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Damaged goods lauren gallagher epub file. The Chance is the fourth book in the Thunder Point series by Robyn Carr. It's also by far the best book of the series. DOWNLOAD EPUB Damaged Goods. Read more · Damaged Goods Damaged Goods (Doctor Who: The New Adventures) Damaged Goods Lauren Gallagher Damaged Goods Copyright © June by Lauren . Editorial Reviews. Review. "Once again, Gallagher has hit it out of thepark. [ ] [ She] takes the reader on an emotional journey and also fillsthe pages with hot.

Damaged Goods Lauren Gallagher Epub

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Damaged Goods eBook: Lauren Gallagher: Free download or read online Damaged Goods pdf (ePUB) book. The first edition of this novel was . 4 days ago Damaged Goods by Lauren Gallagher. Damaged Goods book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Jocelyn. Save as PDF version of damaged goods ebook lauren gallagher. Download damaged goods ebook lauren gallagher in EPUB Format. Download zip of.

Twentyfouryearold Pax Tate is not always a nice guy. Hes a tattooed, rockhard bad boy with a bad attitude to match. Only read Going into If you Stay by Courtney Cole, I was expecting a read that left me as follows: While I enjoyed this book, I cant say that I absolutely loved it or that it left a huge impression on me.

It was still a pretty good read, and I am not disappointed in the least that I gave this book a go. Pax Tate de 24 aos es un idiota. De verdad. Es un tatuado chico del rock pesado con mala actitud para acompaar.

These two were on fire!! How do you move on from that? You've basically hit the peak of amazing sex. Nothing will compare after this. Everything about this was surreal. Primal and tender. Painful and perfect. Savage and sensual. Jocelyn gets to know Sabian A man making a living, a man who fell into the profession, a man who she is just as attracted to, if not more so What now? While Jocelyn feels a deep connection with Austin, she must come to terms and accept that he's currently unable to quit his job.

A relationship with him means accepting every part of him With an open mind and heavy heart, she attempts to do just that.

What about Jocelyn's ex-husband? Her kids? Her friends? How do you tell people how you met? Can Jocelyn and Austin separate the connection they have with what Austin does for a living? First and foremost, let me say that the book is really well written. Told entirely from Jocelyn's POV, you really get to see her struggle with her heart, mind and body. She's forced to think about things that aren't even in the realm of decision making if you were dating a man with a more "normal" job.

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And the connection that these two share is deep. They are so open and honest about everything Anything and everything is an open book, on the table and up for discussion. I absolutely loved that. Which is why it broke my heart any time Austin was at "work. I couldn't rationalize or compartmentalize my emotions. Having my boyfriend sleepover after he's fucked another woman is not OK The author definitely did her best to clearly show the difference between the two However, even with that clever tactic, I couldn't help but feel at times that it wasn't Jocelyn's inner dialogue I was reading, but rather the author trying to persuade ME, the reader.

Unfortunately, it didn't work as well as she may have liked. I was wholly invested in their relationship, but that tiny tickle at the back of my brain wouldn't let me fully give my heart to them. If Austin would have stopped having sex with his clients, this would have easily been a five star for me. But it did make me think How much would I be able to compartmentalize?

Who wins in a battle between the mind and the heart? And this gal can appreciate a book that engaged my brain. View all 24 comments. I need to sleep a night over this, else I'd rant too much.

I have calmed down. As much as I could I'd say. I'll try to keep this short The sex was boring, meaningless, emotionless, and nothing I haven't read in a gazillion erotic romances and above all erotica before. In fact it is so rote, so bland and so "told" with such nauseatingly common catchwords, that I'm happy I could loan this book.

I'd have been really pissed off, if I had paid money for it. In less words: Have women as in the author's thought processes and the main character's actions now come so low, that they confound equality with emulating shitty, arseholish male behaviour?

I consider men using prostitutes something which needs to be abolished.

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It's unethical, harmful and deeply inhumane. I don't consider female punters any better than male ones. That made Jocelyn a character who fucked up in a big way and she wasn't able, throughout the book, to redeem herself.

She wasn't worthy of any HEA. With very few exceptions there is no actual need to engage a prostitute. Everyone with one good hand can find sexual relief without any need for one. It's extremely ridiculous that allegedly a woman after just a few years without a constant sexual partner, even though she has access to a long row of one night stands, is so desperate for sex that she needs to buy it.

That's completely unbelievable. But even if, I'd expect an intelligent woman to at least question what she does there. And there was nothing of that in this book. Yes, we got some shocked responses from her relatives and friends, but she never questioned her own behaviour. Sabian and Austin by the way are definitely NOT two different people. They are the same.

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In real life real prostitutes often drink and do drugs to separate their prostitution from themselves. It's not at all like the author wants to make us believe, prostitution is not "just a job". Few prostitutes come away as whole people from it.

I suggest everyone who believes prostitution comes at no price for the prostitute to read Paid for: My Journey Through Prostitution. That will open a few eyes. So let me state it clearly: It is because we get sold that prostitution is harmless for the prostitute , that punters are as ethical as customers in a supermarket, and that prostitution is depicted in what is a Disney version of what it actually is. I've noticed the author doing that repeatedly now, and I begin to wonder about the agenda behind this.

That Austin keeps on fucking other women while already having a relationship with Jocelyn is only an expression of prostitution. My reaction would have been different from Jocelyn's, mainly because I dislike promiscuity in partners, but she was his punter. So what? She had it coming. I have zero sympathy for her. That Jocelyn likens having children to getting a client call in the middle of the night is preposterous and additionally lowered my opinion of her by a mile or so.

Final thoughts: I can't say I find this uncritical embrace of prostitution I see in this storyline, but also in many of the reviews positive.

Mind, I don't think prostitutes should be shunned or looked at askance. The punters are the arseholes, be they male or female, especially when they don't so much as reflect upon what they do.

View all 3 comments. Strangely, as a reader and lover of most things taboo, I should have liked this book. Still, I could just never get over the ick! At first I was like…ok…to me that IS cheating, because really, get a job, you looser, but what ever…then the author tried to make it sweet for us-how the hero goes to the heroine after his sex stunts and is all cuddly…I was somehow squirming trough all of this, and trying not to be skeptical…but the ending?

And he is now stopping to get married? Pft, why stop? You were so good at it, Mister. Btw, now he can find a job? Now, suddenly, it is totally uncool to fuck other women for money? One word WOW. This book took me by surprise. It's heart warming, sexy and touching that I felt giddy with happiness. Loved it so much I can't put it into words. View all 33 comments. Love is love, and sometimes it hits you upside the head when you least expect it.

You need to grab it, hold on tight, think outside the box, and overcome insurmountable odds…when that person…that love is so worth it!

Jocelyn you are my hero, and Austin you are the man and what man you are…beautiful!!! Going into this I had my doubts, but once I got a feel for both of the characters and THEY started to feel for each other, I crossed my fingers, h 4.

Boy did they ever!! Their intimate moments were sensual, passionate and at the same time tender and sweet.

They belonged together, and the writing relayed that message very well. I had some trouble believing that Austin would continue in his line of work for as long as he did, even after he and Jocelyn proclaimed their love, but somehow it worked. I enjoyed how Jocelyn backed her friend Kim, into a corner, and turned the tables on her.

Jocelyn defended her man, and even when it looked like she would crumple under the pressure of this difficult relationship, she continued to see Austin for all he was worth…she was awesome! The writing is smooth, great dialogue, steamy, sexy and it leaves you feeling… very satisfied!

View all 34 comments. This was actually really good and it is contemporary romance. If any of you are crazy enough to follow the books I read I'm sorry if you do but I love you all the same , you know I'm not a fan of contemporary romance.

This book had a guy that wasn't perfect but totally hot , This was actually really good and it is contemporary romance. This book had a guy that wasn't perfect but totally hot , who didn't have a perfect job, wasn't physically the Terminator just a normal hot guy. As for making his woman come more times than some women come in their entire lifetime, well he IS a prostitute so he has lots of practice making his women happy!

Overall- I would have actually liked a longer book. I really enjoyed the two characters. View all 10 comments. It was sort of icky.


I also found at times the dialog was stiff and corny, especially towards the end. The sex scenes were scorching hot and I loved Austin's gentle, sweet nature, but I felt the climax was somewhat weak where it could have really been powerful because of the w 2. The sex scenes were scorching hot and I loved Austin's gentle, sweet nature, but I felt the climax was somewhat weak where it could have really been powerful because of the whole situation.

Bummer, I had much higher expectations for this book. View all 5 comments. It's chocked full of the emotion you long for when reading a great romance and the steam you expect from any naughty little erotica. I saw her emotional attachment to the man coming from a mile away How could you not become emotionally attached to someone who is fulfilling your desires and meeting needs that haven't truly ever been met?

I would say that it is nearly impossible to keep your heart out of it.

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One point that was brought up, however that made me look at this scenario a little differently though is this: Something to think about! Check us out! It's not often you come across a story so consuming.

So raw in it's reveals but yet beautiful all the same. This is one of those stories. I could NOT stop reading it. And I was utterly ticked off that it actually had to end. And way sooner than I would have liked. To say Jocelyn is a special type of a woman to not only understand, but to accept this unconventional relationship, woul WOW..

To say Jocelyn is a special type of a woman to not only understand, but to accept this unconventional relationship, would be the understatement of the century. From the first night that they meet to where their story takes you, to the end. There is nothing about it that is the "norm" when it comes to meeting, getting to know, falling in "like" and eventually in love with someone. And all those little BIG compromises in between. You taste the decadent sweetness they crave from one another.

Jocelyn and Sabian had me thinking "What would I do? But in any case, I got it. I understood. And blushed big time while reading this book. And come on Totally fell in love with him. I can't blame Jocelyn. I really can't. I highly recommend this read. Gearing up for my re-read. And this time I'm coming prepared: View all 16 comments. As you can see in the book description, this is the story of a woman, a single mom, who is tired of the whole dating scene and decides to take the advice of a girlfriend, to use an escort service for a night of safe, no strings attached, hot sex!

This is when she meets Sabian During one of their "meetings" they decide to actually have a conversation and discover that they really enjoy each other's company It was certainly interesting to get in his head and sort of get an idea of what life is like as a male escort. This book was told in first person, Jocelyn's point of view actually I felt for her Enter Sabian.. I really really liked this book! There was a lot of sex..

I would not hesitate to recommend this book to lovers of erotic contemporary romances looking for something different.. After seeing what some of my GRs friends were saying about it, i'm glad i finally did! View all 54 comments.

Austin's a hot, sexy, awesome guy-who's also an escort translation-prostitute. Jocelyn is a frustrated single mom who hires him out of desperation.

They meet, fall in lust, fall in love, and deal with their relationship problems his job, her kids On the way they steam up the pages more than a little. Well, at least Austin does. Which was, of course, w 4. Which was, of course, why I now reclined on a rented, rock-hard, queen-size bed, waiting for a male prostitute to show up. I had to take a bit of time to calm down and wrap my head around this story before writing a review. I also had to take a minute to separate how I felt personally about situations and how I felt about the book in itself, i.

The developing romance between the two was sweet and hot as they went from just having sex to making love. It was almost possible to feel the connection growing between them and I became emotionally engrossed with them. I love it when an author has the ability to do that to me.

Jocelyn was a very strong, level-headed, and independent woman. Austin came across as sweet, sincere, intelligent, and, at times, extremely vulnerable. It was due to his character development that I was able to see past his profession just as Jocelyn could. I respected Jocelyn for doing this and was in awe of her strength to do so. Yet, I completely understood her reservations about continuing to see him when she found out he had been with three of her friends. What an awkward situation to find yourself in.

I felt a ball of nerves form in my stomach from just reading about it. It has nothing to do with the profession itself, but more to do with my admitted insecurities. I would drive myself insane and physically sick with jealousy whenever he was off working. I think I would even feel a hint of resentment every time he would have to bail out on plans to answer a work call. I doubt that I would hold that same resentment if I was with someone who was called away to deal with a situation at a construction job or an office job or the like.

Maybe all these feeling would fly out the window if I actually found myself in the same situation feeling the same intense feelings for someone as Jocelyn and Austin felt for each other. I was really obsessing over this and then the epilogue came and I was flooded with happiness. I was so happy that Austin decided to quit his job before he proposed to Jocelyn. Again, all this based on personal feelings. Overall, I enjoyed this story immensely. The character development was great.

The story was told well. The sex was hot as hell. Books that make me think and analysis are 5-star books all the way. View all 17 comments. It's been a while since a book just blew me away with a thought provoking storyline combined with a couple that radiates off the charts steam when they are together.

Gallagher delivered both and then some. Once I started this story I could not put it down except to quickly inform several friends that they had to buy this book immediatel Wow!

Once I started this story I could not put it down except to quickly inform several friends that they had to buy this book immediately! Gallagher really explored the authentic social stigma of being and dating a prostitute and how it effects the lives of both characters. Readers who are looking for a sizzling hot erotic read with a realistic look into the lives of a couple searching for intimacy and belonging, look no further than Damaged Goods.

No one else's kiss had ever reduced the universe to the space we occupied. Something like this simply couldn't be wrong. View all 6 comments. The moment I finished the story, the first word that popped into my head was: Perhaps someone reading the summary would proclaim this some sort of cheesy, Hollywood speciment.

This couldn't be more wrong.

This is the story of an escort, Austin or Sabian as his professional name is, and a single mother, Jocelyn. Their first meeting is through the obvious way, and as their relationship grows from the employee-client one to the simple man and woman one, I was moved. I couldn't fi I. I couldn't find a more appropriate word to describe everything I was reading. It was moving. Even though it is based on the theme of prostitution, I simply adored the way Austin brought a completely different aspect to the light, going against the preconceived notions.

I trully believe that Austin is one of those memorable characters that are likely to stick with you. If this isn't something you can handle, I'll understand, but I swear to you. I've never given this to anyone. And the whole slightly forbidden aspect of what they had just added to the thrill of it. The fact that what they were doing at first, the sex, was really happening, and yet it was in many ways fake, but with undercurrents of real attraction and desire… and then watching that lead to real desire, and real passion, real intimacy and real intensity… oooooo it was swoony!!

The more comfortable he became with Jocelyn, the more he began to show her the real him — the fun, sweet, artistic guy behind the suave, sophisticated, confident escort. He became so much more real, and as a reader, I got to connect with him on a more personal level seeing him tired from work, groggy in the morning, enjoying video games, nervous on a first real date, cooking food, having fun, just being himself.

But at the same time, I loved his approach to his job. He had no shame in what he did and made a really good case for it actually. I loved that perspective and what it said about him. She was inquisitive but never absolutely never looked down on him or judged him negatively for what he did.

And I loved that when they finally came together, nothing was rushed. No insta-love.This book is not yet featured on Listopia. View all 16 comments. Get Damaged Goods PDF Examining like a letter to an in depth buddy, this publication addresses the connection among individuals with Alzheimer's affliction and their caregivers. Issuu company logo. Again, all this based on personal feelings. The sex was hot as hell. Error rating book. About Lauren Gallagher.

She was a wonderful heroine with a good head on her shoulders. Everyone with one good hand can find sexual relief without any need for one.

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