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"To download pdf click on image ." Go lingerie - shopping with him. Pass out drunk with her on the same bed. Cry on his shoulder when you. NEVER Kiss Your Best Frined PDF- Sum - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. NEVER Kiss Your Best Frined PDF. An amazing story of two friends Sumer and Tanie whose relationship was more than .. Original review of Never kiss your best friend in my blog from Whats.

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That should have been my first sign — I write about guys like him for a living. Writing romance novels comes with its perks, but Ethan Rochester enters my life and rearranges my preconceived notions about writing what inspires you. When the two are thrown together as part of a challenge, Sam sees the chance to win her back. As their passion heats up, will it be enough to knock down the emotional wall between them? Hallmark movie fans will love this sweet contemporary romance with a touch of magical realism.

Rather than idly lingering on Earth, she focuses on finding her killer. Uncovering the truth means asking for help from her psychic ex-boyfriend. Reflections on India by Prasoon Joshi. Dark Blossom by Neel Mullick. A Rural Manifesto: My Second Innings by Shanti Bhushan.

The Constant Goddess by Anuja Chandramouli. Charles Sobhraj: Ramayana Versus Mahabharata: My Playful Comparison by Devdutt Pattanaik. Mohan Bhagwat: Influencer-in-Chief by Kingshuk Nag. Awaken the Durga Within: India Ahead: Shades of Truth: A Journey Derailed by Kapil Sibal. The Path Ahead: I leant over the parapet. That friend may not even be a friend anymore. And the silence between us.

I felt the blood rush to my cheeks. With that friend. But that friend continues to touch your life at levels you consciously choose to ignore. They grow up. I took a deep drag.

Some memories never die. He pulled me closer. I could see him battling the urge to give in. The smoking lounge was a long.

His head tilted a little. In a swift move. And then there was today. My heart threatened to explode. My throat felt dry. And coughed. He whispered. He lost. I took out a cigarette from my clutch and carefully placed it between my lips. All these sounds. I tried hard to kill the impulse. But he wanted me to be the one to take the plunge first. And when they come knocking at the door of reality again.

Let out a cloud of smoke. He cared for me like a mother. The loosely scattered highrises. He disciplined me like a father. He loved me like a boyfriend. The sea lashed the rocks. A random car halted with a screech. His gaze bored into me. They just fade into time. The DJ changed the track. He was my best friend. Quite a fine pair. He took the few steps that distanced us.

He annoyed me like a sibling. Lips parted. A plane took off for its destination. Sumer was that friend in my life.

We continued to stare at each other. I tried hard to keep my facial muscles in check. A flame flickered right in front of my eyes and lit my cigarette. Tan Tan? You may no longer be in touch with that friend.

We burst out laughing. We gave in at the same time. A couple in the corner took a break from their smooching session. No matter on what note you parted. How long has it been? Like the ones you need after a break-up or a serious bout of sickness.

He never had to in all the years I had known him. He clicked his tongue in exaggerated disappointment. I steadied myself. His arms retraced their journey and now found comfort in his pant pockets. He noticed my discomfort and smiled slightly. Like twenty-five-year-olds. I shifted a little uncomfortably and he realized that I wanted to break the embrace. It was a fuzzy. I was not quite finding the string that could tie together the words I wanted him to hear.

The silence began to speak again. You want me to make you feel young again? Uninhibited laughter. Or your dog. I instinctively held out my hand to him as he began to topple over and he caught it.

Use words. He reached for his drink and took a sip. I threw the cigarette on the floor as I reciprocated. Or when you meet your only best friend after ages. He pulled me against his chest. After all these years. This time it was clearly different. The memory of that long-ago-but-not-forgotten night had struck me again. Like all perfect friendships between a girl and a boy going wrong.

I thought you would remember. My best friend. They help. Not so real. Not so honest. The embrace lasted till the warmth of the past faded to give way to the cold. And took me down with him. I continued to laugh for no reason. Nine missed calls.

Everyone reluctantly got back to their own conversations. Five years ago. For deep down. You look too pretty to be in an abusive relationship and if you were here with your boyfriend. It came from within this time. Imagine blasting your favourite rock song on your new Bose speakers. Some stared. So…has Tanie Brar come to a club all by herself? His left arm was flung around my shoulder. And realized that we were still among a handful of people.

We were best friends.


He must have been hurt. Unlike the forced smiles that had held my face captive earlier. My left leg was entangled with his right one. Sumer gave direction to how I viewed life. Sumer was that person for me. Some snickered. The laughter. Yet today. I had fallen right onto him. We laughed again. Are you still in touch with anyone from school or college? People who were waiting for our next act. People turned around. And the guards that I had been holding onto for all this while broke.

I fished out my mobile from my clutch. I lay there. When I had left her with that guy she was still doing shots. Feelings that suddenly come knocking at the door of your heart are feelings that never left the comfort of it in the first place. I had completely forgotten about her. And then he just left. I came here for like the fifth time in the last twenty minutes. A copious amount of sweat had broken out on his forehead. I met an old friend and by the looks of it.

I rushed to him. Sumer pretended to cough. You know where to bite him if he acts weird.

His chest heaved in. Just as we reached it. She must be checking on you. Enough with the acting.

I know you too well. Tanie…jump into the car and drive. I held his hand and started to walk him to the car as he continued to oscillate between bouts of breathlessness and coughing.

I rushed him to the car. We got to the main road. He suddenly started to unbutton his shirt. The coughing got more violent with each passing second. The bouncers chased the car. He cleared his throat and reached out. The colour had returned to his face. Stop talking and tell me.

I made him sit on the passenger seat. Despite the heaving chest. He pointed to the dashboard and I lunged to open it. I started the car. I gave him a confused look. He slammed the door. I fished through its contents. We reached his car. The sweat on his forehead had dried. As if he were having an asthma attack. Just that. A few minutes later. Tonight was turning out to be just like one. Sumer grabbed the inhaler desperately.

So I followed him to his table and struck up a conversation with him. But then the bartender told me that the last bottle had just been bought by this pot-bellied burly Gujju-sariseller-type-uncle out with his illegitimate girlfriend. The signal had turned green. And tonight deserves a toast.

A car honked behind us. I sneaked the bottle away. Tan Tan. So I went inside to buy a bottle of Blue Label for us. Silence engulfed the car again. And nodded slightly. Will you? Mom will definitely be surprised to see you.

I grew uneasy again. We were crazy.

And the mention of her brought back memories of the past. I offered to buy it from him at double the price. And how! I did not give him any reaction. And while doing so. It had to. I was always there. Sumer increased the volume. He got the stuff in no time.

This is so much like old times. I worked with an advertising agency in Delhi for sometime but then I got bored of it. Sumer opened the bottle and poured generous amounts of Scotch in both glasses. I moved to Bangalore for a bit. We drove to Worli Sea Face.

I remembered singing the song. It genuinely was. Drinking by the seaside. Unlike at Marine Drive. Done it with a girl yet? Like we used to drink by Sukhna Lake in Chandigarh. Was in Delhi and Bangalore before that. Feels disgusting. Without offering the slightest of explanations. We continued to croak as I pulled up outside the store. Sweetly disgusting. Sumer started to surf the radio channels. And me. I bumped into Shiven last year when I went back home. And I…I work with my uncle now.

Megha is somewhere in the US. The moon hid behind the clouds.

I took out another cigarette. But then Mom and I came back. Mom wanted to be with her. In fact. Attempting to change the atmosphere. He stared at his feet. And then finally spoke. Trying hard to look through the coverings. Easy money. He began to say something. Getting tired. And everything just felt wrong. So is everyone else. He finally smiled. You left. And looked at him expectantly. Inside my body.

But wait a minute. He looked around. So what do you do? I silently took a sip from my glass. But no…she wants to know where did all the meat go. I moved on. I would end up thinking about you. Or in any shady corner. He complied. It was your ultimate dream… I know it sounds crazy. I waited. People he had left behind. I began again. The air was thick around us. Stuti got married two years ago.

He stopped me. And now Tanie. He observed me. Like we wanted to feel every sensation. I think I should leave. All over again. I followed him slowly. He rubbed my back. I choked on it. Blinking away the hot tears. Sleeping Beauty. You should have stayed.

As random as this night can get. I saw you walking towards the smoking lounge. I let my eyes stay shut. And it unsettled me. He drove in silence. As we reached Andheri. It hurt my throat.

And we kept staring at each other. We both inched forward. Our lips met. The buzz had started to kick in. Heavy panting. I stole a few glances at him. Both ends. Or in his world. His warm hands. Our tongues collided as we exchanged all the unsaid. He walked back briskly to the car. I shouted.

Our eyes locked. I stubbed out my cigarette and took a sip from my drink as I felt his gaze on me. Hate me but sit. Ever so softly. I remember the tears. I remember the pain. He had done it again!

The second time in five years. I lit a cigarette and puffed on it quickly as I went directly to the kitchen and looked through all the cabinets. I remember getting hurt somewhere by something for sure. I remember hitting my foot against the sofa or banging into the cupboard in my room. I was just making sure you took me to your house. The third building on the left. Buzzed with all the alcohol and boiling with all the anger in me.

After the last sip. I got out. I remember remembering the first time we had kissed at sixteen. I remember remembering our story. I smoked another cigarette as I walked to my room. I found a bottle of Old Monk and took a few sips.

Like slapping bitches with fake accents pissed. I remember lying there for a while. Like killing Taliban pissed. The confusion made way for anger. I remember slumping on my bed. Abandonment brings misery. I made my way to my flat. I remember shouting out his name. I remembered how we became friends. They say if you ever leave someone. Like castrating rapists pissed. Like asking flop directors to stop making movies pissed.

I was pissed at him. I remember remembering our kiss today. My head refusing to stop spinning. People still bought Nokia mobile phones. BBM had come along. Monsters still lived under the bed. The problems of life at sixteen were…different.

Secret calls with my girlfriends. Stuti and Megha. Sumer and I became best friends. After breaking up with my boyfriend. I mumbled a quick thank-you and left. A tall muscular guy with curly hair came to my rescue. Dreading the pending declaration of my tenth-grade Board examination results.

In We began with carpooling for school. Justin Bieber had hit puberty. And our gang was formed. The year was My friends met his friends. I was walking back from English tuition when two creepy-looking boys from my tuition class zipped past me on their Honda Activa.

Then for tuitions.

After knocking repeatedly on his door I politely opened it. I had been asked to fetch him from his room. He held me in his arms while I shivered and wiped my nose on his shirt.


And what happened next scarred me for the rest of my life. I had kissed my best friend. In the summer of Bad bosses. People still nudged over MSN. Then my friends met him. And then. I found out that Rehaan was cheating on me.

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A geek in Harvard had just struck gold with a book everyone wanted their faces on. Whom to love? Whom to be friends with? And I had ended up confusing the answer. Disagreeing with my mother on practically everything. I met his friends. Sumer… Our friendship was as unusual as our first few interactions had been. People were done booing Hi5 and had just scrapped Orkut.

I was sixteen.Exactly why, Megha, I offered as I checked the time on my watch. Theyve got the fire in our memories burning. Its okay, Sumer. And realized that we were still among a handful of people. I continued to sulk over a life with no love and no dog and Sumer over his physics. Maybe Aaryan had wanted it to stay this way. Thats the thing about trying to form a bond with a stranger. You chose to not stay in touch, Sumer.

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