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Electronic Arts Inc. EA and EA logo are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc. BioWare, BioWare logo, and Dragon Age are trade- marks of EA International. You hold in your hands a gateway to the tabletop, pen- and-paper Dragon Age Roleplaying Game. It includes everything you need—abbreviated rules, player. Dragon Age RPG Core Rulebook packs all the rules and background you need to get started inside one gorgeous PDF-format ebook.

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Dragon Age RPG Quickstart Guide (Free!) With this free Dragon Age RPG Set 2 PDF Preview · Dragon Age Dragon Age Two-Page Character Sheet (PDF). ents, the core of the game is quite simple: most everything in Dragon Age can be handled with an The default assumption of the Dragon Age RPG is that. Dragon Age is my favorite game. here: dragon-age-rpg/products/dragon-age-rpg-quickstart-guide-pdf.

With enough investment in the Chirurgy talent, a warrior or rogue can heal just as much as if not more than a healing spell using bandages and other medical supplies, though more advanced healing techniques such as area-of-effect healing and regeneration can only be done with magic. Critical Hit : Averted. The Stunt mechanic is used instead see below.

Damage Reduction : Armor works by reducing the damage taken. Demonic Possession : Being possessed by a demon is a risk all mages face when they blow their casting checks but only when they use spells with prerequisites—the most basic ones taught to apprentices are safe from misfiring.

The game system itself provides examples of following tropes:

If the mage in question fails all of the successive skill checks that come from such a failure, they turn into a horrific monster known as an abomination. They then have to turn in their character sheet to the GM and roll a new character. In addition, the rest of the party now has to fight this abomination, which has all of the spells and abilities of the mage it once was. Dual Wielding : It is possible to dual wield weapons with an appropriate talent.

Guest-Star Party Member : The Faces of Thedas sourcebook is useful for players who want to put their favorite characters from the video games into their campaigns. In addition to other optional rules for organizations and roleplaying, the book offers stats, equipment, and roleplaying tips for nearly every named character in the series.

Both player characters and enemies play by the same damage-dealing rules. Hit Points : All characters start with a preset number e. Honest Rolls Character : Enforced in the box set 1, where the entirety of a characters' initial statistics is determined by consecutive dice rolls.

This was relaxed in later sets. Loads and Loads of Rules : Averted in a conscious attempt to go easy on the newcomers to tabletop gaming. Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me : Unlike armor, shields add to a character's defense value instead of reducing damage, making it harder for enemies to even land blows on a character.

Mana : Mages have a pool of mana points from which they can cast their spells except for basic ranged attacks, which are free. Multiple-Choice Past : Like in Origins, the players select one of several pre-generated backgrounds for their characters, which affects their starting stats, skill focuses, and class options. Along with several familiar backgrounds from the video games, other backgrounds from the box sets include: In Set 1, you can be a Dalish or a city elf, a dwarf commoner, a Circle or Apostate mage elf or human , an Avvar , and a Fereldan freeman the latter two were actually planned as playable origins for humans in DAO but were cut before the release.

It also suggests more variety in the mage backgrounds through customizing the geographical origins of Apostates and Circle Mages.

The Faces of Thedas sourcebook adds Ben-Hassrath, Dalish Mage, and Incarnated Spirit to the list of backgrounds, making a combined total of thirty-three backgrounds across all of the game's materials. Non-Combat EXP : The game outright states that any spending of resources into an encounter should be compensated with EXP, whether or not combat is involved.

These resources can include health and mana, time both in-game and real-life session time , money, political favors, etc. The game even goes as far as including entirely different stunt systems for social encounters and traversing the wilderness in order to keep gameplay engaging.

When the Alamarri first passed into Ferelden from the distant west, some moved into the swampy forest vastness and the tundra beyond it to the south now known as the Korcari Wilds. These folk became known as the Chasind wilders, a strange twisted people plagued by dark desires.

They conquered the Alamarri for a time, though many of the tales dispute just how long this period lasted or even if the valley tribes were ever truly subjugated, before the Alamarri slaughtered the Chasind shamans who had called up the shadows with their magic, and drove their warriors back to the south. Over a millennia later, the legendary witch Flemeth rose as a terrible power amidst the Chasind.

Her daughters, the Korcari witches, led an army of wilders and other, more terrible things, against the north. After a long series of dreadful battles, the Chasind were all but destroyed, and the witches burned.

To this day the Ferelden eye the south warily, regarding the Chasind with suspicion and hatred. The Imperium was once considered the greatest power in Thedas and all nations save one were forced to bow before its sorcerous might. Even as the Imperium was reaching the very height of its supremacy, for close to two centuries the Alamarri and their allies thwarted its campaigns across the Frostback range to conquer the barbarians of Ferelden.

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All three times the Alamarri united with the Avvars and the Chasind to drive the Imperium back, the only points in their long histories that the three peoples stood together against a common enemy.

On the fourth, and what was destined to be final, push of their advance into Ferelden, the Tevinter successfully held the western half of the valley long enough to build several fortresses and extend the Imperial Highway, which was designed to allow for quick deployment of troops and supplies. The renowned fortress Ostagar was built in the far south to watch for the coming of the Chasind and its mortar was so reinforced with magic that legend holds nothing will ever tear it down completely.

While they remained entrenched, they were subject to near constant raids, their supplies eternally rationed. Each age is years. Dates are noted with the number of the age, a colon, and then the year. The current year in the game is , which means the thirtieth year of the Dragon Age.

The nine ages are: I. Divine: This was the age of the Second Blight. Glory: In this age Teyrn Caedmon became the first king of Ferelden, but the kingdom did not survive his death. The Chantry also declared an Exalted March against the Dales, and troops from Orlais and Ferelden destroyed the elven homeland.

Towers: This was the age of the Third Blight. Ferelden also faced the threat of the Chasinds, led by the abomination Flemeth and her daughters the Korcari witches. Black: Ferelden fought a great war against the werewolves, driving them to extinction. Orlais tried to take advantage and invaded Ferelden for the first time but was defeated after a three-year war.

Exalted: This was the age of the Fourth Blight. Calenhad claimed the kingship of Ferelden and succeeded in uniting the tribes into a true nation at last. The Grey Wardens also established a permanent presence in Ferelden. Steel: The Avvars invaded Ferelden, causing widespread devastation and famine. They were eventually pushed back, but bad blood between Fereldans and Avvars continues to the present day.

Storm: The Grey Wardens were forced out of Ferelden. In the north new Exalted Marches were fought against the Qunari, strange invaders from across the sea.

Blessed: Orlais invaded Ferelden a second time. Civil war wracked the country as the usurper King Meghren fought the forces of the Rebel Queen. Dragon: Maric, son of the murdered Rebel Queen, defeated the Orlesians and claimed the throne of Ferelden.

Shortly before the decisive Battle of the River Dane, a dragon appeared and ravaged the Orlesian countryside. Dragons were thought to have been hunted to extinction, so there was no doubt that its appearance heralded the Dragon Age.

Being posted to Ferelden was soon looked upon as punishment, exile, and likely a death sentence. At last, a cunning barbarian hero figured out a way to defeat the supposedly impregnable defenses of Ostagar.

His name and identity have been lost, so that even today, the Avvars, Chasind and Ferelden as the descendants of the Alamarri all claim him as one of theirs; the histories, oral and written, simply refer to him as the Bane of Ostagar. With the fall of their greatest fortress in Ferelden, the will of the Tevinter to stay was broken.

Though many bloody battles were fought before they were sped on their way, they retreated beyond the Frostbacks at last, never to return… For the First Blight had come to Thedas.

The Chantry, the Church of the Prophetess, teaches that the hubris of men brought the Blights and darkspawn upon the world. These 10 monsters crept into the deep places of the world, taking some of the tunnels of the dwarven kingdoms as their own. Drawn by whispers in the dark, they found Dumat, one of the Old Gods—an ancient dragon slumbering in the depths.

By unholy rituals they released him, now transformed into a terrible creature known as an archdemon, to make war upon the world.

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It has been thus, ever since. During a Blight, the world itself seems poisoned by the advance of massive numbers of darkspawn, which come in many forms, each more terrible than the last. The earth withers, rivers foul, and the sky itself turns an ashen hue as a Blight advances. Each Blight is caused by the rise of an archdemon to lead the usually fractious hordes of the darkspawn. The First Blight arose beneath the Tevinter Imperium and laid it waste, but the Ferelden valley was all but untouched by the devastation.

It was almost two centuries before members of the order known as the Grey Wardens slew Dumat at the Battle of the Silent Plains in southern Tevinter. The First Blight was ended, but the Tevinter Imperium lay in near ruins. Welcome to Ferelden In Ferelden, the Prophetess Andraste beheld the Maker, who charged her with bringing his teachings to his children.

Mankind was to turn away from false gods, corruption, and dark magic. The two convinced their people that the time had come to topple the Tevinter and they set out across the Waking Sea with an army great enough to do so. The Prophetess, however, was captured by Imperial agents and executed. The Alamarri abandoned Maferath en masse to return to Ferelden and the south fell once more into centuries of martial chaos.

It was many long years before the legendary Hafter, the first Teyrn of Ferelden, brought any measure of peace to the Alamarri. He led his people in many battles against the darkspawn during the Second Blight and secured a long period of relative peace. Though he did not succeed, he did establish the Andrastian Chantry as the official religion of Ferelden. After another three centuries of bloodshed and many bleak times, the great warrior Calenhad finally defeated all other claimants to the throne and was crowned King of Ferelden by the Chantry.

King Calenhad opened Denerim, the capital city, to trade with other nations.

Several strife-filled centuries passed before the Empire of Orlais succeeded in invading Ferelden. While Denerim was eventually sacked, King Brandel waged a guerilla war against the usurpers for decades before falling. His daughter, the Rebel Queen, spent her entire life fighting the Orlesian occupiers. It is her son, Maric, who at last retook the throne and drove the Orlesians from Ferelden entirely.

Showing that he held no grudges, Maric signed a peace treaty with the young Empress Celene of Orlais when she visited Denerim. It is has been ten years since the treaty. King Maric has died, leaving the throne to Cailan, his only son. Ferelden is reckoned an up-and-coming power on the Welcome to Ferelden world stage, but many believe that after long centuries with nary a darkspawn seen, a Fifth Blight has now begun, for the dark ones have seemingly returned in force to Ferelden.

Ferelden Ferelden is a temperate and fertile country, though its winters are unforgiving. Ferelden boasts a wide variety of terrain, and large portions are still untamed, which can prove hard on the unprepared. To the immediate north of the region known as the Coastlands is the Waking Sea, which parts Ferelden from the Free Marches, a collective name given to a series of wealthy city-states that control the central portion of the continent.

Denerim, the capital city of Ferelden and home of the King, rests in the east. A large portion of the east to southeast of Ferelden is a feral wilderness, dominated by the hoary Brecilian Forest.

The forest is said to be a cursed place, an abode of thieves, murderers, and werewolves. The trees themselves are rumored to move and slay the unwary. Only the strange folk known as the Dalish elves dare to enter Brecilian regularly, leading many to believe that they may have had a hand in whatever cursed the place.

Those Fereldan who are willing to brave the forest generally live in the city of Gwaren, a city port on the Amaranthine Ocean. It is a massive body of water, stretching beyond the horizon, and remains uncharted.

The south of Ferelden is mostly hilly grasslands, in many parts covered with wide tracts of untamed forest. The region is unofficially split by the remains of the ancient Imperial Highway which still snakes its way down from the west, all the way to the ruins of Ostagar.

The area east of the highway is known as the Southron Hills, to the west lie the Hinterlands. The Southron Hills are rocky highlands that stretch into the southern portions of the Brecilian Forest and edge the Korcari Wilds. The Hinterlands run from the massive inland Lake Calenhad out to the first peaks of the Frostback Mountains.

A long stretch of the Hinterlands borders also borders the Korcari Wilds.

With the Avvars to the west and the Chasind to the immediate south, the folk of southern Ferelden are justly famed for their stoicism in the face of danger. Whatever lies south beyond the Korcari Wilds, if there is more than just endless plains of tundra, the Chasind do not speak of. To the west Ferelden is bordered by the Frostback mountain range, home to the tribes of the Avvarian hillsmen.

The Frostbacks hold numerous high peaks, many of which are snow covered year round. The yearly runoff from the Frostbacks feeds the cold waters of Lake Calenhad.

Dragon Age RPG Core Rulebook

The Lake is a magnificent clear blue and is said to have 11 mystical properties. The tower is a landmark, visible for many miles across the entire countryside. Orzammar, the last kingdom of the dwarves, is carved beneath the northern end of the Frostbacks. The dwarves deal cautiously with all folk, though they are always wary when dealing with the Avvars.

Beyond the Frostbacks lies the Empire of Orlais, center of the Chantry and presently considered by scholars to be the most powerful country in all of Thedas. Since the Orlesians occupied portions of Ferelden well within living memory, peace treaty or no, relations between the two countries remain tense.

At the central heart of Ferelden, both geographically and politically, lies the Bannorn. This great valley hosts the majority of farming within Ferelden. It is from this region that your first characters will come and where your initial adventures will occur. Outlook Fereldans are famous for their fiercely independent nature, and this is reflected throughout all levels of their culture. There has never been a serf class in Ferelden, and the selling of slaves is illegal, though both are very common in other countries.

Welcome to Ferelden Fereldans value courage and martial prowess over wealth and famous ancestors. Fereldans appreciate fair speech, though they like it better when it is followed by action. They are sparing in their insults, unless they are prepared to follow them up with blows. Many Fereldans hold their personal honor beyond price, and they would rather die than betray their given word. Correspondingly, they are often cautious about entering into any agreement that they are not absolutely certain they can fulfill.

To them, the Imperial government, along with its magic and culture, was a corrupt decadence that would have destroyed all that it meant to be Alamarri. Since the rest of Thedas eventually succumbed to the Tevinter, their cultures were overlaid and irrevocably changed by Imperial values. While in many cases this greatly advanced their arts and sciences, it also radically skewed their viewpoints.

The Fereldans, for their part, are exceedingly proud of their accomplishments, as they feel little need to compare them to other cultures that they quietly regard as merely attempting to emulate the feats of the Tevinter.

The Nobility All folk belong to a social class, and each class has its own rights and responsibilities. However, in Ferelden, unlike nearly all other countries in Thedas, members of the nobility are not considered to be intrinsically better or afforded more rights than any other class; they just have different ones. It is true that nobles are generally treated with deference, but this is often due more to the correct assumption of martial ability than social status.

Nobles from other lands frequently find Ferelden commoners to be phenomenally insolent in comparison to the fawning treatment that they are used to. The primary purpose of the nobility of Ferelden is to fight for their people against all threats— human, darkspawn, or otherwise.

They likely have some small holdings, with more powerful or influential lords controlling progressively greater keeps or fortresses, but it is the freeholders that actually own the farms, the crops they produce, and the profits that come from selling their goods. In Ferelden this matters a great deal, because it is the commoners who are actually the patrons of the nobility. Each freehold chooses which bann or arl it gives allegiance to and the decision is renewed each year.

A group of freeholders dissatisfied with the protection they are getting from their local bann can remove their patronage and give it to another bann— though likely one within a fairly short riding distance. At the top of the noble structure sits the King of Ferelden, whose court is in the capital city, Denerim. The King is entrusted with advancing the interests of all the people of Ferelden in both war and trade. Not all of the nobility can regularly make the trip to Denerim, so many send a proxy, either a younger family member or a trusted commoner, to vote in their place.

The present King of Ferelden is Cailan, son of the near-legendary Maric, who ended the long occupation of the Orlesian Empire. Time will tell if he can bear it up, or if it will crush him.

Directly beneath the King are the teyrn, warlords of such power and influence that they have multiple banns sworn directly to them. Loghain is widely regarded as a living example that anyone can rise as far as their abilities allow in Ferelden.

Beneath the teyrn are the arls, powerful banns who control critical fortifications or regions of land along the borders of 13 Ferelden. There are a great many banns with widely varying levels of power throughout the kingdom.

Trivial feuds, which occasionally give rise to petty wars, are far from unknown among the bann. The least of the nobility is the Fereldan knight, a heavy infantry soldier sworn to serve a greater noble. The prestige of a given knight is greatly influenced by whom he is sworn to serve. They have no particular code of conduct, valuing fighting skills and leadership abilities before all else.

While some knights do control land, it is never very significant, as anything more would mean they would be regarded as a bann. In Ferelden, commoner soldiers of exceptional fighting skill have a very real chance of being knighted and joining the ranks of the nobility. Sidebar not working? Click here. The above image is licensed under GPL 2. Dragon age Tabletop RPG self. Dragon Age is my favorite game. Orgins being number 1. I know there is a tabletop RPG book, but it was limited print or something like that.

I'm a massive fan of the series, but I really didn't like the way they rolled it out. Having said that, pretty much any fantasy RPG will get you halfway there. What kind of games do you like? Which games, if any, are you already comfortable with? Did not know this. Nor did I look. Thank you.

Green Ronin post two-page Dragon Age RPG character sheet

I will surly be picking this up soon for this is what I was looking for. There's one free adventure with premade characters so you can get a feel for how the AGE system works. But again there are PDF's available. I use the PDF's myself as I live in the UK and don't fancy getting utterly fucking gouged on shipping prices, which brings me to my main critique: As for the system itself, I really enjoy the AGE system.Starting at the top with Communication, make a dice roll, and consult the Determining Abilities table to determine your starting ability.

Whoever it was seems to have been wounded, as there are drops of blood every few feet. I'm in the middle of running a DA campaign with freinds from uni, only one of whom ever played tabletop RPGs before, the other three were new to it, and they all love it.

Set 3 has been out for a while, check the green ronin website. Breeding is an ancient tradition and a wide variety of dogs exist. Learning more about the Qun lore, how a non-zealot could function in that very strict society, was immensely interesting to me.

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