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Aadhaar Enrolment is free and voluntary. Please follow the instructions overleaf while filling up the form. . Credit Card Statement (not older than 3 months). The legal framework of Aadhaar has evolved significantly since its inception in Bill is deemed to have passed in the form in which it was initially passed by the Lok Sabha. Figure issued directives in , , and , emphasising . e-KYC for SIM card issuance to background verification. PDF | Objectives: This paper presents a brief review on Aadhaar Further we present various cases in which Aadhaar card may pose security threats. The demographic features as well as in the form of Quick .. Apr

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like ration card, voter ID card forced Government of India to form 'Unique . In the year –, UIDAI issued billion Aadhaar Source: country- USAID/INDIA', February pdf. 7 A robust verification and application process means that. Aadhaar (English: Foundation) is a digit unique identity number that can be obtained by On 23 September the Supreme Court issued an interim order saying that "no . Aadhaar is not intended to replace any existing identity cards, nor does it "Review of the Direct Benefit Transfer for LPG Scheme" (PDF).

In this case child's Aadhaar cannot be made without the parent having an Aadhaar first. If age is over 5 years 1. For children above 5 years of age, fill out the enrolment form, and enclose the copy of birth certificate and school's identity card or a declaration on the letter head of the institution.

However, birth certificate of child is mandatory in all cases. No other address proof will be acceptable.

Their biometrics of ten fingers, iris and facial photograph will be recorded at the time of the enrolment and the procedure will be repeated again when they turn The rest of the procedure of getting the Aadhaar card is similar to that in the case of adult Aadhaar card.

Citizens can apply for it and obtain it at different ages. However, if you have got an Aadhaar card before 15 years of age then you are required to get your photo and biometrics recorded again after turning After that you normally do not need to repeat the process. The system was introduced to check late arrival and absenteeism of government employees.

The public could see the daily in and out of employees on the website attendance. In November it was reported that the Ministry for External Affairs was considering making Aadhaar a mandatory requirement for passport holders.

The purchaser could activate the SIM at the time of purchase by submitting his Aadhaar number and pressing his fingerprints on a machine. The Digital India project aims to provide all government services to citizens electronically and is expected to be completed by In December it was proposed by the Minister for Women and Child Development, Maneka Gandhi , that Aadhaar should be made mandatory for men to create a profile on matrimonial websites , to prevent fake profiles.

It aims to create an error-free voter identification system in India , especially by removing duplications. In the Hyderabad region of Telangana state, Aadhaar numbers were linked to ration cards to remove duplicate ration cards. The project was started in July and was carried out despite the Supreme Court order.

More than 63, ration cards in the white category and , names were removed from its database in the drive between July and September By September 15 lakh illegal ration cards had been surrendered.

Government of Andhra Pradesh started Aadhaar based innovative first of it's kind project called Bhudhaar to assign a 11 Digit unique number for every land parcel [] in the state as part of the "land hub in E-Pragati Program ".

Bhuseva Authority [] , an inter-departmental committee was formulated to implement and It's progress monitored in real time basis by Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister and all citizens using CM Dashboard Developed and managed by Real Time Governance Society.

Any type of land parcel categories i. Under the Land Hub core platform these departments integrating their land related services and issuing a new Bhudhaar number to each land holding or property upon ownership Change. In general Land records consists of two types [] of data.

Did you know your Aadhaar can become inactive? Here's how to check and activate it

The Bhudhaar issuing process contain 2 Stages. It will be started with 99 and following numbers are generated on random basis only and there is no meaning for these 9 digits. Permanent Bhudhaar will be assigned once the spatial data is also captured and linked to textual data, the Spatial data contains Measurement of the land and its resultant sketch FMB , location of the land on ground along with Geo-coordinates.

In October R. Ramakumar, an economist at the Tata Institute of Social Sciences , [] wrote in an editorial for The Hindu that the project was being implemented without any cost-benefit or feasibility studies to ensure whether the project would meet its stipulated goals. He also pointed out that the government was obscuring the security aspects of Aadhaar and focusing on the social benefit schemes.

He quoted a former chief of the Intelligence Bureau Ajit Doval , who had said that originally Aadhaar aimed to weed out illegal aliens. A divine dream or a miscalculated heroism".

Dass claimed that even if enrollment was voluntary, it was being made mandatory by indirect means. He also stated that the feasibility of a project of this size had not been studied and raised concerns about the quality of the biometric data being collected. He cited statements of another researcher, Usha Ramanathan, that the UIDAI would ultimately have to become profit-making to sustain itself.

The debate on the feasibility of sustaining a project of the size of population of India is settled as over 1. The benefits would come from plugging leakages in various subsidy and social benefit schemes. She argued that the seemingly large benefits were based 'almost entirely on unrealistic assumptions' and outdated data. Further, concerns regarding a possible conflict of interest were also raised.

The paper said that the government was also including the savings from the efforts of oil marketing companies OMCs prior to the introduction of Aadhaar. The method used by the OMCs to weed out duplicates and ghost customers was 15—20 times more effective than the Aadhaar-based method.

On 2 February the Supreme Court asked the new government to clarify its stance on the project. Thomas had claimed that the government was ignoring previous orders while pushing ahead with the project and that the project was unconstitutional as it allowed profiling of citizens.

On 11 August the Supreme Court directed the government to widely publicise in print and electronic media that Aadhaar was not mandatory for any welfare scheme. The Court also referred the petitions claiming Aadhaar was unconstitutional to a Constitutional Bench.

On 19 July a nine judge bench of the Supreme Court began hearing the arguments on whether there is a fundamental right to privacy. A five-judge constitutional bench of the Supreme Court has heard various cases relating to the validity of Aadhaar on various grounds including privacy, surveillance, and exclusion from welfare benefits.

In a majority opinion dated September 26, , the Supreme Court upheld the use of Aadhaar. In in Goa the CBI was trying to solve the case of a rape of a schoolgirl. It approached a Goa local court saying that they had acquired some fingerprints from the scene that could be matched with the UIDAI database. It argued that the chance of a false positive was 0. On 24 March , the Supreme Court restrained the central government and the UIDAI from sharing data with any third party or agency, whether government or private, without the consent of the Aadhaar-holder in writing.

It observed that some government agencies were still treating Aadhaar as mandatory and asked all agencies to issue notifications clarifying that it was not.

On 26 September , the Supreme Court ruled that Section 57 of the Aadhaar Act was unconstitutional, meaning that private entities cannot compel their customers to provide their Aadhaar number as a condition of service to verify their identity, specifically citing requiring it for bank accounts, school admissions, and mobile phone service as examples of unlawful use cases. However, it did uphold its requirement for income tax filing and welfare programmes.

In an August interview with the Tehelka , former chief of the Intelligence Bureau IB , Ajit Doval, said that Aadhaar was originally intended to flush out illegal immigrants, but social security benefits were later added to avoid privacy concerns. It expressed objections to the issuing of Aadhaar numbers to illegal immigrants.

The Committee said that the project was being implemented in an unplanned manner and bypassing the Parliament. Some people had received Aadhaar cards with wrong photographs or fingerprints. As under the liberal pilot phase, where a person claimed to live was accepted as the address and recorded. In July a meeting was held to discuss the possibility of merging the two projects, Aadhaar and NPR, or making them complementary.

In order to make Aadhaar accessible to often undocumented poorer citizens, obtaining an Aadhaar card does not require significant documentation, with multiple options available.

In theory, the use of biometric facilities should reduce or eliminate duplication. So, in theory, while it may be possible to obtain the card under a false name, it is less likely that a person would be able to obtain another Aadhaar card under a different or real name. The Aadhaar card itself is not a secure document being printed on paper and according to the agency should not be treated as an identity card [] though it is often treated as such.

However, with currently no practical way to validate the card e. At all seven points, the customer's data is vulnerable to attack The app and validation software are insecure, the Aadhaar system itself is insecure, the network infrastructure is insecure, and the laws are inadequate," claims Bhairav Acharya, Program Fellow, New America. The Aadhaar card is usually printed on glossy paper, and the government has stated black and white copies are valid.

Aadhar Card Form

Some agencies charge extra to laminate the document. Certain mobile apps claim to verify an Aadhaar card using a QR code scanner.

However, the QR code is not a secure representation of an Aadhaar card either and can be copied and edited. The only way to validate an Aadhaar card is to perform an online validation, which will confirm that the card number is valid, confirm the postal code and gender of the holder but not their name or photo.

In theory, this means that is possible to create a false Aadhaar card using the number of a genuine holder from the same postal code with the same gender, with the card subject to a number of cases of counterfeiting. This is despite Entrust assisting in the development of the solution. While the service is free for citizens, some agents have been charging fees.

Documentary proof may be difficult to obtain, with the system requiring documents such as bank accounts, insurance policies, and driving licences that themselves increasingly require an Aadhaar card or similar documentary evidence to originate.

Non-resident Indians , overseas citizens of India , and other resident foreigners may also find it difficult to avail themselves of services they could previously freely obtain, such as local SIM cards , [] despite assurances to the contrary.

The detailed personal information being collected is of extremely high importance to an individual.

However, once collected, it is not being treated with the required sensitivity for privacy [] concerns. Major financial transactions are linked with information collected in Aadhaar.

Data leaks [] are a gold mine for criminals who now use sophisticated hackers. Government departments and various other agencies that collect this information such as banks cannot be trusted to maintain the secrecy of all this collected information.

How to enrol your children for Aadhaar

Wikileaks tweeted on 25 August that the same American supplier of fingerprint and Iris scanning equipment that collaborated with the CIA to identify Osama Bin Laden was also supplying equipment to India. A Virtual ID is a 16 digit number that is generated using your Aadhaar number.

This Virtual ID can then be used instead of your Aadhaar number to carry out some Aadhaar related work. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Constitution and law. Government of India. Supreme court Chief justice High courts Chief justices District courts. Election commission: This was attributed to the lack of computerisation between the passport centres. It also published a list of agencies that were qualified to take part in the enrollment process. This announcement introduced several private firms.

It was also estimated that 4, enrollment centres and 22, enrollment stations would have to be established. Using the system, banks, telecom companies and government departments could enter an Aadhaar number and verify if the person was a resident of India. The project aimed to eliminate leakages in the system by directly transferring the money to the bank account of the recipient.

The project was to be introduced in 51 districts on 1 January and then slowly expanded to cover all of India. They contended that the government was implementing the project without any legislative backing.

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They pointed out that the National Identification Authority of India Bill , which had been introduced in the Rajya Sabha , was still pending. It termed the project "unethical and violative of Parliament's prerogatives". Using the system, funds could be transferred to any Aadhaar-linked bank accounts if the Aadhaar number was known.

If we can be careful in our design and implementation, we can extend DBT to other commodities, so that the poor get more money to spend for their upliftment.If any agency does not follow these best practices, then that agency will be fully responsible for situations or losses arising out of possible misuse or impersonation.

Drivers licence. The Bhudhaar issuing process contain 2 Stages. It was also estimated that 4, enrollment centres and 22, enrollment stations would have to be established. At the end, the form has to be duly signed by the applicant. The Aadhaar Card Form also includes a separate section for mentioning the information that has been rectified by the applicant.

They contended that the government was implementing the project without any legislative backing. Currently, guardian's Aadhaar is mandatory for opening bank accounts in the name of minors.

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