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Last Exit to Brooklyn. Home · Last Exit to Brooklyn Author: Selby Hubert Jr Last Exit to Brooklyn (An Evergreen book) · Read more · The Last Exit to Normal. Localities, Vol. 5, , pp. Urban Tensions – Hubert Selby Jr.'s Last Exit to Brooklyn Lukasz Muniowski. Last exit to Brooklyn by Hubert Selby, , Grove Press edition, in English - 1st Evergreen ed.

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Last exit to Brooklyn. bySelby, Hubert. Publication date DAISY download. For print-disabled users. Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files. Last exit to Brooklyn the urban streets is graphically portrayed in this novel set in a post-WWII Brooklyn slum Borrow this book to access EPUB and PDF files. Read Last Exit to Brooklyn by Hubert Selby for free with a 30 day free trial. Read unlimited* books and audiobooks on the web, iPad, iPhone and Android.

Needless to say, such is a passage that stays with you, particularly when it conjures up images of such events happening to someone you know and care about, as opposed to some faceless stranger or non-existent charatcer.

For those readers who think, perhaps, I am being overly-sensitive about a retelling of what is a fictional account, I remind you that events such as the one described above are hardly unheard of.

A well-respected movie was even made dealing with one somewhat-similar case. So, leaving aside my motivations for reading this book as well as my sordid past, what would I say about this effort? Well, first off, it's really good.

By that I mean that it is gripping, powerful, and meticulously well researched. Susan Brownmiller manages to provide an examination of rape that is historical, mythical, criminological, sociologicial, epidemiological, and feminst all in a single work. Such an achievement is remarkable in its own right, and becomes all the moreso when we realize that it was published in I have a copy of the large format softcover edition.

To accomplish such a dramatic work of scholarship at such an early point in the Women's Movement is truly outstanding. Susan Brownmiller deserves every ounce of fame this book has brought her. In more specific terms, I was impressed by her honest treatment of horrific incidents from recent American conflicts pg. In her way of thinking, the bodies of women become a sort of battleground used by the men in different groups in order to establish dominance.

Her recasting of rape, not as a crime of passion committed for purposes of sexual gratification, but as a crime of power, committed by men against specific women, women as a group, and rival men, represents a tremendous improvement over previous conceptions of the crime.

At the same time, I cannot say that I whole-heartedly approved of everything in the book. It is, of course, somewhat dated, particularly in terms of its references to popular culture. Such an issue is trivial, however, and could be easily solved with some discreet editorial additions or footnotes in later printings. On a more serious level, Ms. Brownmiller makes relatively crude arguments against statistical analysis For example a concluding remark that, "Statistical analysis is a valuable tool when it deals with reported crime.

Unreported crime, however, remains beyond the magic of computers. Indeed, Frans de Waal of Emory University explains, "The chimpanzee resolves sexual issues with power; the bonobo resolves power issues with sex. In all cases but the last, I think this is clearly a reflection of the time in which the book was written, and thus the criticisms are not severe.

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Friday, September 10, 2004

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Last Exit to Brooklyn: A Novel

Unless you want to And anyway he de was all they got. They checked and shook their heads. Tony slowly started to come out of the screwdriver and walked to the bar. They smiled and almost laughed then served it. Tony know. They had almost 2 thousand dollars. Tralala stood outside coma and started to protest that they didnt do nothin.

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I shoulda pressed it. It looked car. Whad the law say. They pried open the box in the alley an empty lot? Tral ala screeched. His name wal from the car. She walked to room alone. Add another edition? Last exit to Brooklyn Hubert Selby.

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Last exit to Brooklyn 1st Evergreen ed. Written in English. Places Brooklyn New York, N. Edition Notes Genre Fiction. The Physical Object Pagination p. Readers waiting for this title:The judge was just as surprised as the arresting officer and had some difficulty suppressing a laugh while reprimanding Vinnie and making him promise never to do such a bad thing again.

Copyright by Hubert Selby Jr. Instead, it is as if she has become immune to being treated harshly. Download pdf. Antibiotics had not been available and TB was widespread. A dress or something like that.

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I'm not sure that anyone, or at least anyone I'm interested in knowing, really "wants" to read about rape. Chartreuse with white walls. Lots a horses.

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