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IFA_pdf - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book And is the messiah of ifa, this odu is called the odu the double lenguage, it is. PDF | The Ifa divination system is a set of divination acts done by a professional that has been granted Ifa is coded within Odus or Corpus, each Odu. Es con gran entusiasmo que damos la bienvenida a esta segunda edición de lo que se ha convertido en un clásico en la literatura yoruba. En este libro de.

256 Odu Ifa Pdf

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Tag: odu ifa pdf. Opele Ifa Divination History: Opele Divination In My Shrine. Today I will be teaching you the history of Opele. According to Ogbe Meji; Opele. The commonest and simplest Ifa is coded within Odus or Corpus, each Odu form of Ibo of Cowry Shells tied together representing representing an esoteric. Odu Ifa. Odù Ifá. These are the Odù Ifá. The first are the 16 Meji, or Oju Odù. The next Odù Ifá are combinations of the first The Odù Ifá are patterns of .

Maybe that is in store. But the author obviously has taken due consideration and respect for the culture in mind in composing this book.

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Thanks to our brothers and sisters of America doing these things. I am a native born Yoruba and I can guarantee the truth of these Odus and Orunmila's words. Thanks again. Marvelous and professional Posted by Ogundesi on 6th Apr I recommend this book for those serious about learning our sacred scriptjre.

This book is good to refer to and gather extra insight in relation to verses of Odu Ifa. It is a great collection and a monumental work I counted verses! We are going to add this to our study group here in Brooklyn.

E ku se! Kabiyesi o! The work os someone dedicated to Ifa indeed Posted by Unknown on 19th Mar I am a person that is not easily impressed when it comes to works on Afrikan tradition. However, thia book impresses me for various reasons. One is the boldness of the author to step into the realm of provided an Odu book for the public. Two because of the fact that there are over verses in this book. And three the fact that a complete Odu book was published by an Afrikan here in america breaking the cycle of depending on our Nigerian brothers for these sacred books.

Thanks and I totally recommend. Will there be a volume 2? As an elder with over 33 years of initiation in this tradition to both Sango and Ifa I must say I am very impressed with someone from the young generation putting out such a body of work and especially such a large volume of Odu Ifa.

The verses in this book are sound and very useful. I was really happy to see the verses on Eji Ogbe since that is my Odu. This is definitely worth the buy.

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A great collection indeed. E ku se. Some of the verses I have seen in other places but I think it was genious to collect them together in one spot as a volume that people can use. Of course no one book can contain all of Odu Ifa but as I mentioned I like that the work was put in to collect and centralize this work. I do not think there are any other Odu books with over verses in it. So I would give this work 4 stars on the effort alone.

I thought I would see more verses I had never seen. I highly recommend this book to add to our growing collection on African spirituality. Above the game Posted by Sangogemi Adasipa on 14th Mar f this book of over sacred verses from the Odu does not become a classic and a staple in the home of at least African American Orisa worshippers I would be surprised and disappointed to a degree.

I love this book!

Question: will there ever be a digital copy of this work? Through the roof Posted by Iyanifa Ifasola on 14th Mar Glad to see such a vast work and also glad to see many verses I have not seen before.

Monumental Posted by Ifakande Oduwale on 14th Mar one of the greatest works on Odu Ifa I have seen in my 23 years within the tradition. Agbovi I Thank you Nu Afurakan!

Posted by Osuniyi on 14th Mar As a Nu Afurakan myself it is so refreshing and enlightening to see such a vast work concerning our sacred scriptures come from another Nu Afurakan. Up until now New Afrikans have been sitting back and waiting on books concerning the sacred scriptures of our Orisa tradition to come from Nigeria.

With this book I now see big things coming from Nu Afurakains as we map out our re-Afurakanization. Hoping to get word out about this book more Posted by Chief Akinola on 9th Mar Though I know this book is written for all African people I pray word gets out more and more especially for Black people in America. This work is done by am African Americam and is very professional. Let's support our brother in these heavy endeavors that he has taken on.

The verses are very comprehensive. It truly does have over verses!

Great work. My fila ia off to you sir for your tireless efforts to preserve our culture. Please keep up the good work and I look forward to more works on Odu from you His Majesty. Thanks a bunch and I will be ordering more. It would be nice to have an ebook version of this! Thanks for all of your hard work and research king.

So many verses Posted by Nzingha Makeda on 17th Oct I just got this book but have been reading it everyday for since receiving. Every verse I read so far is very relevant.

I can tell there was a LOT of hard work put into this. The calabash shape is taken to represent heaven and earth with an extended meaning representing the entire universe.

Within the Calabash there is a mystical zone in the form of an alternate universe or the entrance to another world, and Orisha — Vodun — Spirit immortals and practitioners can travel between these two worlds. The bottom half represents femaleness and the primeval waters out of which the physical world was later created. A mysterious power called Ashe is thought to hold the gourd in space, enabling the sun and moon to shine, wind to blow, fire to burn, rain to fall, rivers to flow, and both living and nonliving things to exist.

Assisting Olodumare in administering the universe is a host of deities or nature forces called Orisha Spirit.

Said to number four hundred or more, each Orisha personifies an Ashe associated with a natural or cultural phenomenon. Let me explain further and simplify it. Please overlook my grammatical errors and get the lessons of this teaching Gets them to agree on her departure by promising revelations to those of their children Awo Orunmila. This house has become Sphere-Box containing a Calabash Her Body which contains in turn the four Calabashes given to her on that occasion by the four advisers. These gifts imply four roads, four corners of the universe.

They are the original four major signs. Ofun, the Calabash of Chalk Efun who gives himself, produces Obatala the white divinity as: Orisha-nla, greater than, the beginning and the end, first and last, the container of them all.

The egg within becomes the womb, passivity becomes creativity personified. There are ceaseless declamations to these abilities, to the essentialness on the part of the client to comply with the instructions of Ifa, no matter how unfathomable, absurd, expensive or even trivial. And most of these instructions are, at least on the surface, of this nature. Sacrifices requiring parts of fish or bird or animal, topped with kola nuts, soaked in oil, wrapped in a piece of white cloth and left at the crossroads are common enough with Ifa.

At other times the sacrifice may be in the form of such edibles as fruits, tubers, palm- kernels, beans, bean cakes and groundnuts. In such instances the client may partake of Ifa: The Yoruba god of Wisdom Page 2 6 Dr Kemi Atanda Ilori these materials and even share with his household or with any group of persons instructed by Ifa.

The Odu, however, in spite of its variety, its often expansive and almost limitless details, is not something structurally indeterminable. In fact, it has now become clear that the priest when chanting the Odu is not engaged in some unconscious process but in a highly controlled and artistically structured activity. Wande Abimbola, a noted Ifa lorist and researcher, has identified eight typical features of the basic Ifa poem.

Odu ifa pdf

Though he does not discuss their role, these features are not more functional than stop-gaps or stanza margins intended to give the priest a moment to catch his breath or more, shuffle the details of his chosen poem — especially when he has to recite, sing an declaim, in turns, parts of these details. The competence of the priest is, among other ways, reflected in how carefully and correctly he can pick his way through the meaning, message and rites structurally integrated into each Odu.

The first feature of ese Ifa Ifa poem states the name s of the Ifa priest involved in a past divination while the second gives the name s of his client. The third discusses the reason s for the divination, the fourth giving the instructions of the priest. The fifth part tells whether or not the client obeyed these instructions.

The eight is a conclusive moral drawn from the whole story. Mo sipa, Mo yanngede, A dia fun Orunmila, Won ni baba o nii lee reruu re dale.

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Won ni ki Orunmila o robu, O si ru u. Apa awon otaa re ko si lee ka a mo. O ni mo sipa, Mo yanngede; A dia fun Orunmila, Won ni baba o nii lee reruu re dale. Emi nikan ni n o reruu mi dale, Mo sipa, Mo yanngede. Ifa divination was performed for Orunmila, The father was told that he would not carry his responsibilities to the end of his life. Orunmila was told to perform sacrifice, And he performed the sacrifice.

As a result he became impregnable. Ifa divination was performed for Orunmila The father was told that he would not carry his responsibilities to the end of his life. I will carry my own responsibilities to the end of my life. I lift up my arms In joyful satisfaction. In may Ifa poems, feature I is usually a nickname or the abbreviation of a long compound name of the Ifa priest s cited in the precedent.Joyce on 26th Aug All I can say is that this is a wonderful contribution to our sacred literature.

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