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ONE - I Will, I Won't, I Want: What Willpower Is, and Why It Matters. TWO - The Willpower Instinct The Willpower Instin The Art of Work: A Proven Path to. Download Steven Pressfield Do the Short Description. Download Steven Pressfield Do the This book was Seth Godin's idea. He had made a deal with to publish a series of short books and he asked me to write one. The first one I showed.

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You don't want to end up like the speaker in Primo Levi's poem, don't you? If so, “ Do the Work.” Or read Steven Pressfield's book and learn how. Steven Pressfield Do the - Download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. Editorial Reviews. Review. Product Description: Could you be getting in your way of producing great work? Have you started a project but never .

And that made all the difference! Because thinking too much and excessive preparation is usually an enemy — especially when you are a writer. And then do some more writing.

Because the real enemy, your own worst nightmare — is, after all, you. You are free to do whatever you like — really, you are! Fight back! You are the Knight. Resistance is the Dragon.

Do the Work Summary

Do the Work Now. Reflect on It Later. Facing the Big Crash You are the Knight. Even at 75, Henry Fonda supposedly threw up before every stage performance! However, you can beat Resistance. However, the problem — says Pressfield, one of their peers so, he should know — is fairly simple. While carpenters for example would never mistake thinking about making a chair for work, writers will. And they do.

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The very definition of a professional writer is that of someone who is able to support themselves through their vocation.

How do we define and balance love and too much love when it comes to our motives for writing? Is it not possible to write authentically and be paid for our efforts?

Are writers supposed to make a living by just passively waiting for money to come their way, if and when they deserve it?

I beg to differ. Writing is both art and work. And the fruits of our labour serve a purpose: to entertain, to inform, to inspire.

These things enrichen our culture — and are worth paying for. The starving artist is not inherently noble. Neither have I.

Who Should Read “Do the Work”? And Why?

Resistance beat him. First of all, Hitler produced hundreds of paintings.

He was not creatively blocked. But obviously the bigger issue here is that this is not the reason World War II started.

Do The Work Summary

How about the signing of the Treaty of Versailles after World War I that crippled Germany financially and shamed them into eventually electing a leader that fed them a sense of national pride? How about the failure of the League of Nations?

How about the fact that clearly Hitler was an inhuman megalomaniac monster? He was terrified that the book would fail. The heartbreaking climax to this story is my friend died. His book never got out of its box.

Do the Work by Steven Pressfield

Begin today Start with this War of Art [minute] mini-course. The course's five audio lessons will ground you in the principles and characteristics of the artist's inner battle.

Plus continual videos, freebies, specials and new material throughout the year.However, the problem — says Pressfield, one of their peers so, he should know — is fairly simple. Thinking about the resistance of the blank piece of paper, however, will result in nothing but more resistance! And Why?

It can be doubt or self-criticism, it can be rational thinking or a cup of coffee with a friend. No matter what you do or how much you prepare for it, the Big Crash will one day appear at your doorstep. What did you think of it? Could our unlived lives have exacted their vengeance upon us in the form of cancer? And they do.

In short, this book is both absolutist and extremist. Resistance is the dragon.

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