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The 39 Clues: Unstoppable: Nowhere to Run and millions of other books are available for instant access. The 39 Clues: Unstoppable Book 4: Flashpoint Hardcover – August 26, Gordon Korman is the #1 bestselling author of three books in The 39 Clues series as well as five books. Flashpoint is the final book in Unstoppable. Hardcovers/TheClues-Unstoppable-BookFlashpoint. Unstoppable is the series that follows the Cahills vs. Vespers series. For five hundred years, they have guarded the 39 Clues — thirty-nine ingredients in a serum that transforms whomever takes it into the most powerful person on earth. Thirteen-year-old Dan Cahill and his older.

39 Clues Unstoppable Book 4

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The 39 Clues Unstoppable Book 4 - Gordon Korman - Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. FINAL HOURS Tick Tock. Sixteen-year-old Amy . The Flashpoint (the 39 Clues: Unstoppable, Book 4) by Gordon Korman, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Flashpoint book. Read 99 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Tick Tock. Sixteen-year-old Amy Cahill only has few days to live. There'.

Pierce, the twisted billionaire, has much more than just an entire global media empire at his fingertips. Also, do you remember the six portable thermonuclear devices he had back in Book 1? Will the Cahills be able to stop the unstoppable Pierce? Can the world be saved? The last three are just under the U. All the shards seem to be spiraling into the black vortex.

It is the fourth book in the 39 clues to have a one word title, after Shatterproof , Breakaway , and Countdown. At the end of the book there is a sneek peek of the next series Doublecross.

They split up following an argument but reunite at Mount Everest, where they find a Janus vial left by British mountaineer George Mallory. They battle Eisenhower Holt and Ian Kabra over a partial serum.

Ian falls, and Amy sacrifices the serum to save him.

When Dan thinks they have lost the clue, Amy shows him the poem on a silk fabric they found in Beijing and tells him the next clue is raw silkworm secretion. They realize that a formula on the silk means that four partial serums add up to one master serum. Dan shows Amy the locket he found at a Shaolin temple, which contains an inscription of the name of the pirate Anne Bonnie.

They decide their next destination is the Caribbean.

Publisher Description

It was written by Linda Sue Park and published on May 25, Amy and Dan continue their hunt in the Bahamas and Jamaica. They distrust Nellie after discovering that she works for William McIntyre.

First, they go to Oceanus, an amusement park in the Bahamas. Dan enjoys all of the rides for two hours, and he meets up with Nellie and Amy seven minutes after two p. Amy tells Dan about the Jolly Codger Pirate's Cove Tour, which takes tourists on a boat to islands frequented by famous pirates.

Amy and Dan reluctantly agree when Nellie says that she is going with them. When the tour docks at a cove, the first mate gives Amy and Dan a piece of paper with a message on it.

Meanwhile, Natalie Kabra recounts how she had been experiencing nightmares for a week about Dan and Amy almost dying while being pushed to a propeller by her mother Isabel, and there is no sound except for laughter.

The Cahills find a Tomas bear claw in the cave. However, Amy is injured when the tide comes in and she hits her head on rocks. Soon, the group decides to head out of Bahamas to Jaimaca. At the Montego Bay airport, they find a hotel and settle in.

Following a lead, they head to Spanish Town, and continue the hunt.

They also meet a historian and librarian, Lester, and his grandma, Miss Alice. They learn that Nellie's family has been connected with the Cahills in many ways. They head out to the Port Royal excavation site with Lester, and find a box Grace donated that can fit the objects they collected. They cannot open the box.

The 39 Clues: Unstoppable Book 4: Flashpoint (Hardcover)

They are then chased by Isabel's thugs. Lester, who had the box, leads them into quicksand, but gets stuck himself, and drowns. Afterwards, the siblings quit the hunt.

Instead of driving them to the airport, Nellie stops at Moore town and gives the box to an infamous "Man In Black", who has been following Dan and Amy, he gives the siblings one hour to open the box. Amy inserts the strip to the final slit and the box springs open. It contains a poem by Madeleine Cahill the fifth child of Gideon and Olivia Cahill, unbeknownst to all but Olivia and the clue of mace.

The mystery man reveals his true identity as Fiske Cahill, Amy and Dan's great-uncle and Grace's younger brother. He reveals the existence of the Madrigal branch, a previously unknown part of the Cahill family, and grants them and Nellie active Madrigal status Nellie was the first person non blood related madrigal to ever join. After reading the poem, Dan concludes that the siblings' next stop is England.

The 39 Clues: Unstoppable, Book 2

It was written by Margaret Peterson Haddix and published on August 31, All the Cahills go to the Globe Theater in London and fight over a note. Amy and Dan get most of the note, while others come out with nothing or a little hint. All the teams dig up a grave which leads them to the Cahill island at the home of the founder, Gideon Cahill.

They go through a gauntlet with a series of questions for each of the branch members. Isabel Kabra captures them and threatens to kill their loved ones if they do not reveal their clues.

She gets them to reveal their clues by threatening their loved ones and makes the serum, but Amy smashes the serum over Isabel's head, knocking her out. The last clue is the serum formula, which Dan memorizes, but no one wants it anymore. Amy and Dan reunite the Cahills, who are all going to have different lives now.

They go back to their normal lives, each earning two million dollars. Main article: Vespers Rising Vespers Rising is the eleventh and final book in the original series, published on April 5, The first describes Cahill ancestor Gideon's discovery of the master serum and betrayal by his friend and first Vesper, Damien Vesper.

That is, until the next crisis requires us to jump back into the fray. Rutherford Pierce — turned out to be beyond my wildest nightmares. I thought nothing could be more dangerous than the treachery of the Clue Hunt, or more high-stakes than the epic confrontation with the Vespers. Pierce, the twisted billionaire, has much more than just an entire global media empire at his fingertips.

Also, do you remember the six portable thermonuclear devices he had back in Book 1? Hmmm, it might not be such a good idea to forget about those…. Will the Cahills be able to stop the unstoppable Pierce?It was written by Peter Lerangis and published on February 2, Exclusive on final two titles, covers!

It was written by Sarwat Chadda , and published on June 28, At the Montego Bay airport, they find a hotel and settle in. The serum is missing and Dan and Amy have to get it back and stop who stole it.

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