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community for readers. This is a comprehensive one-volume history of Pakistan Reader Q&A. To ask other readers questions about A Concise History of Pakistan, please sign up. Popular Answered Questions. i want pdf of this book?. A concise history of Pakistan, 1. A concise history of Pakistan by Muhammad Raza Kazmi. A concise history of Pakistan. by Muhammad Raza Kazmi. Print book. This is a comprehensive one-volume history of Pakistan, a country that lies at the centre of the world's strategic concerns.

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A concise history of Pakistan / M. R. Kazimi. Find in NLB Library. Creator: Kazmi, Muhammad Raza, Publisher: Karachi ; Oxford University Press, published ), A Concise History of Pakistan ( avg. pakistan studies muhammad raza kazmi | Read and Download PDF Ebook pakistan studies. Shop our inventory for Pakistan Studies by Kazimi, Muhammad Raza Kazmi, overview of the historical background and political development of Pakistan, the.

All your paragraphs must be according to this technique. The examiner may pick any paragraph to see if youve followed the technique or if you know what it is.

A group of words having complete sense is sentence. A group of sentence supporting one idea is a paragraph. Paragraph Writing just like essay writing has three parts. Paragraph writing is nothing but solid evidence. Paragraph writing is an art. Like other arts, it can also be learnt and mastered by learning some principles and acting upon them.

You will have here the most important techniques and principles for writing paragraphs and later essays. They are as follows: 1.

Topic Sentence Will : It is advisable to state your point in very first sentence. The point or an idea of a paragraph is called a topic sentence. Whole the paragraph relates to topic sentence.

Make sure all the details are directly relevant to topic sentence? If you add irrelevant details your paragraph is going to be weaker, and weak paragraph does not capture the attention of the examiner. In paragraph, first and last places are very important. It is the first single sentence. It is the heading in a form of a sentence. It must contain one main idea.

An effective topic sentence does two things. First, it provides the topic of a paragraph.

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For example, if youre writing an essay related to crime, and your first portion of paragraphs is on causes of crimes, then one of your paragraphs may be on unemployment as a cause of crime. Your topic sentence would be: Unemployment is one of the causes behind crime. So in this sentence Unemployment is a topic and is one of the causes behind crime is a writers idea about topic.

Remember, your topic is a general idea. Supporting idea is specific one. This will be described below. Now it is time for supporting the point you have made. To support your point you may provide logical or specific reason, example or experience, etc. Even if you mention one example, that would be enough. Your supporting details should be concise so that your examiner can understand it. This portion would have five to six lines while youre justifying your topic sentence.

CSS Beginners Guide Aamir Mahar Paragraph has main idea, which is general idea and the details which support the general idea topic are specific ones.

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To write an effective and impressive paragraph, you should understand the general and specific ideas. Do you know that you use general and specific ideas on daily basis? Yes, you do, but you do not know about them.

For example: you may say that Unemployment is one of the causes behind crime and after that you go on telling how it causes crime. So in this example Unemployment is one of the causes behind crime is general idea topic sentence and the causes which you provide are the specific details and strong evidence about topic.

Guys, remember that the details in your paragraph clearly relate to and support your topic sentence. If details are irrelevant, your paragraph is going to lose unity.

If unity is lost, nothing is in paragraph.

For example: if your topic is, Economy of Pakistan is going down day by day so in this topic you should discuss only the reasons of going down of economy with examples, experience, some study etc. You should not discuss political aspect of Pakistan because topic is economy not politics. If you mix relevant and irrelevant details in your paragraph your paragraph will not be read by anyone. Concluding Sentence Was : A mere reflection of your topic sentence.

It means that it is the restatement of topic sentence. Coherence is basically the flow that you have to maintain in your paragraphs as well as your whole essay. Transitions are words or phrases which show relationships among ideas. They are like signposts which are installed on roads to show the direction to the travellers. The signposts are installed to facilitate travellers to tell them where to move now. Transitions are like a bridge which connects two roads.

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As bridges connect two roads so is the job of trasitions. They connect two thoughts and direct the reader that writer is connecting another reason with the first or writer is introducing another idea to support the topic. You must use transitional words. Use transitions before you introduce any new idea.

Theyll help you organise and connect new idea, and they will help your readers follow the direction of your thoughts.

Here are some transitions for you to use: therefore, however, firstly, secondly, furthermore etc. You can also use time order to arrange your supporting ideas in a way they occure or arrange them in a chronological order, for example: first this happened then this after that this finally, etc.

This method is mainly followed in narration or direction. Use transitions wherever they are required. It can range from five to six sentences. You must be like What I was saying was right, I still believe that I was right, I have proved above that I was right, and I am stating it again what I believe in. Furthermore, make sure that you finish your essay on a positive and optimistic note.

It needs a lot of practice. One has to start from scratch and continue writing until one gets mastery in art of composition. It can't be done randomly or accidentally. Don't entertain the motion that you know everything about the subject, nor ever claim that you have written the best of composition ever written.

Bear in mind that your attempt is merely one of the creation on a given subject. There may be certain better attempts than yours and even best ones of all you can ever imagine or create.

I think that with practice, patience and painstaking attention to standard writing skills, you can improve quality of your writeup to an acceptable and enviable level. Give them what they want. You may come up with points from Islamic Studies or even General Science. Let your creative juices flow. Essays are never asked on one topic, it is usually a relation between two or more concepts. Thatll be a great favor youd be doing for yourself.

Remember, outline is like a cover of your essay which clearly depicts what is wrapped inside. So give it due consideration and time before starting your essay.

Articulate it with best words possible. Only if you are satisfied with that rough draft 20 CSS Beginners Guide Aamir Mahar proceed with the essay, otherwise reject it and attempt your second best essay on similar pattern. This is important because you would not get a second chance before one year if you fail in this paper. All you have to do is to write that outline and introduction neatly on your answer sheet and then proceed with the essay following the outline that you have already prepared.

You should know the art of literary and scholarly writing. It needs a long discussion to expatiate about improving written English but let me give you some rudimentary tips. A basic attribute which is to learn idiomatic usage in writing an essay should be developed. For earning grammatical accuracy in your written expression, one should study English grammar books thoroughly not cursorily to learn the correct usage of grammatical units i.

There are two parts in Essay i. Reading quality books enhances ones vision and also increases the capability to write academically. As mentioned in earlier posts, there are a few diverse areas that need to be strengthened by every CSS Aspirant.

Some of the resources are mentioned below that can help greatly. Short essay is necessary for all because it is a base for long essay and 12 papers.

Short essay should be of words. Introduction should be of words. Supportive arguments in second paragraph should be of words. Introduce your topic and take a stance in your introduction. WorldCat is the world's largest library catalog, helping you find library materials online. Don't have an account?

Your Web browser is not enabled for JavaScript. Some features of WorldCat will not be available. Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: Search WorldCat Find items in libraries near you. Advanced Search Find a Library. Showing all editions for 'A concise history of Pakistan' Sort by: Format All Formats 11 Print book Refine Your Search Year. Select All Clear All Save to: Your list has reached the maximum number of items.

Please create a new list with a new name; move some items to a new or existing list; or delete some items. A concise history of Pakistan.Updated Information: Improve the quality of your arguments through effective research and extensive reading. Muhammad Haseeb rated it it was amazing Apr 01, They connect two thoughts and direct the reader that writer is connecting another reason with the first or writer is introducing another idea to support the topic. As mentioned in earlier posts, there are a few diverse areas that need to be strengthened by every CSS Aspirant.

A concise history of Pakistan by Muhammad Raza Kazmi.

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