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print your guide, in the new and fast pdf format. Now you will have printed the whole document. Fold the sheet exactly in the centre, along an imaginary line. Tourist travel cards the Travel Cards are the most economi- cal solution for people who want to get around Venice and its surroundings on. Actv's land and water. This publication is a product of “NOT BY CHANCE TOURIST” 10 Smart Tourism Guide. The address of the houses and buildings in Venice is as follows.

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There is no other city like Venice. It has canals and bridges connecting small islands and magnificent buildings. It is a city rich wit. You may have heard that Venice is an engineering marvel, with marble cathedrals . but by keeping a few tips in mind for sustainable travel (see p21), you can. Arts or Venice Film Festival take place here. It is also a city where notable educational institu- tions have their seat. Venture beyond the main tourist sites like St.

Castello is the quiet side of Venice. Tourists don't throng there, so in the evenings walking is pleasant. The Arsinale is here; the world's first assembly line whose shipbuilders were evidently fueled on great amounts of wine , could crank out a copy of a galley, the famous Venetian warship, during a typical Italian lunch.. A very interesting museum, the Venice Naval History Museum , is often overlooked by tourists. La Biennale di Venezia Arsenale is near the Museum.

Here, besides sitting down to a very expensive coffee, you can see St. For an off the beaten track Venice excursion, head for the campo San Maurizio to visit the Museo della Musica. It's bounded on the south by the Guidecca Canal and the walkway along the canal is tranquil and scenic. Much of Venice's university is in Dorsoduro. Campo Santa Margherita is a popular spot during the day and has a fish and vegetable market. It's one of the best areas for nightlife, too.

At the foot of the Rialto Bridge in San Polo you'll come across the huge Venice fish market and open-air vegetable market, a good place to visit in early morning. San Palo has many food shops and bars and very good restaurants. It's a small but pretty sestiere with remnants of its medieval roots. The Frari church holds some Titian masterpieces.

San Polo has fewer hotels but there are some good bargains here. It's also a good place for a quieter gondola ride such as the Venice Gondola Ride and Serenade that can be booked through Viator, especially if you feel uncomfortable discussing the price of a ride with the gondolier.

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If you're arriving in Venice by bus or taxi this is the closest sestiere, and it's not far from the train station. Santa Croce is one of the least touristy parts of Venice and another of the oldest areas. The oldest parts of the University are in Santa Croce.

It's home to one of Venice's most expensive restaurants, la Zucca , but also many good pizzerie. The tranquil Campo San Giacomo dell'Orio is a top gathering spot in the sestiere.

One day in Venice: places you must see | Walking map

Vacation Rentals in Santa Croce Hotels in Santa Croce Other Venice Lodging Options Venice presents a very nice opportunity to splurge, but if you're short on cash there are always some bargain options. Hostels, for example, aren't just for kids any more. Many offer private rooms and even suites. To see real-time prices and locations of hotels and vacation rentals, use the map below. September and October tend to be good times to go, but wait later and you'll get some interesting weather, including the clouds and chop in the picture above.

Venice Weather and Climate

Venice floods often in winter, although some find it interesting to survive the Acqua Alta. Spring is possibly the best time to go to Venice; you'll have 7 hours of sunshine in May. February is Carnevale time. Expect a foggy mist to heighten the oddity of your celebrations. Find current weather and historic climate charts: Venice Weather and Climate.

More Venice Travel Resources Before your trip you may wish to read what great writers have scrawled about Venice. See Historical Fiction Set in Venice. Need to get from Florence to Venice?

It's a popular route! For the price of a ride or less you can actually learn the basics of floating around Venice with a gondoletto, a training boat. Tours One of my favorite tours takes you inside the Doge's Palace and gives you a peek at the prison where Casanova was held.

The Cicchetti tour introduces you to one of the joys of eating in Venice, the little bites with a little glass of local wine.

One of my favorite tours takes you inside the Doge's Palace and gives you a peek at the prison where Casanova was held. Marks Basilica and allows you skip the negotiation with Gondola drivers to have a hastle-free introduction to Venice.

The word Calle comes from the Latin language and it is the equivalent of street. Venice has no sewer system, meaning its canals are also its sewer system. Household waste flows into the canals and is washed out into the sea twice a day with the tides. Even though there are numerous campos squares in Venice, there is only one which is large enough to be called a piazza - San Marco Piazza St Mark's Square.

Venice has over palaces palazzi and important buildings built in a mixture of styles, Gothic, Byzantine, Baroque etc. Acqua alta meaning high water happens when the tide is 3. It is almost impossible, however, to find an address if you do not know the way or, even better, the proximity to a certain monument, famous building or shop. In fact, even the postmen often use the street guide to find out where they should deliver the letters.

Venice Tourist Attractions Map PDF

The earliest recorded use of gondolas in Venice dates to There are over pedestrian footbridges spanning about canals. Today, all gondolas are black—following a 16th-century decree to stop nobles from trying to outdo each other with ostentatious colors and ornamentation.

Venice is sinking at the rate of millimeters a year. Venice got its first female gondolier in Venice is made up of a collection of approx tiny islands. What are the the most romanting and unforgettable things to to in Venice?

Venice can sometimes become overwheling because of the number of tourists and attractions. Below is a list of things to do if you plan a trip off the beaten track.

Go where the fancy takes you - wander aimlessly discovering little canals and quiet bridges. Get around in a gondola Take a tour of the Grand Canal in a regular Vaporetto water bus Experience well-played Vivaldi in Venice Cool down with a delicious gelato What to see in Venice?

Venice is one of the symbols of Italy, a place considered by many unique and unrepeatable. Venice has always been a draw for rulers, artists, aristocrats and travelers. So let's consider what to see in Venice. The city is situated on islands and divided into six districts called sestiere.

It is crossed by the Grand Canal Canal Grande , which is also the main transportation artery. Venice is probably the only city in the world where there are no cars, buses or trams. Public transport is relies entirely on water buses called vaporetto. Most tourists usually start their visit at St.

Mark's Square. However it is often better to start exploring city by taking a vaporetto ride on the Grand Canal. This is the most effective way to see the beauty of Venice.

During the ride, have a copy of the maps from this page and try to recognize the most important palaces palazzo. You will pass see: Academia Gallery Gallerie dell'Academia — it now houses an impressive collection of artworks dating from the fourteenth to the eighteenth century. After the fall of the Venetian Republic, the most valuable works of art were placed here.

It was intended to be a training ground for young artists. In the early eighteenth century the collection was enriched by the works of art removed by Napoleon from the closed churches and monasteries.

A public museum opened in , and you can enjoy here works of Leonardo da Vinci, Titian, Andrea Mategny and Canaletto. The building impresses with lightness and balancing proportions, although the main facade is asymmetrical. Inside there is the Galleria Giorgio Franchetti with a rich collection of medieval art. Ca'Rezzonico - baroque palace, which now houses a museum depicting the life and art of eighteenth-century Venice; these times are often referred to as a time of fun, frivolity and decadence.

Church of Santa Maria Della Salute - one of the most emblematic places of the city, located at the mouth of the Grand Canal. It was built as a votive offering to the Virgin Mary for stopping the plague, which killed one third of the city population.I recommend taking the vaporetto for a tour on the Canal Grande as well if you have some time left. Pretty as a picture, it is worth the boat ride or you could take a half day tour if you prefer!

Marks Basilica and allows you skip the negotiation with Gondola drivers to have a hastle-free introduction to Venice. Not a parking lot. Immediately turn left on the Fondamenta Laterano and follow it to the right until you reach Ponte Cappello. The hotel enjoys some of the best hotel architecture in Venice and you also get all the amenities you might need at a hotel.

Eat it at the Riva del Vin while watching the boats and gondolas passing by. Mark's Square. Visit the special stairs and continue your way via the Calle Locande to the Calle Fuseri.

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