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Download Unconventional Machining Processes By myavr.infol Kumar, ARS serious about your studies, you should never consider eBooks/Books in PDF. Sri Vidya College of Engineering & Technology, Virudhunagar Course Material ( lecture notes) ET C SV ME - Unconventional Machining Prcesses - Unit 1. Unconventional Machining Processes - Kindle edition by Devanathan C, Ramachandran S. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or.

Unconventional Machining Process Ebook

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Find study materials,Notes,Ebooks online @. MEUNCONVENTIONAL MACHINING PROCESS. UNCONVENTIONAL. Unconventional manufacturing process. – Unconventional machining process. – Unconventional forming process. • Need for unconventional machining process. Unconventional machining process. Class.: III Year MECH A & B being prepared by me and it meets the knowledge requirement of the university curriculum.

Waterjet Cutting Courtesy of Flow Waterjet : An informative short video illustrating the very impressive cutting capabilities of this remarkable technology.

Other materials are featured together with further information about material thicknesses. Laser Cutting Courtesy of Kern Laser Systems : The video demonstrates the precision of laser cutting, on this occasion on a steel tube.

This highly automated process is very accurate.

Ultrasonic Machining Courtesy of Beijing Ultrasonic. This fascinating process works with the vibrating tool oscillating at ultrasonic frequencies. An Abrasive slurry flows between the two to facilitate the process. It can be used to machine very hard brittle materials such as glass, as well as a range of metals.

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Ultrasonic machining produces very little heat and leaves an excellent surface finish, as well as very good material structural integrity. Metals need to be conductive for EMC.


Advantages include the machining of very hard metals, with intricate geometry and high quality surfaces. Broaching: This simple diagram illustrating the broaching process, where a hardened toothed tool removes material from a work piece.

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Broaching is used when precision machining is required, often for awkward shapes such as keyways and non-circular holes. A broaching machine cuts in a linear fashion like the example and is more common, whilst a rotary broach is used on a lathe or screw machine.

Ultrasonic welding 9.

Chemical machining Electro chemical machining Electro chemical grinding Electro chemical deburring Electro chemical honing Electro polishing Electro discharge machining Wire Electro discharge machining Electro discharge grinding Electro discharge sawing Electro stream drilling Plasma arc machining Plasma arc welding Electron beam machining Electron beam welding Ion beam machining Thermal deburring High energy rate forming Selection of processes Mechanical Engineering Objective Type.

Engineering Heat And Mass Transfer.

Objective Mechanical Engineering.For doing hard suffuses, safe removal of smears and ceramics oxides on metals. Explain in detail the ECM process with neat sketch and also mention the advantages and application.

What are the magnetostrivtive materials employed in USM? Prabhat Sharma.

We have an extensive annotated catalogue of books on the web. About the authors J. Stepped type.

Crly cerine 2. Broaching is used when precision machining is required, often for awkward shapes such as keyways and non-circular holes.

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