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Aviation English has been specifically designed to help pilots and air traffic controllers achieve and Aviation English Pack Student's Book and CD-ROM Pack. Helps develop the very specific skills described in the ICAO Level 4 Language Profile. Both the Student's Book and CD-ROM are divided into 12 Units each. Check Your Aviation English. A practical preparation book for the ICAO language requirements. A self-study or classroom book and CD package focusing on the.

Aviation English Macmillan Book

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Aviation English has been specifically designed to teach English language skills to The Student's Book and CD-ROM pack provides hours of content. e Aviation. E N G L I S H. For ICAO compliance. TEACHER'S BOOK MACMILLAN . General advice for using the Aviation English Student's Book. Let your. Aviation English Students Book - Download as PDF File .pdf) or read online. Aviation Teacher's Unit 1 Macmillan. Uploaded by. Lu Maldonado. ICAO Aviation .

Aviation English Class CDx2

Hangar The large buildings inside which the planes are parked. Layover A stop or transfer between flights. It may be as short as half an hour or go up to 24 hours for international flights. Pushback A pushback is a specific term that refers to when the plane is pushed back from the gate and onto the taxiway.

Ramp The space in front of the gates where the planes are usually parked. Terminal The building through which the passengers must travel in order to get on the plane. Naturally, there are different terminals for different flights.

Thrust The force created by the engine that moves the airplane through the air. Because of this, clear, efficient communication is extremely important to prevent tragic miscommunication during emergencies.

If you liked this post, something tells me that you'll love FluentU, the best way to learn English with real-world videos. By Sue Ellis and Terence Gerighty.

Written by two authors with long experience in aviation English and aligned to ICAO guidelines, this page pre-intermediate coursebook leads sequentially from pre-flight checks, through the flight path, to switching off the engines. The gate-to-gate syllabus is closest of the three to work realities in aviation. We consider that with suitable instructor guidance, it could provide a basis for more than 60 classroom hours.

Aviation English Series

It includes an audio CD, recorded with varied foreign English accents in interactive exercises for each unit. These provide interactions and listening comprehension of realistic pilot and air traffic controller interchanges, grammar uses, and applied vocabulary for both standard radiotelephony and non- standard plain English. It includes a list of all key words in the book. The book is attractively designed and laid out, and uses clear photographs and informative graphics, illustrations, and signs in support of unit topics.

The first unit introduces air communications, and aims to include learner experience of familiar routes and airports. It is followed by aerodrome information, leading to pre-flight checks, clearances, and handling delays and problems.

Unit 3 includes ground movements from start up and push back, to taxi and take off. And this is the tight sequence the course follows; unit 4 is departure, reports in climbing and cruising and includes traffic and weather; unit 5 contains en route events and leads to descent; unit 6 contains VFR and IFR contacts and approaches with radar vectoring; unit 7 deals with aspects of landing clearances, missed approaches, runway conditions and ground movement; and finally unit 8 includes exercises on dealing with authorities.

The experienced flight and controller personnel we showed this book to see that it covered all phases, and they approved of the handling of the technical topics included.

This course will meet the approval of many other learners in aviation because its structure follows the world they know. These courses each contribute solid English content at appropriate levels for various trainee targets, and those responsible for English compliance have three new tools from which to select.

It is clear that there will always be situations, usually non-routine, for which phraseologies do not exist—therefore, only continuous and sustained commitment from organizations across the industry will raise English standards and so produce safer communications in English.

Aviation English Students Book

Further, to see success in this issue, we would wish to see the industry move towards using better trained language instructors. Only trainers who are know something of how people acquire language, who, for example, know how to diagnose language needs, who can deliver content, repair pronunciation problems, know ways to encourage learners and enhance fluency, and who can accurately test progress and proficiency can install efficient and successful programming.

With this, we will see an end to weak profiency contributing to unnecessary catastrophe. While the Doc initiative is aimed at improving radiotelephony communications, to bring safety benefits to the aviation safety and efficiency of global aviation systems, in fact, avoidance of catastrophe is now not the only compelling reason to see improved communications in aviation.

A currently unresearched and potentially more profitable benefit for the industry will be to measure routing, dispatch and other operational efficiencies that fully English proficient crews and controllers achieve together in the face of soaring fuel costs, ever more stringent environmental concerns, and tougher security restrictions. For three e-learning courses available, see www.

See www.

International Civil Aviation Organization. Includes a Phrase Bank and review lessons. New online shop Making things easier for you. To contact your local representative, get updates on local ELT events, learn more about local titles and find out how to buy Macmillan books visit Macmillan English Worldwide. As well as reading full biographies, you can download presentations and watch video clips from some of our popular author talks. With an impressive choice of internetbased materials, you'll find everything you need to enrich your course.

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It is designed to help students achieve and maintain a Level 4 according to the ICAO language requirements. The CD-ROMs help students improve their interactive skills and work on their pronunciation in an authentic aviation environment, whilst the print material provides systematic language input.

MACMILLAN - Check Your Aviation English

The course is a valuable aid to all students preparing for Level 4 assessment. It can be used as a self-study package for individuals or with groups in a classroom. The Authors Henry Emery Henry is a teacher, teacher-trainer and examiner of plain English for aeronautical communication.

He is co-director of a language consultancy www.We really, really love books and offer millions of titles, currently over 10 million of them, with this figure increasing daily. Andy Roberts has been working in the field of EFL for twenty years.

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With an impressive choice of internetbased materials, you'll find everything you need to enrich your course. We are on our way. We believe you are south west of our position.

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