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Download Terran Trade Authority Handbook SPACECRAFT to AD DOWNLOAD PDF - MB. Share Embed Donate. Report this link. A Terran Trade Authority Handbook. For an additional $15 you will be able to purchase a PDF of the book, for an additional $25 you will be. Terran Trade Authority Corebook - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read book online. stuff.

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These pieces have been scanned in from the first in the wonderful set of "Terran Trade Authority Handbooks" by Stewart Crowley. Published in , the future. Terran Trade Authority · Great Space Battles · Spacecraft to AD · Spacewreck, Ghostships and Derelicts of Space · Starliners, Commercial. Terran Trade Authority. BattlesCoverLand · SpaceCraftCoverLand · SpaceWreckCoverLand · StarLinersCoverLand.

Research and development continued at a Ieverish pace. The Proximans obviously expected some sort oI retaliation. The populace began to question whether the threat Irom the skies was real or just a power play by Tanaaikol. Dissent began to grow. Ironically, it was the Alphans who once again unknowingly Ianned the fames.

A line was drawn, and when a Proximan ship crossed it, it was captured by the Alphans and the crew questioned. Un- Iortunately, the command ring oI this particular Alphan ship was over- zealous, a little too eager to prove their superiority and take revenge Ior some oI the past incidents. They utilized powerIul drugs on the Proximans, who subsequently were released to pilot their ship home.

They arrived; brainwashed, hollow shells oI their Iormer selves, spout- ing praises to the Alphans and their superior society. All seemed quiet Ior many years aIter. Then the raids began. In a move that caught the Alphans completely by surprise, a small Proximan task Iorce struck at a gas refnery station orbiting the gas giant Alpha III, destroying it and two Alphan patrol vessels.

While this Proximan Iorce was subsequently chased down and destroyed to the last ship, the Iact that they had somehow managed to slip through the Alphan lines unde- tected threw the government into a panic.

Reports Irom the Alphan ships that engaged the Proximans and analysis oI the wreckage showed a new level oI sophistication in design. The Alphans rolled up their sleeves and made improvements in their own feet. Slowly, their advantage returned.

Terran Trade Authority Series

Proximan raids continued on a sporadic basis, inficting damage on Alphan operations but always at a heavy loss to the Proximans. The Alphan government, meanwhile, temporarily overturned their previous 'containment only policy and launched occasional sorties into Proximan space, destroying mining op- 22 erations on the outer planets and, in a spectacular success, completely destroyed an orbital shipyard that set the Proximan shipbuilding program back at least halI a decade.

However, it was noted that by this time the Proximans were producing their own Iully unique and eIIective ship de- signs, Iree Irom Alphan infuence. As years went by and the tit-Ior-tat raids continued, both sides grew weary oI the confict. The Alphan government reinstated its policy oI containment and Irom that point Iorward showed remarkable restraint and never pressed the advantage into Proximan space.

They had grown to understand their enemy by this point and had fnally realized that the religious Iervor that Iueled the Proximan raids would start to die iI the en- emy remained distant and nebulous. They proved correct as on Proxima, once again, citizens began to question the diversion oI resources and the rationale behind the raids.

The enemy, to them, appeared to have been vanquished. The government held on, insisting vigilance and a proactive stance was necessary to prevent disaster.

Then, something completely unIoreseen occurred Had humanity chosen the closer but Iar less likely Proxima Centauri as a frst target Ior exploration, history might be very diIIerent. But the Terrans were, oI course, drawn to the nearby sun much like their own.

The Proximans learned oI contact with the new alien race, which threw their governments into a furry oI action. The people oI Proxima were rallied once again, to a Iever pitch not beIore attained. The incursions would begin anew, leading eventually to enslave- ment. The hawkish elements oI the united Proxima began to exile and silence millions oI dissenters who wanted nothing to do with what was coming next.

To their credit, the Terrans took the warnings with a grain oI salt, surmising that the views they were getting were tainted. For many years, they tried to initiate contact with the Proximans, but were ignored. The Terrans had the best oI intentions, seeking to simultaneously make frst contact and act as intermediaries to resolve the long confict.

Sadly, the Ianaticism on Proxima was once again in Iull swing, and to the Proximans, they were already in a state oI war. The Proximans, however, were by this point driven purely by paranoia and Ianaticism. Expecting retaliation Irom both the Terrans and the Alphans, the government made plans.

They had ratcheted up their shipbuilding and recruiting programs again, and were close to achieving wartime strength. Against a com- bined enemy, a proactive approach was deemed necessary. The thermonuclear missiles themselves were simple and rugged.

The propulsion and guidance systems were the best Proxima could mus- 26 ter. And the ships that carried them were the latest design, staIIed by the most loyal and Ianatical oI crews. In seconds, major Alphan cities were nothing more than columns oI black smoke and radioactive ash. Mil- lions were dead, with millions more to join them in the aItermath. It was January oI Alpha immediately declared was on Proxima and urged Terra to do the same. While roundly condemning the Proximan action, declaring war was a diIfcult step to take because the Proximans had not yet communicat- ed directly with Terra.

In Iact, no Terran had at this point even seen a Proximan, except through holos and descriptions Irom the Alphans. Two months later, however, a Iurther incident occurred that leIt the Terran governments with little choice.

Regular passenger service to Alpha had been stopped aIter the at- tack, both due to security risks and the turmoil oI the aItermath.

Terran relieI groups, however, continued to send personnel, and several pas- senger lines donated the services oI their ships and pilots to Ierry them to and Iro. It was a case oI terrible bad luck that the Interstellar Queen Tigran arrived out oI warp in the vicinity oI a Proximan scouting party, parked at distance and quietly probing the Alphan deIenses Ior weak- nesses.

Terran Trade Authority Handbook SPACECRAFT 2000 to 2100AD

The Proximans immediately made Ior this target oI opportunity. The crew oI the Tigran picked up the signature oI the Proximan drives coming to liIe, but there was little they could do as they had just emerged Irom the jump and their power was drained.

Meanwhile, Alphan and Terran ships in system scrambled in a desperate attempt to reach the unarmed passenger liner frst. AIter several minutes oI maximum ac- celeration, the Alphan and Terran feet achieved visual range just in time to watch in horror as the Tigran was ripped apart by Proximan missiles, while Proximan ships swooped about, mercilessly picking oII the liIe- boats and shuttles that had been launched. The smaller Proximan Iorce quickly disengaged as their enemies drew near.

Two hundred sixteen relieI volunteers and twenty-two crew members were killed in the at- tack. Shipping is not included in the pledge levels. That's because for this Kickstarter campaign, we're going to send out surveys and collect shipping fees through BackerKit once we're ready to ship out all physical rewards.

This not only means all funds raised in the Kickstarter are going towards covering the costs of production creating an electronic edition from a print is not cheap.

The cost of production include licensing fees, layout, and printing but it gives us plenty of time to source the best and least expensive international shipping options through fulfilment agents in Europe and Asia.

Thanks for being understanding! We know that for some it's much easier just to take care of the total costs all at once upon pledging, but we hope you'll see that this approach is not only better for the project but affords you the lowest shipping costs when the time comes.

Spacecraft to AD is c Stewart Cowley. All art is c to the respective artist. All work used herein is used with permission and under license. The estimated delivery date is intended to serve as our hope as to when you will receive rewards. Setbacks are possible with any project.

Like other projects of this type, this project is not without risks. Delays can happen, as we are only human. We will keep in contact with you concerning potential delays and such. The biggest possible delay will come from any stretch goals that we may include.

The risk of delay happens anytime you put control in the hands of another person, who has their own issues they must deal with as well. Questions about this project? Check out the FAQ. This is an electronic edition of the Spacecraft to AD book. This will also include a signed 8 x 11 print of special limited-edition giclee print of the painting "ACM , Fatboy", signed by Jim Burns.

This will also include a signed 8 x 11 print of special limited-edition giclee print of the painting "Nomad Industrial Complex", signed by Jim Burns. This book will be signed by Stewart Cowley or Jim Burns backers choice. This will be signed via adhesive book plate.

Download PDF Starliners, by Stewart Cowley

This book will be signed by Stewart Cowley and Jim Burns. Jul 3, - Aug 11, 38 days. Share this project Done. Tweet Share Email.

Spacecraft to AD 40th Anniversary Reprint. A Terran Trade Authority Handbook. Full color reprint of the original books by Stewart Cowley. Battlefield Press, Inc. Share this project. About Shreveport, LA Fiction. ACM , Fatboy. Nomad Industrial Complex. Cyclops, Colin Hay. Support Select this reward.

Estimated delivery Aug Still the story itself is reasonably engaging and gives a feel for tactical combat and the kinds of decisions it entails. This book covers the events immediately before and after the Proximan War Era, and is presented in the same manner as an aircraft recognition guide, made up entirely of spacecraft descriptions and art accompanied by details of their role and performance in the war, and occasionally their history afterwards.

Virtual Tabletops. However, it was noted that by this time the Proximans were producing their own Iully unique and eIIective ship de- signs, Iree Irom Alphan infuence. But the picture was soon to alter. The Proximans struck hard at the Alphan in- dustrial Iacilities around Alpha III; the allied feet sallied Iorth to meet the attackers and soon Iound themselves outclassed both technologically and tactically.

In the aItermath, however, Terra was still the most intact oI the combatant worlds. Abruptly, it nosed upward, blasting out oI the atmosphere at Iull power. Sadly, the Ianaticism on Proxima was once again in Iull swing, and to the Proximans, they were already in a state oI war.

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