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4 days ago Dearest Clementine 1 Lex Martin - [Free] Dearest Clementine 1 Lex Martin [PDF] [EPUB] filmlerdeki zengin taifesinin evlatlar?na özel bir trip. Get Free Read & Download Files Dearest Clementine 1 Lex Martin PDF. DEAREST CLEMENTINE 1 LEX MARTIN. Download: Dearest Clementine 1 Lex Martin. Dearest Clementine book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Librarian's Note: This is an alternate cover for ASIN B00JRQ0.

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Get Instant Access to Dearest Clementine B00jrq08hi By Lex Martin #ecd EBOOK EPUB. KINDLE PDF. Read Download Online Dearest. download or read book online in pdf or epub. Dearest Clementine (Dearest, #1 ) is one of best books released on containing pages, this book written. Title: Dearest Clementine Series: Dearest, #1 Author: Lex Martin Free download or read online Dearest Clementine pdf (ePUB) book.

Intense green eyes stare back. The girls were right. He is good-looking. He smiles a dazzling, megawatt grin, and my chest clenches at the thought that he probably has lickable abs. Oh, for the love of God, Clem, get a grip. I bite my lower lip until it stings, and my eyes dart back to my journal. Ignoring the hammering of my heart that I hope has everything to do with my looming tuition bill and nothing to do with Henry Cavill's doppelganger, I flip through the pages in front of me, desperate to find something that will help me get my shit together.

He shifts in the doorway. My body, on autopilot, starts to pack my stuff even though it's too early. Fuck-it-all-to-hell shit! You can't go. You don't have anything figured out yet! Always such a bitch, Clem. I swing my messenger bag over my shoulder. He's taller than I thought,,, and built,,, The fact that my heart beats even faster the second I smell his citrusy cologne pisses me off.

I pride myself on being a modern girl, one who doesn't need a man, especially if all he'll do is break my heart. So the idea that this guy and his little smirk give me kamikaze butterflies aggravates me more. I let out an exasperated sigh as I wait for him to move out of the way, my eyes traveling along his bulging bicep, which strains against his t-shirt.

I shake my head at myself as I scoot around him and head for the elevator. I press the button and wait all of three seconds before I punch it again.

This could take a while," he says behind me. This doesn't mean anything. Just because you didn't get an idea today doesn't mean anything. Nerves jumble my stomach, and I half consider taking the stairs when the elevator doors slide open and relief floods my chest. I don't know why I have to get away from here right now, but I do.

I get in and turn around. Obnoxiously sexy RA guy is leaning against the wall with his arms crossed over his broad chest, watching me. Our eyes meet, and he raises his eyebrows.

As the doors start to close, I feel a twinge of guilt. My name is Clementine. Everyone is standing around the wagon-wheel coffee table, and Jenna hovers protectively in front of her garage-sale find with her hands on her hips.

Her shoulder-length blonde hair is pulled up in a spiky ponytail and she has a smudge of dirt across her cheek. Because I don't.

I think it has personality.

See a Problem?

She removes her glasses to rub the bridge of her nose before she swats at a loose strand of dark auburn hair dangling in her face. I'm lucky to have her as my in-house shrink.

Her father is a world-renowned psychiatrist, and she'll be one too someday. I've been roommates with Harper since second semester of our freshman year after neither of us could stand living with our original roommates in Warren Towers. That's when we got matched up with Jenna, who's a creative writing major like me. By some fluke sophomore year, our little trio ended up in a coveted apartment on Bay State Road, which rocks the most amazing brownstones. We've been living together ever since.

Aside from Harper and Jenna, people here don't know me, the real me. They don't know I stand to inherit a shit-ton of money. Between the trust fund and the holdings from my grandfather, the amount is staggering. But I don't like how people look at me when they think I'm some trust-fund baby.

Besides, the money isn't mine, so I don't want it. Especially if it means groveling to my mother. Because that will never fucking happen. Harper clears her throat to catch my attention, and I remember that I'm supposed to be the enforcer. I'll put it in my garage, and you can get it next summer. Fortunately, the buzzer rings, which gets him bounding over boxes and out the door to pay the pizza guy.

After scrounging around for some paper plates, we congregate on the bare floor in the living room. By the time we're done eating and the food coma starts to set in, the task of moving all of our crap to our new place on campus seems daunting. A weary Harper holds up her cup of soda.

With her experience or lack thereof she has no idea how to write about a relationship blossoming, or worse She can't even come up with another word for penis! One day, when she's busy people-watching, desperate for inspiration, she meets Gavin, the sexy RA who just wants to see if he can get her to tell him her name. After a few hilarious encounters, the two become "just friends" spending time studying in each other's rooms, sharing pizza and some serious chemistry develops.

Gavin decides that he could help Clementine find some real "inspiration" for her book, for example with a kissing scene Laughing, I punch him playfully. That would be hot. Lex Martin's writing just glides across the page allowing the reader to get totally lost in a world where all her characters are so real.

Gavin was just adorable There were some very funny and some very poignant moments as he tried to be patient and earn her trust. His cheeky innuendos were perfectly spaced throughout the book and showed off Lex Martin's great comedic timing. I am so hooked already!! And I think Darren's story comes out this month too!!!

I'll be too busy falling in love again! The Worst bits: There were some references about Jenna keeping Ray interested which the feminist part of me wasn't too comfortable with. Funniest bit: Clementine learning how to send sext messages was very funny.

Most complex obstacle: Trust was the common thread that bound all the major and secondary characters together in this book and Martin does a great job of getting a message across without lecturing the reader through character dialogue. View all 4 comments. Jul 13, Nikki rated it it was amazing Shelves: Welcome to the book boyfriend list, Gavin Murphy. This book really surprised me. We have Clementine, who is basically a big ole bitch, but for good reason.

Caught her boyfriend boning her BFF, her parents suck, her brother sucks, oh and she had a psycho professor stalk her too. Not alot of reason to trust anyone. Until Gavin Murphy What a gem. I absolutely adored him. He is an RA at the dorm on campus and also a guitar player in t Welcome to the book boyfriend list, Gavin Murphy. He is an RA at the dorm on campus and also a guitar player in the band that her roomie's boyfriend is in. There was def insta-lust going on but its a slow build.

Clem is actually a writer, and she is struggling with writing her next book and her writing class in school. Gavin was definitely her rock throughout the story. He was patient and loving with her. And she was able to slowly let him into her crazy life.

I also enjoyed the side story here that has some mystery to it. I don't want to spoil anything but I felt it really added to the story rather than distract. I really loved the side characters in this as well, which rocks because the other books center on them: Adored her roomies. Jenna was awesome and dirty and her little creation of Outskank was genius. You see, Clem needed some help in writing about sex since she ain't getting any , so we got this fun little game to see which of her friends can outskank the other.

Went a little something like Dripping wet makes for easy access. Want to slip and slide?

Let me sink my meat into your bun hard and fast. I did have to dock down the rating, because of the lack of loving. Soooo 4. I am already moving on to book 2!! View all 18 comments. Jun 14, Maida rated it it was ok Shelves: I'm going to have to give this novel more thought before settling on a rating. I was able to piece together a considerable chunk of the mystery beforehand; however, it did NOT diminish my reading experience.

I think that the main reason why I'm vacillating in terms of my rating is the inexplicability of Clementine's family dynamics.

I needed more background information or something to help me connect the dots. But why? Are the readers r I'm going to have to give this novel more thought before settling on a rating. There has to be MORE to this story. Why is Jax so out-of-the-loop when it comes to his twin sister? Jax referred to Clementine as the life of the party in high school, "the coolest girl" he knew.

It's refreshing to read about a New Adult hero who is a far departure from the prototypical brooding alpha male. Apr 25, Jessica rated it it was amazing. I have only heard good things about Dearest Clementine, so I made sure to get to it as soon as I could!

Clementine Avery has gone through a lot throughout her time in college.

She's published a best-selling novel under a pseudonym and she's gone through avoiding a professor who stalked her freshmen year. Now that senior year is here, Clementine has been struggling to write another novel. When she accidentally signs up for a romance writing class, Clementine has no idea how she can write romance when her own romances have crashed and burned. When she meets Gavin, an RA she bumps into while trying to find writing inspiration, Gavin is more than happy to play the part of a book boyfriend if it'll help Clementine write.

Clementine tries to push Gavin away, but the closer they grow, the harder it is to ignore how perfect they really are for one another.

Seriously, he became one of my new favorite book boyfriends. Clementine had her heartbroken in high school and had a scary relationship with an obsessive professor, so she was so wary when it came to guys. Gavin was so sweet and caring and took things slow when it came to a relationship with Clementine. Their time together was flirty and comfortable and my favorite parts were when Gavin would help give Clementine "inspiration" for her novel.

While I loved the romance, I also loved all of Clementine's friends and her relationship with her brother. Her friends were so fun and it was cute how much they cared for Clementine. I did think the whole mystery that really grew at the end took away from the romance that I was obsessed with, but it added some suspense that I didn't expect. If you can't tell, this is definitely a new favorite of mine from Lex Martin. I love novels about writers and it was fun watching Clementine's journey of writing a novel that was way out of her comfort zone.

Jun 14, Anne OK rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: Any one and everyone! Well, I do! Romantic suspense is my first choice in choosing a book every single time.

Clementine not many female characters with that name but I love it! Being a trust fund baby has no meaning to her -- and the relationship with her rich parents is strained and close to zero.

She's holding more than one secret close to her vest and fears the truth ever surfacing. Adorable from head to toe, inside and out. A great cast of supporting characters generates angst and suspense, along with humor and friendship in spades. This is the first story in what the author describes as a three-book trilogy with each book standing on its own.

Lex Martin has written a fabulous debut novel that gave me goosebumps and left me smiling and satisfied beyond anything I imagined.

From the pretty cover to the very last page, this is one of my favorite reads this year — across all genres. Tricia Santos. I simply loved this book Clementine is your typical college gal.

Sort of. She was recently stalked by her old professor and now she is trying to move forward and work on her second novel. Gavin, an RA, is helping Clementine with her novel. Clementine I liked Clementine. I love that. Overall What I loved so much about this book was chemistry between Clem and Gavin.

Lex Martin really took her time in building up the relationship and characters. Clem and Gavin forge a friendship based on the fact they both have a passion of writing. Gavin gives Clem inspiration for her novel and thus they continue to work together. However, Clem is closed off and pushes Gavin away. You will laugh out loud many moments and get sucked into their relationship. There is a bit where Gavin and Clem were annoying, but it added some heated tension.

Jul 19, Fanny rated it it was amazing. Descubri este libro hace muy poco tiempo, al principio empece a leerlo pensando que seria la tipica historia de amor en la universidad, pero no, es muchisimo mas, una historia maravillosa que enamora desde el primer parrafo que lees. Gavin es un protagonista tan dulce, tierno y perfecto que te hace preguntar si existira alguien asi en la vida real, me encanto su caracter divertido y que fuera tan bromista, me rei muchisimo con su ocurrencias.

Clementine fue una protagonista maravillosa, me encanto Descubri este libro hace muy poco tiempo, al principio empece a leerlo pensando que seria la tipica historia de amor en la universidad, pero no, es muchisimo mas, una historia maravillosa que enamora desde el primer parrafo que lees. Clementine fue una protagonista maravillosa, me encanto que a diferencia de otras protagonistas de otros libros, ella no necesita a nadie, es autosuficiente y muy fuerte, en ningun momento me molesto nada de ella, al contrario en muchas ocasiones la comprendi y comparti sus puntos de vista, creo que ha sido una de las protagonistas que mas me ha gustado de todas las que he leido.

Hacia bastante tiempo que no lei un libro y no le encontraba ninguna pega, pero a esta historia no pude encontrarle ni el mas minimo detalle que no me gustara. Leer este libro fue una de las mejores decisiones que he tomado respecto a lecturas ultimamente, por supuesto seguire leyendo esta increible saga y cualquier libro que escriba esta nueva y maravillosa autora.

Jul 19, Amanda rated it it was ok Shelves: Clementine, or Clem, has hardened her heart. After asshole boyfriends in the past, a family that barely acknowledges her these days, she's not keen to trust anyone. Her best friends and Tropes: Her best friends and her roommates , Jenna and Harper have helped her out of the worst anxiety and depression.

Still, Clem won't trust people, and she most certainly does not need a boyfriend.

When she meets Gavin, he's the new member of her roommate's boyfriend's band. And, like Clem, he's a writer. Well, a journalist student whereas Clem, under a penname, is a bestselling YA author a fact very few of her friends know of. Gavin is interested in Clem from the start, and he tries to get under her skin, and slowly, he does. Every single one. But Gavin is different somehow. Sexy but sensitive. Strong but gentle. Easygoing but somehow intense. He can turn me inside out with one look, one touch, one kiss.

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One of the biggest issues this book has is that it doesn't present any realistic development, neither for the characters or the plot. This quote above is the entire reason for why Clem is able to let Gavin in, and it's unrealistic in itself. Gavin is literally perfect in Clem's eyes, and he's supposed to be to the reader as well, but I'll get to that soon.

But back to the character development. Clem's development relies solely on Gavin, and his ability to be "perfect". It's thanks to him she's able to trust again, it's thanks to him she steps out of her bubble, it's thanks to his presence she's able to confront her own brother.

It's unrealistic that she goes from not trusting anyone to letting Gavin in without any trouble at all, to opening up to the world. If her friends had played a bigger role, it could've been realistic, but since Clem's friends only purpose is to make her engage in sexual activities, or flirting, or trying to attract men, it's just a sad representation of female friendship.

When I say there's no realistic character development, what I'm really saying is that Clem's character isn't offered any realistic development. Gavin, the love interest, doesn't get any at all. He's perfect from the go, and, like other NA heroes, has about as much personality as a shoe box.

He's sexy, every girl wants him and every girl who does is somehow shamed for it even the heroine wants the same thing eventually , he's smart, kind, strong, manly, possessive and jealous, good at sex, etc.. He's also prone to drop casual sexism from time to time. Sounds familiar? It's because he is. He is all this from the start, and he's the same at the end.

When it comes to secondary characters, Jenna and Harper, Ryan Jenna's boyfriend , Jax Clem's brother , and a few others, they have no personality either. Jax especially should've been more fleshed out as it could've helped make Clem's progress more realistic and the support coming from somewhere besides Gavin. He gets his own book second in the series so maybe that's why he didn't get as much time or development, but that was a big mistake. Jenna, Clem's best friend, is a joke.

She's the stereotypical sex-obsessed friend whose purpose is to push the heroine toward hot sex and hot men , and not much else. As said, a poor representation of female friendship. Moving on to the plot. The overall plot is Clem learning to trust Gavin. Which is the problem, because the story is focused on making Clem trust a guy and not people in general.

It's also focused on that Gavin himself makes her trust him, even when she's said she doesn't want him but of course, in his mind, she wants him since all women wants it even when they say no, right? You'd think that the friends that helped Clem to the extent of her not needing her anxiety medicine would play a part in helping her trust people, but no.

It's all about Gavin's perfect persona that makes Clem trust people. A very troubling message: The secondary plot is about a missing girl. Gavin is covering this for the school's newspaper, but after several months the police is out of leads.

I will discuss it more, but it's inside the spoiler: He took her under his wing and helped her write her first book. As time went, he began coming on to her, and when she said no, his obsession began.

It ended with him moving away, and she got a restraining order on the professor. Now the professor is back and teaching at the uni again which, is unrealistic as well, an quite offensive toward the university as the author uses a real one for the setting. He's also taking a new student it appears under his wing. Clem realizes this, and is worried, kinda, about the student. Yet, she doesn't say anything to her, because there is no good timing. Yup, Clem doesn't tell another female student that the professor stalker, assaulted, and tried to rape her, because Clem can't find the right time to tell her.

Clem quickly found a way for the reader to lose all respect for her. It's a poorly written mystery as more or less anyone will realize who's behind it from the go. It should've been left out of the story. Dearest Clementine never had the chance to be something unique, or new, in the NA genre. It's full of sexism, misogyny, poor plot, no character development, and the usual carbon-cut characters. The writing overall is decent, nothing spectacular, but definitely readable.

Unfortunately the book and story focused on all the wrong things, ending up in a mess. Jun 10, Anna Banana rated it it was amazing Shelves: I can't believe I waited so long to read this! I've had this book sitting on my kindle for over a year but once I started reading I couldn't stop. Gavin is as perfect as all the reviews say he is and I actually really love the heroine as well and feel like I can relate to her so much.

Her roommates are awesome and I can only hope they all get books as well. The only thing I didn't like about this book was the miscommunication and the unnecessary drama that happened about halfway throu 4. The only thing I didn't like about this book was the miscommunication and the unnecessary drama that happened about halfway through the book.

I would've liked to see them together for much longer instead of taking a break. Especially Daren. I don't know how the characters are just forgiving and forgetting what he did, like, what the hell?! I mean for goodness sakes, he's engaged to her best friend whom he cheated with! Meet Clementine Avery: But with a student loan and tuition to pay off as well as love and danger lurking in the air, how will everything turn out?

Dearest clementine epub format

Moreover, what will Clementine do when her next 4. Moreover, what will Clementine do when her next writing assignment requires her to step out of the box and test her limits?

Read and you will find out!! My thoughts: While I did add this book to my TBR shelf on goodreads, I had been totally skeptical about it because it had derived from a fairly new and upcoming author. Lex Martin does an astounded job of painting a vividly original and captivating about a girl who may have had a few bad stops in her life but is working to claim her own independence and place in this world.

The only downfall to this book and reason for the -. But that's just me. A lovely, lovely read Lex!! Thank you!! Review to be posted on my blog as soon as I can find an opening! Oct 20, Syndi rated it did not like it Shelves: Can not click with everything.

Characters are super confusing. The story build up can not support the characters development. Jun 11, Lindsay rated it it was amazing Shelves: You [were] lost and gone forever, [Oh my Darling], Clementine.

I can't count the number of times that song went through my head as I read. I serious loved this book. I really liked Clem. She was smart except for math , snarky with a dark sense of humor, and into book, GR and writing. I must admit, while I know GR isn't' for everyone, I love it and loved the shout out. I also loved Clem's friends Jenna, Harper, and Dani.

She had such a great group of friends that I hated for the book to end because I wanted to see what happened next. I totally loved him. I think he deserves a book. I want to see his story and see him get a HEA. I'm not sure I'd want a book for him though Dear lord Gavin. I want a book boyfriend like him. I honestly don't have the words to describe how much I loved him. The romantic suspense was very well written. I did figure it out and was happy I got it right. That is, until she meets Gavin, a RA and journalist that is also the newest member of her friend's band.

Clementine, being apprehensive about relationships, doesn't want to give Gavin the time of day, but she is struggling with writers block and an assignment in her new romance class and he is the only thing that helps give her inspiration.

There is also a missing girl from Clementine's university and Gavin is writing piece after piece trying to help bring her home. Clementine is also feeling very unsafe on campus, because she was sexually assaulted by a college professor her freshman year. Even though she had gotten a restraining order, he is back and is making it very apparent that he isn't willing to stop pursuing Clementine.

Dearest Clementine

We also are introduced to some amazing side characters that get their own spinoffs in this series, too! Jax, Clementine's twin brother and soccer star, gets to be the male lead in Finding Dandelion!First you have Clementine. New Adult Book Club: I absolutely adored him. Oh yes, I am looking forward for the next books. I'll never forget the look on his face when he found my friend Sarah passed out, piss-drunk, with a broken ankle.

Lex Martin does an astounded job of painting a vividly original and captivating about a girl who may have had a few bad stops in her life but is working to claim her own independence and place in this world. Your rating and why? His cheeky innuendos were perfectly spaced throughout the book and showed off Lex Martin's great comedic timing.

He makes her feel safe and protected and she's never had that before.

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