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Editorial Reviews. Review. - What others have to say about Significance and Shelly's other books -. "Shelly Crane always provides a captivating story, and this . Independence book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In the fourth and final installment, Maggie and Caleb must tie up all. download or read book online in pdf or epub. [Read Online] Independence | Book by Shelly Crane | Review, Discussion.

Independence By Shelly Crane Pdf

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Shelly is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author from a small town in Georgia and loves Shelly Crane Author cover image of Independence. Read online or Download Independence (Significance, #4) by Shelly Crane (Full PDF ebook with essa. Independence (Significance #4) by Shelly Crane #[email protected] best_audiobooks · #[email protected]_audiobooks. In the fourth and final.

I'm still thinking about the satisfying conclusion of this four-part series. This will be an incredibly difficult book to review without giving away anything, but I am so determined not to spoil for other readers that I will find a way Crane certainly got a little impri Aah.

Crane certainly got a little imprint-happy in book 3 as so many new pairings join Maggie and Caleb on their paths of life-long love but the little minor detail of happiness seems to keep eluding the two young sweethearts at every turn since a certain envious family does NOT intend for theirs to be a long life filled with happiness.

I enjoyed Crane's farewell to their stories - she takes the reader on a rollercoaster journey. Each moment we feel comfortable It's time for a new monkeywrench to be hurled at us. At one point in the story, I had deja vu and was back just a few chapters away from the ending of J. But I didn't throw my book at the actual end of that book, nor did I here. In both cases, the plot and character resolution felt right.

Over the course of all four books, you definitely lose some characters along the way in some fashion or another and for some of them, I say good riddens. In others, you are quite saddened to see them go and shocked when it happens. But so many new characters are introduced and many of these newer ones explored more in the fourth and final book, that it more than makes up for those lost.

Thankfully though, Crane focuses most of her attention on our two lovebirds who are truly the most endearing in the series and she even allows us to peek in on Caleb's mind in this book with alternating chapters in his voice as opposed to all first-person Maggie as the other three books are written.

Okay, now I owe a little apology to Ms. I judged you harshly on some scenes in the last book that in my mind should have been a little more steamy and sensual and were not truly portrayed as such.

Similarly, I had a negative reaction to another intimate scene very pivotal in the couple's relationship which takes place in this book, and it finally dawned on me. This is a Young Adult novel, Chris. I'm fairly certain that as I was swept up in the story and its characters, that I lost sight of that fact and that is a real compliment to the author that it didn't feel like it was written for a younger age group. But the fact is - it is a YA series and I know it sounds simple enough to digest but you must remember I've been reading one adult contemporary romance novel after another, sometimes sprinkling in a little Tiffany Reisz "tough love" and Olivia Cunning "rock erotica" for good measure and just to throw off my system completely, the occasional HARRY POTTER novel as I slowly get through that series.

I may just not be cut out to appreciate the YA genre anymore without having unrealistic expectations of the level of intimacy I might want or expect in any romance novel.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a total perv. In fact, as I'm writing my own romance novel I'm finding quite the opposite. I'm a little more restrained than I expected to be and I'm working to loosen up a little bit But I fear I've been tainted to truly appreciate the much more subtle approach to romance that books like this series from Shelly Crane offers.

I humbly say. I'm sorry, Ms. Crane, for misjudging the book for its lack of heat or sensuality in moments when I felt it called for just a little bit more. Though I in no way was suggesting an all out orgy or anything of the sort, perhaps that little extra MMMPH that I felt would have been natural to include was just not appropriate for these novels, and that is my fault for not realizing it and not your fault for not writing it.

This is a fascinating series and while I feel its bookends, book 1 and 4, are superior to the two in the middle, I expect that you'll be just as hungry to read them one after another as I was, reading them all over a five-day period. Just learn from my mistake and go in with fair expectations given the target audience which may not be you.

And you too will fall in love with Caleb and want to be Maggie Masters when you grow up.

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And I can really say that I'm one of the biggest fan. I'm one of the biggest, shameless stalker of Ms. Crane because of this series. I'm so proud of this story I could just scream and not just cuz it's new year! I love how Maggie and Caleb grew.. Albeit, it wasn't as eventful as I thought it would be, it's still sweet and definitely satisfying. I know that Marcus is just plain human and it would've been soooo easy to defeat the guy, but hey, the had to have a bad guy eh? I'm just glad that things worked for the better.

Bish and Jen didn't die, Kyle and Lynn had their own love story even though Kyle was still a jerk at times. Even Maggie's dad had his own love life. I kinda wish that Beck didn't have to be such a selfish brat and Maggie's mom didn't have to be such an insecure, thieving loser What's important is that Maggie and Caleb were finally married and everyone lived happily! Somehow, while reading this book I bet that it's really what they feel for each other.

This is even more surreal than when I read Ms. I wish that more series are made like this. Great job, Ms. It was worth the wait.

Maggie and Caleb are headed back home from London to help out a friend who has recently become the latest victim of Marcus and his sick idea of revenge. Maggie just wants a normal life again and to marry Caleb, her Significant. In order to get all that dreams of she must stop Marcus and protect her new and recently expanded family.

But will a vision from the past become reality and destroy their future? Will Maggie risk it a Maggie and Caleb are headed back home from London to help out a friend who has recently become the latest victim of Marcus and his sick idea of revenge. Will Maggie risk it all to save her family? Just over a year ago I started this amazing journey reading Shelly's books. This series is definitely one I will cherish forever; along with its characters and this unique world Crane has created.

And knowing it is coming to an end is breaking my heart. Only one word can truly sum up this series: On the bright side we do have the movie to look forward to.

Maggie…my sweet, precious Maggie. How you have grown over the course of the series. From the shy, sweet girl we met in Significance to the fiercely devoted woman you now are in Independence. Crane you struck gold when you gave us these characters.

Yes, I will not forget Caleb. How can I? I do believe that he is even more swoony than in the previous books.

I mean come on people…we get his vows to Maggie…his adorable-beyond-anything-I-can-think-of vision!! It was all too much. I died of a swoon overload.


That dude seriously knows how to make a woman weak in the knees. Now where is my Caleb darn you? If you are expecting a Guns-a-Blazing, full of action story to knock out this series then I will say you will be sadly disappointed. Not a lot of action happens in this one.

But you know what? I was so happy with the way Crane told their story. Even more happy with how it ended. It could not have been more perfect. I was smitten as a kitten with every single word, thought, and feeling Crane poured into her book.

It was absolute perfection. Have the tissues close by, they are a must.

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Oh my goodness, you will need them. And that is not even counting the ones you will need for the epilogue. Would I recommend this story? Most definitely. Who would I recommend this story to? Anyone who is head over heels in love with a fabulous romance; a romance that beats out any other stories out there. If I had the time I would be rereading this series again. Alas, there is only one of me and there are more books to read.

Read it people. Mar 12, Anna rated it it was ok. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. So I'm sure I will get backlash from Shelly Crane fans, but this is my honest review.

I felt that this book was just chapter after chapter of Caleb and Maggie cooing over each other. It got annoying. I get it, they love each other. Must I be reminded every page? I've been reading the series, I won't forget they are in love. The whole Marcus scenario was boring and he barely seemed like a threat. The whole climax, if you could call it that, was anticlimactic and felt like they just had to flick h So I'm sure I will get backlash from Shelly Crane fans, but this is my honest review.

The whole climax, if you could call it that, was anticlimactic and felt like they just had to flick him to get rid of him. Then, after marrying at seventeen, Maggie gets pregnant at 19? I guess it's fine since she managed to find a guy who is loaded. She could hire a nanny while she goes to school. Piece of cake. I do feel that Ms. Crane has original ideas and I always love the first book or two in her series, but she can't end a series.

Everything just ends way too perfectly that its not like a happily ever after. It's an "this is so annoying" ending. I'm not saying I want a sad ending, but geez, it's perfectly, perfect. Disney should make a movie and we can have new Princess Maggie dolls. That's how it seems. Also, you have these new imprints, but you hardly hear how they are. The most you heard from Bish was his whining about buying a house that magically gets fixed too or Kyle's hormones in overdrive.

We know nothing of anyone's future, but Maggie and Caleb's. I just didn't enjoy the book and want my money back! Should've put in a DVD of Cinderella to get an ending like that!

Also, I do kind of agree of Beck. Maggie ditched her for a boyfriend. She wasn't crazy. She just shouldn't have called her a freak. And her saying she was just jealous at the end? The whole thing with Beck's feelings didn't match up at all! She should be mad at Maggie. I bet if Beck didn't get into trouble, Maggie would have forgotten about her completely. Maggie is selfish. Also, why is Gran the only human who doesn't get a tattoo after mutualizing? She had to go out and get one the old fashioned way, tattoo parlor.

Lynne and Jim were able to get theirs. I think Ms. Crane forgot that part of her own story. Dec 27, Rachel Lynn Sterling rated it liked it. I was a little disappointed in this final installment. It felt more like the end to the third installment than a complete story.

It became very frustrating for me.

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Also, the build-up to the wedding and the sexual tension in the other books really created a great deal of anticipation for those experiences, which were included in this one. But to my dismay, it turned out to be somewhat anti-climactic for me no pun intended.

My final complaint — more proofreading is needed. Did I miss something?

Maybe I did. Now for the good stuff! There are some really great, heart-warming parts in this book. I might have even had tears in my eyes a few times.

I have to say that Shelly Crane has become one of my favorite authors and plan on experiencing all of the worlds she has created and getting to know the people in those worlds. Thank you Mrs. Crane for many hours of wonderful entertainment! Dec 30, Abby rated it it was amazing. I felt that this book gave off a different vibe then all the other books. It felt more adult than a teen romance novel.


I think that instead of focusing on all the other people in the book you should have focused on solely Maggie and Caleb, looking back on their life together since they are the main characters in the book. It felt sort of weird that you didn't show one of the visions when Caleb and Maggie first met the one when maggie is running and caleb is chasing her outside of the sold hous I felt that this book gave off a different vibe then all the other books.

It felt sort of weird that you didn't show one of the visions when Caleb and Maggie first met the one when maggie is running and caleb is chasing her outside of the sold house which was so cute and romantic by the way! I liked how you switched between Caleb and Maggie this time so we could know how he's feeling during the whole book and not just one chapter like in Reverence.

I always have had a secret crush on Marcus. I like the dark, brooding men. Love it Shelly! Dec 29, Jillian rated it it was amazing Shelves: Just wow.

What an incredible ending to an incredible series. I was always on the edge of my seat, never knowing what has going to happen next. I absolutely loved the wedding, Maggie and Caleb saving Beck and Ralph I have two things I need to say. The first thing is that I love the way that this series seems like it actually happens. I don't distinguish this series by Book 1, 2, 3, or 4. It seems like someone's life, which was unusual for bo Wow. It seems like someone's life, which was unusual for books because normally they just skip a couple of months or so in between books but this series didn't do that.

They all blurred together for me, which made it seem all the more real and intriguing. I've got to say that I knew there was something up with Amber, I just wasn't sure what. The results showed for sure what the Watsons were up to behind the scenes. Even more suspicious was that Marla drive-by.

It also made me wonder why all of the Jacobsons weren't all in one compound where they would be unassailable. I guess I just want to protect these characters I love. I did not see the Visionary twist, but it was inevitable that there is something beyond special about Maggie. I was very happy for Kyle and Lynne but heartbroken for Bish and Jen.

It will be interesting to see where the story goes. Accordance will NOT disappoint. It's as good,or even better,than Significance. We learn all about Imprinting and all that other good stuff. Also,I'm happy to say that this book most def has all that lovey dovey stuff that girl's loveeeeee.

Basically this book has it all! Can't wait till Defiance comes out!: I liked the first book in this series well enough to purchase this one, but not sure I liked this one enough to buy the next book. The writing is grammatically good, but the characters get annoying especially Kyle. She is supposed to be the spiritual leader of the group, but the society is very male centered so how exactly is that going to work? I felt the plot themes were a bit disjointed and scattered.

Acesse a Amazon. Amazon Web Services. CNPJ Formas de pagamento aceitas: Page Flip: Habilitado Leitor de tela: It will be things from my books and then some other things added in. For TV, they spruced and spiced up a few of the powers a little to make it more dramatic. At the very end of this clip is something you'll see with Beck. My jaw dropped when I read that in the script. I was so angry!! Yes, things are going to be different, but yes, some things will be the same, too.

So I want you guys to remember that throughout this process. You and I will all be adjusting together. And YES, there are very good things coming our way in the weeks to come.Hi I was just wondering how many books you are planning to be in this series.

Anonymous September 3, at 7: January 13, Sold by: The Jacobsons are everything a family should be and Ava is loved and well take care of. Tammy April 10, at 1: I couldnt put it down and read it all in a day and im still smiling:

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