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Behind the Beat: Hip Hop Home Studios is a book by Raph (Rafael Rashid) where the home studios of twenty eight notable Hip-Hop producers. Behind the Beat: Technical and Practical Aspects of Instrumental Hip-Hop Composition A thesis submitted by Michael A. D'Errico In partial fulfillment of the. the world witnessed, perhaps for the first time, what goes on behind the beat of . I do not mean instrumental versions of rap songs, but rather beat tapes and.

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Behind the Beat: Technical and Practical Aspects of Instrumental Hip-Hop Composition. D'Errico, Michael. TZ. Thn50h?file. Behind the Beat: Hip Hop Home Studios [Raph Rashid] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The revealing photographs found within the. The revealing photographs found within the pages of Behind the Beat expose the creative spaces of top DJs and music producers from the UK and US This book.

I almost dare you NOT to get excited with the potential of stuff you can make with just a handful of theory. Anybody can learn how to do that.

You spend a lot of time playing around with instruments and finding out something that sounds good, and play it in a way that sounds appealing. Next, you find another instrument that goes along with the first one, play it accordingly, and so on and so forth.

Got it? Because at this point, you pretty much have everything you need to start making your own beats.

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Nobody makes a hit on their first try, trust me. But with enough practice?

You know that I started out as a clueless rapper who had no idea how to make my own beats. Slowly, but surely.

One beat at a time. After making nothing but crap for YEARS, I was able to start making beats that I actually wanted to rap on myself in just a matter of weeks.

Make Beats 101

This is where Beat Generals come into play. What Is Beat Generals?

Beat Generals is an online tutorial site made exclusively for aspiring producers who want to make hip hop beats using nothing but a computer. Description Abstract: From DJ Premier's beat productions in the early '90s to Kanye West's live performance at the Video Music Awards, the Akai MPC has long been considered standard sampling technology in any hip-hop production studio.

What we’ll cover in the next sections of this guide

Expanding upon the various techniques developed by pioneering hip-hop DJs--including beat-juggling, cutting, and mixing--the MPC introduced a much wider range of possibili Furthermore, the expansion of the machine has coincided with the musical development of the hip-hop tradition, as producers have responded and reacted to changing technological trends with increasingly innovative trends in performance practice.

Through analyses of several tracks by DJ Shadow, Madlib, and Flying Lotus, this paper will fill a major gap in hip-hop scholarship by exploring both the technical aspects of the music's construction as well as how these producers have responded and reacted to the changing characteristics of the MPC throughout its development.

In exposing diverse technical and musical trends that have received little attention from scholars, this paper hopes to provide a missing link to the way we analyze hip-hop music and culture. Thesis M.

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Back Submit Reading Room Request. Description of Materials Describe the materials you want reproduced example: If you intend to publish this material, check this box.From here, the hardware controls of the MPD can be used to play the sample set live in a similar manner as the MPC, essentially externalizing the digital software interface onto the hardware controller fig.

Continuum, Thinking that I needed to invest more in studio equipment so I can make better beats. Music and Urban Geography. You need to constantly improve your skills as a beatmaker or producer. The guitar, keys and vocals are on top to down the middle. New York: Scholarship, Technology, and Music Making.

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