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బారిష్టర్ పార్వతీశం [Barrister Parvateesam]. Other editions . Shelves: a-z-challenge, books-read, telugu-books, books-i-enjoyed, indian-writers. Barrister Parvateesam (Telugu: బారిష్టరు పార్వతీశం) is a Telugu language humorous Recently this book has been recorded as an Audiobook Professionally by Arrila Studios and Produced by Yadavalli Associates. The same is. Barrister Parvateesam Novel (బారిష్టర్ పార్వతీశం)= ShyamPrasad = AtoZWorld by ShyamPrasad · TELUGU Story BOOKS.

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Barrister Parvateesam Novel Telugu - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. barrister parvateesam full version. Is Telugu novel "Barrister Parvateesam" good? 1, Views · How can I download a free PDF of any book? , Views · Which is the best. Read Barrister Parvateesam book reviews & author details and more at If Telugu can have such novels, we can sure Telugu will survive another .

He runs away from home without much money.

He knows no language other than Telugu and believes that once he reaches Madras now Chennai, the capital city of then Madras State he can take a ship to England. He knows nothing of the hardships of this journey. Second Part[ edit ] The second part begins with him reaching the shores of England.

After spending a few days in London, he travels to Edinburgh in Scotland on the advice of a recent acquaintance to study at university there. He finds some students from India, who help him settle down and mingle with the local population.

With the help of a tutor, he studies to pass the entrance exam to the University of Edinburgh. While making a fool of himself in several social situations, he learns the new culture and is impressed by the educational system.

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He dates a Scottish girl, a novel experience for him, coming from a totally traditional and conservative culture. He is happy to return to his homeland. The third part begins with him reaching the shores of Bombay. Having grown accustomed to western culture over three years, he is baffled by the bureaucracy and lethargy of the Indian populace.

He makes his way to his native village, much to the relief of his parents. Much to his embarrassment, he is feted by his high school and the local Bar association for having returned from a foreign land with an advanced education. He is stigmatized for having helped a married woman get into a bullock cart by holding her hand.

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He forgets for a moment that he is back in his traditional and conservative village where no form of physical contact is allowed between the opposite sexes. He gets married and starts to practice law in the Madras High Court, under the tutelage of a senior advocate.

Gradually he comes into contact with freedom fighters, who are followers of Mahatma Gandhi. He also gets vexed with law practice. He participates in the freedom movement and goes to prison several times.

The same is being released as a Podcast by Tejabhiram Yadavalli in bite sized episodes. The links to the podcasts can be found below.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Posted by Quazzle at 8: Tabassum Mirza April 12, at 7: Srikanth August 15, at 8: Anonymous November 24, at 2: Raghu Nath March 20, at 5: Gopu August 16, at 7: Upasna Rao November 7, at 9: Srikanth October 7, at 4: Veena December 20, at 7: Gai January 10, at 5: Rakesh July 3, at Maddy August 13, at Harika March 27, at 5: Madhavi K June 24, at 5: Karan Reddy August 14, at Sree Lakshmi December 2, at Satyanarayanamurthy manepalli December 8, at 1: Dhanunjaya Mitta July 24, at 2: Sarma July 5, at 3: Prasanth Yadav August 19, at 2: Ponnam Phani Krishna January 15, at 4:Apr 20, Prashanth Nani rated it it was amazing.

Dec 21, Sravya rated it it was amazing. Gradually he comes into contact with freedom fighters, who are followers of Mahatma Gandhi.

The way it dramatisaed travelling in train and Parvateesam and the Scottish girl watching a Charlie Chaplin movie excelled in its technical presentation.

I have been searching for a english version of this book and hope to find it one fine day.

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