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Archie Comics's series. Adventures of Archie Page Comic Jamboree Archie Digital Comics Presents: Betty and Veronica Christmas Spectacular. Full. Archie Comics #1 - (Collection) () FREE Comics Download on CBR CBZ Format. Download FREE DC, Marvel, Image, Dark. Documents Similar To Archie Double Digest. Archie Comic Book Issue Archie comics - betty by koushikhalder.

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Archie Comic Book Issue - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. archie. Large collection of comic books from the publisher Archie Comics. ARCHIE: VOLUME 1 (TR) America's Favorite Teenager, Archie Andrews, is reborn in the pages of this must-have graphic novel collecting the.

Email Copy Link Copied Archie Comics has launched what it calls its new app — it's really an update of the publisher's existing iOS and Android apps — with an offer of free comics for those who download it. And there may be more: I asked Archie's Alex Segura how long the promotion would be in effect and he said, "We're looking to have this up for about a month, and if downloads reach a certain threshold, we'll be unlocking more free books on a tiered basis to celebrate the new app launches on Android and iOS.

Not present: Afterlife With Archie, which carries a teen rating as opposed to Archie's standard all-ages rating.

There are also no Sonic, Mega Man or New Crusaders freebies, although they are available for in-app purchase. Say what?

Archie Double Digest

Yes, this app is built on iVerse's Comics Plus platform, so you can buy new comics in-app. The app also includes Archie Unlimited, an all-you-can eat subscription service that allows subscribers to read a ton of comics, both new and back issues; because it's integrated into the app, you can then buy the ones you want to keep.

Here are my picks for six free Archie comics that make entertaining reading, especially on a lazy summer weekend. Archie 1: This isn't quite the first Archie comic — America's favorite redhead made his first appearance in Pep Comics 22 — but it's a fun look at Bob Montana's original character designs: A bucktoothed Archie, a vampier Veronica and a snarling Mrs.

In the lead story, Archie invites both Veronica and Betty to the prom, setting a pattern that would endure to the present day. This issue includes a couple of Archie stories interspersed with a couple of funny-animal stories; it should be noted that one of the Archie stories, set on a train, includes a stereotyped black porter portrayed in a way that's offensive by modern standards.

Jughead Penned by Robot Chicken writer Tom Root, this story about Jughead trading his metabolism for a ridiculously oversized hamburger was described by the late Chris Reilly as "hands down, the best Archie comic I have read in decades.

Eggman and his diabolical death-machines! Get ready for the BOOM, baby! Hammer Spaced! While the boys are on a hammer-hunting quest, Sticks tries to show Amy a new arsenal—but will she survive the experience?! Sticks and Stones! Sonic and his friends are on the ropes, but have no fear! Sticks has brought her secret weapon! Find out what her secret weapon is in the weird and wacky conclusion to the first story arc of the brand-new series Sonic Boom! Sonic Boom is your antidote to comics that lack amaze-ma-tude!

The answer? Just one small problem: Zdarsky and Henderson return with the next issue of the all-new Jughead!

Things continue to be amiss at Riverdale High as Coach Clayton gets replaced by a tough-as-nails, take-no-prisoner Phys-Ed teacher! Can he be stopped or will Jughead have to become… physically active? The answer lies in the far future…. Zdarsky and Henderson are back with another out-of-this-world issue of the all-new Jughead!

A firing range?

Archie Comics Bundle #1

Science class under the new regime of Principal Stanger has taken a turn for the dangerous. And who do you call when danger is about?

I guess, uh, ? You call Jones. Jughead Jones. Riverdale High has been taken over by a nefarious outside force! Or has it? A horrific accident sets off a series of grim events and Sabrina the Teenage Witch must try to repair the unspeakable evil her spell has unleashed. When he performs a despicable and frightening act in front of everyone at the Halloween dance, tensions start to rise and fears begin to mount — who will be next to join Jughead in the Afterlife?

And what about those who are already infected? What does a man do when he can no longer face the world, yet still wants to do good?

He puts on a hood…. Shot, de-masked, autopsied, buried. The City of Philadelphia is electrified by the fleeting glimpses they see on social media—but both the cops and the drug gangs want him stopped at all costs. However, the new Black Hood may not have to be stopped. And now Greg Hettinger has only 24 hours to unmask their boss—the man who set Greg up!

No cops, no witness — just the two of them, ready to throw down. But when the Connection finally reveals his identity, Greg realizes the game was rigged from the beginning. On the eve of her sixteenth birthday, the young sorceress finds herself at a crossroads, having to choose between an unearthly destiny and her mortal boyfriend, Harvey.

No one, especially those close to Sabrina, is safe, and very, very soon, the quiet streets of Greendale will run red with blood…. She will go into the woods of Greendale as a half-witch and emerge… on the other side of a frightful ritual… as a fully baptized member of the Church of Night. Featuring an all-new beginning to the Sonic mythology, this highly anticipated reboot finds Sonic the Hedgehog investigating the disappearance of many woodland creatures and the sudden appearance of an army of badniks with a mysterious leader.

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Sonic makes new friends along the way as he leads the charge against the evil Dr. Sonic is simply the coolest hedgehog there is!

He knows the risks, danger and thrill — and, most importantly, how to deal with the criminal underworld. Familiar faces return in new and unexpected ways in this must-read 1 issue!

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Find out in this exciting and remarkable first issue! The new school year continues to bring with it daunting new challenges and interesting changes for the teens of Riverdale High.

Fortunately, a mysterious new building in Riverdale is offering some career opportunities for Archie and his friends.

Find out in the second issue of this all-new Archie series! Why has he chosen the quaint town of Riverdale, USA as his base of operations? And how is he going to use the teens of Riverdale High to further his political aspirations?

Archie Sites

Find out all the answers to these important questions in the third issue of the biggest comics sensation of the season! The biggest comic series of the year continues! And can the smartest boy in Riverdale fix it? The spotlight is on Dilton and Moose as, together, they show what friendship is really all about!

The biggest comic series of the year presses on! Betty and Jughead have declared war on Veronica over the heart and soul of Archie Andrews!

Who should you be rooting for? You might just be surprised by the answer!And what about those who are already infected?

Retro Spectrum Collective Bundle. Pep Comics Jackpot Comics. Sabrina the Teenage Witch is also featured adding a magical touch to this epic crossover. The beach, where Archie and the gang spend much of their time in the summer.

The series ended with issue June to make way for a new series set in Archie Comics' "New Riverdale". There came a point, as the series started evolving and the feedback we were getting was so exceptional — and the critical acclaim was where we wanted it to be … there came a point where we realised that this storyline had to wind down. Loading chats After a brief hiatus, it was retitled Archie's Riverdale High and then canceled with issue 8 August—October While the boys are on a hammer-hunting quest, Sticks tries to show Amy a new arsenal—but will she survive the experience?!

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