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Professionally, Dr. Alec Johnson has almost reached his goals. As this year's recipient of a humanitarian award with his ex, Dr. Tyler Hall, Alec's. River Jaymes - The Back-up Boyfriend (The Boyfriend Chronicles #1).epub The Boyfriend Mandate (The Boyfriend Chronicles #2).epub. I am looking for the Masters' Admiralty series by Mari Carr in Epub if possible. .. River Jaymes - The Back-up Boyfriend (The Boyfriend Chronicles #1).epub.

The Backup Boyfriend River Jaymes Epub

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The Backup Boyfriend (The Boyfriend Chronicles #1) ". By: River Jaymes. Ebook Download Free, Ebook, Ebook Download Free, Epub App, Epub Android. The Backup Boyfriend: Boyfriend Chronicles Series, Book 1 River Jaymes reviews epub, read books online, books to read online, online library, greatbooks to. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. River Jaymes is the author of Brad's Bachelor Party and The Backup Boyfriend. By day, she works as a (mostly).

Praise to this author for writing such an amazing book! It was wonderful. I loved the characters, I loved the writing, and I just loved the story.

Memphis and Tyler were awesome. The moments they were together were intense and very steamy.

The Boyfriend Mandate (2000)

I loved Memphis and his boyish charm, and I loved Tyler's resolve to always be calm. The side characters were just as great.

Memphis had testicular cancer and ended up loosing both of man sacs. He meets up with Tyler after a story appears that claims that at one point Memphis was gay. Although there wasn't a real enemy, this book made up for that.

Julissa, Memphis's ex caused no trouble and genually cared about Memphis and Tyler. I loved Noah, and I can't wait for his story with My.

The Backup Boyfriend

You can definitely predict that the cancer comes back, but there is a happy ever after. Its a very curable cancer and resulted from his past treatments.

Tyler and Memphis get together, Alec and Dylan also get some good news, and Noah is ready to find love with Kyland Davis who is a really good doctor. Four stars for this amazingly, wonderful book written by an awesome author named River James.

I can't wait for Noah and Ky's story. I need release date! The writing was decent and I connected with the characters.

This book made me do a happy dance. A definite reread : Pipilota Not as good as the first book. Ashi Review will shown on site after approval. Review will shown on site after approval. Gillian Russell pinned post 19 Mar at 7: Hi have you got this in ePub please. Hi, I'm sorry but I dont't have it and I can not find it anywhere: Gillian Russell. Hope Odell. I have the 2nd Sweet Possession in Epub, the 1st and 3rd I can only get in pdf though.

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Obl Hd Feb 22, at 9: I think those were very well done. Even as Noah and Ky have some pretty damn hot sex featuring a paring knife!

The masculine, clean-shaven face housed mesmerizing gray eyes framed by thick lashes. One thing I didn't really like though was the fact that Brad was experimenting with dear amazing Cole who I would just love to hug and spoil with no plans of canceling his wedding. Memphis explained how he was supposed to run down the length of the concrete dock, small explosions set to detonate behind him as he ran past.

The boy perked up in interest, shifting higher in his seat. Yassmeen Daher pinned post 28 Feb at 2:

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