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Contribute to chiranjibKonwar/Documentation development by creating an account on GitHub. Linux Hacks - Free · awk,sed,linux hacks book added, 2 years ago. Sed & awk · rename file, 2 years ago. Vim Vim Hacks is a downloadable eBook that contains practical examples on various advanced Vim features that will make you fast and productive in the.

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Yumpu PDF Downloader. vim hacks. Print as pdf. All rights reserved to Tiny- 60 3 Buyer: xiujuan lu ([email protected]) Transaction ID: 85WAD Vim Hacks Hack Editing with:g. This entire time, Vim has been Kim's editor of choice and it has been the first [ ]. Expression folds—use an expression to find folds (see:help fold-expr).

This book will also serve as a permanent reference for your Vim editor needs until you become an expert. All rights reserved Terms of Service. What is inside the eBook? This book contains 15 chapters with a total of pages. Chapter 1 contains Vim basics for those who are new to the editor.

Chapter 2 — 14 contains a total of Hacks with practical examples Chapter 15 contains additional bonus hacks. This chapter will be constantly updated with more bonus hacks on all future editions.

Who is this book for? This book is for Developers, Unix sysadmins, DBAs, Network Administrators, IT Managers who spend significant amount of their time on Unix platform and would like to take advantage of various powerful features offered by the Vim editor. This book is for newbies or intermediate users of Vi or Vim editor who would like to become an expert in the Vim editor. All rights reserved.

No part of this book may be reproduced, translated, posted or shared in any form, by any means. The information provided in this book is provided "as is" with no implied warranties or guarantees.

Hacking Vim

Well, all of these tools have their place, but a professional user needs professional tools. You have opted for Vim - a very good choice. Vim was created when system resources were limited. These times have passed, but the result is a highly stable editor that runs on virtually any platform and has an exceptional command concept.

It is certainly one of the best editors available for programmers.

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If you are adept with it, you can reach an incredible level of productivity. Vim offers just about everything you could ever want from an editor. What remains can be handled with macros, plug-ins and command line utilities. Mastering an advanced editor is no small investment. However, after many years of experience, I can assure you that the effort bears interest richly. And do not forget, learning how to wield its power well can be a lot of fun, along the way!

The best that can happen is when an experienced user shows you the way and accompanies you as you learn. This book does exactly this. The learning curve is quite steep.

After you have mastered the basics, you will learn step by step more advanced techniques. In order to become a master yourself, you only need three things: practice, practice, practice. This book will guide you for weeks or months there. Now there is much to do, but you will have a very interesting time and gain much by it.

Enjoy using Vim effectively. It's best to start immediately. Opening a File There are two methods to open a file. Method 1: Open from command line as explained above. For easy understanding let us separate these into two categories — basic modes and advanced modes.

Basic Vim Modes It is absolutely essential to understand these three basic modes to use the Vim editor effectively. Insert This mode is for inserting text.

Command Line This mode is for executing ex commands at the bottom of the editor. The following steps explain how you do this with the help of these three modes. Step 1: Normal mode. Open the new file in Normal mode.

101 Hacks Allows You to Take Control of Your Bash Command Line and Shell Scripting

Go to Insert mode, and type Hello World! Go to command line mode and type :wq to save the file and exit the editor. For example, you can select a column of text and delete in visual mode. This is why those keys were chosen for navigation.

Note: If you are not comfortable with j, k, h and l keys, you can still use arrow keys to move around.

If you exit and start the Vim editor, the line number display will not be present anymore. Typically you should be modifying only the local vimrc file. All hacks mentioned in this book are tested against the latest stable version. Execute :version from the Vim editor to identify the version of your Vim editor. Help Description :help or :h Vim built in help documentation :helpgrep pattern Search help using pattern.

For example, :helpgrep saveas Tip: Use :cn to jump for next occurrence of the pattern. Use Vimtutor for Practice The Vimtutor program has built in tutor file that contains step-by-step instructions to learn the Vim editor.

When you launch vimtutor, it copies the original tutor file and opens it automatically. You can modify this file and play around with it as you wish. To open a tutor file in your specific language, give the language code at the end.

For example, the following opens the tutor file in Spanish.

101 Hacks to Make You Fast and Productive in the Vim Editor… Guaranteed

If you only use the h, j, k, l characters to navigate, you will soon realize this is very painful and time-consuming. Hacks in the navigation chapters will help you navigate file content very effectively with less key strokes. Hack 1. Scroll Full Page or Half Page On a large file, using j, k, h and l keys to scroll down pages is not effective.

Use the following page navigation keys. There is a slight visual difference between using j, k keys and this CTRL keys. Try it out yourself to see the difference. Word Navigation Using h and l key to navigate horizontally is very painful and time consuming.

You can navigate words effectively using the word navigation keys mentioned below. WORD consists of a sequence of non-blank characters, separated with white space. But the whole Because is considered as a word. Because the whole Position cursor at specific location within a line Instead of just using l and h to navigate within a line, you can use the following to position cursor at various locations within the same line.

Paragraph, Section, Sentence Navigations Use the following keys for paragraph, section and sentence navigation. Screen Navigation Move cursor to top, center and bottom of the screen as explained below. Navigation Key Description H Go to the first line of current screen. A mnemonic for H is "home" position - "0,0" a.

Redraw Screen with Current Line on Top, Bottom or Middle You can redraw the screen with current line under the cursor at top, bottom or middle as shown below.

Hack 7. Navigate to Top and Bottom of the File You can jump to the beginning and end of the file quickly as shown below. Jump to the middle of the file. Line Number Navigation The following are command for line number setting inside Vim editor.

You can change this to 5 character using numberwidth You can jump to a specific line number as explained below. Source Code Navigation These keys are very helpful for programmers who are coding using Vim or for Sysadmins who write shell scripts.

For regular Unix users, these can come in handy while browsing any source code. However sometime you may want to navigate from an insert mode. To do this press Shift and Right arrow. You can go backward and forward through that list. There will be numbers above and below location 0.

So, when you execute j on that line, it will jump to next line. But in reality it is just only long line. Visual Line: Let us assume that a very long line is wrapped down into 5 visual lines.

Let us call each and every individual line as visual lines for the discussion purpose. The following shortcuts can help in navigating a very long line effectively.

Vim Command Line Navigation When opening a file from the command line, you can navigate to a particular position by specifying command line arguments as shown below.

Create Local Bookmarks inside file using Marks There are two types of bookmarks -- Local bookmarks and Global bookmarks. Let us review local bookmarks in this hack. If the bookmark name is a lower case letter, then that is local mark. In the following example, typing ma has created a bookmark at the exact location where the cursor is highlighted.

This is a powerful feature that's a surprise to many UNIX users. This will jump to the exact character location within the line from where it was bookmarked earlier. Move to the beginning of the bookmarked line.

Create Global Bookmarks inside Vim File When you have multiple files open, if you want to go to a particular position in any one of the open files, then you can use Global mark feature of Vim. If the bookmark name is an upper case letter, then that is a Global Bookmark.

The following sequence of steps will explain how to use a global bookmark while editing multiple files. An exercise for the reader: Using two less important files than these, make global marks in two files, then modify the current file and jump to the other one without saving first. What does Vim do? How do things change if you ":set autowrite"?

Complete complex tasks in a single line by combining multiple Linux commands and one or more Bash builtins. When there is a possibility that you might perform a task again at some point, write a bash shell script instead of manually performing that task. Even when you dont have to write a single line of shell script which is not practical for most developers and sysadmins , you still need to understand the fundamental structure of Bash programming language, as most of programs and startup scripts are written in Bash shell script, which you might end-up debugging for various reasons.

How much does the eBook cost? Youll not fear writing a shell script ever again. Free Bonus Gifts Included! Bonus 1: Bash cheatsheet. Condensed version of all important Bash features for your quick reference in 3 pages.You can go backward and forward through that list. Vim Hacks is a downloadable eBook that contains practical examples on various advanced Vim features that will make you fast and productive in the Vim editor. Set Vim as Universal Default Editor using updatealternatives In this example, when sp is typed, it displays both spider and spout in the pop-up.

This is a temporary unabbreviation. Add Automatic Headers to Files Using

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