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THE CROW Pellinor 03 By Alison Croggon This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are either pr. In his review of Wizard of the Crow, Simon Gikandi notes the way the novel intertextual clue leads Gikandi to argue that “Wizard of the Crow is a repetition of. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Starred Review. The fictional Republic of Aburiria Wizard of the Crow - Kindle edition by Ngugi wa Thiong'o.

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A landmark of postcolonial African literature, Wizard of the Crow is an ambitious, magisterial, comic novel from the acclaimed Kenyan novelist, playwright. Journal of Postcolonial Writing ISSN: (Print) (Online) Journal homepage: Wizard of the Crow ( ). PDF | Review of the book Wizard of the Crow, by Ngugi Wa Thiongo. Published by Pantheon Books,

Wizard of the Crow, originally serialised, was also partly destined to be read aloud, as much like a piece of theatre as fiction; Ngugi is also a playwright.

Wizard of the Crow Summary & Study Guide Description

But after he renounced his Christian name and staged plays in the language of Kenya's largest ethnic group, he was jailed and forced into exile - he now lives in California. Prison cemented his resolve to write fiction only in Gikuyu. His new novel is set in the Free Republic of Aburiria, a fictitious African dictatorship that owes much to the Kenya of Ngugi's erstwhile persecutor, former president Daniel arap Moi. Yet the "Ruler", whose suits patched with big cats' fur have pinstripes composed of tiny letters spelling "Might Is Right", shares traits with despots from Marcos and Mobutu to Pinochet, Suharto and Idi Amin.

As the author writes in an afterword, he drew on his exile in London in the 80s, when he helped to campaign to free political prisoners from Kenyan and other postcolonial dungeons. The novel's atmosphere of paranoia about the "M5" secret police has its roots in that reality.

Wizard of the Crow

Yet realism is not the chosen weapon in a novel whose absurdist, scatological satire is reminiscent of Alfred Jarry's Ubu plays, or Carlos Fuentes's novelistic skewering of Mexico's Machiavellis in The Eagle's Throne. As the supreme kleptocrat "A loot-a continua" lays hubristic plans for Africa's tallest skyscraper, sycophants jockey around him.

Resorting to plastic surgery to keep enemies under surveillance, one minister has his eyes "enlarged to the size of electric bulbs", while a rival's ears are made "larger than a rabbit's". The Ruler's adversaries are a young couple.

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Kamiti is an unemployed graduate and herbal healer with a nose sensitive to the stench of corruption. He dons the mantle of a powerful wizard as "a cover, a joke", but is a reluctant hero born of a line of seers; his grandfather fought British rule - as did the author's family. He flees, running into Nyawira.

To scare away two police officers who follow them, he poses as the Wizard of the Crow, a powerful sorcerer. The Wizard of the Crow, who has confiscated three bags of money from Tajirika, buries them in the backyard, repulsed by the sight and smell of it.

Overwhelmed by the number of clients he has and their greed, Kamiti runs away to the forest. After orchestrating another protest at the dedication ceremony for Marching to Heaven and being subsequently identified by the police, Nyawira also flees to the forest.

They make love. The Ruler hears that the Global Bank has not decided to give Aburiria its loan for Marching to Heaven; they ask for the Ruler to make adjustments that would make the project more viable. Kamiti goes to see his parents and Nyawira takes over as Wizard of the Crow.

Kamiti is taken in by the government for questioning, where he is held alongside Tajirika. Tajirika blames the Wizard of the Crow for all his troubles.

When the Wizard of the Crow arrives in New York, he discovers that the Ruler has mysteriously begun to swell. The Ruler is unable to speak to the Global Bank and makes plans to return home.

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Kamiti also returns to Aburiria, leaving a note behind for Machokali that spreads the rumor that the Ruler is pregnant. An American envoy arrives in Aburiria and pressures the Ruler both to abdicate the presidency and to transition Aburiria to democracy.

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Machokali has also disappeared; it is implied that he has been assassinated. Kamiti and Nyawira make plans to get married.Duke University Press.

Kamiti, an archetypal New Man with two university degrees and no job prospects, sets up shop as a wizard; with the help of Nyawira, member of both an underground dissident movement and a feminist dance troupe, he dispenses therapeutic sorcery to a citizenry that finds witchcraft less absurd than everyday life.

Thus it is important that the instructor make judicious editorial cuts in order to make Ngugi's novel interesting and instructive.

Magic realism drives this mammoth novel set in the imaginary African country of Aburiria, and exiled Kenyan writer wa Thiong'o roots the wild fantasy in the brutal horror of contemporary politics. However, the real production is life and it is being dictated by something that is lifeless.

She also, interestingly, comes to wear the mantle of the Wizard of the Crow. Colson, Robert.

The politicians, businessmen and police officers in the story are all highly superstitious. Increasingly, it became his conviction that African anti-colonial writers had been too much concerned with the racial aspect of the struggle, but failed to see that race was just a substitute for class, and that their struggle was part of the global struggle of the proletarians against capitalists that continued even after independence in African countries had been won.

The narration itself mimics this by retelling events through different angles, and more particularly by using rumours.

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