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Amulet is a graphic novel series illustrated and written by Kazu Kibuishi and published by . In the same book, she recruits Trellis and becomes one of his only initial friends. In the sixth book, when Max Griffin accepts his fate of dying, she tries. Amulet (7 book series) Kindle Edition In the third installment of the thrilling Amulet series, Emily, Navin, and their crew of resistance Firelight (Amulet #7). Find the complete Amulet book series by Kazu Kibuishi. Great deals on one book or all books in the series. Free US #7. Firelight - Book #7 of the Amulet.

Amulet Book Series

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The Stonekeeper (Amulet, #1), The Stonekeeper's Curse (Amulet, #2), The Cloud Book 7. Firelight. by Kazu Kibuishi. · 7, Ratings · Reviews. Send in a submission now!, Ideas for Book 6! Amulet is a graphic novel series created by cartoonist Kazu Kibuishi and published through. Amulet is a graphic novel series created by Kazu Kibuishi and published by Graphix, an imprint of Scholastic. The ongoing series is marketed to grades , but.

He is the author of the ongoing Amulet series and is also best known as the creator and editor of the Flight comic anthology series. Read more Want your community included? See how! Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki.

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Favorite character? Emily Hayes. Max Griffin. Leon Redbeard.

Vigo Light. The poll was created at Children's Literature. Featured article. A stonekeeper named Max Griffin welcomes them to Cielis, and tells them that Emily will shortly be tested and be part of the Guardian Council should she succeed. Trellis and Luger are taken as prisoners, to the discomfort of Emily.

The Last Council: After Emily and company find the city of Cielis, they attempt to see the Guardian Council, but they slowly realize that something strange is going on in the city. Emily's stone tells her she will not hear the stone's voice after she arrives in Cielis, and warns her of a hallway she should not walk down.

Emily is sent to the void, which is a simulation which the stonekeepers have to survive. If they die, they're turned to stone. Other young stonekeepers show up angry at Max for omitting this fact, but Ronin and Pierce help Emily, and Max follows. Meanwhile, Leon, Enzo and Rico roam the city, finding it empty, contrary to Leon's memories of the busy streets.

A girl called Alyson Hunter takes them to her family restaurant upon discovering they aren't "ghosts", where she explains that the Guardian Council was actually dead but re-animated to trick them into coming, and they rescue Trellis and Luger from their jail cell in Cielis.

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Meanwhile, Cogsley and Miskit are taken by an older stonekeeper named Vigo, and they also adopt a baby wyvern, which Cogsley names Dagno, after the robot Silas never finished building.

They leave to go find Cielis and rejoin the others, and Vigo decides to return with them as well. Emily, Max and the other tested stonekeepers find the last shard of the Mother Stone, a stone that was used to create all of the amulets. The other stonekeepers turn to stone, and Emily finds out that they were simply reanimated dead stonekeepers. Max is revealed to be working for the Elf King, and brings the Mother Stone to him.

Prince Of The Elves: In the beginning, Max is shown as a child. He is a promising advocate for the Guardian Council along with a young Vigo, but his father refuses as he wants Max to follow in his footsteps, not his grandfather's.

His best friend, an elf named Layra, has her parents to be sent to jail for being elves and the risk of them being the spies of the Elf King, even though they had done a lot to help build the city of Cielis. When Max's father expresses cold disinterest to helping them because they're elves, Max breaks into Yarboro Prison and rescues them.

Shortly after taking off, they are shot down and Max destroys the airship that did in anger, killing the pilots.

Amulet Series

He is sentenced to 50 years in the Ice Prison of Korthan, and attempts to escape but dies from the cold, yet is resurrected by the Voice. Ever since, Max has been aiding the Elf King to destroy the people of Cielis for revenge.

After Emily and Vigo become the last Guardian Council, the city guard begins preparations to fight the Elf Army, but the enemy gets stronger and the Elf King begins to use the last shard of the Mother Stone to create his own Guardian Council. Navin and Cogsley enter a course that uses mech suits and airships to fight the Elf King, and Navin and Alyson attempt to fight Max in an airship, and are almost killed until Emily and Vigo appear.

Unbeknownst to everyone except a worried Luger, Trellis is secretly attempting to travel to the past through the void to stop the terrible things that the elves did, which was influenced by the elf king, when he was actually just going into his memories. Emily joins him, telling him they're all in danger. Trellis wakes up to find the airship destroyed and all of them falling, but manages to land everyone safely. He reenters the void to wake up a still-sleeping Emily, and find they're in the moment Max succumbed to the Voice.

They wake up, and so does Max a few miles. The Voice fixes all his bones and tells him he has work to do. Escape From Lucien: While Max promises the Elf King to kill the other stonekeepers once and for all, he secretly is recruiting them to enter their memories so they can kill the voice with their powers and the mountain giant, Chronos.

Meanwhile, the elves fire on the academy's ship where Alyson Hunter and 2 other recruits are to fly their mech suits to the city of Lucien, which has already been destroyed by Max. The three are then joined by Navin when they crash-land. They are repeatedly pursued by shadows, gas organisms that need hosts to survive, and one takes over their classmate. They are saved by the elf Riva Ash who shows them that the inhabitants of Lucien have moved underground, and they reunite with the Resistance and Balan.

When shadows attack, Riva attempts to evacuate everyone via the underground trains. Navin, Alyson and Riva's advisor, the robot General Pil, get rid of as much shadows as they could before they're forced to escape to a portal where they borrow mech suits from Pil's parents.

They travel to Frontera, the Resistance's base, to attempt to launch an attack on the Elf King's kingdom, Valcor. Meanwhile, the four stone keepers arrive at a memory of Valcor, where the Voice lives. During the confrontation, Chronos is killed, and Max decides he cannot continue on his current path any longer, after being reminded about everything he has done and seeing he was simply a corpse being kept alive by the Voice.

The Voice accepts this, and takes Max's life away. Before dying, he tells them to visit Algos Island for Trellis. The remaining three stonekeepers arrive in the real world and save a ship full of Elf King followers that was about to explode, and are able to make them faithful to prince Trellis.

They then encounter Riva, who explains what happened to Navin.

The Stonekeeper: Amulet, Book 1

They manage to restrain him, and he explains that he can help them. He takes Emily and Trellis to a forgotten underwater city, where he hides all the memories he's stolen.

They enter memories of Trellis' childhood that his father had Gabilan take away from Trellis, and learn that the "dark shadows", whom the Voice is one of, were created by refugees from a dead planet who are intent on taking over Alledia.

Emily is lured by the Voice into a memory that turns out to be from the man who was inadvertently responsible for her father's death. There, Emily partially gives in to feelings of hatred and revenge, enough so that the stone's power appears to completely take over her as it did with Luger, turning into a firebird and escaping into the real world so it can use her as part of the shadows' plan.

Some part of Emily is still intact, and before her transformation she orders Trellis to help restore her, as she once did for him. The shadows use striker fish to bust the dome and the whole place gets flooded. Trellis escapes and reunites with the crew, but Gabilan is nowhere to be seen although he assured Trellis he could survive.

Meanwhile, Navin and Alyson work at a restaurant to get enough money to buy tickets for airships in order to get to Frontera, but they are pursued by bounty hunters of the Elf King. Riva Ash's friends help them escape to Frontera. Navin and Aly reunite with Miskit and Leon, and together with other members of the Resistance's clandestine space program, blast off into space to enter the Resistance's other base and to fight the shadows from there.

Emily travels inside The Void, where she meets some new friends Meanwhile, Navin and Aly travel to the Resistance's base on a new planet, and are quickly assigned to an apparently easy mission Emily Hayes is a stonekeeper and the successor of Silas Charnon, her great-grandfather; she is a leading member of the remaining Guardian Council. She is the daughter of Karen and David, and the older sister of Navin Hayes.

She has bright red hair, and later uses a long walking stick to channel the stone's power per Leon's advice. Described as a "natural born leader", she has demonstrated herself to be a very skilled and adept fighter and stonekeeper, even if she has much to learn about the true nature of her stone. Her goal upon entering Alledia was to find a cure for Karen when she was poisoned after she was stung by an arachnopod, but she remained in Alledia after her mother was cured in order to lend support in the fight against the Elf King and later the Voice.

After the death of her father, Emily and her family move to her great-grandfather Silas' house near San Francisco. After saving her mother, and curing her from the arachnopod's poison as well in the second book, she became more comfortable with being a 'hero', and claims even if she did intend to go back to Earth, the amulet would stop her, but in the third book this is revealed to be false. In the same book, she recruits Trellis and becomes one of his only initial friends.

Bestselling Series

In the sixth book, when Max Griffin accepts his fate of dying, she tries to prevent that, which shows another decision affected from her compassionate side.

Emily is usually very resistant to the Voice's attempts to control her, except in the seventh book; when the Voice finds out about her longing for her dead father, he causes her to give in to her desire for revenge against the man that accidentally caused the death of David Hayes, and she turns into a firebird that is, an enormous phoenix and becomes an unwilling servant of the Voice.

At the beginning of the series, Navin is childish and a little immature, but matures over the series. His liking of video games has given him talents with flying and even mech suits. This talent has caused Navin to perform feats that help the group.

In the first book, he flies their plane while the others fight. In the second book, he defeats Luger by controlling the house-robot of Silas.

Amulet Series

In the third, when Enzo's robot loses control of the Luna Moth ship, he quickly takes control and prevents them from falling. In the fifth one, he attempts to defeat Max in one of the ships, but ultimately fails.

In the sixth book, he helps defeat the shadows in the cleaning mech suits. He is caring for his friends and family, and always gets worried when Emily is in danger, which is shown when, in the second book, a Gadobah tree predicts his sister falling, he goes recklessly to rescue her which show how much he cares for his family.

When the prophecy comes true he saves her. He is shown to have brown hair, resembling his father.

Trellis is the son of the Elf King and younger brother of Luger, as well as a stonekeeper and intended successor to the throne of Gulfen. After failing to capture Emily and having his act of interception at Gondoa Mountain seen as treason, Trellis and his brother Luger abandoned the King altogether, eventually joining Emily and the Resistance after Emily defended them from the Elf King's soldiers.

Originally, he played the antagonist in the first two books, but in the third his purposes were revealed. In the first book, he had attempted to force Emily into defeating his father, the Elf King, through the kidnapping of her mom. In the third book, Emily saves him from the Elf King's guards when they attempted to arrest him, using a stunning staff to electrocute him.

He tells Emily that his father is being possessed by something, and that he wanted to destroy whatever was controlling his dead body by destroying the amulet of the king. In the fifth book, they find out it was the Voice. In the sixth book, Trellis becomes warmer to the crew of the Luna Moth , especially Luger, playing a game of Othello together and exchanging witty banter.

Both did not know they were brothers until book three, since Gabilan stole their memories. Trellis starts trusting Emily after her step to save him in book 5, eventually developing a strong bond of trust with her and becoming close.He makes short cameo appearances in the fifth, sixth and seventh book.

The later installments, however, were significantly better than the initial, as there is more character and world development, and more investment into the plot. Shelve The Stonekeeper. Trellis[ edit ] Trellis is the son of the Elf King and younger brother of Luger, as well as a stonekeeper and intended successor to the throne of Gulfen.

The parents' guide to what's in this book. Common Sense's Impact Our impact report: Emily and Navin follow them into another world to save her. Stay up to date on new reviews.

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