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For the past couple years Laurel's been coasting, hiding in the backseat while her life drifts off course. Then one summer afternoon a tall, built bruiser named. Willing Victim book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The cult hit, remastered and re-released!For the past couple. willing victim by cara mckenna pdf free download. STAY WITH ME (BOOK II) COMPLETE by CasiliaCasaixx. STAY WITH ME (BOOK II) COMPLETE.

Willing Victim Book Pdf

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willing victim by cara mckenna pdf free download. Enjoyed, *Warning* This book do contains sexual activity and explicit language. This book is Adult only. phone book. Every weekend it's like open mic night for amateur fighters. And some not so amateur.” The woman's eyes inventoried the room, hitting Flynn and a. Read "Willing Victim" by Cara McKenna available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 In this series. Brutal Game ebook by Cara McKenna Book 2.

Flynn climbed into his car just after one on Saturday night. For the past couple years Laurel's been coasting, hiding in the backseat while her life drifts off course.

Then one summer afternoon a tall, built bruiser named. Underground fighter as hero2. A re-release of the fan favorite, with light revisions and an expanded ending. For the past. Editorial Reviews. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Willing Victim is definitely not a book for everyone, but if you're interested in a I was excited to hear that Cara McKenna had regained the.

The first edition of this novel was published in August 6th , and was written by Cara McKenna. The nine bus rattled over the bridge as the sun disappeared beyond the buildings to the west.

The first scene that Laurel was just watching was done really well. You could feel the inte 4. You could feel the intense attraction between Flynn and Laurel from the very beginning even when Flynn was acting all "I don't do relationships, I just fuck". This book was written really well from the third person POV and made we feel a part of the book which is always good. Take me way down deep into the dark.

Help me find some new piece of myself there.

Willing Victim

I think the whole idea of Flynn got me hooked right away. Add in the underground fighting, his personality and the way he fucks well Flynn is just the complete package for me even if he doesn't like coffee tsk tsk. I liked Laurel, she was straight forward, subtle and submissive but independent, strong and spoke her mind when needed. I often have little problems with the females in books, probably the catty female in me but I found no fault in Laurel and really liked her.

I highly recommend this quick hot read. View all 35 comments. I loved Laurel too. She was amazing but I can really read about everything but this Soooo when it comes to rating: View all 87 comments. I bought this book for two reasons: It's set in Boston and written by a local. The characters act out rape fantasies. It met my expectations completely on both accounts. Boston was a living, breathing character and the rape scenes were deliciously dark and satisfying.

Laurel White is nearly thirty but she's spinning her wheels working as a waitress at a tourist trap. She hasn't been able to make a relationship work long-term and she's stuck living with two roommates in a small apartment in the I bought this book for two reasons: She hasn't been able to make a relationship work long-term and she's stuck living with two roommates in a small apartment in the North End.

When she sees a bruiser of a construction worker break up an escalating lovers' spat at a downtown park, she's immediately drawn to him, following after him to ask him on a date. He initially turns her down, but when she presses him, he writes an address on a napkin and hands it to her. Tell the guy working that Flynn invited you Before he gets involved with her, he's letting her know just what sort of beast she's poking at.

When Pam invites Laurel to watch her and Flynn "scratch each other's kinky itches," that night, Laurel agrees to go, intrigued despite herself.

Laurel and Flynn then forge a "friends with benefits" sort of arrangement where she explores a hitherto unknown part of herself that is unspeakably turned on by rape fantasy. The book is in third person, but told exclusively from the heroine's point of view. Flynn is a chatty Cathy while somehow managing to stay the strong silent type as well, not sure how that happened so he's made completely real to the reader despite the lack of his POV.

Being in Laurel's head is integral to enjoying the unorthodox sex scenes. Watching Flynn with another woman would have been off-putting if the reader didn't know how much Laurel enjoyed the spectacle. The forceful rape scenes - complete with fighting, spitting, and name-calling - would have been disturbing without the firm assurance that Laurel felt completely safe and was completely on board. As a result of the focused POV, the book relies strongly on dialog, and does a smashing job of it.

When Laurel expresses her nervousness, Flynn calms her nerves in a way that both explains what they're doing and gives a glimpse into the kind of person Flynn is. Or not. Who knows? Since they're basically talking it out with me, they felt especially real.

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Flynn was pitch-perfect working-class Boston as well. The bit where he intentionally held up another driver on Laurel's tiny North End street just to be a prick was classic. I lawled. Where the book fell apart for me was the ending. Just as the characters are admitting feelings for each other, exposing vulnerabilities and showing greater insight into who they are, the book ends without much of a resolution to it. It's not completely devoid of a HFN, but to end a book 5 pages after introducing a number of new character revelations?

Not nice. I was just the teeniest bit frustrated after finishing it. View all 9 comments. Honestly I never read this author before and it was because a reviewer said she feel some similarity when read Asking for It by Lilah Pace.

I liked this kind of theme. Unusual and taboo. I read the remastered edition but I didn't feel any difference from the previous. Laurel didn't feel intimidate with Flynn since their first met.

Her curiosity has been paid with how intense he is. Flynn offered her something raw and dark, not for the weak. Let alone both of them are stranger and it makes Laurel HOT and bothered with promise. Sex isn't her priority. Laurel has several problems and she just need to lose herself. Surrender her control for a while. Her answer is Flynn. I'm surprised that he's such a gentleman! He isn't your boy-next-door type. Flynn works for construction also underground fighter and it makes him RAW. He's really a honest and simple man.

She swallowed and winced, accepting the violation, trying to welcome the sensation. He was simply dirty, ready to take, seemingly without permission. Their sex was a mind-blowing. SSC, people. I could feel their chemistry with the role-play. I'm glad Laurel is really on board even she isn't sexually active. I loved how dominant Flynn could be.

He controls the scene also give her safe-word.

He didn't want the label or BDSM lifestyle and that's why make him more dangerous. Even it's only for fun, but I could feel something more between them.

They're comfortable with each other. Both Laurel and Flynn are starting to know each other deeply than ever. I enjoyed their conversation outside sex. Their daily life and sexual activity are well balanced. Of course nobody's perfect and they have their own problems and it isn't pretty, mostly with Laurel. She has high level anxiety and depression. Flynn is starting to show how much he care for her.

He isn't the type of man who afraid with commitment. He wants more also Laurel. The things this man craved could be blacker than the sky above them, rough enough to bruise and sharp enough to sting.

And tonight they were hers to give. Hers alone. I could say that it is really different from Asking for It, even it's from similar rape-play theme. It has more down to earth vibe without OTT drama. I liked the writing, smooth and casual without over-exaggerating.

In the end, they're finally move on with new relationship. Laurel started to open herself with Flynn because she's in love with him. Trust and communication always the most important things. View all 7 comments. Feel free to visit me. But hey, I can't complain. I asked for some smuttasticness and Cara McKenna delivered. Laurel White has been letting her life go by, not leaving her mark and just coasting.

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But then Michael Flynn bursts right into her vanilla bubble and spices up her life. In and out of the bedroom. Especially in. She's discovering the world of fighting, rough sex and role-playing. What she didn't count on was falling for him. But, I was pleasantly surprised by how well developed Willing Victim was for only being around pages long. The characters were developed well, the humor kept me entertained, the steamy scenes being inferno hot didn't hurt either. Flynn and Laurel's relationship I really liked it.

They weren't obsessed with each other and exchanging I love yous within the first week. Everything moved at a good pace. Their relationship was casual and laidback and was a nice break from the burning angst that I usually find in my books. If your looking for a short, hot story, this is for you!

Michael Flynn Laurel White View all 36 comments. I couldn't have asked for any more! This book is probably not for everyone. There is a warning in the front of the book - it should be taken seriously. I was not one of those people The sex is incredibly intense. But there is an actual storyline here as well - although it really wasn't explored quite as deeply as it could have been. The only thing I didn't overly enjoy was the use of the term "girl". It wasn't it's derogatory use that bothered me I think it just didn't fit somehow Overall a very good, erotic, hot read.

View all 14 comments. Irene Oust. I could kick myself for not venturing into the world of Laurel and Flynn sooner. As the plot develops the history of Flynn and Laurel emerges depicting the perfect motivation for their thoughts, words and actions in the most subtle and wonderful way.

Shorter than the average novel, the author is able to show so much, so eloquently as this highly engaging story with an engaging vivid quality moves forward with pace and the perfect dose of angst. I was addicted to the pages from the beginning to the very end and highly anticipated the second book which would provide a highly anticipated conclusion to their love story.

View all 16 comments. The title and the book description are far worse than the reality of the book itself. I adored Flynn, he was like a giant marshmallow with an edge, and that edge only reared its head when he was having sex and even then his concern for his partner was apparent. What I did like about Laurel was that she was bold enough to approach Flynn, pursue him and made it her mission to take care of him.

I would have loved to have had more time to be with these two characters. I could see their relationship occupying the space of a full length book. I needed to know more about Laurel, and extra time with the big, brawny, sweet, sexy Flynn would have been a major plus!!

View all 22 comments. To read this review and more like it please check out BadAssBook Reviews The title and blurb may turn people off and perhaps scare people off. But I do think the title and the blurb are misleading. I will tell you what this book is not — it is not a BDSM book. There are not rape scenes and there is no violent sex. What there is amazingly is very good character development, a slow building relationship, and some hot sex scenes that push the boundaries of some people's comfort level.

In a very To read this review and more like it please check out BadAssBook Reviews The title and blurb may turn people off and perhaps scare people off. In a very yummy and steamy way.

The story is told from the point of view of Laurel. She is bored with life and sort of stuck. She is no longer pursuing a career in her field of study and she is not sure what she wants out of life. Laurel meets Flynn and pursues him for a date. What follows is Laurel being the aggressor in setting up a date and time to be alone with Flynn.

The pursuit was slightly uncomfortable because I kept imagining myself chasing down a hot guy in a park and asking him for date — I couldn't wrap my brain around it.

But Cara McKenna is good at pushing those boundaries for her readers. In the end, Flynn makes Laurel push hard to convince him that they should get together.

Most girls would give up - -I definitely would. But Laurel doesn't and admittedly, it feels odd. Not because it is written poorly — just the opposite. McKenna writes the scene well, but it feels odd for the female to keep insisting on a date! Flynn is a construction worker by day and an underground street fighter by night. Once the story takes off, the roles are turned and Laurel is no longer the aggressor.

We soon learn why Flynn made it so difficult for Laurel, Flynn makes it clear what he needs and wants from a sexual relationship -- complete submission from his partner.

He doesn't want to tie her up, he doesn't want to beat her or hurt her but he wants her to submit in a sexual relationship. But he tells her upfront and gives her a chance to walk away. Laurel doesn't walk away. What follows are some very hot sex scenes.

Flynn is a big sweetheart and very sensitive in everyday interactions. Slowly, Flynn and Laurel get to know each other. What McKenna writes so well in her erotica novellas, is the unraveling of the male character and his complete surrender to his partner. We are introduced to a strong male, completely in charge - -but in the end, he becomes completely undone by Laurel and that is the hottest thing in this book. I would have loved for this book to be longer and I would love for Cara McKenna to revisit these characters.

So if you like erotica and well written characters, then I highly recommend Willing Victim. Instagram Twitter Facebook Amazon Pinterest I told myself I wasn't going to buy any more ebooks until I cleared out my Kindle, but then I saw one of my friends' reviews for this book pop up in my feed, and realized it was a whole dollar cheaper than the last time I looked at it, and it was remastered and expanded.

Well, shoot I've had half a dozen people recommend it Instagram Twitter Facebook Amazon Pinterest I told myself I wasn't going to buy any more ebooks until I cleared out my Kindle, but then I saw one of my friends' reviews for this book pop up in my feed, and realized it was a whole dollar cheaper than the last time I looked at it, and it was remastered and expanded.

I've had half a dozen people recommend it to me, and the summary seemed really good. Both books do deal with rape play but the approach is drastically different. These characters have their fair share of issues too, but it's more normal, run-of-the-mill stuff that doesn't tie into histories of abuse. Let's take a moment to appreciate the hero in this book, Michael Flynn.

He really is a decent guy. Yes, he's into some edgy stuff in the bedroom, but the author makes it very clear that Flynn would never go beyond what a woman wants, and would always stop if she said stop.

I also thought it was really sweet that he watched to make sure that women leaving his apartment got into their cars safely. That is such a considerate thing to do and speaking as a woman, I love it when men do this. Also, those arms and abs. And that accent. I'm sorry, but I can't even right now. Will definitely have to check out some of this author's other work!

View all 8 comments. I'm not leaving a starred rating because I'm no longer rating books. The characters were genuinely likeable but the sex was smoking. Dirty talk, rough sex, and roleplaying is a definite "yes please" for me. View 2 comments. Just what I needed for St. Patrick's Day - a good looking bruiser from Southie with his buff body and tough exterior. It was a fairly quick read for me. Sex was hot. Liked the heroine too. As with a lot of books I read, would have liked an epilogue where we find out where they are further down the road.

Of course, for me, they were still together with the white picket fence etc. View all 6 comments. May 03, Briar's Reviews rated it it was amazing Shelves: Insanely hot. I'm not normally into that sort of romance, but my goodness. My full review will be in A Love Thing anthology, but I wanted to leave a small review and rating for this book as well.

Because, OMG it was mega hot and incredible.

This book is full of boxing, rough romance and intense scenes. Cara has written some really hot scenes in this book that make it rated R for sure! While the book is rough, I think the story is incredibly addicting. She makes you love these characters and feel breathless at every turn. The book is not meant to be turned into an Oscar-winning film, but man does it hit all the notes for an extremely erotic romance.

It's Fifty Shades of Grey on steroids, but with better writing skills and styles entwined. Five out of five stars!

PS Thanks Tamsen Parker for introducing me to this story! View 1 comment. I must confess: I love to reread. In fact, I love to reread so much that certain books on my Kindle have been reread so often that I can 1.

Recently, a few of my dear friends decided to give 'Willing Victim' a go and, with it's highly anticipated sequel only being a few weeks away, I thought 'why don't I reread along'.

The thing is though, a I must confess: The thing is though, as much as I love to reread, certain books, especially those I read and loved years ago, I am a bit hesitant to read again for fear of not liking them as much. I mean, as we read and our tastes become more refined, it can happen. And has happened [to me in the past]. Long story short, after having reread this glorious novella, I feel even more love with it than I did back in , when I first read it. Maybe it's the fact that I love [and prefer] stories written in 3rd person.

Maybe it's the fact that I love stories that have characters who are imperfectly perfect. Maybe it's the fact that Cara McKenna, in so few pages, told a story so fulfilling that so many full length novels out there fail to deliver. One of the things I absolutely love about this author is her ability to finish the story with an ending that always leaves room for reader's own version of HEA: I hope that makes sense.

These two They also have so much chemistry and - with all the seeds planted in this book - so much baggage between them.

Desert Isle Keeper

I can't wait to discover what the future holds for one of my favorite couples. Is it November 22nd yet??? Review circa Fantastic novella with two very likable characters lately I've been on a roll with those. I hope my luck continues! None of that "chapters and chapters full of irrelevant info and irritating back and forth dialogue" BS which was quite refreshing.

View all 5 comments. Let's try Likeable interesting characters, sizzling hot smex and, as a great surprise for me, all in all a very heartwarming romantic read as well. Got my romantic Ingela soul cozily happy and satisfied in the end.

A little bit more than novella length but I felt it ended as a complete story. Sincerely glad I at last tried this one this Christmas weekend Will look for more mature-feeling hot romances reads written by Cara McKenna soon again.

View all 17 comments. Because I had no knowledge of this book, I read the blurb, reviews and decided to experience it for myself. As you can see from the 5 stars given, I am glad that I did. The set up for this book at first glance is deceivingly simple: We meet Laurel, a gal living life in flux. She has taken a break from her routine day. While sitting in a park trying to read, another couple is having a domestic quarrel that is getting out of hand.

She speaks up, tries to intervene and both parties yell at her to stay out of it. It escalates and the guy is about to smack the woman when a forceful man just appears and pulls the couple apart stopping the violence. Laurel watches as the man schools the creep and breaks up the situation. As Laurel takes all of this in, she is overwhelmed by her desire to somehow connect with this man.

This is not her usual way; these feelings of excitement and interest in this fella compel her to action. He is built, yet moves with controlled purpose.

willing victim pdf free download

To a casual observer, you would know to move out of his way and just let him pass. During this brief encounter, Laurel shocks herself by asking if he is married, with someone and if he dates. Laurel cannot let it go and Flynn throws the gauntlet down: Come to a location on Saturday night between 8PM-1AM and if she still want to date after, they can talk.

Laurel is shocked she has the courage to go Saturday. What she discovers is the underground fighting scene with Flynn as a centerpiece. Laurel meets a woman, Pam, and the conversation takes a very different turn.

The women talk about Flynn, rough sex and fantasies acted out. These are not a little slap and tickle; these are real, rough, with struggle and restrain while having sex scenes.

For Flynn is a sexual magnet for this type of thing and interested in only those who wish to be involved in consensual sex like that. Laurel is so intrigued that she finds herself watching Flynn and Pam have a scene of extremely rough sex. Pam is restrained by the power of Flynn and his forceful domination is in full display. During all of this Laurel wishes it was her and not Pam.

She discovers this is something that she has been missing; she wants Flynn and what he can give her. That is the set up and damn, it takes off from there.

Or am I to be an asshole and throw you out after? Or what about anal What I really appreciated about this book was the way the author addressed many social issues mixed in with the sexual ones.

The discussion of opportunities wished for but not attainable; the understanding of what makes someone tick; recognizing it and figuring out how to make your life include it. There was a theme of family and how it impacts what we do as adults and how we develop coping mechanisms.

Yet with all of these serious subjects, we never missed the main delight of this story.

He is smart, built I know I said that earlier but bears repeating has tattoos and sexual talents you wish you were experiencing. Because although he is a master at rough, he also has this keen, innate sense of what his partner wants and what she can handle.

There is also a type of sweetness that is hiding just below the surface which is very attractive. Laurel thrives with Flynn and secretly wishes for more than their meetings. Both develop feelings which were not part of the original plan. We are left with a glimpse of a possibility…. That maybe these two might become more. I was really impressed how she handled a possibly difficult subject and presented it well.

Her characters felt real. Again, I wish to thank Ball the reviewers for mentioning this book. I had a great reading experience and recommend it highly. Aug 25, Sophia Triad rated it it was amazing Shelves: This not your normal love story. The main concept of the book is the "Rape Fantasy". A woman gradually finds out that she likes being ordered around, held down and being taken violently by her lover while she pretends she is struggling to get away.

The subject may be uncomfortable and taboo for many readers, but it is a very well written book. There are a couple of really strong sex scenes, but overall the book is focusing on the relatioship between Laurel White and Michael Flynn.

The book starts This not your normal love story. The book starts with a young couple arguing and things are starting to get ugly between them. A woman is watching hesitating to interfere. A man, a construction worker as it seems, separates the couple using a bit of violence. Later on, the woman the 29 years old Laurel is taking 32 years old Flynn for lunch impressed by the way he acted.

Their lives will entwine. Laurel will watch Flynn fighting at an underground boxing circuit at the basement of a bar. And she will watch him having rough sex with his sex partern. And she will crave to be treated the same. Her wish will be his command. They will start meeting frequently and exploiting their fantacies. Not many explanations will be given about why they like the sex they like.

Things are the way they are, just because.Irene Oust. Details if other: Is it November 22nd yet??? You've successfully reported this review. She is quite taken with him and boldly pursues him. Continue shopping Checkout Continue shopping. See if you have enough points for this item.

Nikki Sloane. View all 60 comments.

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