r 20 0 9 Dr ag on 6 Player's Handbook 3 Debut: Ardent power points at 17th, 21st, 23rd, and 27th level. If you gain power points from another source such as your paragon path , add them to your power point total.

You can use your power points to augment any augmentable power you have, regardless of how you gained the power. You regain all your power points when you take a short or an extended rest. Commentary JW: This sidebar is slightly updated compared to the version that appeared in the Psion debut, and replaces that text.

Basic Information

A power that has the augmentable keyword has optional augmentations, which you can use at the cost of power points. You use these rules when you use an augmentable power. Power Point Cost: An augmentation specifies its cost in power points. You must spend the required power points when you decide to use the augmentation.

Dragon Magazine #379

Replace Base Effects: When you augment a power, changes to the power are noted in the augmentation. An augmented version of a power is otherwise identical to the base power. Unaugmented: When you use an augmentable power without augmenting it, the power is referred to as unaugmented for that use some effects apply only when a power is unaugmented. At-Will Attack Powers: When a power or some other effect lets you use an at-will attack power, you can choose to use one of your augmentable at-will attack powers, but you must use it unaugmented.

When a racial trait grants you an at-will attack power of your choice and you choose an augmentable at-will attack power, the power loses both the augmentable keyword and its augmentations.

You can choose any powers you like, though many ardents favor one of the two builds described here. Make Charisma your highest ability score. You should also consider investing in Wisdom to take advantage of powers that confuse your enemies.

Your secondary role is defender, and your leadership helps protect allies from harm. These sensations bleed into nearby creatures, either filling them with despair and pain or hope and vigor.


Your powers are accompanied by visual signs, contained in a sudden corona of light that swirls out from your head and flares around you. When you augment your powers by spending power points, the corona intensifies.

Characteristics: You lead your group from the front lines, mixing strong melee attacks with equally strong mental assaults. In addition, you can provoke allies to perform daring stunts and maneuvers, helping them gain better positions, leap across the battlefield to close with distant foes, or shrug off deadly afflictions.

Religion: Ardents gravitate toward wild and unpredictable gods, favoring those who represent war or wilderness. Kord and Melora are the most popular, with more independent ardents following Avandra. Evil ardents find much to like in Bane and Gruumsh. Races: Humans, half-elves, and kalashtar are the most common ardents, though dragonborn, halflings, gnomes, and tieflings also excel in this class, having the natural charisma needed to focus their inner strength.

JW: Manipulating emotions is definitely a two-edged sword. Ardents inspire and invigorate their allies and crush their enemies under the heels of despair, dread, and hopelessness. You have the powers ardent surge and ardent alacrity.

Ardent Alacrity As you take a hit, your emotional energy inspires your allies. Ardent Surge You send a surge of powerful emotion that revives a faltering ally. Minor Action Close burst 5 10 at 16th level Target: You or one ally Effect: The target can spend a healing surge and regain 1d6 additional hit points.

Level 6: 2d6 additional hit points.

Level 3d6 additional hit points. Level 4d6 additional hit points. Level 5d6 additional hit points.Skill Powers let you avoid notice and evade pursuit in any urban adventuring groups contain someone who at least About the Authors area.

Acrobatics Dex. You must be trained in Nature to gain and use Nature powers. These eBooks are digitally watermarked to signify that you are the owner. AC damage dealt by the zone. You are the ghost in the night and the whisper on the wind. Your secondary role is defender, and your leadership helps protect allies from harm.

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