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Friday, June 14, 2019

Intimation Cum Preliminary Claim Form – AutoSecure Car Insurance . 1/We hereby authorize Tata AIG General Insurance Co Ltd to pay the tenable claims. Issuance of this form is not an admission of Liability or a waiver of the terms, Tata AIG General Insurance Company Limited: A, 5th Floor, Building No Intimation Cum Preliminary Claim Form – Auto Policy. ΤΙΤΛ PLEASE SIGN ON BOTH SIDES OF CLAIM FORM. Tata AIG General Insurance Company Ltd.

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The Claim forms are given for the different losses. Please fill in the Click on the relevant forms for the Claims Procedure you are looking for. Motor Insurance. Proposal Form. INSURANCE. Private Car / Two Wheeler Package Policy. WITH YOU ALWAYS. Application No.: Note: (1) Policy wordings are available on. Intimation Cum Preliminary Claim Form - AutoSecure Car Insurance. AC T/We hereby authorize Tata AIG General Insurance Co Ltd to pay the tenable claims.

Reimbursement of Depreciation It surely stands out as one of the lesser-known but most recommended add-on. Pairing your policy with this add-on entitles you to bag-in claims against expenses of repair for damages due to accident. Consumables Cover Little were you aware that consumables like nuts, bolts, oils and screws are not covered by any car insurance policy.

Our claims promise - delivered

Opting for this add-on however, guarantees that expenses for small consumables are entirely covered by the insurance company. Bear in mind, cost of consumables in high-end vehicles are pretty high. Having an add-on in such circumstances is of great value. Engine Secure Add-On The add-on is extremely crucial for new car owners and luxury car owners.

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This is a rider that compensates for the expenses of engine damage, not caused due to accident. It is extremely helpful for those residing in areas where water logging is a common problem.

NCB Protector No Claim Bonus is like a prize rewarded to customers by insurance companies for successfully completing a claim-free year.

With this add-on in use, you could proceed with claims for loss like windshield glass repair, total loss of vehicle and replacement of accessories. Remember, the protector will shield you against the first two claims.

If a similar type of tyre is not available during the process, it will not be replaced with a tyre of higher price or better quality. Also, only 4 replacements are permissible in a particular period of insurance.

During such incidences, the insurance company provides on-spot assistance.

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If you are stranded in a remote area, you can avail taxi service, get emergency accommodation along with other listed benefits if you buy this cover with Tata AIG motor insurance. Depreciation Cover This add-on cover allows you to claim the total cost of the replacement of car parts in case of an accidental damage claim under Tata AIG vehicle insurance.

Thus, helps you save a huge amount. Usually, it is valid for cars that are less than 5 years of age and can be claimed a maximum of 2 times during the policy term. Car Hire Service After accidental damage or theft or total loss of the car, the insurer provides a car on hire until the time the insured car is repaired.

Repair of Rubber, Fiber, Glass, and Plastic Parts A claim arising for repair of the above-mentioned parts will not affect the no-claim-bonus that you have accrued until the policy renewal. Coverage is limited to only one such claim during the policy period of Tata AIG vehicle insurance.

Personal Belongings Cover Any loss or damage caused to the personal belongings at the time of accident or collision is recompensed by the insurance company. Items that are being transported for commercial purposes shall not be covered.

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Consumables Cover With Consumables Cover, the insured can claim for the small consumable expenses that are incurred on the replacement and repair of nut, bolts, screw, oil etc. Please note: Costs other than those listed above section are not covered and additionally, the cost to replace keys of vehicles that is not owned for personal use.

Road Side Assistance Cover It's a service facilitated to take care of your vehicle and your worries in an unfortunate event of your vehicle meeting with an accident or breakdown. Check loss of personal belongings cover Vehicles should not be used for the purpose of racing, rallying, motor-sports, or in any instance where the Vehicle is not being used in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

Special Condition: No Trace Report from the police needs to be submitted, confirming the theft of the insured vehicle, in case of theft claim.

Claim Form PDF

Applicable only when the repair is done at authorized garage. However, the repair must be done at the authorized garage to be eligible for claims.

The allowance will be decided on the consensus by the policyholder, surveyor and the workshop manager. The Daily allowance will not be payable if time required for repair of motor vehicle is up to 3 days.

About TATA AIG General Insurance Company Limited

Loss of Personal Belongings This covers the cost for the loss or damage to the personal belongings kept inside the insured vehicle at the time of any perils mentioned under Own Damage section of the policy wordings or due to an accident.

Personal belongings for the purpose of this section means items such as clothes and other articles of personal nature likely to be worn, used or Special conditions: Few things are not covered - money, securities, cheques, bank drafts, credit or debit cards, jewellery, lens, glasses, travel tickets, watches, valuables, manuscripts, paintings and other similar items.Quick Quote.

Try to note the names and contact details of witnesses, if any. This is required if in case you have shifted to a new city and need to update your vehicle registration number.

About Marine Cargo Insurance. The Daily allowance will not be payable if time required for repair of motor vehicle is up to 3 days. Maximum of 4 four replacements will be allowed during the Period of Insurance.

Third party insurance covers damage caused to a third person, property or vehicle. Please share information below to proceed.

And as two-wheelers are very effortless to travel with, the exposure to the accident are more. Accidents can happen at any time while riding this vehicle and hence its absolutely essential to keep protection against all kind of risks associated with the accident.

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