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Perfect Mate By Patti Stanger, Lisa Johnson Mandell [EBOOK EPUB KINDLE PDF]. Download Become Your Own Matchmaker: 8 Easy Steps. Become Your Own Matchmaker: 8 Easy Steps for Attracting Your Perfect Mate [ Patti Stanger, Lisa Johnson Mandell] on *FREE* shipping on. become your own matchmaker pdf. The acceptance of dating systems, however, has created something of a resurgence in the role of the traditional professional.

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Become Your Own Matchmaker book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. From the star and executive producer of Bravo's hit sho. become your own matchmaker free pdf download - edpay - become your own your perfect mate kindle edition by lisa become your own matchmaker 8 easy. Attracting Your Perfect Mate By Patti Stangerapatti. Stangern Audiobook become your own matchmaker free pdf download - edpay - become.

After all, she is the "Millionaire Matchmaker", no? Instead, this Cupid on earth has decided to dispense her most valuable matchmaking advice to us mere mortals in her new book, "Become Your Own Matchmaker.

It was the first dating book I have ever read, and it was actually pretty addictive. You are able to identify Patti's trademark sauciness immediately She is the friend who will tell you your ass DOES look huge in that skirt, and then help you find a gloriously flattering dress , even through written word, which is very entertaining. The focus of this book is how to get the ring in 8 steps.

Each step includes something different, and each step is fully detailed with what is expected and how you should behave.

Also included is signs that you should ditch your guy if such red flags pop up. She included some very useful tips on where to meet single guys, as well as what date nights are "serious" date nights.

None of the information was really applicable to me, but I found it interesting. Some of her advice was a bit drastic.

For example, she advises you to carry around postcard sized pictures of you, with a biography on the back, just incase you meet someone. I can tell you right now I am not about to do that.

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I think I didn't like this book as much as I should have because I am not concerned with dating or marriage right now. And as I said before, this is a step-by-step plan on how to get married. I just think that Patti makes it sound like being single is miserable, and maybe that is true for some women out there, but not for me, not by a long shot.

This book seems to put pressure on you to get married as soon as you can, because "no one is getting any younger," and "your clock is ticking. Listen, ladies, if you are desperate to find love, this book might actually help you. However, if you are just looking for "dating advice" or how to marry a millionaire then I don't know if this is exactly what you need.

But, hey, it couldn't hurt, right? However, in written form she is much more palatable. Is the advice earth shattering, no. But some of it is practical and useful. I think the way she presents herself on TV overshadows some of the good advice she has to offer. I'm not very good at dating and I acknowledge that I need help, little tips and tricks that obviously I haven't thought about. Who was talking? He sounded desperate.

What did he want from her? Chloe woke up, feeling well rested. She blinked a few times trying to wipe the remaining of her nightmare away, taking a mouthful of air to calm her down. He looked… different. She knew that she should feel calmed by his touch, but she just felt wrong. She shook her head, partly to say that she did not want to talk about it and partly to clear her head from the bad thoughts.

She arrived at the precinct slightly winded from the crazy morning. Her father was there, waiting at her desk like everyday, with that proud look in his eyes as he watched her approaching him. He was smiling, of course, but it was - Wrong. Chloe scoffed and turned her attention to the words in front of her, but nothing seemed to make sense.

It was okay, she thought. Not always something has to be perfect. She sipped her coffee, noticing how cold it has become. Had she really spaced out so much?

She chuckled and looked up from her desk, just in time to see a tall, dark-haired man in a three piece suit walk by. Her heart did that thing again, startling her into getting up from her chair. Lucifer Morningstar. Everything was wrong. What was wrong? What was she doing here? She was supposed to be investigating the most recent case, but here she was - an empty nightclub in the middle of the day.

Her body simply did this. She was driving to the crime scene and something in her gut told her to take the exit to this nightclub, and she always listened to her gut. But why? She remembered a grand piano in the middle of the place? I have a few questions.

Follow me. She had asked to be shown the penthouse over the nightclub with the excuse of it being connected to a recent investigation. She knew that she was abusing her power, but she had to check… Well.

She had to. Wrong, wrong, wrong. No piano. She remembers a melody. Playing besides someone. A wind rustles from the open window, pulling her body towards the giant balcony attached to the living room.

She follows her instinct and walks out towards the sunlight, but the chills in her body persist. Something is missing. She looks up at the clear blue sky, wondering who that person is. Of course she knows the Bible story, the Devil that whispers in your ear. But the Lucifer she thinks about is a… person. Not an idea, a concept, but a human man made of flesh.

She blinks and then is like the world changes. It gets unusually quiet, no cars or birds or people shouting in the street.

This is not LA. This is not home. It takes her a solid minute to realize that it is not a current. It is… Wings. His hair is coppery brown, curled in perfect shapes, like a renaissance painting by the gods. Or is he? Chloe blinks again and sees the enormous white wings behind the androgynous person. How could she not see them before? An angel.

She opens her eyes, fighting to get used to this overwhelming light. Everything is too damn bright and she swears she is going blind! Where was she? Where was Lucifer? Is a man, but is not a man. She can barely see more than the silhouette and the striking bluish-white eyes staring down at her from a throne. She had never been one to fall for unproven belief, not even religious ones; but something inside of her, an animal instinct, recognized this… being.

Of course. The screaming, the crash, the pain. The Devil. So it was true. All this time.

[PDF] Become Your Own Matchmaker: 8 Easy Steps for Attracting Your Perfect Mate Popular Collection

I tell nothing but the truth, Detective! She knows she should be freaking out for meeting God and actual angels but everything she can conjure up is every damn time Lucifer said something about being the Devil or about Hell. Hell is real. And so is Heaven. Heaven, where she is. Because she is dead. She turns and finds the androgynous angel from before. A tiny voice in the back of her head screams that she is taking this too well. What was that thing from before? Lucifer is an angel.

Now what? Her eyes had adjusted to the light and now she can see the angels surrounding her; wings and feathers all over the place, their weird grey clothes from another time, their blank expressions and apathetic eyes fixed on her. All on her. Watching, judging. The man on the throne stands up and all the angels around her kneel at the same time, without God ordering them. A shiver goes down her spine as he approaches her slowly, like he has all the time of the world, which in retrospective he indeed has, his steps too quiet for her human ears.

God puts a hand on her shoulder. We are sending you back. She has skin as a soul? Chloe looks behind his shoulder at the still kneeling angels. Instead of an answer, the man makes a gesture with his other hand and the floor under them changes, showing Lucifer sitting on the floor. His clothes are bloody and torn in a lot of places, barely holding together. His hair is all over the place, like he had passed his fingers way too many times through his locks, unkempt and disheveled.

Chloe takes a step towards the image, her heart beating fast.

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She had never heard his voice sound like that. Please come back. Please, Dad. The miracle child. God continues talking. It was the perfect opportunity. She turns and glares at the deity behind her, shaking his touch away from her skin. Were they mine at all? All her life, was it just a project? A pet designed to keep the Devil happy and away from trouble?

A lollipop to bribe a child? She wants to hate them. All of them. God, Lucifer, the angels. Every one of them. Was Maze on the joke, too? A demon. She was a demon!

Did everyone know about this? Is not fair!

All this time… All that made her, well, her. A lie? A pretense? A preambule to her final acquaintance with the Devil?

She feels dirty. Did he know? Was he just waiting for the perfect moment to reclaim his prize? His promised bride, made by God as a token of peace. A toy to keep him entertained. From the corner of her eye she notices the black haired angel raise from his kneeling position, alert. What are they gonna do? Kill her? I want to go back!

She looks down at the image of Lucifer and his tear-stained face, his deep brown eyes as they gaze at her dead body, the unnatural fire in them as he frowns and looks up to the sky. Why did you have to take her? Says Lucifer. That my power only serves to destruction? He sighs with an air of defeat, closing his eyes like this was somewhat expected.

Why did you put her in my path only to take her away? Why make me love her? With what I know now, I can have a direct conversation with him, no secrets. She is hurt as hell!

It hurts. What is it this time? Recognition shines in his eyes.

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Sirens then approach for afar, she can hear them. She looks around to find way less equipment she had expected after such a horrible accident. He has his phone in his hand like he had just finished a call. Instead of addressing her revealing declaration, she opts for sitting up and point at the simple saline bag connected to her arm. She stares back with a controlled expression, not letting any kind of feeling show.The best piece of advice I took away was just to look nice, smell good, relax and have fun.

I highly doubt I'd find my own perfect mate using Patti Stanger's advice—but then again, I'm not sure I'm up for a mate, period, perfect or not.

The best piece of advice I took away was just to look nice, smell good, relax and have fun. And as I said before, this is a step-by-step plan on how to get married. Was she supposed to become a cop? A comfortable silence falls between them, noises of the city below them coming from the opened windows, and Chloe can feel herself fall asleep right there and then.

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