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Abstract: Chip morphing enables a new class of semiconductor products that can monitor and adjust their functions to improve their quality, performance and. Aug 2, IBM today revealed a breakthrough chip morphing technology, enabling a new class of semiconductor products that can monitor and adjust. Jul 31, Challenging laser fuse techniques, IBM today announced a chip morphing technology based on electromigration it says can allow a new class.

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Dec 13, Chip morphing. 1. CHIP MORPHING Presented By: SATYARANJAN MALLICK Roll NoDIS; 2. Definition Introduction Processor. Chip Morphing. Uploaded by Sriram Ramachandran. Copyright: Attribution Non- Commercial (BY-NC). Download as DOCX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Efuse Chip morphing - Free download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. About IBM's chip morphing technology.

Chip Morphing About Engineering is a study of tradeoffs. In computer engineering the tradeoff has traditionally been between performance, measured in instructions per second, and price. Because of fabrication technology, price is closely related to chip size and transistor count.


With the emergence of embedded systems, a new tradeoff has become the focus of design. This new tradeoff is between performance and power or energy consumption. Processors for these devices must be able to deliver high performance with low energy dissipation.

Additionally, these devices evidence large fluctuations in their performance requirements. Realizing that real world applications vary their performance requirements dramatically over time, a major goal of the project was to design microarchitectures which could adjust to provide the minimal required performance at the lowest energy cost.

Caches A similar sequence of techniques actually starts with designs for caches that are inherently low-power, and reduces total power without compromising the processor cycle time. Physical Memory In the Morph project, however, the assumption that we can dynamically change the IPC of the CPU opens up additional opportunities for energy saving in these other components.

Generally one designs a system to meet the peak performance of the CPU, in this case provide enough memory bandwidth at appropriate access latencies to feed the CPU fully. It can monitor and manage power consumption, repair problems and sense changes in demands on the chip. Chip makers can use the morphing technology to alter chips for systems makers depending on the needs of end-users.

Future uses could include autonomic processors that can self-monitor, self-heal and reconfigure themselves dynamically after theyve been put into systems. Electromigration is used to program the fuses without damaging other parts of the chip.

The activated fuses help the chip control individual circuit speed to manage power consumption and repair unexpected flaws. If a malfunction is caused by individual circuits running too fast or too slow, the eFuse technology can throttle down these circuits or speed them up by monitoring the local voltage.

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The said technology will ship under the name eFuse, so called because it employs millions of electrical fuses that are built into the chip's circuitry. Together, the microfuses act as a kind of autonomous traffic control network, responding to the changing demands placed on the microprocessor to switch individual circuits on and off as required.

Indeed, "eFuse is part of a built-in self-repair system that constantly monitors a chip's functionality. If an imperfection is detected, this technology 'instinctively' initiates corrective actions by tripping inexpensive electrical fuses that are designed into the chip. The fuses help the chip control individual circuit speed to manage power consumption and repair unexpected, and potentially costly flaws", says IBM.The greater the vibrations, the hotter the circuit and the hotter the circuit gets, the more it vibrates and the more likely electrons are to hit the lattice, imparting more momentum.

However, new classes of embedded applications are emerging which not only have significant energy constraints, but also require considerable computational resources.

Views Total views. Published on Nov 23, Abstract Engineering is a study of tradeoffs. The patented technology, called "eFUSE," combines unique software algorithms and microscopic electrical fuses to produce chips that can regulate and adapt their own actions in response to changing conditions and system demands. These devices not only require a fundamental improvement in the performance power tradeoff, but also necessitate a processor which can dynamically adjust its performance and power characteristics to provide the tradeoff which best fits the system requirements at that time.

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