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13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The journey of life isn't exactly easy Some people m. 13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck Ashwin Sanghi full ebook pdf download this might help! I found this on google Get your antivirus running in the back ground. 13 steps to bloody good luck by Ashwin Sanghi. New Delhi: westland Hangwoman: everyone loves a good hanging by K.R Meera. New.

13 Steps To Bloody Good Luck Pdf

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Home · Graphic Design · Inspiration · Contact · About · Resource · Link · Other · HomeUnlabelled [PDF] 13 Steps To Bloody Good Luck Ashwin. 13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck is his foray into the world of non-fiction. Till date Ashwin has written three independent novels, all bestsellers. Editorial Reviews. Review. "13 Steps to Bloody Good Luck is a book worth reading. I've always said that it's better to be lucky than to be good." -Jack Trout.

Enjoyed reading it.. Quoting from successful people, author has effectively connected dots for the essential traits to become lucky.

Reading and applying it will definitely help to become lucky - in short increase the opportunities. A must read for people who wants to get away from comfort zone but are afraid of what next This book has the answer to become lucky I haven't read Ashwin Sanghi's other books but was aware of him as a successful fiction writer.

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I should have taken the clue from the fact that this book was selling for Rs. The book reads like a collection of apocryphal stories about famous people and events. Coincidentally, I had just read Max Gunther's work which Ashwin has quoted in his book before picking up this book. Ashwin starts with few borrowed ideas from Max's book but I don't think he has added any original thought to them.

He could have written a few blog posts about this instead of publishing an entire book and try to piggy-back on his earlier successes. I don't respect writers who don't add original thought to previously published work. I think author's strong suit is fiction and he should stick to it.

He is off my list for next 10 years. You can safely give this book a pass. Instead, read Max Gunther's book. Very nicely explain the difference between good luck and bad luck See all 43 reviews.

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Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. English Choose a language for shopping. Word Wise: Enhanced Typesetting: Page Flip: Not Enabled Word Wise: Enabled Lending: Not Enabled Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled Amazon Best Sellers Rank: I had been turned down by almost every publisher on the planet by then. We signed a contract two weeks later. I sometimes wonder where I would have been if my mother had not known the contact at the publishing company; if that person had not known Vivek; if Vivek had not given me a list containing the East West name; if Hemu had not collaborated with East West; if Gautam had not been part of East West You get my drift?

Opportunities flow through a network and we are much more interconnected than we care to imagine. Many networks are available to us routinely: family, school friends, college alumni and colleagues at work. The important fact to note about lucky people is: They not only strengthen their existing networks, they also grow new ones. If a friend needs a mutual introduction, do you oblige? If a colleague needs assistance on a project, do you help? Cyrus was one of the naughtiest chaps in school, but everyone—teachers and students included—loved him.

He could pull the chair away just as you were about to sit down and still offer you a genuinely friendly smile and hand to help you up. We celebrated our twenty-fifth year class reunion some years ago and there was a last-minute hitch with the venue. Cyrus, as usual, was quick to offer his own home as an alternative. It was his way of reaching out to all his school friends and teachers. That simple gesture is an excellent example of strengthening an existing network.

Remember, the ability to nurture a network is simple yet complicated because it involves dealing with human psychology. Growing new networks is mostly about leveraging interactions. If you are seated next to a stranger on a flight, do you introduce yourself and try to strike a conversation?

Chance encounters are often the routes through which opportunities manifest themselves. The following story illustrates my point: Dileep Kumar was born in Unfortunately his father passed away when Dileep was just nine. Musically inclined, Dileep was able to support his family by playing in various orchestras. After completing his education, he eventually moved into the world of advertising and began composing jingles. One of the jingles that he composed was for Leo Coffee and it ended up bagging an award.

Some months later, Sharada called up Dileep to tell him that Mani Ratnam wanted to meet him. Dileep Kumar was by then known as A. Rahman and that first film was Roja. My father, Mahendra Sanghi, has always been a very sociable person, hosting dinners, attending multiple events and engagements regularly.

In office, I always saw him dictating thank you notes, condolence messages, letters of congratulation and birthday and anniversary greetings. His secretaries had a tough time keeping up with his schedule.

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Many years later as a businessman, I realized that his legacy to me was the huge network of people he knew. Networks are not only important for creating opportunities; they are often also critical for responding to them. Take the case of N. No, he never returned the money and I finally tore it up after our wedding. Narayana Murthy. Murthy married Sudha in , while he was working with Patni Computers. Three years later, he decided to start Infosys along with six colleagues.

Murthy had the vision, but absolutely no capital. Unknown to him, Sudha had quietly saved ten thousand rupees, which she gave him as start-up capital when he needed it. Infosys was initially set up in Pune. While Murthy ran Infosys, Sudha worked as a systems analyst with the Walchand Group to cover their household expenses.

In fact, without Sudha Murthy, Infosys might never have started! You cannot know what thunderbolt of good fortune is being prepared for you now by some distant engine of fate. You cannot know what complex interconnection of human relationships will guide the thunderbolt in your direction.

But you can know, with certainty, that the probability of your getting hit is directly proportional to the number of people who know your name.

It tries to tell us what we should be doing and what will be good for us. Sending a steady stream of destructive thoughts directed towards us and others, it discourages us from acting in our own best interests. Unfortunately, we usually end up listening to our inner critic rather than our inner wizard. Training oneself to ignore the inner critic and to listen to the inner wizard is what allows us to recognize opportunities for what they are.

I would take a morning flight, usually the same one, on Mondays.

I much preferred flying to driving. Nevertheless, I cancelled my day, my date and flight reservation and drove to San Diego on Sunday. On seeing the news on TV, I trembled at the thought of what had almost happened to me. But the good luck only kicked in because he was willing to listen to his intuition! Being intuitive does not mean disregarding reports, data analysis or other relevant information.

One must absorb and think through all of those. The problem, however, is that most of us stop after thinking. We give ourselves no time to feel. Being intuitive is about thinking and feeling.

I thought I had bought a four-month supply! The next highest offer? All animals have it. We all get caught up in the business of doing, and sometimes lose our place in the flow. But the more we can tune in to our intuition, the better off we are.

I take in all the information I can gather. I listen to proposals, ideas, and advice. Then I go with my gut, what my heart feels most strongly.

Get quiet so you can hear the still, small voice, your inner GPS guiding you to true North. Murray says that a hunch should not be confused with an unfounded guess, wishful thinking or fear. I could spend hours trying to describe her voice, but it would be futile.

Even if I wanted, I would be unable to describe each data bit that made my inference possible. But not knowing consciously does not mean not knowing! When such an event happens, do we call it intuition? So why do we label other inferences in life that are based on the very same process as intuition?

Would you be good enough to tell me how to go about it? Why not try ballads first?

Mozart was willing to trust it rather than seek external affirmation. Human beings have five senses: sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. But all of us also have a sixth sense. Some people call it common sense, others call it intuition. So how does one develop intuition? Start relying on your intuition for smaller decisions, then progress to bigger ones.

See a Problem?

We have created a society that honours the servant and has forgotten the gift. Their overall willingness to try new things simply increases the number of opportunities that come their way. He was named CEO of Microsoft in I buy more books than I can finish. I sign up for more online courses than I can complete. I fundamentally believe that if you are not learning new things, you stop doing great and useful things. During a particular event, he would force himself to meet people who were dressed in specific colours.

It could be black for a given event or red, blue, white or anything else for other events. This resulted in his chatting with people that he would never have otherwise interacted with.

Nevertheless, he was hugely interested in our all-round development for which he did some amazing things. Imagine this. In the midsixties, he put out a newspaper ad for a teacher, but specified that his responsibility would be nonacademic; he would have to impart general knowledge. Mahendrabhai came every evening and stayed until 6. His brief was our allround development.

We played hockey, football and different games, watched matches at Cooperage, travelled in buses and trains and explored different parts of Bombay. We went camping and stayed in a village for days every year.

A couple of months later, he found himself playing with an expatriate who was seeking office space for his multinational company. My friend was able to strike a deal just two weeks later.

The simple act of doing something new had opened up a new opportunity. Following an attack of appendicitis in , he underwent a period of convalescence.

His mother bought him some art supplies so that he could keep himself occupied even though Matisse had never painted till then. He decided to become an artist, deeply disappointing his father by that decision. Captain Gopinath, the founder of Air Deccan and the father of Indian low-cost aviation, writes in his autobiography Simply Fly: I reared cattle to sell milk, got in poultry farming, silkworm farming, then turned a motorcycle dealer, an Udipi hotel owner, a stock broker, irrigation equipment dealer, an agricultural consultant, a politician and finally an aviation entrepreneur—struggling, falling, rising, falling, rising again and taking off.

They are willing to work outside their comfort zones. He returned to India and gave up practising law. Taking a loan of three thousand rupees from a family friend, he began manufacturing scalpels, forceps, pincers, scissors and other surgical implements.

He was forced to shut down the operation.

However, by then he had understood the intricacies of working with metals and machines. He went back to his benefactor for another loan. This time, it was for making locks.

Take my own example as a possible case study: At thirty-five, having spent over twenty years running varied businesses for my family, I decided to write my first novel.

I had never written anything longer than a couple of pages until then and was foolishly attempting to write a hundred thousand words. My father was particularly concerned that I might cast aside my business avatar and become a fulltime writer.

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He probably had nightmarish visions of his MBA son wearing a khadi kurta and walking out of the family office with a jute jhola slung over his shoulder, ready to renounce the world on account of his passion. I was far too realistic to do that. The odds of getting published were low, and the chance of earning royalties to sustain my living costs seemed next to impossible.

I would have to continue working in the business for my keep. One evening, over a drink with a close friend Sunil Dalal, I discussed my predicament. Sunil is a businessman who has successfully started, nurtured, and sold several large enterprises.

Do you want to be just another rat all your life? I simply needed to come out of the closet! I needed to change the race that I was running. Upon returning to Apple many years later, he oversaw the creation of the iPod, iTunes music store, iPhone and iPad.

He did not allow the commonly accepted description of computer hardware manufacturing to determine the boundaries within which he would operate. He changed his race often, and to dramatic effect. Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon started out as an online retailer of books but then graduated to making Amazon into the biggest store on the web for almost everything. Not content with that, Bezos introduced the Kindle, coupled it with self-publishing platforms, and changed the face of publishing for ever.

Azim Premji, Chairman of Wipro Limited, inherited a company that manufactured hydrogenated vegetable oil. Thirteen years later, he changed the race by moving into manufacturing of computer hardware. Some years later, he once again changed the race by moving from hardware to software. Jaithirth Rao—popularly known as Jerry Rao—worked with Citibank for twenty years before changing track in and starting the software company MphasiS.

Eight years later, EDS acquired Mphasis. Two years later, Jerry again changed his race. He established Value and Budget Housing Corporation, an affordable housing venture aiming to alter the game in low cost housing. Uday Kotak was born into a family of cotton traders, who commonly financed trades through bill discounting.

Uday could easily have carried on the family tradition but he wondered what it would be like to be the financier-lender rather than the trader-borrower. Ramachandran Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu for three terms , Smriti Irani TV soap star and politician and countless others switched from cinema and entertainment to politics quite successfully.

A simple act of changing the race we are running often produces dramatically better results, but this requires openness to try new things. As of date, I am a well-established writer of historical and mythological thrillers. Am I not taking a substantial risk by writing this non-fiction self-help book? Changing the game makes us realize our inherent though latent strengths that can be better leveraged, thus making us better equipped to deal with new opportunities as they present themselves.

Consider this incredible but true story from India: A young man from Bengal, Abhas Ganguly, followed his actor brother to Mumbai to try his luck in Bollywood. Four years after his first film, a celebrated music director noticed Abhas imitating a famous singer and suggested that Abhas should try playback singing.

Kishore Kumar. Though amused by the proposal, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle declined. Had he accepted the proposed deal that involved trying something new, he may have founded an enduring partnership with the soon-to-be-famous Charlie Chaplin.

It safeguards the gains made by the wheel. Lucky people organize their lives much like a ratchet.

This makes it easy to cut losses in time. It also creates an environment for preventing a negative pattern. I think it should be a guideline for every entrepreneur or anyone involved in business ventures. They are calculated risk takers. You may have the capital, but your health may be faltering. Could you really execute a project that needs your round-the-clock attention for the next three years, even though the opportunity may be exciting? Anand Mahindra, Chairman of Mahindra Group, has been attempting to build an organization that can evaluate, incubate and scale up businesses continuously, even while failed experiments fall by the wayside.

Mahindra floated the idea of a merger of their respective tech companies during one of their interactions, but Raju never got back.

This turned out to be fortuitous because such a deal would have probably been very expensive for the Mahindra Group. While others would have shied away, Mahindra saw it as an opportunity to strike. The decision was simple thereafter. When I was young, he and his friends would drink in the evening and discuss the stock market.

I found it very interesting and I got fascinated by stocks. I was self-taught. I was always a reasonably good student, so I took up chartered accountancy. In January , I completed my CA. My father reacted by telling me not to ask him or any of his friends for money. He, however, told me that I could live in the house in Mumbai and that if I did not do well in the market, I could always earn my livelihood as a chartered accountant.

This sense of security really drove me in life. If all failed, there was a backup plan. It was this knowledge that allowed Jhunjhunwala to play the stock market game in his style. I enjoy hitting the ball as hard as I can.

I enjoy taking risks. And I believe you always have to take risks. Both sets of behaviour are dangerous. Most people would rather stay in their comfort zones and live passive lives without accepting responsibilities.

Accepting responsibilities involves taking calculated—not foolish—risks. It means evaluating all the pros and cons, then taking the most appropriate decision or action.

Every new project, job, hobby or start-up begins with excitement and fun. It then tends to get more difficult and much less fun, until it hits a low point.

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The Diamond Self Secret: Diana Kirschner. Napoleon Hill: The Road to Riches.

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Godin tells us that winners quit fast, quit often, and quit without guilt—until they commit themselves to beating the right dip for the right reasons.

He decided to become an artist, deeply disappointing his father by that decision. Being coffee retailers, not restaurant owners, they rejected his proposal.

As a reaction, a group of upcoming women writers also started a club at Wisconsin. Because the egoist tends to be inattentive when others are talking, he causes acquaintances to take a passive attitude in conversation and to withhold information and ideas that might have had luck value for him. He received two interview calls.

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