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Come Away with Me book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. An alternate cover edition can be found confronte. Come Away with Me book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. One minute, Tegan Lawson has everything she could hope for: an. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Kristen is the author of the Amazon and USA Today bestselling With Me In Seattle series. She has a passion for a good love.

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Come Away with Me: A Novel [Karma Brown] on *FREE* shipping on Ships from and sold by Fifty Third Street Books. Reviews. Add to Cart. A Globe & Mail Top Books for ! COME AWAY WITH ME is a heartbreaking and emotional story of one woman's discovery that life is still worth living. Buy COME AWAY WITH ME on Kindle (Amazon). 4+ stars. Looking for a steamy, no angst, pure swoon-fest?? Look no further! I still can't.

Well, Karma Brown definitely delivered! Not only was this story filled with a good amount of tissue material, but it also came with a nice little added bonus of a surprise twist that had me wanting to go back to chapter one and figure out why I let that little clue slide. I know where it happened, but I chose to ignore it. In this novel, we meet Tegan Lawson who has just about everything going Come Away with Me was one of those books I picked up because I was in the mood for something emotional.

In this novel, we meet Tegan Lawson who has just about everything going for her. In an attempt to move passed the pain, Gabe and Tegan take out their Jar of Spontaneity and embark on a journey that takes them to Thailand, Italy and Hawaii.

You just have to face it head on in order to start to heal.

First off, I have to say how wonderful Gabe was in this novel. I appreciated how he handled Tegan through her grief despite her anger and resentment that was often directed at him.

There were moments where I lost my patience with Tegan, but I had to quickly reel that in because the loss she suffered is probably beyond anything I could ever cope with myself.

I also enjoyed the journey Tegan and Gabe took to several exotic locations. It was exciting to see these places through their eyes despite the constant shadow of grief and pain. The places and people they met along the way was an experience to remember. Come Away with Me is my first encounter with Karma Brown. Good story that was exactly what I was in the mood for. Jan 13, Kristy rated it it was amazing. This book absolutely destroyed me.

And I mean that in a very good way. I fell in love with Tegan and Gabe from page one, and as I became more and more vested in the story, the twist came and ripped my heart out. Karma is a brilliant writer and I'm so lucky to have had the privilege of reading this story before it was published.

The only other story that actually made me bawl my eyes out was John Green's The Fault in Our Stars, and if you loved that story, I'm sure you will love this one too. COM This book absolutely destroyed me. Seriously, you MUST read this book. Drop everything you're doing and read it now.

Come Away with Me

You WON'T be disappointed. Sep 16, Sharon DeVellis rated it it was amazing. There are some books you read once, and there are others that you will read again, and again, and again.

Come Away With Me is one of them. Don't let the cover fool you. While this might look like an easy beach read and it is there is so much more to this story. I started reading on a Wednesday and by Chapter 3 I knew this would be a book I couldn't put down. Fast forward to Thursday night when I was sitting on my couch with my jaw dropped open at the ending I had no idea was coming.

It's a wee There are some books you read once, and there are others that you will read again, and again, and again. It's a week later and I'm now reading it a second time. Can't wait for another book by this author. Jan 11, sue rated it liked it Shelves: We meet Tegan who has undergone some terrible tragedy, she has lot her child she has lot her husband.

We go through all the emotions that Tegan is going through. I did like the visits to Thailand and Italy. If I am honest, I did skim through some pages as it seemed more a geographical location book at times when I personally wanted to get right back to Tegan and her life.

Its a debut novel and a very good first book. I received this from Harlequin via net galley to read and review. View all 8 comments. Nov 18, Karen Green rated it really liked it Shelves: If you like your fiction with realistic characters, lush locations and not a small amount of emotional ups and downs, you'll really enjoy Karma Brown's debut novel. I was sucked in immediately, and stayed there until the very last page. A great read. Jan 15, Suze Lavender rated it it was amazing.

Tegan and Gabe are incredibly happy together.

They're soul mates, have a wonderful marriage and there's a baby on the way. Life couldn't be better. A terrible accident due to a patch of black ice changes their lives forever. Tegan is heartbroken and doesn't know how to go on. She's devastated because of everything she's lost in that awful moment and she knows she can never get it back. When Tegan doesn't think she has the strength to keep on living Gabe suggests it's time to use their Jar of Spon Tegan and Gabe are incredibly happy together.

When Tegan doesn't think she has the strength to keep on living Gabe suggests it's time to use their Jar of Sponteneity.

In the jar they've put notes with their dream journeys and experiences they don't want to miss. It's time for Tegan and Gabe to go on a new adventure together. Maybe this will make Tegan come to terms with what happened, so she can get out of the darkest part of her depression.

It's a journey filled with highs, but also terrible lows. Will it have the desired effect? Come Away with Me is a heartbreaking emotional story. Tegan has lost so much because of the accident she and Gabe were in.

She doesn't know how to keep going and she doesn't know if she can forgive Gabe. He was driving the car and Tegan is angry with him about many different things. I had tears in my eyes when I read their story. There's plenty of love, but how is it possible to get over something this disastrous? I admired Tegan tries and goes on that trip.

She's far from ready to deal with everyday situations again, but she does it anyway because of the jar. I was intrigued by the physical and emotional journey aspect of the story and loved that combination. Karma Brown has written a beautiful story about the unfair part of life, grief, love and strength.

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I loved her vivid writing and her thorough description of every emotion Tegan is going through. Tegan and Gabe are having a very special bond and I was anxious to find out what would happen to them. I love how every part of their relationship is being explored and the result is a gorgeous story with an incredible ending that made me tear up multiple times.

I absolutely loved this fantastic book. Oct 30, Amber rated it it was amazing. Some people might say this book gave them "the feels. So I'll say that this book gave me tingles. Some might argue it's the same as "the feels" but no, it is not. It sounds less irritating. You'll meet Tegan, who seems to have it all: A son on the way. And then Her husband Gabe was driving, they hit black ice, and Tegan wakes up in the hospital and is told that her baby died.

I know. Not surprisingly, Tegan falls into a depression. B Some people might say this book gave them "the feels. But then Gabe reminds her about the Jar of Spontaneity that they created a while back. It's filled with places they want to travel to. Tegan fights doing this at first, but then realizes she needs to do something other than lying around.

So she picks out some papers from the jar and off she goes! Tegan travels to Thailand, Italy the food! She has various adventures but she can't stop thinking about the baby she lost. She feels guilty. She also blames Gabe because he was driving.

Will she ever be okay again? This book did move me in many ways. It also made me want some Italian food. The only thing that did cause me to roll my eyes a bit is each flashback chapter on Tegan's relationship with Gabe, it seems like it was always them having sex.

So the book was almost like "sad" "sex" "sad" "sex. I look forward to reading Karma Brown's next novel! View 1 comment. Jun 23, KAS rated it it was amazing. What an amazing story involving love, tragic loss and taking time to heal. This book is beautifully written.

I fell in love immediately with Tegan and Gabe and immersed myself in their incredible heart wrenching journey. Tissues were definitely needed. This is Karma Brown's debut novel and I will add her to my list of must read authors! Geweldig boek. Echt van genoten, ondanks het zware onderwerp. Het einde was totaal onverwachts Zeker een aanrader.

Oct 07, Leslie rated it it was amazing. Raw, emotional, powerful. A must read. Come Away With Me 1 5 Jan 09, Readers also enjoyed. In fact, the first half was easily a 4-star read for me. Somewhere along the way, it fumbled. I won't be rereading this one, but it was alright for a one-time listen. Could've been better, but it could've been a lot worse also.

This one landed firmly in the "middle of the road" territory for me. View all 30 comments. Nov 03, Aestas Book Blog rated it really liked it. Looking for a steamy, no angst, pure swoon-fest?? Look no further! The flow, the writing style, the feel of the story, the characters, everything just instantly hooked me from the first scene. Seriously, I read most of this book with this happy little smile on my face and my heart a-fluttering. On a beautiful quiet morning, Natalie is out on the beach taking photos of the scenery when she is suddenly confronted by a gorgeous man enraged that she was taking his picture and demanding that she turn over her camera.

And so begins their relationship. Oh my god Luke freaking Williams!

He was butterflies-in-my-belly, set-my-heart-a-flutter, clutch-my-chest-and-fan-myself swoony! He cooked, opened doors, gave foot rubs, bought flowers by the truckload , planed surprises, spoiled his girl… and best of all, was completely devoted to and in love with Natalie.

Over all, pretty much just pure fantasy man material. I need to know if there is any competition. They each had their insecurities but I really liked how they compromised in each situation. This book has no external drama or bad guy. No cheating, major stupidity, long separations or anything will make you threaten bodily harm to your eReader. Its solely focused on the romance between Luke and Natalie!

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And oh my Lord are there ever boat-loads of steamy sex scenes! I kind of wavered on whether or not that was a good thing but overall, I guess the fact that I honestly smiled my way through most of the book meant that I really liked it. I love the style and it worked well for this story. I also found there was a bit too much focus on body image talk — at first it was fine, but it was mentioned several times over the course of the book and eventually got to be a little much for me.

Too many endearments, too many 'perfect' scenes. D This book left me completely satisfied with Luke and Natalie's story. There is a HEA no cliffhanger!

And she just told me we have a LOT to look forward to: Book 2 "Fight With Me" which will follow Jules' the best friend's and Nate's story and is scheduled for release on Jan 4, Seriously, Kristen Proby sure knows how to keep her readers happy: D If you love steamy romance without excess drama, then definitely add this book to your TBRs! Thank you to the author Kristen Proby for providing me with an ARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review.

View all 58 comments.

When I started this, I thought the dialog was a little corny and that it was not going to be a hit with me. In the end, I truly ended up enjoying this one so much!!! Natalie is a photographer and Luke was once a Major Hollywood actor. He hasn't acted in several years and loves his life of seclusion in Seattle. When the two meet, they don't hit it off instantly, as Luke mistakes Natalie for a Paparazzi and tries to confiscate her camera.

In her line of work she takes sexy boudoir pictures of couples and she also just takes pictures of the local scenery. She's not into movies so she has no clue that Luke was once a box office draw. This, of course, intrigues and captivates him. This story is very predictable. At times I compared it to "Love Unscripted" , although I wouldn't put them in the same caliber.

I knew exactly what was going to happen when it did happen. But, funny enough, I really freaking enjoyed this story more than I ever thought possible. I loved Luke and his sexy, possessive and alpha ways. There was plenty of steamy sex. And I really liked some of the secondary characters.

I am looking forward to reading Jules' book some time soon. If you are in need for something light with plenty of steamy sex and some lovable characters, I would definitely recommend this to you!! View all 79 comments. Kindle-freebies currently over books https: View all 7 comments. Holy Hotness Batman! This is a stunningly sexy, super steamy contemporary romance and I adore the gorgeous, enticing cover.

Natalie, a professional photographer, and Luke have very inauspicious beginnings on the beach early one morning when she is out taking photographs.

He sees red and accuses her of taking pictures of him when she is, in fact, taking landscape shots. After apologising profusely for his actions when he realises his mistake, Luke relishes Nat's ignorance of who he is and, as their relationship develops, he loves that she is coming to care for him, the real Luke as a person without pre-conceived ideas.

Nat has known her share of heartbreak and is slow to trust but she soon opens up to Luke and shares her darkest secrets with him and she is a worthy heroine — fiery, loyal and tenacious. Their story is incredibly steamy and this is an erotic romance that has more sex scenes than you can shake a stick at! Nat has a collection of script tattoos all over her body in places that are hidden by her clothes and the scene where Luke slowly discovers them all is quite the sensual voyage of discovery!

Their story is stunning — two wounded souls finding salvation together, healing one another. This is highly recommended for all you erotic romanceaholics out there. You know who you are! View all 48 comments. Jan 01, Jill rated it did not like it Shelves: This book irritated me.

It was awful. The reviews I saw were all good and I was excited. But this was a real let down. I hate how they just keep on going on about each others looks, gah. Yes, yes, yes I am sure you are both amazingly beautiful and don't even know it!! It just all seemed so over the top. Sickly sweet, I think my teeth may be rotton and everything they said just s DNF!!!!!

Sickly sweet, I think my teeth may be rotton and everything they said just seemed like something they should say, not what those characters would say. Am I making any sense on this crazy awful review rant? Anyway I am sad,I had such high hopes.

View all 23 comments. This book was a 2. I have to say I was really looking forward to reading this book with my fellow readers on our blog. The hype surrounding it had been immense and from what I had heard everyone was loving it. I was sent an arc for an honest review by the Author a while back but I decided to wait and read it with everyone else as is normally the case with BOFF reads; which I love.

Unfortunately I didn't love it, and I hate when that happens because I know how much an Author puts This book was a 2. Unfortunately I didn't love it, and I hate when that happens because I know how much an Author puts into their story.

However, there are so many amazing books out there and I have my integrity and always endeavour to leave an honest review no matter how much it pains me to do so like in this case. So yeah, this one didn't work for me. I was enjoying the start and thought this is going to be good, then I lost it and I have to admit to skim reading through the middle until the last bit where it picked up again.

So overall, I guess I could stretch to saying it was just okay. To me, and this is my opinion, it was gratuitous sex with no real story to balance it out. Like a mediocre badly dubbed porn flick where the words baby and beautiful lost all meaning. I wanted to love this story so much, as everyone else seems to but on no reflection on the Author, it just wasn't for me. I really liked how Luke and Natalie met, and I really did think Natalie was a lovely character whereas Luke blew hot and cold for me but I just couldn't connect to either characters.

I will say that I did enjoy the ending and I thought the Author pulled it back in, on way to redeeming it somewhat for me, but it was just that little bit to late. I'm going to call this a marmite book; you either love it or you don't. View all 18 comments. Nov 10, Jennifer Kyle rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here.

Strong start and then Nothing In the beginning Luke and Natalie were totally swoon worthy: Luke is a famous actor and Natalie is a freelance photographer. I was hooked after the first chapter. Luke assumes Natalie is taking his picture and attacks her for her camera. I really loved how Luke and Natalie met and fell in love. Sadly the rest of the story lacked drama and excitement.

They fell in love, have lots of hot sex, got engaged, pregnant and got married. Nothing really spectacular happened at a Strong start and then Nothing In the beginning Luke and Natalie were totally swoon worthy: Nothing really spectacular happened at all. I keep reading anticipating something major coming but the story stayed its course. I loved Luke's coffee deliveries in the mornings though, so sweet!

View all 9 comments. Nov 10, Alona rated it did not like it Shelves: I'm starting to hate random downloads. I like trying out Indie authors. You can never tell when you'll find a gem in a sea of e-books today, that's why I give them a try.

But now I think I need a break. Come Away with Me has a nice cover and blurb. I'm still crazy-craving-for-celebrity-characters so I picked this up. Oh my, what a freaking waste of time. I know how much authors invest in their work but this really didn't work for I'm starting to hate random downloads.

I know how much authors invest in their work but this really didn't work for me. The author failed to catch the reality of Hollywood. They're flat. I don't consider the bad plot and storytelling enough reasons for me to give this a 1-star rating.

What ticks me most was the writing. There are a lot of grammar slips I can't make myself not to notice. There are also details that aren't necessary. It gives the impression that the writing is aimed to impress not to express. Another issue I can't let go is the pregnancy. This particular sentence made my head spin: What do you think it is for? World peace? That's the main reason of using the Pill unless stated otherwise.

The explanation of it not working is unbelievable after the heroine strongly claimed that she never missed a pill and that she is taking it correctly. The doctor insisted that it's Can I get a better explanation? Like maybe the patient took antibiotics that wane its effectiveness? I really should take a break from reading Indie adult contemporary romance. View 2 comments.

Jul 05, Sabrina rated it really liked it Shelves: View all 6 comments. Sep 24, Lyndi W. What the hell, folks? Why are you all squeeing about this book? It never will be. Second, that little line right there tells me that the author is going to attempt to sprinkle in some pop culture references so that the reader will associat What the hell, folks? Second, that little line right there tells me that the author is going to attempt to sprinkle in some pop culture references so that the reader will associate this particular book with "trendy" How have you people managed to not only finish reading this, but enjoy it?

View all 4 comments. Oct 11, Michelle Valentine rated it it was amazing. This book is View all 3 comments. Nov 06, Holly rated it it was amazing Shelves: I have had this book for quite a while, and to be honest If I have learned anything from this experience it's that I really need to ignore other people's reviews and go with my own gut instinct, because in the end I absolutely adored this book.

Confession time: When i started reading this book, it took me a while to get past 6 gushtastic stars The perfect blend of sweet, angst-free romance and super hot sex.

When i started reading this book, it took me a while to get past a couple of issues that i had. First of all, in the beginning it really felt like fanfiction to me. Not to say that the writing wasn't enjoyable to read From the very first scene in which Natalie stumbles upon him, I had the impression that the author had based Luke's character on Rob Pattinson. And then I read this.

Luke had stared in three vampire movies that not only did well, but became such a huge sensation that you couldn't go anywhere without seeing the stars or merchandise of all kinds. But you know what? After that revelation, something amazing happened. I put the whole idea of fanfic and Edward Cullen out of my head Because what Kristen Proby did was bring to life an incredibly sweet, and blessedly angst-free love story that completely blew me away.

And offered up more swoon-worthy moments than almost any other book I have ever read. Luke is Some of the things he does for Natalie almost made me cry because they were so overwhelmingly sweet. But not roll-your-eyes-to-the-back-of-your-head kind of sweet.

No, Luke's sweetness was Something else that I absolutely loved about this book is that Natalie is not a stick-figure. She has curves, and Luke never stops letting Natalie know how much he appreciates those curves. It was refreshing to me to read about a man who appreciates a real woman's body. And while I will always love my bad boys, it was so nice to read about a guy who was head over heels in love with his girl and wanted the whole world to know it.

And did I mention the fact that i loved the lack of angst?! God, talk about a breath of fresh air! Natalie and Luke embrace their feelings for each other and even though I realize the speed at which their relationship progresses may annoy some people, for me it felt natural. I'm almost afraid to touch you," he whispers. The sex scenes are hot!

And yes, there are a lot of them. Luke and Natalie's chemistry is insane right from the beginning. If I was going to be nit-picky, I would admit that I got a little tired of reading the word 'impressive' when Natalie was thinking about a certain part of Luke's body, and the sheer number of times that Luke commented on how wet Natalie was. But again P Come Away With Me was a beautiful, swoon fest of a book.

View all 12 comments. Feb 08, Duchess Nicole rated it it was ok Shelves: In fact, I can see the appeal for some readers. But I've been much more stingy with stars as of late, and this book just didn't cut it. My Synopsis: Natalie is a photographer living in One fine morning while walking along the beach, snapping photos of the beauty that surrounds her, she is suddenly assaulted b 2. One fine morning while walking along the beach, snapping photos of the beauty that surrounds her, she is suddenly assaulted by some strange, huge, HOT man who is apparently enraged with her.

He is adamant that she not take his picture. Once Natalie finally convinces the loony that she was indeed only out for nature pics and other non personal photos, he does your basic one eighty and asks her out. Of course, our smart girl wants nothing to do with the crazy man, and politely refuses.

When Natalie runs into Luke again a few days later, he is adamant that she get coffee with him, and Natalie finally agrees. Little does she know that the yummy male hotness that she starts to see on a regular basis is none other than Luke Williams, famous actor now gone reclusive due to a kind of phobia concerning fans and paparazzi. For the longest time, she doesn't figure it out. And when she finally does, the angst begins But sex was something I understood.

While her career as a photographer allows her to hide behind the lens and make others express the intensity of emotions that she keeps buried inside, Luke has lived in and been deeply burned by the limelight. As a former movie star, he now lives in constant fear of being recognised and of people invading his privacy.

Their connection is initially born out of anonymity, Natalie not recognising Luke, but their growing connection has nothing to do with who they are and everything to do with what they crave in life the most — someone to trust their heart with. As their relationship develops it simply flat-lines. They are faced with very few bumps in the road, making this decidedly the least angsty love story I have ever read.

Even when they fight, they forgive each other soon after — they simply float in their blissful little love bubble, building their relationship rather than tearing it down, perhaps offering us doomed angst-addicted romantics a different point of view on love in general. As perfect and smooth as the path before them might seem to us, this desperation is evident in the jealousy they are both guilty of nursing.I'm going to stop here, because I don't want to come across as nit picky.

BOOK REVIEW: Come Away With Me

When Tegan doesn't think she has the strength to keep on living Gabe suggests it's time to use their Jar of Sponteneity. Get A Copy. Riding an elephant. August 22, Reply. Sep 19, Denise rated it really liked it.

Error rating book. Slow clap, Karma Brown, slow clap. I understand that this was a debut novel for her But they slammed into each other and that was IT for both of them.

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