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speakers (with cd) - 2cds. listening basic for korean speakers tomato toefl ibt series reading test pdf audio cd tomato toeic compact part 3 4 free download . tomato toeic basic - tailieudientucu - 4 - tomato toeic basic reading nhantriviet. 2. toeic test pdf grammar and vocabulary for the toeic tatics for toeic listening. contents6 toeictomato toeic basic tomato toeic intensive tomato toeic voca chip listening and reading. you must mark all of your answers on the answer sheet. for (korean edition) in pdf form, then you have come on to right website. we.

Tomato Toeic Basic Reading Pdf

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Tomato Toeic Basic Listening For Korean ladybird im ready to read a rhythm and rhyme storybook,smart toefl ibt reading basic 1 smart toefl Related PDFs. Tomato Toeic Basic Listening For Korean biology reading study work chapter 11,biology practice test chapter 10 book mediafile free file Related PDFs. and vocabulary for the toeic test pdf - soup - cambridge grammar and vocabulary for the toeic tests tomato toefl ibt reading for korean speakers (with cd) by.

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Toeic intensive reading download

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What is the test format for UCAT? The UCAT is a two-hour computer based multiple-choice test. Most students tend to panic and break down over MCAT tests more than any other exam. Anatomy and physiology are useful only at a cursory level, though physiology is more useful than anatomy. At the Khan website, you can also find free test preparation materials, including practice exams and explanations for real Reading Comprehension materials and questions.

You'll learn where your strengths and weaknesses are so you can spend less time studying your stronger areas and more time on your weaker ones. Then, press "check" and proceed to the next section. Answers, audioscripts and explanations can be viewed after the tests.

Advertisements Bumblebees are major pollinators of a majority of our flora. Write your answers A-H in boxes 36 40 on your answer sheet. Read the passage and answer questions Reading Passage 3 describes a number of cause and effect relationships. The total text length is 2,, words. You should spend about twenty minutes on it. A few flowering plants such as peas, beans, and tomatoes pollinate themselves, but more commonly, pollination occurs between separate plants, either through pollen being borne by the wind most conifers and many grasses or by pollinators, animal species that plants rely on to help move the pollen from one plant to the ovaries of another.

Every test question in this book comes with a comprehensive answer Sometimes you might be asked to choose things that are not mentioned in the recording.

Honey bees in trouble reading practice test has 14 questions belongs to the Recent Actual Tests subject. Write your answers in boxes on your answer sheet. The three parts of this practice Reading test are presented over three separate web pages. For the best practice, we strongly recommend that you keep to the requirements laid out in the IELTS test.

Make sure you understand important concepts such as cross-pollination and self-pollination , which you may encounter in the TOEFL. It may ultimately become dominated by an entirely different suite of plants that do not Free Practice Tests for learners of English. The length of the Academic reading test will be between and words.

This can be pretty difficult because each of the options given to you A, B, C, etc will be using synonyms and rewording of the words you'll hear in the clip. Part Three of Academic Reading Test 3. You may use any effect more than once if you wish. NOTE: model answers to both tasks can be found at the bottom of the page. You can also assess your band level through giving mock test which is held once in two weeks. Discuss both views and give your own opinion. Pollination is the process by which pollen is transferred from the anther to the stigma of the plant.

Where is this tree grown - indoors or outside? If inside, you should move it outdoors to make the tree more accessible to pollinating insects and wind, which is its normal means of pollination, or you could try to mimic the wind by placing a small fan nearby on low setting to move pollen within the tree.

There are 40 questions, based on three reading passages with a total of to words. On this page you can find Reading passage 1 - complete it, click "check" and proceed to the next section.

All customers who apply and for a Baltimore Furniture Card will receive free home delivery for all their purchases. A approve B is approved C are approved D have approved -. Idi dung. Ban so phai xac dinh xem dai tU quan M do thay the' cho danh tU i1 it hay nhieu, nQi dung cau van lien so quan Mn qua khu, hien tai hay tuong lai M tU do xac dinh chinh xac cau trii lai.

Cau hoi luyen tap 10 One of the main topics that during the seminar is public speaking. A will cover 8 will be covered C cover 0 covering. Trong cau bi dong, doi tUQTIgchiu su tac dt ng ciia hanh dt ng.

Dt ng tu trong cau bi dt ng: Han chot di nQp ki hoaclt di xud: Starting today, we will be generating a series of short reports on the company's financial status. Bilt ddu ki tit ngiiy luim.

Tat cd cdc sinh uien se duoc nhdn mQt so'tiii lieu tren trang web. Vi du minh hoa tren thuoc mau Call 4. The public finds Pan Zhulan's paintings although many art critics disparage his work. A fascinating B fascinated C fascinate D fascination. Neu tinh tit mang nghla chU dQng thi chon lua chon A fascinating va neu la nghia bi dQng thi chon lua chon B fascinated.

T6i bi thu hUI bili giong hdt ct1a co ta. Cau hoi luyen tap 11 Unless you plead guilty and pay your fine within 40 days, you must appear in court on the date on the citation.

Phan tir dam nhan chirc nang tinh tu They cut down some trees surrounding the construction site.

HQ don ha mot so' cay c01 chung quanh cdng truong. DigiWorld is a monthly journal distributed by an association of corporate leaders. You are invited to a luncheon honoring winners of the 10th Annual Photojournalism Contest. Mjji ban den du buG! Vi day Phan tu dam nhan entre nang b6 ngiI complement The board decided to have the contracts renewed. Ban guim Mc quytt dinli kj lai hop d6ng.

The candidate experience and career goals best match the needs of our company will be selected for the position. A whose B which C who D that. B6i v6'i cac cau hOi ve dai tit: Trong vi du tren, danh: Bonus match something: A that 8 which C where D and. Ban phdi lay tai lieu de'tren ngiin tu. Menh de quan M con duoc got la menh de tinh ngit. Chung toi dang tim mdt zing cU vien co the' noi tiing Phdp luu lodt.

O This is the material from which our major product is made. X Sdn pha'm chinh cua chung ta dUlJclam tit nguyen lieu nay. J khu trung tam.

Khdch sc;znrun to' chuc boot chieu dai toa lac. Trang tu quan M where chi noi chdn, when chi thoi gian va how chi tM each,. If Corsica Cabinets had honored the order agreement, the dispute with the housing contractor could A avoid B to avoid C have been avoided D had been avoided. Trong vi du tren, cau. Bonus dispute dugc stYdung nhu dQng W va danh W. Cau hoi luyen tap 13 If solar energy panels were affordable, more households them instead of continuing to rely on non-renewable sources of energy.

Malory had a higher level of education, she would have qualified for the promotion. Cau dieu kien khong dao ngfr ciia vi d1J. If Ms. Malory had had a higher level of education, she would have qualified for the promotion. A by B until C since D during. Hay quan sat each: Cau tra Iil'i dung la lai nhu sau: B until. Cau hoi luyen tap 14 Analysts agree that they need to increase marketing communication periods when the market is disrupted due to negative influences.

Xin vui long nljp don dang kj trudc ngay 15 thang The shop is open until late on Fridays. Ctia tiem ma cUa cho din khuya vaa cdc ngay thu sdu. Rich Goldman duac cdc ph6ng vien yeu cdu n6i vJ loi cdo budc.

Luu '1: Our Christmas tree was decorated with many colorful rings. Gay Giang sinh cua chung ta duoc trang tri being nhiing uong iron nhdu mau sdc. Trang cudc hQP, ting trudng phong luinh. I stayed in Paris for two months. Toi a Paris trong hhodng thai gian hai thdng. His high school graduation ceremony is in 5 weeks. All residents of the neighborhood should be cautioned not to use any water taps the repair is in progress. A during B due to C although D while.

STEP Ilh ,. Do nghia cua diu Iii Tit VI! Bonus - caution n: Gi6i tu co tM la mot tu in, on, at, of Cdc mdt hang ss viJ se khong duoc nhdn v4n chuye'n niu khOng duoc dong gdi dung tieu chudn. LHmtu va giai tu Although she joined the company only three years ago, she's already been promoted twice. Them vao do, ban cling phai phan biet each su dung gioi tu va lien tu co cung nghia. Sau day la mot sO'gioi tu va lien tu co cung nghia. I Due to the current recession, major corporations have already downsized or announced plans to do so.

A either B and C both D not I. I STEP Xac dinh mQt ph5n cua lien: Quan sat: Bonus recession n: Cac ti d5ng nghia bao g5m slump, depression, crash. Cau hoi luyen tap 16 The National Data Center is both the most user-friendly site of its kind the best source for a wide range of statistics. Toi du dinh.

Do do, chi cdn X8. HQ co' gcing vita ma rong cong vi? Thong tin uii nhdn duac khOng nhiing quan trong ma can thd: Trong vi du tren, thanh phan A Ill. D6i kill only duoc luoc bOma khong anh huang den nghia cua cau true.

The contract was signed just before the deadline, a timely completion of the order. A ensures B ensuring C ensure D ensured. STEP 1 I: A ensures va C ensure. Do m5i Cau hoi luyen tap 17 successfully completed the acquisition of Trillium, the company set about a restructuring and integration effort. Hinh thai eo blm ciia eau true phan tu Because she suspected the malfunction could be dangerous, the plant manager halted production.

Cau true phan tu duoc hinh thanh Mng each: Nghia ciia eau true phan tu The firm opened a new customer service center, adding over new employees. Cdng ty dti khai truang mot trung tam dich Vl,l hhiich. Anh ay bi dau khi dang leo nui. Knowing little of the city, I hired a guide. Cautrue phan tu khong gian luge lien tu When sending your questions by fax, please include your name and telephone number.

LUll y: Cautrue phan tu a danq hoan thanh Having finished lunch, we went out for a walk. Sau khi dung com trua, chung toi ra ngodi tdn bQ. Vi du tren duoc viet lai thanh: After we had finished lunch, we went out for a walk. Victor, the previous section head, me about a recruitment company that specializes in the telecommunications field.

A gave B told C suggested I recommended. Bonus to specialize in: Cau hoi luyen tap 18 The New Review us that they received a number of supportive letters to the editor after the publication of our book. A explained 8 expressed C announced 0 informed. He talked to coworkers about his decision to find a new job.

Anh ay noi viii aing SI! Today's invited guest will speak to people about "Election". Vi khcich moi hom nay se noi udi moi nguiti ve de tai "Bdu ai". You must inform the company of your new address as soon as possible. Ban phdi thong bdo viii cong ty -Dedia chi moi cua ban cang slim cang tot.

Cii hai cau tnic nay deu co nghia la thong bao cho ai biet ve viec gi, tuy khac nhau ve mat cau true. Dong tu notify cling co cau true tuong tu: The Customer Service department should notify customers of the delivery delay. Suzuki announced his resignation to all the staff members.

Dong tu co cau true tuong tu dQng tu announce bao gem: Our supervisor said nothing to employees about the problem. The director that finished the project expressed gratitude to her colleagues.

Vi guim Mc hoan thanh. You are cordially invited to attend next month's retirement luncheon in of outgoing director Martin Kriegner. A honor B respect C addition D award. Cau hoi luyen tap 19 On behalf of the staff, I wish to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that you experienced with to your recent order. A regarding 8 regard C regardless D regarded. Bap an trang Trdi vai du dodn cua cdc nha phdn tich, cting ty dii co budc tang truong monli trong quj vila qua.

O'Connor worked at First Insurance prior to joining the team at Vero. The accounts receivable manager is in charge of collecting all outstanding payments. Truong phong qudn lj cang no phu. In observation of the holiday, our bank will be closed next Monday. Tudn thu quy dinh. Jennifer Langley attended the conference on behalf of the business association. Co Jennifer Langley dii tham du hQi nghi vcii tu each la nguoi dq,i dien cho hiep hQi doanh nghiep. Aside from his secretary, nobody knew that Mr.

Harris would be retiring.

Ngoai trll nguai thu kj fa, khOng ai biet rling ting Harris sdp vi huu. The advertising agency performed well last year in comparison with its main rivals. Cong ty qudng cdo gij,t hdi duac thanh. Franks hired Fiona Raviolina on the recommendation of a recruitment consultant. Ong Franks dd nhdn. To our staff to work effectively,we introduced a new system that was launched at the end of last month.

A enable B make C forward D certify. C dinh cau tra lot dung Ii! A enable. A be enabled to do I. Cau hoi luyen tap 20 All presenters and session chairs are expected before the conference and pay thE standard fees.

A register 8 to register C will register D registering. Ban qudn lj khdch. German's financial advisor encouraged her to invest in the stock market.

Co'van tai chinh cua c6 German khuyen khich c6 ta nen ddu tu VaG thi trueing cluing khodn. Supervisors must force laborers to wear safety gear on the building site.

Cdc doc c6ng phdi bilt buoc nhdn c6ng lao dQng mdc d6 bdo hQ khi lam vi? The cable company's sales representative persuaded Mr. Jones to get the full channel package. Gara's assistant reminded him to register for the trade show in Atlanta. Tr llj aia 6ng Gara nhiic ting ta dang kj tham gia trie'n lam thuang mai a Atlanta. Karen Black's manager asked her to come to his office for a briefing. The inconclusive results from the first study led Dr. Roper to conduct further research. Nhiing ket qua khdng thuyet phuc tit c6ng trinh nghien CUuddu tien khien cho tien si Roper phdi lien luinh.

The unfavorable weather forecast compelled organizers to postpone the outdoor concert. Bdn du baa thai tiel khOng thudn loi buqc cdc nha t6' chuc hoan lai buiJ'ihoa nhac ngoai troi. Only authorized personnel are permitted to access confidential company files. A expectant B responsible C determined D probable. A permissible 8 allowable C admissible 0 eligible. Our service representatives are consistent in their approach to customer complaints.

Cdc nhdn vien phuc v1,tkhdch. Nhioig ket qud nay phil hap vai cdng trinh nghien cUu truce day. Factory workers need to be aware of the dangers in their working environment. All the flight times recorded in this itinerary are subject to change. Tat cd cdc lich bay ducc ghi trong lich. The content of the management training seminar seemed irrelevant to the real issues experienced by most administrators. Nqi dung boo! Employees who are absent from work should obtain a medical certificate.

Nhiing nhdn vien vling md: The Nevada governor is very concerned about the growing unemployment rate. None of the candidates seem suitable for the role of administrative assistant. Khdng co ung cu vien nao co ve thich hap cho cuong vi tra lj hanti chinh. Ban lanh dao cdng ty rat miin cudng chap thudn nhung yeu sdch.

Averbakh, Yuri - Comprehensive Chess Endings 1 - Bishop & Knight Endings.pdf

LUll y phan biet ffiQtso tinh tu duoc theo sau boo gi6i. Due to the increase in the cost of fuel recently; Pan-Pacific Air has had to raise prices on all of its major routes. A dramatic B variable C trivial D productive. Day la mi? Bonus Luu y: Cau h6i luyen tap 22 According to our company's announcement, it showed a drop in profits. A sharp 8 bright C productive 0 cautious. There has been a slow decline in trading volume on the New York stock exchange. Berrick's supervisor has noticed a slight improvement in his overall performance.

Immigration applicants with special skills in a particular field may qualify for a distinguished talent visa. The staff attended an intensive training course on schedule management. Nhdn vien da tham du khoa dao tao chuyen sau vJ phuang phdp qudn lj ki hoach. The police were unable to gather sufficient evidence to charge the executives with fraud. Cdnh sat khong thi thu thdp ddy du cluing ai de' bwic tlji nhung uy vien ban qudn try can tlji lua ddo.

After the earthquake in San Diego, there were reports of severe damage in some office buildings. TV Berlin producers held an exclusive interview with world-renowned actress Sarah Chang. We offer a wide variety ofincomparable services tailored to meet your at competitive rates.

A promises B sayings C requirements D proposals. Nhimg C1. Ngoai ra, con co hai cum tu: Tit vung incomparable ai mot kh6ng hai, kh6ng the'sdnh duac tailor lam cho phil h fp vai m1jC dich, yeu cdu competitive canh.

Bonus to keep one's promise: A fill 8 complete C accomplish D equal. The members of the regional council couldn't reach a consensus on how to improve public transportation. Cdc thilnh vien trong hQi d6ng dia phuong da kh6ng thi di din thdng nM! Ngoai ra, to reach con co nghia la dat den I di den mot didu gi do, vi du: Because the employees wouldn't settle their argument, they were assigned to different projects.

Bifi vi cdc nhdn vien kh6ng gidi quyit duac nhung tranh cdi cua ho, nen ho duac phdn c6ng vila nhiing du an kbdc nhau.

The police should cooperate with community groups to address the problem of youth crime.

Kim will mediate the dispute between Gregory Seafood and the company's former employee. Walker's keynote speech gave tremendous encouragement to everyone attending the management conference. Bai thuyet trinh.

The crash has raised questions about the overall safety of air travel. The Association of Psychologists announced that stress can interfere the normal functioning of the immune system. A with B to C about D on.

Ban khOng co quyin can thi? Cau hoi luyen tap 24 Scientists around the globe are collaborating oil exploration projects to determine how to most efficiently extract oil with a reduced impact on the environment.

De'thanh lqp chi nhdnh. The city council is cooperating with Mako Construction on the building project. Hoi dang thanh. Our market research suggests that most of our customers associate our products with quality and durability. Gong trinh nghien cuu thi truong cua chung toi cho thay hdu Mt khdch. We need to replace our existing system with an automated one.

Our hotel's suites are equipped with wide screen televisions and high-speed Internet. Cdc phong hang sang trong khdch. Programmers should concentrate on eliminating errors to work quickly.

Several major firms are competing strongly for the advertising contract. In the end, the firm gave in to a strike threat by the union. Gu6'i cung, cong ty ciing sa nhuang bq su de doa dinh cdng do cting doan pluit dqng.

Studying English Online

Tat cd cdc bdo cdo phdi duac nqp trudc thu sdu. If you want to get further information about our new goods, please our customer service department. A connect B confirm C conserve D contact. Neu nhu Cac hra chon duoc cho bao g6m:. Connect va contact la hai dong tu duoc dung de chi 8V lien ket ghra hai nguOi hoac hai ca the voi nhau.

Luu y 8V khac biet ve nghia ciia hai d lng tu nay: Lua chon D contact la Call tra lot dung. A perform 8 conduct C respond D follow. Rodney Collins dii ldi xe uuot qua gidi han toe dQ tren xa IQ. Sales of the TX 20 digital camera recently surpassed 10, in total. Doanh so'miJt hang may dnh. SO Appliances' total market share has been diminishing for several years. Tong thi phan cua aing ty SD Appliances dang guim su: The director asked him to condense a paragraph of the report into a sentence.

Ong guim doc yeu cau anh ay co dong mot doan van trong ban baa cdo tluinh. Condense co nghia la lam cho nh6 ai hoic ngdn hon. Due to declining profits, management wants to eliminate all unnecessary expenses from the budget. Do loi nhudn sut guim, ban gidm doc mudn loai bO nhung chi phi kh6ng can thiet trong ngdn sdch. After hearing the consultant's negative assessment, the company decided to abandon its policy. Sau khi nghe nha tu van trink bay ban ddnk gid theo huang tieu qtc, cdng ty quytt dinh.

The average temperature was substantially below normal for two weeks. Nhiet dQ trung binh guim xudng thap hon btnli thuang mot each dang ki trong suot 2 tutin. I found my important documents underneath a cushion on the sofa. Nhiing tit cAn phan biet chinh xac sac thai y nghta 2. Most states have already adopted a policy to the disposal of radioactive wastes at any location unless authorized by special permission. A retain B disturb C interfere D prohibit.

Cac cum tu then chdt key words trong cau nhu thuc hien quy dinh , the disposal of adopt a policy radioactive wastes viec vtrt b6 cac chat thai phong xa se gnip quyet dinh chon cau tra 1m. Bonus Cac tlt d6ng nghia vcri prohibit bao g6m: A conveyed 8 evaluated C removed 0 anticipated. Nha kho tren duang Tank dang duac cdi tao thanh. Lawyers from both sides worked together to modify the terms of the purchase agreement. Thai han bdo hanh.

Because of Rebecca's repeated absenteeism, the manager decided to terminate her contract. Vi Rebecca thuang xuyen vdng mdt a salam, nen guim doc quyel dinh. Kelly Brown wants to get access to the confidential reports. Kelly Brown muon titp cdn udi cdc ban bdo cdo mdt. We should find a practical approach to solving the staff problems.

Chung ta nen tim mot guii pluip mang tinh thuc te'do! Approach la danh tu Mm diroc countable noun , co nghia la guii phdp hodc su tiin din gdn mQt vi tri, mdt cdi gi do. All returns must be repacked in the original carton and accompanied by the dated receipt. Tal cd hang h6a gUi trd phdi duac dong goi lai trong cdc bao bi nguyen goe va gUi kem theo hoa don co ghi ngay thdng,.

The National Environment Association suggested "Water Day" because water is fundamental to our survival. Our scientists are trying to develop to some of the chemicals we currently use to clean our machinery. A exchanges B alternatives C imitations D choices. Cum tu alternative to co nghla la v j. Call tra loi dung se la B alternatives. Bonus Alternativeduqc su dung nhu mqt danh W trong vi du tren, Alternative con duqc su dung vcri chuc nang tinh W, vi du; alternative way each thay the.

Cau hoi luyen tap 27 The National Oil Company has prepared plans for the development of a few southeastern oil fields in order to increase the production of the country. A capacity 8 ability C aptitude D resource. Cdc tho may a Trung tam Sua chua 6 to Jake kie'm tra chiec xe ca'n thdn de'tim ra nhiing hu hdng, The management committee appointed a task force leader to oversee the research project.

Ban qudn lj da dJ cu mot lank dao dQi dijc nhiem de' guim sat du an nghien cuu. The editors at the Friday Post only make minor revisions to most articles. Ban bien trjp cua thin bdo Friday Post chi chinh sua doi chut cho hau het cdc bai baa. Before signing the employment contract, Mr. Larsen's lawyer wants to make correction to it. Trude khi kj hap d6ng Lao dQng, ludt su aia dng Larsen mudn sua phan nQi dung khong dung trong hop dang.

Wallis has been nominated for the role of representative of the residents' association. Co Wallis du!

Anyone who purchases our items can get refunds at the designated shop. Bat eu khdch hang nao mua sdn phd'm cua cluing uii co the' nhdn lai tdn tai ctia hieu duac chi dinh. We need to redefine what constitutes our organization. Chung ta can tdi xdc dinh nhiing yiu to' hinh thanh. The Carter Trust is a powerful lobby group which represents the interests of environmentalists. Carter Trust la nuit nh6m vrjn dQng hanh.

An parking area is located beneath each building, providing shelter from the elements. A enclosed B enveloped C encircled D engraved. Trong 4 lua chon cho san, ta co the loai bo lua chon D engraved: Tir V1p1g be located tuim a vi tri beneath hen dudi shelter noi che chO, noi tru a.

T6i gui kern ban Ij licli trich ngang, thu tu giai thieu va ba ld thu tiin cu. Cau hoi luyen tap 28 Unfortunately, some of our products may not be to all users because of the manner in which products are distributed. A reachable 8 approachable C accessible D available. Bat cu nguai nclo ddu xe trong khu V1! The cable television company decided not to raise its annual subscription fee.

For no additional charge, visitors to the art gallery can enjoy a guided tour of the facility. Du khdch. New technologies have multiplied the number of ways that companies can advertise their products. Apply a small drop of Easy-Eye liquid to the eye in order to dilate the pupil.

Hay nhiJ mot giot Easy-Eye uao mal dilam guin no d8ng tU. College graduates are finding it increasingly difficult to gain employment. The company's profits have been declining consecutively for three quarters. The members of the residents' association convened in the community hall at the appointed time. Cdc thanh. There is a marked difference in quality between Techno Toy's products and their rival's.

The sales results improved significantly in the last quarter of the year. Doanh so' ban hang da tang dang ki'trong quy cuG!

Walters, who gave the keynote address at the law conference, is a particularly impressive speaker. Faster transfer speed is one of the demonstrated benefits of the T-Speed Internet service.

As part of the approved sales strategy, the company began aggressively advertising online. Gong ty dd bdt ddu chien dich qudng cdo true tuyen ram rq nhu la mqt phdn trong chien IWlC kinh doanh da duac thong qua. When you meet the clients, please do not lose your temper or become with them. A arguable B argue C argument D argumentative. Do truoc cbb tr6ng la dong tu become nen kha nang co tM la A arguable , C argument va D argumentative. Trong vi du tren, chii tu la you chi nguoi, nen ta phai chon cau tra dung la D argumentative.

Cau hoi luyen tap 29 We may need to spend time outside the office, meeting with current and prospective clients, and participating in trade association meetings. A consider 8 consideration C considerate 0 considerable. Vocabulary file , All staff members should be careful at all times while using the equipment.Chung toi dang tim mdt zing cU vien co the' noi tiing Phdp luu lodt.

Wallis has been nominated for the role of representative of the residents' association. You'll learn where your strengths and weaknesses are so you can spend less time studying your stronger areas and more time on your weaker ones.

A avoid B to avoid C have been avoided D had been avoided. A retain B disturb C interfere D prohibit. HQ don ha mot so' cay c01 chung quanh cdng truong.

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