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GONE GIRL. Based on the novel by. Gillian Flynn. Screenplay by. Gillian Flynn. TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX. FINAL SHOOTING SCRIPT. One of the most debatable points in screenwriting: “The book was better” Of course the book was better. The book is always (well. This week: Gone Girl. You may download a PDF of the script here. Screenplay by Gillian Flynn based on her novel. IMDb plot summary: With.

Gone Girl Script Pdf

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along the stinky stream, past the giant billboard for Dr Humayun's Hair Transplant . O Malalai I am Malala: The Story o The Daily Stoic: Meditations on. SCRIPT TITLE. Written by. Name of First Writer. Based on, If Any. Address Midwestern girl? No way, baby. I'm it. NICK. You're delusional. You're insane. One upside of awards season is that studios often share scripts for awards contenders in hopes it will bolster their shot at nominations.

Sometimes, they learn about wars and diseases, about contents that only for adults, or are more appropriate to adults.

Speaking in term of interacting with the world, children learn about social currents through drama, movies, etc. In general, perceiving information through TV has surpass any other form of mass media, however, these are not only correct for children, but also with adults. What are lack from these research, is that adults can be influenced and taught by watching TV too.

Also, it is very interesting that such solutions like offer knowledge on media literacy, which helps audiences understand the messages that mass media created, how they are created, who created them and how to recognize what messages that media producers want us to believe or do, even be able to create our own media messages.

Nevertheless, what is missing in these research is that, when new information or person related to the information that given by TV, for examples, celebrities or new popular faces, the 10 perception of that person or events that adult audiences receive from the TV is the same process as when children learn new things from TV. Which means, adult audiences can also be influenced by mass media, specifically TV news, shows or newspaper. To sum up, most of the studies and research target children as the main target for socializing messages, however, in Gone Girl, the paper will give evidences that adults can also be a subjects under the influences of the mass media, in which some characters in the film has successfully applied the media literacy skills.

It is psychosocial mechanisms through which symbolic communication human thought, affect and action. In short, humans learn behaviors by watching actions from others and mimic them. In communication mass media theory, also can be simply understood as the process of receiving information of actions presented through media devices TV, news, etc. Firstly, Principle 1 Sufficiency Principle : when people construct judgement, they typically do not search memory for all information that is relevant to the judgement, but instead retrieve only a small subset of the information available.

The Self and the Others 3.

Bauman, Z. Mead, G. So what is the relation between I, Me and language? How we act, dress, talk, etc. According to Bauman , the process of self formation, may not depends on what we do, but on who we are in terms of how others view us. There are two big reference groups, represent two fundamental mechanisms of how one forms identify as well as define oneself as a person.

First of all, differences are what make you stand out and differentiate yourself from other people. The differences can be either good or bad, despite not always being conscious of it, we are still dependent on others: even though we may swim against the current, which in the case, behave differently, we do so in a direction that is oriented or informed by the expectations or actions of those who lie outside of the familiar group — the one that act alike, or share things in common.

Second, speaking about the familiar group, the characters which you share with other people — or the ones in your group, can be used to define who you are. At one level, we are taught that there are types of desires that are acceptable and achievable within the group. Appropriate ways to act, talk, 13 dress and conduct ourselves generally provide for the orientation that is needed to get us through life within the groups to which we belong.

Theories of the Self Impression Management To begin with brief definition, Impression Management was first conceptualized by Erving Goffman in and expanded further in It is a conscious or subconscious process in which people attempt to influence the perceptions of other people about another person, object or event; or even the perception of their own image self-presentation. They do so by regulating and controlling information in social interaction, simply begins with face-to-face communication, but then further it was applied to different fields related to psychology and sociology, or corporate communication and media.

These information acquired from one person can enables this individual how to act properly in order to get desired response from him. They can also assume what kind of person he is from past experience of a particular kind are likely to be encountered in a given social setting - stereotypes. However, in relation with self-presentation, the individual may deeply let his ego involve of his self-conception in the social interaction process, which may cause communication disruptions between the individual and his audiences.

In turn, if the individual tries avoiding these disruptions or to making effort in order to correct the disruptions, there are also possibilities of consequences at the same levels, too. Therefore, it is known as a communication theory developed from social psychology. As stated in A theory of cognitive dissonance by Festinger, the theory suggests that 1 dissonance is psychologically uncomfortable enough to motivate people to achieve consonance, and 2 in a state of dissonance, people will avoid information and situations that might increase the dissonance.

The theory refers to a situation involving conflicting attitudes, beliefs or behaviors, which produces a feeling of discomfort leading to an alteration in one of the attitudes. In order to do so, it requires individual in the situation to make decision or solve problems while still strive for balance in their beliefs, especially if it relates to their self-esteem. However, according to research by Festinger , Cognitive Dissonance theory is able to manipulate people into certain behavior, by doing so these people will alter their attitudes themselves.

Social Construction of Self Social construction of Self is another aspect of Self-presentation, when the establish of Self associates with social construction.

This aspect illustrates a specific social process in which the conception of self is created. There were many papers on the Self, the nature of human motivation in relation to social construction.

This can be interpreted as in order to obtain social achievement, the understandings of the structure of language and conversational practices must be taken. In order to maintain the self- presentation in one conversation, it also involves in publicly defined identity of one individual as 15 well as their psychological self.

How an individual perceives reality, is functionally insinuated into their daily relationships, and the attitudes in the head turns to public actions.

Portrayed as an unabashedly pointed satire of the media, the way the film determines how we, as a society, determine the guilt or innocence of those we only know through snippets seen on TV.

In this chapter, character development along with the narrative are elements that are taken into as the stars, using Theories as well as analysis methods mentioned in the previous chapter.

Must be noted that, a distinctive feature of the film is both narrators of these timelines, are somewhat unreliable. The Couple 4. It is hard to begin with Amy, because she has the most complicated character.

However, Amy is the perfect person to start with because she is the perfect illustration for the concept of self-presentation, as well as the influences of the mass media on her presentation. The image of the Elliot as well as Amazing Amy also has been praised by the mass media, including the news, reporters, etc.

Figure 4. Firstly, Cool Girl, who Amy pretends to be in order to win Nick over. Cool Girl is hot. Cool Girl is game. Cool Girl never gets angry at her man. She only smiles in a chagrined, loving manner, and then presents her mouth for fucking.

Not speaking of whether Cool Girl exists or not, but it is sincerely pathetic for women who are not even pretend to be the woman she wants to be, but pretend to be the woman that men wants them to be. The Amy that Nick fell for, is the presentation of Cool Girl, not the real Amy, their relationship had already got off-track since the very beginning.

Moreover, when Nick proposed to Amy, he did a great performance in front of the news reporters and bloggers, who were interviewing Amazing Amy, and in the case, Nick proposed to marry the Amazing Amy, not Amy herself.

Self-presentation is just the facades people embrace when they first met somebody, it constantly changing the way you are perceived. That is why Nick changes over the course of his marriage with Amy. In the beginning, Amy and Nick get married to a presentation of one another [Figure 4. When Amy calls Desi for help when her escapes plan fell apart, she was able to improvise very quickly another version about the story of her life so as to make Desi trust her.

Also, she knows what to say to makes a man feel at ease as well as pride. Just like what she once did to Nick. It takes the viewers more than just sharp observation to know that Amy is leading them, as well as whoever is going to read her diary, to the process of her worries and end up with Nick is the one who murdered his wonderful wife.

Imagery and Symbols] the perception that Amy want everyone to see throughout the diary is a nice, smart, great personality, sweet woman who writes about her life and the man she loves very truthfully, with pride in the beginning , this touches on the feelings that Amy really loves and treasures Nick.

Not only so, she is the kind of person who is faithfully and dedicated for her marriage.

Amy is also smart and practical, the kind of woman knows how what she wants and should be - a part of the Amazing Amy. The kind of wife that knows how to ease and comfort her man. A sensitive woman like any other, who can sense things around pretty well, with a sense of trust-worthy, because she is just simply let her feeling out. The way Amy drives the readers into trusting her diary was built tremendously beautiful.

Amy has been so successful in building the image of a pathetic, poor wife, forces herself to be crazy just to protect herself from a dangerous husband that can hurt her anytime - the image that Amy plans to influence everyone to think of Nick. As a woman of perfectionism, competitive, and love of attention, these traits showed in how she constructs her diary, which is so good, with logic and clear structures so that everyone believes it.

Furthermore, when Amy remembers back in the days she first met Nick, she knew what kind of 21 girl Nick wants, and willing to pretend to be ones.

And I made him smarter, sharper. I inspired him to rise to my level. I forged the man of my dreams. We were the happiest couple we knew. But then, like may other couples, time goes by as Nick cannot be the man that Amy wants him to be, yet still expects Amy to love him unconditionally, which disappoints her.

When the effort to maintain the self-presentation in marriage somehow is not work, Amy comes to the desire of manipulating people so as to change their impression on Nick. There comes Revenging Amy. Amy claims that Nick is the one who took her pride, her dignity, her hope and her money. Amy gets tired of keeping her self-presentation of Cool Girl, she does not want to be cool anymore.

Amy plans her scheme so well and she makes everyone around her be part of the plan, without their notice.

In other words, Amy influence the definition of her image by expressing herself presenting her situation in such a way as to give other people the kind of impression that will lead them to act voluntarily in accordance with her own plan. In addition, she knows how to stage a perfect crime - the situation which make the others come to react. This shows that mass media, especially TV, is one of the most important source of information ever before the Internet era that everyone will need, to get themselves updates with common knowledge.

Amy does not just want Nick to suffer privately, but to be publicly shamed, as a result, she exploits the media machines to her own advantage.

Amy counts on the press broadcasting a story that capitalizes on the stereotypes of a neglectful cheating husband and an innocent pregnant virtuous wife. The media serves as Amy's vehicle to force Nick back in line - back into the role of dutiful husband.

Nick also can. Half of the film, Nick, in spite of being the protagonist, his actions are sometimes, conflict with his own words and thinking, this makes Nick becomes undeniably unreliable, and that seems to be one of his nature. To begin with, it is necessary to start with the spotlight of the narrative: In the attraction to Amy.

Nick also admits that Amy does not make he feels happy. To some extent, there was a period of times that Nick lives like the person that Amy expects him to be and he himself willing to do it without hesitation. Nick moves from New York to Missouri to take care of his mother, who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer.

Margo is almost the only person he find himself comfortable talking to, and more, sharing his secrets that he cannot share with his life partner - Amy. Just like dad. Our society has shaped a standard that we have to know everything about the person we are living with, for example, our parents, kids, partners, etc.

For Nick, what kind of husband that does not know if his wife has friends, does not know how she spends her days, does not know her blood type? He lies about the reason why he goes to his father house, he hides the clue envelopes that he found. Nick has a disposable phone, acts suspiciously around it, hides it from everyone even Margo , turns out it is the phone that he uses to keep in touch with his mistress.

Nick hides everyone, even Go about his mistress [Andie]. Nick has made up so many stories that even Margo came to a point of cannot trust him. Nick Dunne lies, a lot. In the beginning, Nick was easily fooled by the media. Which after that, it was attacked by Ellen Abbott that he is nothing but a heartless husband.

In order to make the discomfort go away, Nick has to adjust his actions to reduce the discomfort feeling, also, with the purpose to maintain his good image in front of people around. NICK is besieged by reporters all the way to the platform. You afraid the media will keep project its false ideas on you?

You afraid to be convicted as a murderer just because the media tells people so? This is also one of the times that the character aware of how the presence of the media affects himself and people around, and very bravery, directly send message to the media like a warning. Nick, in order to get Amy back, to clear out his name as a murderer, to make people like him again, he made up another image of the bad but willing-to-fix-it husband using the media, specifically in a TV show by a famous host.

Basically, he says what he knows Amy would want to hear, what people would empathize. He says soft and honest things anyone would buy. For any kind of TV shows, it is common that bad news or gossip reach viewers with the speed of light faster than good, positive news, but with shows that have good reputation and attract great amount of viewers, either good or bad news reach the audiences.

Read Oscar Contender Gillian Flynn’s ‘Gone Girl’ Screenplay Online

Nick agrees to act before the cameras, in order to maintain his good impression and image, the couple even rehearse on how to have their conversation going before airing on TV.

It seems like a tie for Nick and Amy, but the mass media is the true winner in this battlefield, it takes control over the narrative that Amy has created and makes Nick suffer the most typical crime story, then when the situation changes, the mass media already prepared another interesting story about the reborn of the golden couple of America. The Good - Bad - In Between The media role in civilian life has become more pervasive and more intrusive than ever before, especially with the ubiquity of social media.

Public opinions are immediately gauged through platforms like Twitter, Facebook, etc. The mass media in the film are depicted quite well as a powerful force with wonderful reacting speed towards the news, however, the way it approaches and perceive the news, as well as how it conveys the news to the audiences is somewhat conflict with the truth.

Screenwriting : Gone Girl script by Eric Pagan

However, when Nick is proved to be innocent, Ellen totally switches her gear to defense him and attack Desi, who is already dead, instead. Sharon is a whole different level compared to Ellen Abbott, 28 not only being top rated network newswoman, she can attack legal stories in a way that gives her credibility rather than making her look sensationalistic, even during her "freakin' righteous" approaches to stories.

Tanner is not only a lawyerly competent lawyer, but he also seems to care about his clients more than the average attorney. When he flies to North Carthage after Nick tells him his theory about Amy trying to frame him, this could have given him reasonable motivation to turn off Nick's 29 case. But instead Tanner not only believes Nick, but works out a plan to get Amy off her cover.

Additionally, the most important: he knows how to deal with the media. One more detail is the scene when Rhonda and Giplin have a little chat in the police station tells us a lot of how easy people can be manipulated to agree with the mass media perspective.

Something to be jettisoned if necessary. Something disposable. Amy is the master of storytelling technique.


She emphasized her change in perspectives and characteristic was because of Nick becoming an uncaring, heartless husband. Subscribe to the Newsletter: No menu assigned! No Comments 0 0 0. Gone Girl written by Gillian Flynn. Read the screenplay of Gone Girl.

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Gone Girl script

Jane Eyre written by Moira Buffini.Speaking in terms of human interaction and communication, you maybe the rebellious girl in your squad, but the most serious student in the class, Professors may know about this side of yours, maybe not, and so do your friends. How media being portrayed and its influence found in the film directly and indirectly have some impacts on the viewers, it demonstrates how a well-constructed narrative created by the media can prevail over reality, even can lead to a destruction of not only physical appearance but also personal identity — self-presentation — especially of people who directly involve in that narrative.

Data and data source from books. Scene By Scene Breakdown.

The handbook of communication science.

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