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Numerical estimation questions test your ability to make quick estimates of the answers to fairly straightforward numerical questions. To score well on these. All the papers are available in PDF format,you can either download them or you can How do I find the previous year's GATE (EC) questions with answers?. GATE General Aptitude Previous Year Question Papers GATE GA GATE GA Last 10 Years Question Answers Free PDF Download.

Gate Aptitude Questions And Answers Pdf

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Uploaded by: STEVEN i. Contents Numerical Ability Assigment Questions. • Answer Keys & Explanations. #2. Percentage. Question Number: 2 Question Type: MCQ Wrong answer for MCQ will result in negative marks, (-1/3) for 1 mark Questions and (-2/3) for 2 marks Questions. Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering Wrong answer for MCQ will result in negative marks, (-1/3) for 1 mark Questions and (-2/3) for 2 marks Questions.

So without further ado, let us take a look at the syllabus. The answers are provided at the end. Choose the appropriate answer to complete the following sentence: A intrepidity B inevitability C inability D inertness.

Read the following paragraph: For measuring temperature below —40o F, thermometers filled with alcohol are used.

These are, however, not satisfactory for use in high temperatures. As the mercury rises, the gas pressures is increased, so that it is possible to use these thermometers for temperatures as high as o F.

The cost of manufacturing tractors in Korea is twenty percent less than the cost of manufacturing tractors in Germany. Even after transportation fees and import taxes are added, it is still cheaper to import tractors from Korea to Germany than to produce tractors in Germany.

Which of the following assertions is best supported by the above information? A Labour costs in Korea are twenty percent below those in Germany.

B Importing tractors into Germany will eliminate twenty percent of the manufacturing jobs in Germany. C The costs of transporting a tractor from Korea to Germany is more than twenty percent.

D The import taxes on a tractor imported from Korea to Germany is less than twenty percent of the cost of manufacturing the tractor in Germany.

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The remaining 75 respondents said that they had no clear preference. How many people preferred to use public transport? Part 1: D Part 2: Opportunities through GATE Sign Up for Free Already a Member? Sign In. Knowledge D Money: Happiness Q. A specificity D adaptation B neutrality C generality Engistan.

C She is an European. D They migrated from India to Australia. B They belonged to Africa. A He is of Asian origin. Which one of the following options is the closest in meaning to the word quarrel? A make out B call out C dig out D fall out Q Dare mistakes. B Two and two become four.

You can always give me a ring whenever you need. C Because a friend in need is a friend indeed. A Two and two add four. B Because I have a better telephone facility. C Two and two are four.

A commit B to commit C committed D committing Q. D Because you need not pay towards the telephone bills when you give me a ring.

Aptitude Questions and Answers

Which one of the following is the best inference from the above statement? A Because I have a nice caller tune. D Two and two make four.

C Engistan. One Mark Questions 1. COM Engistan. Dilip does not live on floor number 2.

Anuj lives on an even-numbered floor. Which of the following are true? Eswar and Faisal live on different floors in a six-storeyed building the ground floor is numbered 1. Bhola does not live on an odd numbered floor. There are thrice as many people in country X as in country Y. Two percent of the people of country Y are taller than 6 ft. Faisal lives three floors above Dilip.

The largest angle of the triangle is twice its smallest angle. Taking both countries together. What is the sum. Which of the following floor-person combinations is correct?

The ratio between the angles of the quadrilateral is 3: Eswar does not live on a floor immediately above or immediately below Bhola. Som is younger to Riaz. As mentioned earlier. Shiv is younger to Riaz. Shiv is elder to Som.

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Ansu is youngest in the B group. Shiv is elder to Ansu.

The pie chart for exports shows the quantity of each item as a percentage of the total quantity of exports. When data was sparse. Y is 1 km southeast of Z. The pie chart for the revenues shows the percentage of the total revenue generated through export of each item.

A The twenty-first century is a digital world B Big data is obsessed with exactness C Exactitude is not critical in dealing with big data D Sparse data leads to a bias in the analysis Q. What is the ratio of the revenue generated through export of Item 1 per kilogram to the revenue generated through export of Item 4 per kilogram?

What is the distance between X and Q in km? The total quantity of exports of all the items is 5 lakh tonnes and the total revenues are crore rupees. P is 1 km south of W. What can be inferred from this passage? The probability that the individual is actually positive is? A new diagnostic kit for HIV detection is available. A particular patient is tested using this kit and is found to be positive.

The exact reasons for the formation of this gap are not clear. On which of the following assumptions does the statement above rely? A Strategies are now available for eliminating psychiatric illnesses B Certain psychiatric illnesses have a genetic basis C All human diseases can be traced back to genes and how they are expressed D In the future.

It results in the neighbouring regions of Tamil Nadu getting more rainfall from the South West monsoon and the neighbouring regions of Kerala having higher summer temperatures. Their responses are tabulated below. All others should come at These students should be accompanied by a parent. Some students are participating in the programme and they need to come an hour earlier than the start of the event.

Parents who accompany them should come at 9. What percent of respondents do not own a scooter?

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D Participating students should come before 9. Other students and parents should come in time for the programme. If yes. In addition. If the one way single person fare is Rs B Participating students should come at 9.

The instruction you think that is appropriate for this is: A Students should come at 9.

Participating students should come at 9. C Students who are not participating should come by During the period the exchange rate for the USD increased from Rs. Which of the following inference s may be drawn from the above passage?

For international comparison. If the number of female students in and is equal. Kaliningrad is now a Russian territory and has a predominantly Russian population.

A A high proportion of the affected population has returned from neighbouring countries where dengue is prevalent. Municipal authorities have concluded that measures to control the mosquito population have failed in this region.

It is bordered by the Baltic Sea on the north and the countries of Poland to the south and west and Lithuania to the east respectively. Find Y. A B C D Q. After the events of the war. Which one of the following statements. Which of the statements below can be inferred from this passage? A Kaliningrad was historically Russian in its ethnic make up B Kaliningrad is a part of Russia despite it not being contiguous with the rest of Russia C Koenigsberg was renamed Kaliningrad.

C Many more cases of dengue are being diagnosed this year since the introduction of a new and effective diagnostic test D The number of people with malarial fever also contracted from mosquito bites has increased this year.

If one of the lights is red. What is the rate at which water has to be pumped in so that it gets fully filled in 10 minutes? A 4 times the draining rate B 3 times the draining rate Engistan.

On every step of the ladder there are two lights. It is decided to simultaneously pump water into the half-full tank while draining it.

Previous Years (Past) Papers (PDF) for GATE Exam from 1990-2019- Many with Solutions & Answers.

The average of four consecutive even numbers is If one of the lights on a step is green. What is the sum of the smallest odd number and second largest even number? Which of the following statements is not necessarily correct?

A The number of red lights is equal to the number of blue lights B The number of green lights is equal to the number of yellow lights C The sum of the red and green lights is equal to the sum of the yellow and blue lights D The sum of the red and blue lights is equal to the sum of the green and yellow lights Q.

All others should fill Form T. An example of a person who should fill Form T is: A a resident male with annual income Rs 9 lakh B a resident female with annual income Rs 9 lakh C a non-resident male with annual income Rs 16 lakh D a non-resident female with annual income Rs 16 lakh Q. What is the length of the platform in metres? If the trade deficit is defined as excess of imports over exports. All people with incomes above Rs 10 lakh should fill up Form R.

Find the annual rate of increase in percent assuming it to be uniform over the years. You choose a coin at random and toss it. The expenditure on labour in is Rs.

In The following pie chart presents the share of raw material. The correct conclusions from this information are: What is the percentage increase in total cost for the company in ? What is the sum of all such possible five digit numbers?

If it takes him thrice as long to row upstream. A batch typically has five defective bulbs. The batch is rejected if even one of the bulbs is defective. If a randomly drawn autocomponent from the combined lot is found defective. Out of the total production.

For which of the following values of X. X2 would be: Y the function f X. By what percentage the price should be increased to maintained the same profit level. The total cost of production is Rs. Savar is younger to Anshul. Which of the given conclusions is logically valid and is inferred from the above statements?

A Abhishek is elder to Anshul Engistan. Which one of the following assertions is best supported by the above information? A Failure is the pillar of success. Bruce started observing the near-impossible goal of the spider to have the net.Pipes and Cistern.

Health A Science: Blood Relation. He could not understand the judges awarding her the first prize. Statement and Assumptions. Sep 27,

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