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FIDDLER ON THE ROOF. ACT 1 Prologue. TEVYE. A fiddler on the roof. Sounds crazy, no? But in our little village of Anatevka, you might say every one of us is. Fiddler On The Roof [PV Score].pdf - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. A film version, also titled Fiddler on the Roof, was produced in It stars The following synopsis is provided to give you a full account of the story of Fiddler .

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Uploaded by: HILDEGARD Tip for next time you are looking for a certain PDF, just search. Actors rehearse for the production of “Fiddler on the Roof,” which runs Friday through Aug. 17 and Aug. at Bartley Ranch.(Photo: Photo. DownloadFiddler on the roof pdf script. Free Download e-Books The game features a dozen types of missions available, depending on the chosen era. exe.

We heard the stories. We knew. It had been her grandmother's; it was over a hundred years old and was embroidered in Russia. In the production, it was worn by Francie Weingarden, who played Tziedel. For me, however, what is equally significant is that discussion of this blouse was followed immediately, and with as much pleasure, by an explanation of how some of the set and many of the props for the production — including a working milk cart and a house that came apart — had been borrowed 3 from the Elmwood Casino down the road which regularly produced a Fiddler review that only included singing and dancing.

Today is my first attempt to think through this material and my starting points have been two very different concepts of community, both of which I think can be productively applied and extended when considered together through a focus on place. According to Harry Alpert, the four major functions of religion for Durkheim are disciplinary, cohesive, vitalizing, and euphorically social.

Although Durkheim conflated moral communities with churches, what he has enabled me to articulate is how a religious community is able to operate in the deliberate and conscious absence of a belief system that revolves around sacred things. Fiddler as a text, revolving around the cause and effect relationship of Jewish persecution and exile, can easily be translated and co-opted for these particular causes.

While Israel's position in the Yom Kippur war quickly stabilized, the fact that it was so easily taken by surprise, its military infrastructure unprepared and requiring immediate support from America, made Jews feel very vulnerable. In the 25 years since Israel was created as a nation-state, this had been the first serious threat to its existence. This to me in hindsight seems extraordinary as Windsor's Jews were relatively homogenous denominationally, located within a traditional middleground.

There were few haredim, or what some call ultra-Orthodox Jews, in Windsor and certainly no visible Chaddisic presence. The reform synagogue tended toward conservative liturgies and ritual to please its congregation. And so, in Windsor, the Jewish Community Centre serves as neutrally secular Jewish territory in which the community is able to cohere and present a unified front to the outside world.

It is a physical manifestation of the community. Its Executive Director, Joseph Eisenberg from New York, took up his appointment during the week the cornerstone was laid in and remained in post for 30 years. Until the JCC opened, the activities of the Windsor Jewish Community Council took place throughout the city, in schools and synagogue halls. The combination of having a building-base and an enterprising Executive Director led to an ambitious programme of activities including a day camp, a wide range of well-being and educational classes, and commemorations of Yom Hashoah, Kristallnacht and Israel Independence Day.

With the notable exceptions of the theatre workshop and adult choral society, the majority of these activities were designed for either the young or the older members of the community, with those in the middle serving on boards of directors, organisational and fundraising committees.

It was Eisenberg who formed the Centre Theatre Workshop in the mid s and directed all of its productions, with the exception of Fiddler. The significance of the Jewish community centre building itself cannot be overemphasised in terms of constructing the community's sense of identity.

My interviews have made it clear that The Centre Theatre Workshop would not have happened without this particular home base. People participated in Fiddler because its preparation and performances took place in this building and they felt comfortable in it. But that's what she is! What are you talking about? Don't you know? Of course I know! We are talking about my new milk cow.

The one you want to buy from me. A milk cow! A milk cow so I won't be lonely? I'm talk I'm talking about your daughter. Your daughter Tzeitel. My daughter Tzeitel? I see her every Thursday in my butcher's shop. And she's made a very good impression on me.

A very good impression. Reb Tevye, I like her. Why don't we just shake hands and call it a match, huh? And I will be good to her. I like her.

What do you think? I never really liked him. Why should I? You can have a fine conversation with him if you talk about kidneys and livers. On the other hand, not everyone has to be a scholar.

And with a butcher my daughter will surely never know hunger. Maybe I misjudged him. He's a good man. He likes her. And he'll try to make her happy. What do I think? It's a match! You agree? I agree. Oh, Tevye! You've made me a happy man.

Let's drink on it. Why not? To you! No, my friend. To you. The both of us! To our agreement! To our prosperity. To our good health and happiness. And most important of all, Er After the marriage, we will be related. Your papa. Lazar Wolf, I always wanted a son. But I wanted one a little younger than myself! Ah, thank you, Your Honour.

Fiddler on the Roof

Yes, Your Honour? I have some news I think I should tell you as a friend. Yes, Your Honour. I'm giving you this news because I like you. You're honest and decent even though you are a Jew. Thank you, Your Honour. How often does a man get a compliment like that? And the news? We have received orders that sometime soon this district is to have a little unofficial demonstration.

A pogrom here? No, no, no.

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Just a little unofficial demonstration. How little? Just some mischief, so if an inspector comes through, he can see we did our duty. I don't know why there has to be this trouble between people. But I thought I should tell you. You are a good man. If I may say so, it's too bad you're not a Jew.

That's what I like about you, Tevye. You're always joking.

from "Fiddler on the Roof"

Congratulations again for your daughter. Oh, about the other matter. It won't be too bad. I wouldn't worry. Dear God.

Did you have to send me news like that today of all days? I know, I know we are the chosen people. But once in a while, can't you choose someone else? Anyway, thank you for sending a husband for my Tzeitel. Laban fooled him and gave him his ugly daughter Leah. So to marry Rachel, Jacob was forced to work another seven years. So, you see, children, the Bible clearly teaches us you can never trust an employer. Bielke: And that is what the Bible teaches us? Is your papa up yet? No, Mama. Enough lessons!

Back to the house, there's work to be done! Go on, children. Another story tomorrow. That was a very interesting lesson, Perchik. Do you think so?

Although I don't know if the rabbi would agree with your interpretation. Neither, I suppose, would the rabbi's son. My little sisters talk too much. And what do you know about him, except that he is the rabbi's son? At least I know this. He has no strange ideas about turning the world upside down. Good day, Perchik. You have wit, even some intelligence! Perhaps, but what good is your brain? Without curiosity, it is a rusty tool! Good day, Hodel! We have an old custom here!

A boy talks respectfully to a girl. But that is too traditional for an advanced thinker likeOur traditions!

Nothing must change. Everything is perfect as it is! We like our ways. Our ways are changing in other places. In the city, boys and girls can be affectionate without a matchmaker's permission? They hold hands together. They even dance together. New dances Danced with Hodel I learned it in Kiev. Do you like it? Continue dancing with Perchik There.

We've just changed an old custom. I mean, th I mean, good day! So, my prince is finally out of bed. The day's half gone. Well, what happened last night, besides you drinking like a peasant? Did you see Lazar Wolf? Well, what did he say? What did you say? Where's Tzeitel? She's in the barn. Do you have news for me? Did you talk with Lazar Wolf? What happened? Patience, woman, patience. As the Good Book says, good news will stay. And bad news will refuse to leave. And another saying goes Did you see Lazar?

How was it? Sha, woman, sha. Are you still drunk or what? Here she is. Tzeitel, my lamb. Come here. You are to be congratulated. You are going to be married. What do you mean, Papa? Lazar Wolf has asked for your hand. I knew it! Dear God, I thank thee.

I thank thee! Why do you have to What do you have to say, Tzeitel? What can she say? Let her say one word. May you grow old with him in fortune and honour. Not like Fruma Sarah, that first wife of Lazar's. She was a bitter woman, may she rest in peace. Not like my Tzeitel. And now I must thank Yente.

My Tzeitel A bride! I thank thee, I thank thee! Mazel tov, Tzeitel. And you, Reb Perchik, aren't you going to congratulate her? Congratulations, Tzeitel, for getting a rich man.

Again with the rich. What's wrong with being rich? It's no reason to marry. Money's the world's curse. And may I never recover! World's curse! My Tzeitel knows I mean only her welfare.

Fiddler on the Roof Script

Am I right, Tzeitel? There, you see? I see. I see very well. Walk out Well, my child? Why are you so silent? Aren't you happy with this blessing, huh? Papa, I don't want to marry him. I can't marry him, I can't. What do you mean, you can't? If I say you will, you will. Papa, if it's a matter of money, I'll do anything.

I'll hire myself out as a servant, just anything! But we made an agreement! And with us, an agreement is an agreement. Papa, don't force me, please! I'll be unhappy all my days! Yes Im alright, thank you. I won't force you. Oh, thank you, Papa! Came running I can be the match for Tzeitel.

No youre crazy! Your just a little poor tailor.

Even a poor tailor can be happy! Tzietel will never feel straved I promised! When shall we make the wedding?

Need Help?

Thank you, Papa! I am a peasant fellow, charming, honest and ambicious. Here take the book. I know most of the girls dont want to read. But here, take this. Have some time to read this. Thank you! Good day Chava!

Good day! Next scene: Theyre all having fun. Dancing, Singing etc. Me and Hodel have to tell you something. Were now engaged! I only gave permission only to Motel and Tzeitel not to you Hodel. Im not giving you persmission. Were not asking for your permission. We just want your blessing!

What about the tradition, the matchmakers permission? Think a while Okay I now decided to give my blessing and What else can I do? Thank you Papa!

Hugged Tevye Hodel, there are some things I cannot tell even you. Please don't be upset. Why should I be upset? If you must go, you must. I do have to leave. So you told me. Try again More of this, please?

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Select part. Download PDF Print. Why am I seeing this? Uploaded on Jul 24, Thank you so much for making this!Hurry, children, hurry. So you're from Kiev, Reb er So, my prince is finally out of bed. I see.

What do you mean, Papa? How could this be? It was twelve! Okay we sang, but everything else was familiar.

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